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					                                                                                                                                                       volume 61 no.01
 Winter 2008

                                                                                                           Eyes cast on the ground
                                                                                                           The sky below
                                                                                                           The ground above
                                                                                                           I breathe in the deep frosted scent of
                                                                                                             crisp cold air
                                                                                                           The ground and I separated
                                                                                                           By nothing but a large coat
                                                                                                           I reverse
                                                                                                           Sky above Ground below
                                                                                                           The bare trees looming over me
                                                                                                           The sky approaching a long night
                                                                                                           And as the clouds mix and melt together
                                                                                                           I stand tall wishing to throw myself into
                                                                                                             the wind
 As part of their physical education class, first through fourth graders made their own jump ropes on a
winter morning. Above: Bonnie Bolz assists first grader Gabriel Spiegel as third grader Jeanneney Currie   Or to simply float like dead leaves on
              looks on. To learn more about Waldorf's movement curriculum, see page 2.                       an icy pond’s surface
                                                                                                           I reverse
                                      Welcome                                                              I am with the wind and we move with
                                                                                                             steady concentration
Last spring we commemorated the 60th anniversary of the Waldorf School of Garden                           Embracing trees and naked cheeks
City–an opportunity to honor our past, celebrate our present, and look towards our
future. In reflecting upon our school's strengths, it is clear to me that our ongoing                                         – Avion Pearce, Senior
ability to embrace change–whether in curriculum, faculty and staff, or buildings and
grounds–ensures the relevancy of our school and Waldorf education for continuing
                                                                                                                 IN THIS ISSUE
generations of students. With change comes the extraordinary opportunity for
                                                                                                            3    New Website and Viewbook
personal and institutional growth and renewal. Some changes can be planned -- such
                                                                                                            4    Preschool Snack
as the improvements funded by our recent Capital Campaign; while others arrive
                                                                                                            4    New High School Faculty Office
unexpectedly–as when a colleague or family leaves our community. A school must
                                                                                                            5    Social Inclusion Tackles Questions
experience both with grace and equanimity, embracing the change as an
                                                                                                            5    Family Concert
opportunity for growth and development. With the wisdom and experience of sixty
                                                                                                            6    New Playground for Lower School
years supporting us, the Waldorf School of Garden City can look to its future with
                                                                                                            8    Maple Sugaring Weekend
confidence in our ability to serve the needs of our students in an ever changing
                                                                                                            8    Franz E. Winkler Center
                                                                                        Susan Braun         9    Glen Brook Opens New Cottage
                                                                               School Administrator         10 Staff Keep Waldorf Running
                                                                           and Interim Faculty Chair        16 Alumnae Profiles
                  Reflections on                    Thank You                           The Fall Fair                  Alumni Events
                 Waldorf Education                 Mrs. Murphy                           in Pictures                     in Pictures
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                            R e f l e c t i o n s o n Wa l d o r f E d u c a t i o n

             Movement Education at the Waldorf School
In the first of this two-part series, "Reflections on Waldorf Education" explores    being through fine and gross motor
the role of the movement curriculum in our school. The movement curriculum           control. "The goals of spatial
asserts that every human being has to express oneself through the physical           dynamics," says Waldorf's spatial
body. In Waldorf's view of child development, the teachers and coaches in our        dynamics teacher Bonnie Bolz, "are
eurythmy, physical education and athletics courses aim to help the student find      confidence and versatility in the
a secure internal center from which to physically reach out into the world. For      human body. We're trying to adapt
this issue we look at the role of eurythmy, an artistic form of movement             and respond to different situations
developed by Rudolf Steiner. In eurythmy, students learn to orient themselves in     both in the physical as well as the
space and give gesture to language and music. We also take a look at the             social environment."
newest addition to Waldorf's movement curriculum: spatial dynamics. In our
summer issue, we will survey the role of athletics.                                  Many movement components such as
                                                                                     traditional childhood games and
As a subject exclusively taught in Waldorf schools, eurythmy has a unique            dances, cooperative games,
position within our curriculum. From simply clapping and walking in different        gymnastics, partner acrobatics and
rhythms to group exercises with copper rods, the exercises require skill, timing     circus skills make up the curriculum.
and precise hand-eye coordination. "This is an art form that engages the             The progression of these activities
whole human being," says lower school eurythmy teacher Brigida Baldszun. "It         helps build comfort and competency in
expresses in bodily movement those inner movements of feeling and thought            the body as well as the social skills
which otherwise remain hidden or silent."                                            needed to work successfully in a
Varying expressions in the movements of eurythmy are also found in poetry–the
differences between iambic or trochaic meter, the impact of close or open            As with many aspects of Waldorf
rhymes and the various subtleties of free verse. Similarly in music, the response    education, great efforts have been
to three- or four-quarter-time signatures, the interweaving voices in polyphonic     made to meet the needs of today's
music and the relation of melody to harmony or major and minor moods are             children. Eurythmy and spatial
carried into the activities of the limbs. In exploring the structure of poetry and   dynamics educators have found an
music from the bottom up, students gain a unique understanding through the           increased need for diversity of
bodily experience.                                                                   movement. By engaging in a range of
                                                                                     activities students have the opportunity
"Working with the students' bodies," says high school eurythmy teacher               to develop a healthy sense of
Natasha Lish '97, "we try to use musical emotion to engage and awaken                balance–physically, socially and
different registers within the soul. I am constantly asking the students, 'How can   emotionally. In this way, the
you be expressive with it?'" When taken up by the students, these experiences        movement curriculum supports the
promote fluid coordination, spatial understanding and self-assurance.                goals of academic learning.

