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					                                                                                                                                                   July 2009
                                                        Benefits for ALL CACI Subsidiaries
                                                         U.S.-Based Non-SCA Employees
CACI offers a variety of benefits to assist employees and their eligible dependents in planning for both predictable and unexpected expenses.
CACI also offers programs to provide employees with paid time away from work.

CACI pays a substantial portion of the cost of benefits. The enrollment website ( provides employees with their
cost for all the available options. Employee premiums are pre-tax unless otherwise noted. (A pre-tax payment reduces the actual cost of the
benefit by the amount of employees’ tax rate.)
Employees must make their benefit enrollment elections before their 30th calendar day of employment. Core Life/AD&D and
Disability coverage will begin on the employee’s date of hire, most other benefits (Medical and Dental included) begin on the 1st day of the
month following the date of hire. If the date of hire is the 1st day of the month, all benefits are effective immediately.
  As an IRS qualified benefit program, most benefits are subject to an annual Open Enrollment. Effective July 1st each year, benefit-eligible employees may
  continue their coverage elections; change their coverage elections; enroll in some overages previously declined; or decline coverages previously elected.
  Changes to most benefit elections are only permitted during the Open Enrollment period unless a participant experiences a “qualifying event,” as defined
  by the IRS. Employees may also obtain details of the benefits offered by calling the Benefits Service Center at (800) 531-3875, Option 1.

    MEDICAL BENEFIT OPTIONS: CACI provides several health plan options in most geographic areas. Coverage begins the 1st of
    the month following the hire date. If the date of hire is the 1st day of the month, the benefit is effective immediately. Health plan options
    vary based on availability by location. Employees will have comprehensive benefits for their health care needs, including office visits,
    inpatient facility services, outpatient services, prescription drugs and other provider services. Alternatively an employee may elect to
    opt-out of the CACI provided coverage and receive a premium credit. The default option is “No Coverage,” therefore employees must
    elect medical coverage if desired.

    DENTAL BENEFIT OPTIONS: CACI offers three dental programs in most geographic areas - a PPO plan, a PPO Premium plan and
    a HMO plan. Alternatively an employee may elect to opt-out of the CACI provided coverage and receive a premium credit. The default
    option is “No Coverage,” therefore employees must elect dental coverage if desired.

    GROUP TERM INSURANCE: CACI provides the following group term life options:

             BASIC TERM LIFE: This policy pays one times your annual salary to a maximum benefit of $300,000. Basic Group Life is the
              default coverage. Employees may elect to reduce their basic group term life coverage to $50,000 (if employees earn more
              than $50,000 per year) in order to avoid income taxes levied on amounts of CACI-paid insurance in excess of $50,000. (If
              employees reduce their life coverage they will receive a small premium credit.)

             ACCIDENTAL DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT: CACI automatically provides AD&D coverage at three times your annual
              salary up to $500,000, or pays benefits for certain injuries. Loss must be the direct result of an accident. If the loss is the
              result of war or an act of war, the policy pays six times your annual salary to a maximum benefit of $500,000.
             SUPPLEMENTAL LIFE INSURANCE: Employees have the option to purchase group rated portable term insurance for
               themselves and their dependents. The maximum amount of coverage employees may purchase is as follows:
                    The lesser of 5 times employees’ annual salary or $1,000,000 for employee;
                    The lesser of 5 times employees’ annual salary or $250,000 for employees’ spouse;
                    $20,000 each for employees’ dependent children.
    You must elect Supplemental Life for yourself to be eligible for Spouse and/or Dependent Life Insurance. Coverage not elected when
    first eligible is subject to proof of good health.
    FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNT OPTIONS: There are two fiscal year Flex Plan options for reimbursement accounts:

                HEALTH CARE ACCOUNT:        This account allows employees to elect to pay for certain IRS approved health related out of
                 pocket expenses, such as: deductibles, co-insurance, HMO/PPO co-payments, vision care, etc., through payroll deduction on
                 a pre-tax basis.
                DEPENDENT DAY CARE ACCOUNT:         This account allows employees to elect to pay for IRS eligible dependent day care
                 expenses through payroll deduction on a pre-tax basis.
        FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNT ELECTIONS: During annual Open Enrollment benefit-eligible employees are required to complete
        the on-line enrollment in order to continue FSA benefits. Employees who do not enroll via the on-line enrollment will typically maintain
        other current benefits, however FSA will end if not re-elected.

