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									Time Series Analysis Express

          TSA Express
      Quick reference guide
           Release 2.2
Expanding and collapsing of trees by a simple mouse click. Trees may be expanded several levels deeper. This
tree structure is used for products, countries and periods. Three basic types of output: spreadsheet like table of
data, portfolio analysis and trade balance.

Select products by clicking or dragging.

Reporting countries are displayed in a contrasting colour with their reporting periods. Country groups and non-
reporting countries are displayed in black. Click or drag to select.

Partner countries always in black. Click or drag to select.

Choice in stream, output type and threshold.

Multilingual database system and many options for user settings.

First step in generating output: select a product(group) by clicking or dragging into the selected pane.

Select the reporting country/countries or group of countries. Reporting countries, with their reporting periods
displayed in a different colour . Click or drag.

Select the partner countries for your desired table.

Select your periods and click on the view button.

Choose variables for columns and rows and the table appears. Choosing other items from the Product and Reporting Country tree produces instant new tables with
the new variables. Groups and individual countries are easily distinguished. Trees in left and right panes collapse and expand with a mouse click.

With a few mouse clicks you can produce a graph. Many options for display and lay-out. Graphs may be saved in various formats for later use in other programs.

Analyse a market with the portfolio option. See who are the emerging suppliers on the Dutch import market
for wine. On the X-axis the supplier’s export growth to the world market and on the Y-axis the import growth
from the supplying countries in the Netherlands. The traditional suppliers face strong competition from the
USA and South Africa.

The trade balance option displays the surplus or deficit on a country’s trade balance for a selected product or
product group.

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The user can create his own groups of products, countries and periods from items in the trees. Items are
added to the user group by simply clicking or dragging. The user can create his own sub-groups.
User defined groups always appear at the top of the trees and are displayed in a contrasting colour.

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