Spatial dynamics is the name of the training program designed specifically for
movement/physical education classes taught in Waldorf schools. A recent
                                                                                        visit us at
addition to Waldorf's physical education program, it is a discipline that assists
the development of the child's sense of movement, balance and physical well-
                                            Wa l d o r f H e a d l i n e s

                                                                                              Thank You
        New Website and Viewbook                                                             Mrs. Murphy!
It took months of planning and             Waldorf School) as well as               After three years of service in the role
dozens of meetings, but we are             photographer and Waldorf School of       of Faculty Chair, Roxanne Martindale
delighted to share Waldorf's new           Garden City alum Marco Rossetti '84.     Murphy '70 stepped down this past
high school view book and newly                                                     Autumn. A graduate, parent and
redesigned website:                        Waldorf's new high school viewbook       long time preschool teacher, she took
WaldorfGarden.Org.                         offers a detailed description of our     on a leadership role when she joined
                                           high school curriculum and features      the Faculty Council in 2003. When,
The most sweeping redesign since           profiles of some recent alumni.          in 2004, the school moved to a
2002, our goal was to marry                Among those featured are Joshua          governance model that included a
Waldorf's outreach materials with the      Blumenthal '99, Irin Carmon '01,         full-time Faculty Chair, Roxanne
technology of the                                                                   assumed this new position. She has
web to create a                                                                     worked
compelling                                                                          tirelessly with
experience for                                                                      parents and
our digital                                                                         faculty
readers. With                                                                       coordinating
up-to-date stories                                                                  various
                                                                                                       Roxanne Martindale Murphy '70
and pertinent                                                                       parent
information, the                                                                    education programs and pedagogical
new website has                                                                     initiatives. "It has been an honor and
added news and                                                                      privilege to serve the school
events headlines                                                                    community," she said. "I thank you
as well as a                                                                        all for the gracious support, which
dynamic display                                                                     you have always shown me."
to make the site
easy to navigate.              Waldorf's New Website!         In light of her departure, the College
In addition, the                                                                    of Teachers and Board of Trustees
site has separate portals for               Tarik Carney '02, Daniel T. Foster      have worked to ensure that the school
prospective family, current family and      '03, Joylynn Holder '99, Jesse Kane     continues to operate smoothly. Susan
alumni groups. Over the coming              '05, Linda K. Mejias '97, Gianna        Braun, the School Administrator for
months, be sure to check out the            Smith '04, Emma M. Sydenham '00         the past ten years, stepped into the
faculty and staff profiles!                 and Jason Wasserman '03. Be sure        position of Interim Faculty Chair while
                                            to view this exciting new publication   a search committee identifies and
Credit and thanks go to the school's        online by visiting the Admissions       interviews applicants for this
web developers at Trakkware, Inc.,          section of our new website!             important leadership role. Thank you
among them Ben Alexandra, E.J.                                                      Mrs. Murphy for your gift of
Alexandra and Mick Follari (all                visit us at
                                                                                    dedication and service to the Waldorf
graduates of the Green Meadow                                                       School!

                                                 News Around the School

                                                                   High School Faculty Move
       Preschool Snack
                                                                    Into New Office Space
Prior to the holiday break, the
                                                   This past fall, construction was            computer lab, the former high school
preschool children baked cookies for
                                                   completed on the remaining high             faculty office has been renovated and
their mid-morning snack. Preparing
                                                   school refurbishment projects–creation      transformed into a flexible classroom
and enjoying snack are essential
                                                   of a new workspace for the high             space for smaller classes. According
activities in the day of the preschool
                                                   school faculty, the addition of a           to high school chairman Roland
child. In addition to providing
                                                   flexible space for
nourishment for the body, food and its
                                                   smaller classes
preparation nourish the senses as well
                                                   and the complete
as the soul.
                                                   renovation of
                                                   bathroom facilities
Whether mixing and pouring birthday
                                                   for both students
cake batter, rolling out and cutting
                                                   and faculty. The
cookie dough, kneading and shaping
                                                   overall design for
bread or chopping vegetables for
                                                   this work was
                                                   accomplished by
                                                   the architectural
                                                   and planning firm
                                                   of Bentel & Bentel.               High School English Teacher Alexios Kritas '85
                                                                                        in the new High School Faculty Office

                                                   A closer look at this new faculty          Rothenbucher, the room has returned
                                                   workspace reveals a warm and               to its "Latin" roots as our eighth
                                                   inviting area with internet access,        graders and freshmen have started
                                                   book storage and desk space for high       using it for Spanish classes.
                                                   school teachers. Special thanks go to
                                                   the creative efforts of high school        Additional improvements to the High
    Kindergartener Sophie Rhall bakes cookies.
                                                   English teacher Deirdre Somers and         School include a new outside
                                                   her husband, master craftsman Martin       recreation area the French and
soup, sharing in snack preparation
                                                   Somers, for designing the office layout    German classrooms, a new lobby
awakens the senses of smell, taste and
                                                   and purchasing and custom fitting          seating area with teak furniture and
touch and helps to develop manual
                                                   "standard" IKEA furniture to uniquely      rug, a new environmentally friendly
dexterity and rhythmic movement.
                                                   support the requirements of this new       ceiling and new lighting for the lobby
This is a social time in which the
                                                   space. With countless volunteer hours      and hallway.
children experience real work and a
                                                   and limited school funds, they
process they are involved in from start
                                                   transformed a former bathroom,             Stay tuned, because there's more to
to finish. They take pride in
                                                   closet and hallway into an                 come! A comprehensive library
preparing their snack, which is both
                                                   extraordinary workspace benefiting         renovation is set to begin this summer.
delicious and appreciated by
                                                   the entire high school faculty.            Join us for a groundbreaking
                                                                                              ceremony at the upcoming Spring
                                                   Down the hall and across from the          Festival!
                                               News Around the School

        High School Students Tackle
                                                                                                                Family Concert
  Tough Questions through Social Inclusion
Performing skits and developing                       learn from and constructively resolve                On Sunday, March 9 the school will
codes of compassion, kindness and                     conflicts.                                           hold a concert to benefit the Jeanette
respect, Waldorf's high school social                                                                      Resnick Music Endowment.
inclusion group is tackling tough                     Feeling valued and respected for
topics when it comes to bullying,                     individual differences are among the                 The Jeanette Resnick Music
social cliques and insults.                           group's main aims. The group                         Endowment was established in 2003
                                                                                                           by her daughter, Helen Resnick Shaw
                                                                                                           '82. Funds from the endowment are
                                                                                                           earmarked to subsidize private music
                                                                                                           lessons for our lower school students
                                                                                                           in support of the orchestra program.
                                                                                                           For over 40 years, Jeanette's career
                                                                                                           was dedicated to the school’s music
                                                                                                           program. Today, she continues to fill
                                                                                                           our halls with her beautiful music as
                                                                                                           pianist and director of the Waldorf
                                                                                                           Chamber Players.