Non-SCA Employees - EMP                                                                                                            July 2009
             SHORT-TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE:         This plan pays 60% of employees’ base salary up to a maximum benefit of $5,000 per
              week following a 7-calendar day waiting period for a covered disability caused by either sickness or accident. This plan is not
              subject to any pre-existing condition limitations. This insurance is coordinated with or offset by Social Security and State
              disability (if applicable). The plan will provide weekly benefit payments for up to 83 days. Employees choose to have a
              taxable benefit or a taxable premium. Those with the default coverage of “Taxable Premium” will receive any benefit free of
             LONG-TERM DISABILITY INSURANCE:         This plan pays 55% of employees’ base salary up to a maximum benefit of $10,000
              per month following a 90-day waiting period for a covered disability caused by either sickness or accident. This plan is
              subject to certain pre-existing condition and other limitations. Insurance is coordinated with or offset by Social Security,
              Workers’ Compensation, and State disability (if applicable). The plan will provide monthly benefit payments up to retirement
              age. Employees choose to have a taxable benefit or a taxable premium. Those with the default coverage of “Taxable
              Premium” will receive any benefit free of taxes.

    VOLUNTARY PLANS: Not all plans are available in all areas. Please check availability before enrolling.

    VOLUNTARY VISION PLAN:      Employees may elect to participate in a voluntary vision plan for themselves and their eligible family
    members. The network based vision plan provides a comprehensive eye examination and includes benefits for lenses, frames, and
    contact lenses. Some benefits and services are also available outside the network.
    PERSONAL PRE-PAID LEGAL:        Employees may elect to participate in a legal plan for themselves and their eligible family members.
    Coverage includes assistance with legal documents such as wills, provides telephonic and on-line support as well as access to an
    extensive network of attorneys ready to assist you with your legal issues. Covered matters are covered at 100% with no deductible. The
    cost of this voluntary program is paid via after-tax payroll deductions.
    SENIOR ADVOCATE PROGRAM : Employees may elect this benefit that provides a one-stop resource that helps you balance your life by
    offering expert legal, financial, tax and adult care assistance for families facing the additional responsibility of caring for an elderly
    loved one. The cost of this voluntary program is paid via after-tax payroll deductions.
    ALTERNATIVE CARE DISCOUNT PROGRAM:        Employees can elect to save on over 40 specialties of Complementary and Alternative
    Medicine (CAM) through participating providers including - Podiatry, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Traditional
    Oriental Medicine, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, Nutritional Counseling, Vitamins & Supplements. The cost of this voluntary program is
    paid via after-tax payroll deductions.
    GROUP AUTO AND HOME INSURANCE: Group auto and home insurance is available through MetLife. You may be able to save time
    and money with competitive group rates and discounts as well as having the convenience of payroll deductions for your premiums.
    IDENTITY THEFT PROTECTION PLAN: Employees may elect to enroll themselves and their eligible family members in the Identity
    Theft Protection Plan. With this plan, a participant’s credit is protected so that they only have access to it. This protection is backed
    with a promise to replace up to $1 million in stolen funds.
    PET CARE SAVINGS PROGRAM:       Pet Assure, a Pet Care Savings Program, offers a network of veterinarians, pet product suppliers and
    service providers that work together to assure quality pet health care at a reasonable cost. Pet Assure is the nation's largest pet savings
    program with over 1,500 veterinary locations in 44 states. Coverage includes immediate savings of 25% on veterinary care, an average
    of 50% savings on pet products, and 24-hour pet locator and recovery service for lost pets. Full animal insurance is also available to Pet
    Assure members.
    CRITICAL ILLNESS:     This benefit provides you and your family with additional financial relief if diagnosed with a critical illness such as
    cancer, heart attack, stroke, etc. You may elect coverage for yourself in the amount of $10,000 or $20,000. Coverage for your spouse is
    available in the amounts of $5,000 or $10,000; however your spouse’s coverage cannot be more than 50% of your coverage. If you
    elect coverage, your eligible children are automatically covered for 10% of your coverage at no additional cost.
    WAGE WORKS – COMMUTER BENEFIT:            CACI offers employees the ability to pay all or part of their commuting expenses with pre-tax
    dollars, selecting from over 10,000 transit and parking options nationwide. This wide-ranging program makes it easy for most
    employees to find a local option that helps with their commute. Made available by WageWorks, the commuter benefit program offers
    coverage for transit by train, bus, subway, vanpools, or parking expenses.
    LONG TERM CARE:       Employees and their eligible family members may choose to contact John Hancock within 30 days of hire to
    elect Long Term Care coverage for themselves, their spouses, parents, parents-in-law, grandparents and grandparents-in-law. In addition
    to conventional nursing home coverage the plan covers certain services received in your own home or in an adult day care facility, and
    even some homemaker services, which include services to provide assistance with activities necessary to enable you to remain at home.
    The cost of this voluntary program is paid via after-tax payroll deductions.

