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Centrelink International Services


Centrelink International Services

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									Centrelink International

                                                                   Centrelink International Services - English
Centrelink International Services (CIS) is based in Hobart,        Facts and figures
Tasmania and is responsible for:
•	 paying	Australian	pensions	outside	Australia	(for	              •	 CIS	has	approximately	70	000	customers	in	over	150	
   long-term	or	permanent	absences	from	Australia)                    countries	on	all	continents	(except	Antarctica)	and	a	
•	 helping	former	Australian	residents	living	outside	Australia	      further	10	000	customers	in	Australia.	The	vast	majority	
                                                                      of	international	customers	are	located	in	Europe.	
   in	countries	with	which	Australia	has	a	social	security	
                                                                   •	 CIS	pays	approximately	A$14	million	to	Australian	
   agreement	to	claim	their	Australian	pension	entitlements
                                                                      pensioners	each	fortnight.	
•	 helping	Australian	residents	claim	pensions	from	
                                                                   •	 Over	328	000	people	living	in	Australia	receive	a	foreign	
   other	countries	or	claim	Australian	pensions	under	                pension.	
   international	social	security	agreements                        •	 CIS	assists	with	over	22	000	claims	for	foreign	pensions	
•	 general	advice	and	assistance	to	customers,	the	                   each	year.	
   public	and	Centrelink	staff	on	all	matters	relating	to	         •	 Foreign	pensions	bring	in	over	A$1	billion	per	year	to	the	
   international pensions                                             Australian	economy,	compared	to	the	A$375	million	per	
•	 paying	Australian	pensions	under	international	social	             year	which	leaves	Australia	in	pension	payments.	
   security	agreements	both	inside	and	outside	Australia.	
                                                                   Claiming Australian pensions
Centrelink customers travelling                                    Australia	has	social	security	agreements	with	many	
outside Australia                                                  countries.	For	a	full	list	of	current	agreement	countries,	
                                                                   please	contact	Centrelink.	
If	a	customer	leaves	Australia	for	a	short	trip,	their	pension	
continues	to	be	paid	into	their	Australian	bank	account.	If	       People	who	have	lived	in	Australia	but	have	moved	to	an	
a	customer	intends	to	leave	Australia	for	more	than	a	short	       agreement	country	can	still	claim	a	part	Australian	pension.	
                                                                   Equally,	people	who	used	to	live	or	work	in	an	agreement	
trip,	or	is	leaving	permanently,	most	Centrelink	payments	
                                                                   country	but	have	since	moved	to	Australia	can	claim	a	part	
will	stop.	However,	some	pension	payments	can	continue	
                                                                   Australian	pension	even	if	the	person	hasn’t	lived	here	long	
and	will	be	paid	to	the	customer.	In	these	cases	the	
                                                                   enough	to	qualify	under	Australian	laws.	
amount	payable	will	change	while	the	customer	is	outside	
                                                                   Under	an	international	social	security	agreement,	each	
Australia.	CIS	can	provide	advice	on	how	leaving	Australia	
                                                                   country	contributes	an	amount	to	a	person’s	retirement	
will	affect	customer	pension	payments.	
                                                                   income.	For	most	countries	this	is	measured	by	the	period	
Centrelink	may	be	advised	by	Australia’s	immigration	              a	person	has	contributed	to	that	country’s	social	security	
department	if	you	leave	or	return	to	Australia.	We	may	use	        scheme.	In	Australia,	it	is	measured	by	the	length	of	the	
this	information	to	ensure	your	payment	is	correct	while	you	      person’s	Australian	residence	between	age	16	and	age	
are	outside	Australia	and	after	you	return.                        pension	age.	
                                                                   CIS	is	responsible	for	the	administration	and	payment	of	all	
                                                                   agreement	pensions	irrespective	of	where	the	customer	lives.

                                                                                                                INT025.0901 (page 1 of 3)