                                                                                                           Intended for children and adults alike,
(L-R): Co-Advisor Barbara Costello Lyons '76 talks with members of the Social Inclusion Group: sophomore   the engaging chamber program will
      Anjali Kunnel, freshman Deanna Bertini, sophomore Mary Catelli and freshman Robyn Baldwin.
                          Missing: Atta Turck, Julianne Bertini and Cory Rosenberg                         also include offerings from a jazz
                                                                                                           ensemble and an Irish folk duet and
The group meets twice a week with                     models and performs skits that help                  the lower school chorus as well as a
faculty co-advisors Atta Turck and                    young children meet their class's                    demonstration of hand-crafted
Barbara Costello Lyons '76 to talk                    current social issue and anticipate                  instruments. Featuring student, alumni
about community and conflict                          potential difficulties in the future.                and faculty musicians, the concert will
resolution. Having already spoken                     Through their work, social inclusion                 take place at Flushing Town Hall, a
and performed for a number of lower                   has already helped a number of                       144-year-old landmark for the visual
school classes, some in the group are                 lower school students develop an                     and performance arts. Valet parking
now being looked upon as                              understanding of different                           will be provided for all guests. To find
counselors. "The younger children                     perspectives.                                        out whether tickets are still available
look up to you," says sophomore                                                                            or for sponsorship opportunities,
Mary Catelli. "They know who you                      "I love social inclusion," says senior               contact Jennifer Dorman at ext. 124
are and it's nice when we check in                    Julianne Bertini. "I've been part of                 or
with each other at lunch."                            this group for four years and working
                                                      with the younger kids is amazing. It's               We hope you will join us for this
Through techniques–such as role                       really important for them to have                    unique event that pays tribute to the
playing–the students enact scenes in                  someone to talk to who can really                    school’s musical tradition as well as
the classroom, playground and at                      relate."                                             one of its most important influences:
home in order to help the children                                                                         Jeanette Resnick.                     5
                                   News Around the School

                              New Playground for Lower School!
On a recent balmy December                  developing important social skills to
afternoon, The News asked a group of        carry children forward into adulthood,
third graders about Four Square–the         games like Four Square are much more
latest and most popular game on             than mere activites for recess period.
Waldorf's recently remodeled lower          They offer important lessons about life,
school playground.                          relationships and the world.

"It's fun!" says third grader Brendon       "You learn not to argue," says
Allen-Campbell. "You get to play with       classmate Zachary Mezzo. Bilan Ardo
your friends, and you learn to always       Ali points out, "every day you get better
be ready for what might happen."            skills."

A simple game that only requires a ball,    Building on the importance of play (and
a court of four squares and at least five   after a long process with many stops
able-bodied individuals, the objective of   and starts along the way), the lower          1
Four Square is to work one's way from       school playground was replaced with
the lowest numbered square (#1) into        new equipment this past fall, thanks to
the highest numbered square (#4) by         the recently completed Capital
eliminating players in higher ranking       Campaign.
squares. In this example, the player in
square four is regarded as the highest      Watching the children scurry up the
rank and has the privilege of both          vertical access pipes of the firefighter's
serving the ball and implementing any       tower or testing their rope-climbing skills
number of custom rules. Players are         on the climbing wall, one can see that
eliminated, or "out," when they cause       children not only engage themselves in
errors such as dropping the ball or         physical activity, but also learn to build
throwing it incorrectly. Each time a        their character, develop cooperation          2
player is eliminated, all remaining         skills and practice social interaction.
players move to the next available          Around the
square until square #1 is open. A new       corner, the
player, who has been waiting–many           hallmark triple
times very patiently–in a nearby line,      slide is
will then join in square #1 to start a      combined with
new round.                                  lots of climbing
                                            and remote
Over the years, thousands of Waldorf        nooks for
children have won and lost at a variety     interactive play.
of games like Four Square. Integral for

    News Around the School

          Made from reclaimed steel and recycled plastic materials as well
          as conditioned wood, this new playground equipment will
          provide years of safe, positive play experiences that are fun,
          exciting and developmentally appropriate. Special thanks to third
          grade teacher Joshua Gartland and former lower school assistant
          teacher Jorge Martinez Borrego who carried this project forward
          with care and diligence.


5          7

                                       Do you have a fond playground
                                       memory? What were some of the
                                       games you played as a kid? The
                                       News would like to include your
                                       memories in our next issue. Send
                                       your submissions to Robert Ingenito
                                       Photo Captions: 1. (L-R) Sixth graders (top row):
                                       Genille Verdiner, Isabella Guida, Gabriela Gallo,
                                       Sarah Rokhlin (partially hidden) and Peter
                                       Escribano. Bottom row: Christiana Fahey and
                                       Ajanai Miller-Randolph. 2. Sixth graders Sofia
                                       Trikas, Kaylan Grau, Sarah Rokhlin, Maria Anna
                                       Paone, Gabriela Gallo and Isabella Guida. 3.
                                       Third grade teacher Joshua Gartland (r) plays in a
                                       spirited game of "four square" with a group of
                                       third graders. 4. The spiral slide. 5. A group of
                                       students tackle the climbing wall. 6. Eighth grade
                                       teacher Claudia Hart recites a poem during the
                                       lower school playground dedication ceremony. 7.
6                                      Waldorf's new lower school playground

                                                 Special Events

  Maple Sugaring
                                                Franz E. Winkler Center for Adult Learning
Weekend at Glen Brook
If you have visited Glen Brook              Students, faculty, graduates and                   and 60s, was a strong advocate for
recently, you know that there have          friends of the Foundation Studies                  adult education, and his writings and
been great strides reinvigorating the       program came together on October                   public talks often emphasized the
farm program. Maple sugaring is             12 to formally dedicate the Franz E.               need for seminars and programs
also a big part of life in northern New     Winkler Center for Adult Learning.                 through which adults could meet for
England, and the Glen Brook staff           Dedicated to the proposition that
would like to take this opportunity to      learning is just as important for adults
invite you and your whole family to         as it is for young people, this new
join in the fun for a sugaring weekend      institute will offer seminars, lectures,
                                            arts workshops and Foundation
                                            Studies in anthroposophy to foster a
                                            deeper understanding of the human

                                                                                                      Franz E. Winkler (1907-1972)
     Former Campers Tapping Maple Trees.