Non-SCA Employees - EMP                                                                                                   July 2009

    401(k) “$MART” RETIREMENT PLAN: Upon hire employees are immediately eligible to join the CACI $MART Plan and take advantage
    of tax-deferred savings. Up to 75% (subject to certain limitations and annual plan testing) of total compensation can be contributed into
    this tax-qualified plan through payroll deductions. CACI matches contributions equal to 50% of the amount of salary deferral employees
    elect, up to 6%. The employer portion of employees’ account balance is vested on the following schedule: for years one (1) through
    three (3) employees are 0% vested; after three (3) years of service, employees are 100% vested.
    have a period of 30 days before this “automatic” 3% election becomes effective to elect a different deferral rate or opt out of the plan
    altogether. If employees take no action during this period, a pre-tax payroll deduction of 3% will automatically be withheld from
    employees wages each pay period thereafter and deposited to the plan on employees’ behalf (until employees change or revoke the
    election in accordance with the plan’s procedures). This contribution is non-refundable and must remain in the plan until employees are
    otherwise entitled to withdraw the monies under the terms of the plan. These deferrals are eligible for the CACI matching contribution.
    If employees do not direct the investment of these funds, they will automatically be invested in the applicable T. Rowe Price Target Date
    Retirement Fund.
    In addition, your salary deferral percentage will automatically go up one percentage point each year in July (Automatic Increase). You
    will have a 364-day grace period to opt out of each year’s auto-increase before it becomes effective. Once your salary deferral rate
    reaches 6% - the maximum eligible for your company match – the service stops and you’ll continue to see deductions at this rate. You
    can always change your deferral rate or cancel this service at any time.
    EMPLOYEE STOCK PURCHASE PLAN (ESPP):          CACI offers an employee stock purchase plan, qualified under Sect. 423 of the IRS
    Code, which allows you to become an owner of the Company’s stock at a discount through after-tax payroll deductions. After you
    have been employed by the Company for 60 days, you become eligible to participate in our next quarterly enrollment for the ESPP as
    long as your annual gross income is less than $200,000 and you work more than 20 hours per week and more than 5 months in a
    fiscal year. Employees may purchase CACI stock at 95% of the market price on the last day of the offering period. (CACI will pay
    5% of the purchase price of the stock.) CACI stock is publicly traded on the NYSE listed under the symbol “CACI”. Most
    newspapers include the NYSE listings in their Financial or Business sections and update stock prices daily.

      The 401(k) $MART Plan, and elements of the other benefits offered are subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), U.S. Department of
      Labor and IRS regulations. The descriptions herein are meant to highlight the Plan's features. The Plans, benefits, and eligibility criteria are described more fully
      in Summary Plan Description booklets (SPDs), with which employees are provided once they are eligible to participate in these programs. SPDs may be
      obtained on-line or from CACI's Benefits Department by calling the Benefits Service Center at (800) 531-3875, Option 1.

    EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM:           An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available to all employees and their dependents. The
    EAP supplements services provided under the health plans and offers confidential counseling and referral services. It also provides
    individuals with the support and information needed to address a variety of problems, including parenting/family concerns,
    marital/relationship interactions, emotional/mental health issues, alcohol/drug abuse situations, and daily living difficulties (dependent
    care, financial counseling, etc.). The EAP cost is paid entirely by CACI.
    TUITION REIMBURSEMENT:         CACI managers may authorize tuition reimbursement for self-initiated courses taken at a regionally
    accredited college or university under the conditions of the Tuition Reimbursement Program. The course work must be “job-related”, i.e.
    applicable to employees’ job description and employees’ performance against that description, or coursework which is required for an
    approved degree program. A course must not require attendance during regular working hours or otherwise negatively affect employees’
    work performance. Books, parking, materials, lab fees, supplies, equipment, activity fees, and any other such ancillary educational costs
    are not reimbursable.
    The Program provides for a 50% reimbursement at the beginning of the course. The balance will be paid upon completion with a
    passing grade of “C” or above, subject to a fiscal year reimbursement ceiling of 10% of employees’ base salary (at the time the initial
    request is submitted). Part-time employees are not eligible for tuition reimbursement.
    REFERRAL BONUS PROGRAM: Employees can earn referral bonuses when recommending an individual who is hired as a CACI
    employee. When employees submit a candidate’s résumé to the Employee Referral Program, employees will earn a referral bonus
    if their candidate is hired for any CACI position. Payment is made in the pay cycle after the referred hire has completed three (3)
    months of uninterrupted service from the PAR approved/processed date. The referred hire must be a CACI employee at the time of
    ADOPTION ASSISTANCE:     CACI offers its full-time benefit eligible employees an adoption assistance plan that reimburses employees for
    certain eligible expenses related to the adoption of a child. The maximum reimbursement amount per family is $2,500 to a lifetime
    maximum of $5,000. Reimbursable expenses include agency and placement fees; attorney fees and court costs; the cost of temporary
    foster care for the child, as well as transportation and lodging to obtain physical custody of the adopted child; immigration,