         Claiming foreign pensions                                        From	Denmark                 8088 3556 (free call)
                                                                          From	Germany		               0800 180 2482 (free call)
         CIS	helps	Australian	residents	with	claims	for	pensions	         From	Greece		                0080 0611 26209 (free call)
         from	all	countries	with	which	Australia	has	agreements.	CIS	     From	India	                  000 800 61 01098
         can	issue	claim	forms	and	provide	advice	on	how	the	claim	       From	Indonesia	              001 803 61 035
         process	works	for	each	country	and	what	documents	will	          From	Italy		                 800 781 977 (free call)
         be	required.	For	many	pension	claims	CIS	acts	as	a	final	        From	Korea	Republic	         003 081 32326
         checkpoint,	ensuring	that	all	required	information	has	been	     From	the	Netherlands		       0800 0224 364 (free call)
         provided	so	the	claim	can	be	actioned	as	quickly	as	possible.	   From	New	Zealand		           0800 441 248 (free call)
         CIS	can	also	provide	advice	and	information	on	claiming	a	       From	Philippines		           1800 1611 0046 (free call)
         pension	from	a	country	that	does	not	have	an	agreement	          From	Portugal		              800 861 122 (free call)
         with	Australia.	                                                 From	Singapore	              800 6167 015
                                                                          From	Spain		                 900 951 547 (free call)
         People	residing	in	Australia	who	wish	to	claim	a	foreign	
                                                                          From	Thailand	               001 800 611 4136
         pension	should	contact	CIS	on	13 1673.	
                                                                          From	Turkey		                00 800 6190 5703 (free call)
                                                                          From	UK		                    0800 169 5865 (free call)
         Help and advice
                                                                          From	United	Arab	Emirates    800 061 04319
         CIS	has	a	wealth	of	experience	in	all	matters	relating	to	       From	USA		                   1866 3433 086 (free call)
         international	pensions	and,	where	possible,	will	assist	
                                                                          From	other	countries	+61 3 6222 3455	(you	can	reverse	
         members	of	the	public	with	information	and	advice.	CIS	
                                                                          the	charges	if	this	service	is	offered	by	your	local	telephone	
         also	has	a	dedicated	‘help	desk’	to	assist	Centrelink	staff.	
                                                                          *China (North) is the provinces of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei,
         We speak your language
                                                                          Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Jilin,
         Many	of	the	staff	at	CIS	speak	a	language	other	than	            Shandong and Henan. All other provinces are considered
         English.	Languages	spoken	include:	                              to be China (South) for this purpose.
         •	Arabic		                  •	 Greek
                                                                          Note:	these	international	free	call	numbers	connect	you	
         •	Bosnian		                 •	 Italian
                                                                          directly	to	Centrelink	International	Services.	This	free	call	
         •	Cantonese		               •	 Macedonian
                                                                          may	not	be	available	from	every	location	within	the	country,	
         •	Croatian		                •	 Mandarin
                                                                          and	may	not	be	free	from	mobile	phones	or	public	phones.	
         •	Dutch		                   •	 Polish
                                                                          You	may	need	to	insert	coins/card	in	pay	phones	as	for	a	
         •	Filipino		                •	 Portuguese
                                                                          local	call	and	this	may	not	be	refunded	at	the	end	of	the	
         •	French		                  •	 Serbian
         •	German	                   •	 Spanish
                                                                          By fax:	within	Australia	03 6222 2799
         Interpreter	services	are	available	for	other	languages.	         outside	Australia	+61 3 6222 2799
                                                                          By mail:	GPO	Box	273,	Hobart	7001,	Tasmania,	Australia
         How to contact CIS
                                                                          By email:
         By phone: 13 1673 within	Australia.	
                                                                          Note:	email	is	not	a	secure	communication	medium.
         Note:	calls	from	your	home	phone	to	Centrelink	“13”	
         numbers	from	anywhere	in	Australia	are	charged	at	a	fixed	
         rate.	That	rate	may	vary	from	the	price	of	a	local	call	and	
         may	also	vary	between	telephone	service	providers.	Calls	
         from	public	and	mobile	phones	may	be	timed	and	charged	
         at	a	higher	rate.
         From	Austria		              0800 295 165 (free call)
         From	Canada		               1888 2557 493 (free call)
         From	China	(North)*	        10 800 6100 427
         From	China	(South)*	        10 800 2611 309

INT025.0901 (page 2 of 3)
                                                                   Centrelink Facts

The	information	contained	in	this	publication	is	intended	
only	as	a	guide	to	payments	and	services	available.

What are your responsibilities?
•	 It	is	your	responsibility	to	decide	if	you	wish	to	apply	for	
   a	payment	and	to	make	the	application,	having	regard	to	
   your	particular	circumstances.
•	 The	information	is	accurate	as	at	January	2009,	but	may	
   of	course	change.	If	you	use	this	publication	after	that	
   date,	please	check	with	Centrelink	that	the	details	are	
   up	to	date.

From what date are benefits payable?
Most	government	payments	are	paid	from,	or	after,	the	
date	on	which	the	application	is	made.	So	the	sooner	you	
lodge	your	application	the	quicker	you	may	be	paid.	

What is the position if you deal with a third party?
You	may	deal	with	a	third	party	who	is	not	a	member	of	
Centrelink’s	staff.	If	you	do	so,	please	remember	that	
Centrelink	has	not	authorised	any	third	parties	to	provide	
information	or	advice	to	you	about	payments.

                                                                        INT025.0901 (page 3 of 3)

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