in March. Mark your calendars for                                                              intellectual study, artistic work and
March 14 – 16 for Glen Brook's first                                                           friendship. He sought the spiritual
Maple Sugaring Family Weekend. Tap                                                             causes behind the physical symptoms
trees, gather the sap, stoke the fires in                                                      of illness and health.
the evaporator, and boil the sap into
syrup–to be enjoyed over a big                                                                 Foundation Studies includes the study
                                            George and Leonore Russell during the dedication
pancake breakfast on Sunday!                   of the Winkler Center for Adult Learning.       of philosophical and pedagogical
                                                                                               works by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, the
The cost for the event is $250 per          being and the deeper meanings of                   founder of Waldorf education,
family. To find out if space is still       human existence. Says Leonore                      combined with work in the arts:
available or to make a donation to          Russell, the Center's director, "Our               eurythmy, painting and music. The
this exciting project, please contact       mission is to sponsor learning that                two-year program provides a solid
Twain Braden at (603) 876-3342 or           comes from activities of the artistic              foundation for Waldorf teacher Space is               and moral nature of the human                      training as well as providing a strong
limited. Join in the fun and help make      being."                                            basis for personal growth and
maple sugaring a new tradition at                                                              enhanced self-knowledge and self-
Camp Glen Brook!                            Franz E. Winkler, M.D. (1907-1972),                actualization. For more information,
                                            the school doctor for the Waldorf                  contact Leonore Russell at
                                            School in Garden City in the 1950s       
          News from Camp Glen Brook

    Camp Glen Brook Opens New Cottage to Guests
               On September 29, Glen Brook hosted        from near and far, including all the
               the opening celebration of the newly      Glen Brook families, Waldorf School
               refurbished "Cottage." Known for          parent and Board member Ed Magee
               decades as the "Old Cabin," the           and long-time Glen Brook friend
               Cottage has undergone a thorough          David White (who recalls the Cottage
               transformation into a two-bedroom,        in its days as a chicken coop).
               year-round house–as part of the
               recent Capital Campaign. It is a          The Cottage is officially available for
               charming place, nestled in a grove of     rent to family and friends at $100 per
               tall ash trees across the road from the   night or $500 per week. Guests at
               main camp.                                the cottage can experience the
                                                         activities and beauty of Glen Brook
               The celebration was hosted by former      without the bunkroom or communal
               high school secretary Louise Curran,      kitchen experience. Guests can cook
               who, with her two children Emily          for themselves in the new kitchen,
                                   Butler '83 and        relax in front of the flames of the cast-
                                   Grant Butler '85,     iron stove and still have access to
                                   spent many            Glen Brook's hiking trails, lake and
                                   seasons in the        myriad local attractions.
                                   cabin in the
                                   1970s when it
                                                         Weaving Waldorf Education with
                                   was uninsulated.
                                                         traditional New England camping
                                   Mrs. Curran, who
                                                         since 1946, Camp Glen Brook is
                                   served a very
                                                         owned and operated by the Waldorf
                                   assertive sangria
                                                         School of Garden City. Glen Brook
                                   and fine food at
                                                         has been a working farm since 1776
                                   the event, has
2                                                        To learn more about this unique place
                                   decorated the
                                                         and to see more photographs from
                                   interior in a
                                                         the capital campaign renovations,
                                   traditional style,
                                   preserving the old
                                   porcelain sink
                                   and fixtures while
                                   adding many
                                   new touches of
                                   color and beauty.
                                                         Photo Captions: 1. (L-R): Glen Brook Facilites
                                                         Manager Grant Butler '85, former high school
                                   The party was         secretary Mrs. Louise Curran and Glen Brook
                                   attended by           Director Twain Braden '88 2. Grant Butler and
                                                         Louise Curran sit by the cast-iron stove. 3. Inside
3                                  numerous guests       Glen Brook's newly renovated "Cottage."

                                              Feature Article

 Head, Heart and Hands: Buildings and Grounds Staff Keep Waldorf Running
It's 7:00 a.m. and the Waldorf School       buildings and 10-acre property,
of Garden City is waking up. Joe            knows every brick, pipe and wire
Sokenis nudges the building into life,      that keeps Waldorf's 61-year-old-
clearing the driveways and entrances        buildings together. His mornings
of any snow and putting out the traffic     are filled with daily tasks of
and parking signs. Each day, before         checking the boiler, resetting the
the students and teachers arrive until      network server and attending to the
well-after they leave, Mr. Sokenis and      latest repair project. He has been
the Waldorf School's buildings and          observed keeping the computer
grounds staff have much to accomplish.      server room running during a
Calling on their knowledge of the daily     system crash while simultaneously
schedule, the school calendar and the       sharpening the tractor blades.
unique sensibilities of Waldorf             Lately, one can find him reviewing
education, they keep the school moving      building blueprints with contractors
almost 365 days a year.                     as the school implements many of
                                            the recent Capital Campaign             1

From the morning buzz of students and       projects.
families entering the building until the
8:10 hush of main lesson fills the halls,   Carlos Ayala joins the crew at
Victor Rivera walks the buildings to        lunchtime and attends to the
make sure there are no immediate            grounds. Propagating new plants,
issues – such as leaks to fix or boxes to   mowing the athletic fields or
clear away. Throughout the day, he          collecting fallen leaves (every year,
may be called upon for any number of        5,500 bags of leaves are removed
tasks. He may have to attend to a third     from the property), Mr. Ayala keeps
grader's growth spurt by adjusting the      the grounds alive and vibrant. An
size of the child's desk and chair.         avid gardener, he is also an
Down the hall and in the preschool, he      extraordinary painter and attends
might be called upon by a preschool         to the cyclical
teacher for help. He knows these            refreshing of
classrooms well, having replaced every      the inside and
toy, doll house and cabinet to their        outside of the
exact place before the children arrived     building. While
in September.                               Mr. Ayala
                                            begins a
While Mr. Rivera graciously attends to      project painting
the needs of the teachers and students,     the window
Mr. Sokenis, with his 13+ years             frames across
working on every aspect of our two          from the fish

    Feature Article

      pond or in a stairwell, Mr.    coursework in the high school to the
      Rivera is still making the     festival life of the entire school.
      rounds. Throughout the
      year, he will replace          Mr. Sokenis sets up a power point
      7,000 paper towel rolls        presentation for a guest speaker in
      and set-up 4,000 chairs        the High School. A master tailor,
      for class plays or             Mr. Ayala helps seniors on their
      assemblies. By mid-June,       sewing projects during their course
      he will have climbed over      in textiles. As the season dictates,
      25,000 feet of ladder to       Mr. Rivera unearths the Michaelmas
4     replace over 1,000 light       dragon or the Shepard's Play
      bulbs.                         costumes out of storage.

