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									                                         Teak Furniture

          General Information
            High quality outdoor cushions are made from all weather fabrics designed to withstand the
            elements and look new for years. Waterloo Gardens selects solution-dyed acrylic fabrics, which
            have the soft “hand” of cotton but are woven from thread that starts out as a liquid plastic. The
            fabric is closely woven and guaranteed not to fade, is mildew resistant, and is easy to clean. The
            fill of these cushions is a combination of Dacron® wrapping and a layer of quick draining outdoor
            foam for permanent loft.
          •	In	case	of	spilled	beverages	or	food,	rinse	the	cushion	as	soon	as	possible	with	a	strong	spray	from	a	
            garden hose.
          •	For	wet	cushions:	stand	the	cushion	on	the	edge,	allowing	the	water	to	drain	down	and	out.	Even	
            if the edge is not completely dry, the cushion will still be usable.

          End of the Season Clean Up for Solid or Woven-through Striped Acrylics:
          •	At	the	close	of	the	season,	wipe	the	outer	fabric	with	a	mild	solution	of	any	liquid	household	
            cleaner	containing	‘pine’.	For	stubborn	spots	or	stains,	use	a	small	amount	of	undiluted	cleaner	
            directly.	Rinse	thoroughly.	Allow	to	dry	completely	before	storing	in	a	dry	indoor	area.	

          •	For mildewed cushions: Mix a solution of 3 cups of Clorox® Bleach into a bucket of cold water
            with 1/4 cup of pine cleaner. Saturate the cushion completely, turning the cushion until the
            solution starts running out of the cushion. Use a bucket of this solution for each large cushion.
            Plan to do this clean up on a sunny morning when the temperature will reach at least 75 degrees.
            Allow	the	cushions	to	sit	in	the	sun	for	several	hours.	The	sun’s	heat	triggers	the	bleach	to	kill	
            the mildew and to get rid of mildew stains and odors without harming the fabric. There will be no
            need to scrub! Rinse thoroughly. Dry completely (this may take another day outdoors to make sure
            that the fill is dry also). Store in a dry indoor storage area.

          Floral or Printed Cushions
          •	Important Note:	Floral	or	Printed	fabrics	can	be	made	from	either	Sunbrella®	or	other	polyester	
            fabrics which have been printed with patterns using non-color fast dyes. These prints will
            eventually fade in direct sunlight and if these cushions become mildewed, they cannot be
            cleaned using the Clorox® formula above. The bleach will remove the colors in the pattern in
            just	minutes!	Instead,	use	a	diluted	solution	of	pine	cleaner	to	“upholstery”	clean	the	outside	of	
            the cushion. Rinse thoroughly. Store indoors for the off-season.

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