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					Evaluate Your Open Enrollment Strategy
and Communications

Assessing the effectiveness of your open enrollment strategy as well as which benefits are most important to
employees can help you optimize open enrollment and maximize your benefits return on investment. By reviewing
your employees’ responses and incorporating their feedback into future open enrollment strategies, employees
will feel heard and respected, which may help to increase employee benefits satisfaction.

This sample employee survey, developed by MetLife, a leading provider of employee benefits, may help you
examine the effectiveness of your benefits communications, understand what you can do to help improve your
employees’ experience during Open Enrollment and determine which benefits your employees are most
interested in having access to at the workplace. This survey is a sample of the kind of survey you can use to poll
your employees. You should consult with your company’s human resources professional and legal department to
determine which questions are appropriate for your employee population.

How to use this survey:
     Review the survey questions. Use questions you feel are the most important to you and your company and
      appropriate for your employee population. Each question focuses on different aspects of your Open Enrollment strategy,
      including which communications were most effective, what you could do to improve the employee experience and what
      benefits employees are most interested in.
     Customize the survey. While common answers for each question are included, this sample survey is designed to
      allow you to make edits and tailor the survey to fit your benefits program and communication tactics.

     Distribute to your employees. To effectively evaluate your Open Enrollment strategies, make the survey easily
      accessible to your employees and clearly state that participation in the survey is completely optional. You can post it to
      your intranet, create it in an online survey program such as SurveyMonkey or distribute it via email or during employee
     Analyze survey responses. Based on the answers provided by your employees, you can use the information to help
      you refine your Open Enrollment communication strategy. Suggestions for how you can leverage the responses are
      provided below:
     Question #1 – This question focuses on the most helpful communication tactics. Based on employee responses, you
          can refine future benefits communication plans to optimize tactics that are most helpful to your employees.
     Question #2 – This question focuses on where employees looked for benefits advice and guidance. While it is important
          for employees to talk with spouses/significant others about their benefits decisions, it’s also critical that employees
          have access to other resources, including advice and tools to make the benefits decision-making experience even
          better. By reviewing employee responses to this question, you can help ensure that you are delivering valued
          resources to employees that are most useful and relevant to them.
     Question #3 – This question is designed to help you understand how you can continually improve your communications
          approaches to help employees optimize Open Enrollment season. Depending on employee responses, you may want
          to choose one or two of the top responses and incorporate them into future Open Enrollment communication strategies.
     Question #4 – This question identifies how confident employees feel about their benefits decisions. Based on
          employees’ responses, you may want to develop ongoing communication strategies to help reinforce the decisions
          employees have made. This will allow them to approach future Open Enrollment periods with even greater certainty.
          You may also explore having off-cycle enrollments for certain benefits. By having only one or two product to review,
          employees can focus on the details and benefits of the specific product.
     Question #5 – This question focuses on which benefits – not currently being offered – are of most value and interest to
          your employees. Based on employee responses, you can consider expanding your offerings to incorporate the benefits
          that your employees are most interested in having access to – even if they need pay to most or all of the cost.

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Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY 10166
1) Which of the following were helpful to you during the recent benefits enrollment period?

                                                                                          MOST                             NOT        DID NOT
                                                                                         HELPFUL         NEUTRAL         HELPFUL        USE

 Emails announcing upcoming enrollment period
 Flyers/Posters announcing the upcoming enrollment period

 Packet of enrollment material
 Meetings and seminars with your employer

 Reminders to complete enrollment by the deadline
 Your employer’s website/intranet
 A benefits-focused teleconference or web seminar
 Calculators or other decision tools received to help you in making yo ur benefits
 A “benefits fair” where you had the opportunity to meet representatives of
 various insurance companies and other benefits providers

2) Which of the following, if any, did you do before making your benefits selections?

                                                                                                                                   SELECT ALL
                                                                                                                                   THAT APPLY

 Talked to co-workers

 Spoke with spouse/relative
 Spoke with friends

 Met with a Financial Planner
 Read only the first page of the package of benefits materials
 Thoroughly read the package of benefits materials

 Viewed the benefits materials online
 Visited the Healthcare/ Benefits provider’s website

 Talked to HR department

 Talked to supervisor
 Attended a benefits fair

 Used online calculators and/or decision support tools to help determine how much coverage to select

 Reviewed the benefits used the prior year

3) Which of the following, if any, would have improved your overall experience
   during the benefits enrollment period?

                                                                                                                                   SELECT ALL
                                                                                                                                   THAT APPLY

 More time to decide
 More detailed information about the employee benefits provided

 Easier to understand format for benefits information
 Benefit fairs or meetings where you can ask questions concerning benefits
 Access to a benefits advisor or financial planner

 Guidelines or instructions for “people like me” (i.e. someone of my age, marital status and/or family size/situation)

 Other: _________________________________________________________________

L0509036457[exp0510][All States]
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY 10166
4) Which phrase best describes your feelings toward your benefits selections this year?

 I am confident in the decisions I made during the benefits selection process
 I am uncertain in the decisions I made during the benefits selection process

5) Which of the following benefits would you like offered at your workplace,
   even if you had to pay for all or part of the premium?

                                                                                                                              SELECT ALL THAT

 Health and Wellness Benefits

                                                                                                       Medical Insurance
                                                                                                   Prescription Drug Plan
                                                                                           Health Savings Account (HSA)

                                                                                        Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
                                                                                                      Wellness programs

 Life Insurance Benefits

                                                                                                     Term Life Insurance

                                                                                                Dependent Life Insurance
                                                                                             Supplemental Life Insurance

 Dental Benefits

                                                                                                        Dental Insurance
                                                                                                Retiree Dental Insurance

 Disability Insurance Benefits

                                                                                                    Short Term Disability
                                                                                                     Long Term Disability

                                                                                              Individual Disability Income

 Additional Benefits

                                                                                                  401(k)/Retirement Plan
                                                                            Retirement Benefits, such as Dental Insurance

                                                                                                 Critical Illness Insurance
                                                                                              Long-Term Care Insurance

                                                                                                    Legal Services Plans

                                                                                                   Automobile Insurance
                                                                                                 Homeowner’s Insurance
                                                                                           401(k) or other retirement plan

                                                                                                   Vision Care Insurance

                                                                                                            Pet Insurance
                                                                                                        Flexible Schedule

                                                                                         Paid Vacation days and holidays
                                                                                                                Sick leave

L0509036457[exp0510][All States]
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, New York, NY 10166