      But far beyond these           After the school day ends, Mr.
      numbers is the sum of          Ayala joins Santo Arias, Blas
      knowledge they represent       Santana, Wilmar Torres and
      about how the Waldorf          Gustavo Zuniga–Waldorf's night
      School and its teachers        crew. These dedicated souls, each
      and students need to be        directly employed by the school,
      supported. Together, this      completely turn the building over
      crew keeps in mind every       each night. Trash is removed,
      aspect of the school's         desks are straightened and floors
      curriculum, from the           are buffed to a brilliant shine. Their
      rhythmical flow of             unique perspective renders them
5     activities in the pre-school   well-attuned to such phenomena as
      to the diversity of            the mud-tracking patterns of middle
                                     school students. Santo draws from
                                     a deep knowledge of different
                                     environmentally-friendly green
                                     cleaning supplies that fit with our
                                     eco-friendly philosophy.

                                     And they will all do it again

                                     "Head, heart and hands," says
                                     Director of Finance and Facilities
                                     Denese Giordano. "Everyday, I am
                                     amazed by what they accomplish."
                                     Photo Captions: 1. Carlos Ayala. 2. High School
                                     hallway. 3. Outside the arcade. 4. First through
6                                    third grade hallway. 5. Joseph Sokenis.
                                     6. Victor Rivera.


                               The French Café.

                                                                              Second grader Kate Keane enjoys a children's
     Parent and cafeteria manager Aviva Gill manages a children's activity.

                                                                              Senior Alessandra Caldwell paints the face of
                                                                                    fourth grader Persephone Naylor.

              Parent Colin Ver Pault manages a children's activity.

                                                 Parent Gary Diana enjoys a sweet dessert in the French Cafe with his son kindergartener Armond
                                                                          Beausoleil and daughter Allegra Beausoleil.

Freshmen (l-r) Yeonju Ham and Joy Itiola sell
                                                        Fifth graders (l-r) Deepjot Singh Sohal and William Churchill smile for the camera.

Fifth grader Jonathan Gill picks up his prize.

                                                   A wide variety of handcrafts, artwork and books were for sale at Waldorf's annual Fall Fair.

       Wa l d o r f
     ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯
                         Girls Varsity Basketball
                      Practice for the varsity girls basketball team began in early November, with
                      11 student-athletes eventually joining in. Coaches Paul LeSueur and Susan
                      Braun spent several weeks working with the players to develop fundamental
                      skills for individuals, while also establishing a practical approach to both
                      team offense and defense. With only one player from the senior class, this
                      young and dedicated team worked hard in the preseason.

                      Following last year's 3 – 8 record, the team was eager to get onto the court
                      for their first games. The result of their hard work and effort was
                      immediately tangible with strong wins over Valley Stream Christian and the
                      Kew-Forest School. However, it wasn't until after a difficult loss to reigning
                      league champions Long Island Lutheran High School (LuHi) that the students
                      realized how far they had come, and how much they still needed to learn.
                      With a focus on continued improvements – both as a team and as
                      individuals – practices resumed with increased intensity and greater
                      concentration on the team's ability to handle aggressive, high-pressure

                      After victories against the Lexington and Portledge schools, the big test came
                      when LuHi played in our gym. After losing their first contest by a wide
                      margin, the girls from Waldorf not only stayed in this second contest, but
                                                      challenged the LuHi champions right up until
                                                      the end of the middle of the 4th quarter. It was
                                                      a significant moment for a team which had
                                                      worked so hard and come so far in such a
                                                      short period of time.

                                                     Beginning the new year with an overall record
                                                     of 7-3 (5-2 in league competition) the girls
                                                     are eagerly looking towards the rest of their
                                                     season with a goal of making the league
                                                     playoffs. Regardless of that outcome, their
                                                     dedication to both personal and team
                                                     excellence, throughout the season, has been
                                                     remarkable to watch.
                                                    During a recent practice session: 1. Freshman Annabella Sugrue
                                                    dribbles the ball past sophomore Abigail Lyons. 2. Sugrue
                                                    takes a shot over Lyons. In the background, Waldorf's new
                                                    athletic director Paul LeSueur.

                                                           Wa l d o r f
            Boys Varsity Soccer                          ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯


 1                                               2   3


Photos from the annual Alumni vs. Varsity Boys
Soccer Game: 1. Sophomore Anthony Spitaliere.
2. Freshman Alessandro Sapuppo. 3. Freshman
Sean Proctor. 4. Senior Thomas Anderson. 5.
Freshman Yarden Carmon.                          5

                       Alumna Profile: Carmella Marrone '64

As the executive director of Women       felt like I landed on the moon!"             program for six women that met only
and Work, Carmella Marrone ’64 is                                                     two days a week. The program
helping women face life’s challenges     With her cancer in remission, she            accepted applicants who had little or
head-on. She has, herself, overcome      decided to return to New York and            erratic work experience and trained
many obstacles. Twenty-five years        return to Queens College. She                them to develop the requisite
after graduating from Waldorf, she       earned a bachelor of arts in                 academic, social, technological and
returned to college to not only          sociology, a bachelor of arts in             job readiness skills for the workforce.
complete her bachelor’s; but earn her    women's studies and a master of arts
master's and begin work towards a        in applied social research. "It was              Today, the program is comprised of
doctorate in sociology on gender,        then that I knew I wanted to work                immigrants from over 20 different
violence and social policy as well.      with women."                                     nations, victims of domestic and
For Carmella, life’s challenges are      Believing that women of low income               family violence, displaced
“new beginnings.”                                                                                             homemakers and
                                                                                                              women whose jobs
"I loved Waldorf! Teachers like John                                                                          have been
Gardner, Peter McNair, Al Tomlinson                                                                           downsized or
and Jeanne Hamshaw really rallied to                                                                          eliminated. Open
my side." Upon entering in 9th                                                                                to women from
grade, "they immediately set the tone                                                                         New York's five
in my life asking me to build on my                                                                           boroughs as well
inner strength. Waldorf gave me faith                                                                         as Nassau and
in myself."                                                                                                   Suffolk counties,
                                                                                                              Women and Work
After graduating, Carmella attended                                                                           has grown to serve
Queens College at night and worked                                                                            120 women a year
during the day for Pan-Am World                                                                               over a 15 week
Airlines as a passenger service                                                                               course that meets
representative. In 1983, she and her                            Carmella Marrone '64                           five days a week.
young family moved to Atlanta,                            (Photo courtesy of TalismanPHOTO)                    It has been
Georgia where she began looking for                                                                            embraced by
jobs in the fashion industry. Seven      were capable of getting good jobs,               Queens College's administration for
years later, she was diagnosed with      Carmella developed Women and                     providing the necessary tools to
cancer. "It was devastating! I lost so   Work–a free job- and life-skill                  secure for women sustainable
much weight and met with so many         training program through Queens                  employment and financial
doctors." Drawing upon that inner        College. "What I learned about                   independence. Eventually, Carmella
strength and faith, she decided to       being a cancer survivor helped me to             hopes to develop a "Women and
spend a year in solitude living in a     develop a program that didn't                    Work" training manual and replicate
wood-burning cabin in Blairsville,       necessarily rely on credentialed                 it as a training center and model
Georgia. "I had no communications.       learning." With the help of her                  workshop. "For these women, this
It was five miles to the nearest road    advisor, Carmella began the                      program is not an ending. It's a
and 30 miles to the nearest town. It     program in 1998 as a six-week                    beginning."

