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									Teak Care

Our quality teak outdoor and garden furniture products are most commonly finished in what is
called a "Natural" finish. In this process, the wood is fine sanded down to a smooth feel with fine
grit sandpaper and then several coats of teak oil is applied. This is the most common finish we
use for our quality teak outdoor and garden furniture. 

 Another popular finish that is used for teak outdoor furniture is what we call a "Honey"
finish. The furniture is first fine sanded and then finished with teak oil and a UV protective
coating we call "Lasur" Lasur is a product which penetrates the wood and gets deep into the
pours of the teak. It has an elastic property and is well suited for outdoor use and very hot and
dry climates.

The myth of teak oil.
 It is a common belief that teak oil will prolong the life of your teak furniture and keep that natural
color the furniture had when it was new. This however is a big myth. Below you can see some
unretouched photographs of some five year old teak furniture products that were finished with a
UV protective coating and then several coats of teak oil. The furniture has been left outside and
been subjected to the harsh elements without any maintenance for five years. As you can see,
the furniture still turned gray over time which is very normal. 

To restore your teak furniture to its original color, you can simply sand it lightly with a fine grain
sandpaper and then reapply teak oil or just leave it as it is. In time, it will of course turn gray
again. The photos above show before and after wood conditions of weathered teak
furniture. Because this is a quality piece of teak outdoor furniture, weather and harsh conditions
have had little effect on the structural integrity of the piece. Underneath the oxidation is a
beautiful piece of furniture. Restoration can be done as follows.

1. Wash the wood with a mild soap and warm water. This will remove surface dirt and some of
the oxidation on the surface of the wood. There are many different products available on the
market for cleaning teak wood furniture and teak wood, however we do not make any specific
recommendations for any one product.

2. After cleaning the wood, let it dry overnight and then you can continue the next day. The next
step is to sand the wood with a fine grain sandpaper. 320 grit is fine for this purpose. The
sanding will reveal the true color of the wood underneath the layers of oxidation and dirt. This is
shown in the above photo (center). Sand lightly and be sure that you always follow the direction
of the grain while sanding. Never sand against the grain!

Teak Care

3. Once the wood is sanded and looks like the photo above, use a clean, dry cotton cloth to
wipe any residual sanding dust from the wood. You need to make sure the wood is clean and
dry before you apply any finish to it.

4. The final step is to apply the teak wood. We recommend you use a brush to apply the teak oil
in a light, yet even application at least three times. Allow at least one hour between coats to
allow the teak oil to saturate the wood. You can decide on how many coats to apply by the color
of the wood after each coat.


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