Non-SCA Employees - EMP                                                                                                                                July 2009

    immunization and translation fees; and other legitimate expenses consistent with the reasonable and customary expenses associated with
    the adoption.
    VACATION DONATION:        This program allows employees to donate unused vacation time to another employee who has experienced a
    catastrophic event in their life and has no paid vacation time left.
    RECOGNITION PROGRAM:      CACI has a strong Recognition and Incentive Program to reward performance in a variety of areas.
    Categories of awards include Milestones in Time, Quality Project Delivery, Bright Ideas, Recruiting, Sales Excellence, Proposal
    Excellence, Technical Excellence, and Awards Spotlight Program. Employees’ manager can help employees learn more about these
    awards including employees’ eligibility.
    DIRECT DEPOSIT OF PAY: Employees    may elect to have their paycheck automatically deposited in as many as three accounts in financial
    institutions of employees’ choice. This election is made upon initial employment and may be canceled or changed upon employees’
    written request at any time.
    CASUAL DRESS DAY: CACI        has designated each Friday as a casual dress day. When our offices are closed on Friday in observance of a
    holiday, the casual dress day is the preceding Thursday. Casual business wear encompasses many looks but it really means casual
    clothing that is appropriate for the work environment. Our objective is to have employees continue to project a professional image while
    taking advantage of more casual and relaxed fashions once a week.
    DISCOUNT PROGRAMS: See CACInet for a list of the extensive discount programs available to employees.

    CACI offers employees a variety of paid time off benefits, including time for sick, holiday, jury duty, bereavement and vacation. Some
    of these benefits are described in a separate Leave Summary. Below is a short summary of the types of core Leave and Leave of
    Absences available to employees.
    BEREAVEMENT LEAVE:          Benefit-eligible employees may take up to three (3) days of paid leave for a death in his or her immediate
    family. For purposes of this benefit, the immediate family includes: spouse, child (including step-child), parent (including step-parents
    and in-laws), sibling (including in-laws), grandparent (including in-laws) and grandchild. The maximum amount of Bereavement Leave
    in any fiscal year is limited to six (6) days.
    JURY LEAVE:   Benefit-eligible employees will receive their base salary for up to (5) business days each fiscal year while on jury duty
    or if subpoenaed to appear as a witness without reduction to pay for nominal court-issued payments. When required by State or
    local law, CACI will provide compensation for the State-mandated number of days.
    MILITARY LEAVE: Employees called to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces may take leave from their position, knowing they are protected
    by CACI under USERRA.
            Annual Reserve Training: Employees under orders for annual training are eligible for a pay differential to supplement their
             military pay up to their CACI base pay for up to three weeks per calendar year.
            Active Duty Call Up: Employees called to active duty will receive pay differential for up to 6 months and full employee
             benefits for up to 6 months. After 6 months the employee will convert to an Inactive Leave status for benefits and will be
             eligible to continue certain benefits under the provisions of COBRA.
            FMLA was amended in January 2008 to provide eligible employees the opportunity to take leave to care for a covered family
             member who has incurred a qualifying injury or illness while serving on active duty in the Armed Forces, as well as to take
             leave under certain circumstances arising out of a covered family member's active duty or call to active duty in the Armed
             Forces. Employees may obtain full details of the FMLA entitlement and requirements by requesting an FMLA Leave
             Summary Description from the CACI Benefits Department.
    FAMILY AND MEDICAL LEAVE: Under       certain conditions, employees are entitled to up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave of absence in each 12-
    month period (additional state leave regulations may affect employees’ leave). If employees qualify, employees may request leave for
    the following reasons: the birth, adoption or placement for foster care in employees’ home, of a child under the age of 18; to care for
    employees’ spouse, child or parent who is seriously ill; or, employees’ own serious illness. FMLA leave may also be available to
    employees on an intermittent or reduced work schedule based on manager approval.
    MEDICAL LEAVE:      Employees who do not qualify for FMLA leave may still be eligible for an approved leave of absence for medical
    reasons if they are eligible for benefits under either Workers’ Compensation or the company Disability programs. After 180 days the
    employee will convert to an Inactive Leave status for benefits and will be eligible to continue certain benefits under the provisions of

Questions concerning the benefits included in this summary or questions regarding CACI's policies may be directed to the Benefits Service
Center at (800) 531-3875, Option 1.

                                         CACI RESERVES THE RIGHT TO UNILATERALLY
                                        CHANGE ITS FRINGE BENEFIT PLANS AT ANY TIME
Non-SCA Employees - EMP                                                                                                July 2009


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