                     Alumna Profile: Heather Campbell Gee '80

The Philadelphia Foundation is a                 arts and nature into everything.                Baltimore, and began her fundraising
community foundation that serves                 Having that aspect added to the                 career with the United Way. "I
thousands of people who desire to                classroom setting really made all the           worked there for four years and
improve the quality of life in the               difference in my learning."                     eventually became a campaign
greater Philadelphia area. As vice                                                               manager raising $7 million."
president for development services,              An avid student-athlete, Heather                Currently chair of the Greater
Heather Campbell Gee '80 is helping              played field hockey and lacrosse and            Philadelphia Chapter of the
donors give to the causes they care              was captain of Waldorf's Girls                  Association of Fundraising
about.                                           Varsity Basketball Team during high             Professionals, Heather has served in
                                                 school. "I wasn't a good musician,              development capacities with the
"Had it not been                                                      but thanks to Mr.          National Multiple Sclerosis Society,
for the                                                               Rose and Mrs.              the Dallas Symphony Association, the
scholarship                                                           Resnick, I have a          University of Baltimore Law School,
assistance I                                                          great                      Baltimore Reads Inc. and the United
received at                                                           appreciation for           Way of Central Maryland.
Waldorf, I                                                            music. It added
wouldn't be
doing what I do."
Responsible for
managing the
activities of the
$350 million
Heather and her
                                Heather Campbell Gee '80               Heather Campbell Gee delivering a speech at a meeting of the Greater
team provide the                                                        Philadelphia Chapter of the Association for Fundraising Professionals.
tools, knowledge
and financial stewardship to                  a texture to my life that wouldn't                "Waldorf education has been such a
maximize the strategic impact of              have been there otherwise. I love                 great gift. It continues to alter my life
charitable contributions.                     singing and I still play the recorder             for the better."
                                              especially around Christmas time."
"I wasn't a typical student, but I
enjoyed being outdoors. I loved               After graduating from Waldorf,                       Do you know an alum that we could
gardening, woodshop, gym and                  Heather attended the University of                       profile? Are you interested in
eurythmy" says Heather who attended           North Carolina at Charlotte and was                  interviewing him or her? Send your
the Waldorf School of Garden City             a member of the swim team for 3                        suggestions to Robert Ingenito at
from kindergarten through 12th                years. With a major in psychology              
grade. "I really loved the way that           and a double minor in business and
Waldorf wove the visual and creative          athletic coaching, Heather moved to
                                     Alumni Events

After several years of
transitioning, Penelope Herdt
Grover '71, alumna and current
Waldorf Singers Director, led this
past December's Carol Sing. We
extend our heartfelt gratitude to
Mr. George V. Rose and Mrs.
Jeanette Resnick for their
dedication to this event over the                                in Garden City
past 45 years. Numerous
Waldorf Singers
                                                              December 20, 2007
alumni–including Michael
Mavrikis '90 who travelled from
Greece–performed some
longtime favorites.
In addition to
selections from
Benjamin Britten's
Ceremony of Carols
by the 7th and 8th
grade chorus,
attendees heard an
composition for
cello by Senior
Noah Heau.                                    2


                                                  Photo Captions (L-R): 1. Emily Lyons '05 and Caitlin Renna '05.
                                                  2. Marc Strauss '81, fourth grade parent Jina Heo and alumni
                                                  parent Barbara Travins. 3. Mark Keller '03, Jovana Florus '03,
                                                  Jeanenne LaBella '03 and Danielle Fontus '03. 4. Angelica
                                                  Karnofsky '07, Rebecca Brunn '07, Kristin Sievert '07, Ariana
                                                  Pagano '07 and Christopher Smalley '07. 5. Current Waldorf
                                                  Singers Director Penelope Herdt Grover '71, Thomas Ulrich
                                              4   Brechbühl '82 and Lauritz Rasmussen '82.

                                                              Alumni Events

                                                                              Over 100 alumni and alumni
                                                                              parents returned to the school

                                                                              along with spouses and children
                                                                              for Waldorf's annual Fall Fair &
                                                                              Alumni Day on Saturday, October

                       Day                                                    20. Congratulations to Marc
                                                                              Gilmore '92 for winning the
              in Garden City                                                  special Fall Fair Alumni Trivia
                                                                              question. The beautiful weather
         October 20, 2007                                                     was the perfect backdrop for the
                                                                              Girls Varsity vs. Alumnae Soccer
                                                                              game, which was won 1-0 by our
                                                                              Varsity Girls. In the boy's game,
                                                               1              the Varsity team prevailed 2-0.
                                                                                                 The rest of the
                                                                                                 day included
                                                                                                 old fashioned
                                                                                                 games, puppet
                                                                                                 shows and craft
                                                                                                 workshops. In
                                                                                                 the evening,
                                                                                                 reunion classes
                                                                                                 celebrated over
                                                                                                 dinner at
                                                               3                                 Restaurant.


Photo Captions (L-R): 1. (L-R): Keith Worthy Jr., Keith X.
Worthy '82, Matthew Worthy and Giavanna Worthy. 2. Jean
Cohen '82 and daughter Eve Marion Letts. 3. (L-R) Back Row:
Robin Oh '02, Colin Lindsay '02, Jenny Perosi '02 and Tarik
Carney '02. Front Row: Gabrielle Glass '02, Margaret Ross
'02, Philip Karnofsky '02, Sara Dorchak '02 and Flora
Midwood '02 during the alumni dinner at Jonathan's
Restaurant . 4. Melinda Haley '99 and former Parent
Association Chair Diane Haley. 5. Orly Cogan '90, Joshua
Harris '89, Kristin Zollo '89, Tiffany Williams '89, Marc
Struass '81, Sandra Williams Strauss '81 and Daniel Strauss
'88. To see more photographs, visit:

                                                  Alumni Notes

1961                                       children are all doing well and my oldest   Beethoven program on October 7 in
Judith Bull – Alumni Rep.                  son just got married." She continues to     Keene’s Colonial Theatre. To learn more
c/o            stay in touch with many of her Waldorf      about the Keene Chamber Orchestra,
                                           friends.                                    visit
Ellen Spingarn Shapiro and her
husband, Dan Shapiro live in London,       1968 - 40th Year Reunion!                   1975
England. Ellen has been enjoying           Bernard Wesson – Alumni Rep.                Will Parker – Alumni Rep.
retirement and being a "woman of                    
leisure" ever since!
                                           1970                                        Barton Buell recently relocated to
1963 - 45th Year Reunion!                  Paula Valentine Gonthier – Alumni Rep.      Payson, Utah after a four-year stint as a
Elizabeth Chen Kwong – Alumni Rep.                      computer database contractor for Sandia                                                                        National Labs in Carlsbad, NM. He is
                                           Patricia Haft, husband Gore Anderson,       now employed as a programmer for
Roy Coutinho received a lovely phone       and son Abhi moved from Honolulu,           Directory Resources, working on their
call from former class teacher Lee         Hawaii to Naples, Florida this past         phone book management software. This
Lecraw this past Christmas. "It was very   summer.                                     puts the family close to his oldest
nice to hear from her!" Roy continues to                                               daughter who just started college at
stay in touch with classmates Jill Brody   1971                                        Brigham Young University, in Provo, UT.
and Juan Wilson.                           Penelope Herdt Grover – Alumni Rep.
                                                                                       Barbara Costello Lyons – Alumni Rep.
William C. Moore – Alumni Rep.             Michele Beier was accepted into the
                                                                                                        Executive Master of Public Health
                                           Program at Columbia University.
                                                                                       Stephen Salamin sings "lead" with the
Dana Mark lives in Sanbornton, New
                                                                                       Keene Cheshiremen, a local chapter of
Hampshire and has been teaching at the     Laurie Mark was promoted to Associate
                                                                                       the international Barbershop Harmony
Sant Bani School for 18 years.             Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology at
                                                                                       Society. He, along with fellow alumnus
                                           Columbia University and continues as
                                                                                       and bass Grant Butler '85 sing year-
Lauren Shapiro Raker has been              Chief of the Division of Ophthalmic
                                                                                       round with the chorus – most recently at
teaching dance at the Town School in       Anesthesia at New York Presbyterian
                                                                                       the Frost Free Library in Marlborough,
Manhattan for the past 21 years and        Hospital.
                                                                                       N.H. and the Eastern States Exposition
loves it! "My daughter and her husband
                                                                                       near Springfield, MA. – to help raise
live in Seattle, WA and they have two      1973 - 35th Year Reunion!
                                                                                       money for various charities. To learn
little girls. My son lives in Brooklyn."   Diana Tomlinson Williams – Alumni Rep.
                                                                                       more about the Cheshiremen Chorus,
Lauren Lefferts Taylor is currently
teaching both Psychopathology of           Mark Niemela plays violin and viola with
                                                                                       1978 - 30th Year Reunion!
Adulthood and Aging and Human              the Keene Chamber Orchestra. He,
                                                                                       Demetra Kritas Dunlop – Alumni Rep.
Sexuality at Columbia University's         along with fellow alumnus and cellist
School of Social Work. "My four            Grant Butler ‘85 performed an all-

                                                 Alumni Notes

1980                                       1984                                        1990
Margaret Bernstein – Alumni Rep.           Kathrine Brenin Gibney – Alumni Rep.        Nicholas Croce – Alumni Rep.                                 

Paul White is now general manager at       Margot Silverman is a full-time mom         Orly Cogan married Robert Mann on
Montaluce’s Vineyards. To learn more       and has a 7-year-old boy and 4-year-        September 15 aboard a private yacht on
about Montaluce's Vineyards, visit         old twins.                                  the Hudson River.

                                           Allison Valicenti Fournier – Alumni Rep.

                                           Derrick Robinson and his wife Lucette
                                           live in Queens Village with their 6-year-
                                           old daughter Kayla and 4-year-old son
                                           Michael. They just celebrated their 9th
                Paul White.
                                           year wedding anniversary. Derrick
                                                                                                Robert Mann and Orly Cogan
                                           works for the new Trader Joe's on
                                           Woodhaven Blvd. "It's a an organic
David Haedrich – Alumni Rep.                                                           1991
                                           grocery store chain and a very good
dave@mrscharleseveryonesbug-                                                           Helene Arbouet Harte – Alumni Rep.

Former exchange student Inga Rentrop       1987                                        This past June, Peter Dufault spent a
lives in Muenster, Germany with her        Christian Jurak – Alumni Rep.               week in Cannes, France covering the
husband Harald Schnitker and their                      Cannes Lions Festival for Dragonfly.Com.
three children Jan, Lara and David. She                                                He is currently editing a non-profit film
would love to hear from her former         A family practice specialist based in       entitled "An American Poet's State of
classmates and friends:                    Portland, Maine, Trevor Braden was          the Union." For more information, visit                      among a small team of bilingual health
                                           care professionals who staffed three
1983 - 25th Year Reunion!                  mobile medical clinics meeting the needs    Jason Falzon and his wife Noelle just
Deborah Churchill – Alumni Rep.            of seasonal and migrant farmworkers in      had their second child. Juliana Rose               Downeast and Midcoast Maine. His            was born on Oct. 11 at 8 lbs and 4 oz.
                                           story was featured in an August 16,         Noelle, big brother Paul and the baby
                                           2007 article in The Ellsworth American.     are doing great. The family lives in
    Please remember that The News'
    production schedule means long                                                     Summit, New Jersey. For the past five

  lead times, so if you send in an item                                                years, Jason has been working at
                                           1988 - 20th Year Reunion!
    and it doesn't appear in the next                                                  Radian Asset Assurance, a financial
                                           Daniel Strauss – Alumni Rep.
  issue, be assured it's on deck for the                                               guaranty company in Manhattan.
             following issue.

                                                           Alumni Notes

                                                                                           Rosheen Kavanagh married Jeremy
                                                                                           Blumberg on October 6 in Plymouth,
                                                                                           MA. Linda Mejias was the maid of
                                                                                           honor and Betsy Rudnick was in the
                                                                                           wedding party. Aidan Kavanagh ’94
                                                                                           read a poem during the ceremony.
                                                                                           Other guests included Robert Ingenito,
                                                                                           Jamuna Kelley ’98 and Christopher

 Jason Falzon with son Paul and daughter Juliana

Helene Arbouet Harte currently resides                      Morris Marcus Gilmore with
in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband                         daughter Brianna Nicole

Andy and her two sons Charles (age 7)              1993 - 15th Year Reunion!
and Andre (age 5). She works as an                 Peter Hanke – Alumni Rep.
adjunct faculty member for the University
                                                                                           (L-R): Rosheen Kavanagh, Rev. Dr. Denis Meacham
of Cincinnati and is currently working on                                                                 and Jeremy Blumberg
her doctoral dissertation – engagement             1994
in children with autism in the home.               E.P. Hankin – Alumni Rep.               1998 - 10th Year Reunion!
                                                                 Elizabeth Jennings – Alumni Rep.
Michelle Delaney Polischuk recently                                              
published a book of poetry entitled, Bent          Christine Jennings Johnson and
Over Backwards: Poetry for the Real                husband Michael are thrilled to         Jamuna Kelley lives in Brooklyn and is
World (iUniversity, 2007). Available on            announce the birth of their daughter,   attending law school at Brooklyn Law
Amazon.Com, the book is "for everyone              Abigail Elizabeth, born October 25,     School.
who is racing through life, squeezing              2007.
every last minute out of the day. My                                                       1999 - 10th Year Reunion!
hope is that these poems will comfort,                                                     Joshua Blumenthal – Alumni Rep.
soothe and give a voice to some of the                                           
emotions we all have trapped inside us."
                                                                                           Melinda Haley manages Dolma Designs,
1992                                                                                       an online company that supports artists
Zoe Butler-Stark – Alumni Rep.                                                             of fairly traded, handcrafted products                                                           from South Asia and donates a portion
                                                                                           of the profits from these sales to schools
Morris Marcus Gilmore works for Alure                                                      in India and Tibet. To learn more, visit
Home Improvements as a bathroom                              Abigail Elizabeth Johnson
designer. His son Jacob Dean is 1 and
his daughter Brianna Nicole is 8.                  1997                                    2000
                                                   Christine Haley – Alumni Rep.           Thomas Walsh – Alumni Rep.
     Get your news into The News!                     

                                                    Alumni Notes

Jonathan Bittner is an electrical engineer
                                                                                                 In Memoriam:
in the Fuze Division of the US Army's
Armament Research, Development and                                                               Marjorie Spock
Engineering Center at Picatinny Arsenal,
N.J. He is currently pursuing a master's                                                  It is with sadness that we inform you of
degree part time at Polytechnic                                                           the passing of Marjorie Spock who died
University in Brooklyn, N.Y.                                                              on January 23rd at the age of 103.
                                                                                          Sister of renowned American pediatrician
2003 - 5th Year Reunion!                                                                  and author Dr. Benjamin Spock, Ms.
Jeanenne LaBella – Alumni Rep.                                                            Spock was hired by Faculty Chairman                          Patricia Rother and James Bennett     John Gardner and was one of the first
                                                                                          eurythmy teachers at the Waldorf School
Lissett Babaian is living in Costa Rica.     2005                                         of Garden City from 1952 to 1959.
She will be teaching kindergarten            Andrea Bloomfield – Alumni Rep.
through 5th grade English at the Centro                      While studying eurythmy at the age of 18
Educativo Waldorf School for the next                                                     in Dornach, Switzerland, Marjorie met Dr.
year. She'll also be teaching a class        Paul Berkowitz is spending the spring        Rudolf Steiner and throughout her life
focused on introducing children to global    semester at Tel Aviv University in Israel.   became a great source of inspiration
cultures through music and dance. "My        Last summer he was an intern at XM           among the anthroposophical community
kids are going to samba!"                    Satellite Radio in their New York offices    in North America. In addition to being a
                                             where he helped out with engineering         eurythmist, Marjorie was also a mentor,
Having recently relocated to Seattle,        and production.                              bio-dynamic farmer, lecturer, translator,
WA, Jovana Florus works as a software                                                     artist and environmental activitist. She
design engineer updating internet            Having completed an AAS in visual            brought the county and state to trial for
servers for Microsoft. "I write tests that   presentation and exhibition design at the    spraying Dichloro-Diphenyl-
ensure that download programs function       Fashion Institute of Technology, Julie       Trichloroethane (otherwise known as DDT)
properly."                                   Visser is currently pursuing a ski and       and poisoning her biodynamic garden.
                                             snowboard business degree at Colorado        Her persistence in the court proceedings
Patricia Nealon Rother graduated from        Mountain College in Steamboat Springs.       caught the eye of many newspapers
Messiah College in December 2007 with                                                     including the award-winning author
a major in psychology and minor in           Melissa Yanovitch spent the fall semester    Rachel Carson whose subsequent book,
studio art. Patricia married James           in Madrid, Spain where she studied           Silent Spring (1962) played a significant
Michael Bennett on July 28, 2007 at her      psychology, film, art history and            role in the environmental movement and a
home in Southold, NY. Schoolmate             Spanish. This semester she is in Seville,    nationwide ban on DDT.
Victoria Mauri '04 was in the bridal         Spain. Last summer she was a research
party. Other guests included Jeanenne        assistant in the child cognition lab at      Says former eurythmy teacher Leonore
LaBella.                                     Boston University.                           Russell, "She was visited by eurythmists
                                                                                          and farmers from all over and dedicated
                                                                                          much of her life towards community-
     Many thanks to our alumni class representatives for their help in collecting         building." Marjorie will be remembered
    these "Alumni Notes." To send a note, contact your alumni representative or           with gratitude and affection for her
                   Robert Ingenito at                         dedication to eurythmy, life and nature.

Special Events                                                                                                                                                February
                                                                                                                                                              Winter Assembly
                                                                                                                                                              Friday, February 15. Doors open at 9:45 am

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