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                                         Sausalito Yacht Club
                                                                ESTABLISHED 1942

   SQUEEGEE WEEGEE GAZETTE is the official publication of SYC   August/September 2009

Jr.Sail Graduation-First Class of 2009                          Cover Photo by Carol Martin
July 2009                                                                                                    1.

Letter From tHe commodore
Oz West
                                  I recently returned from a     All in all, your Club is in good shape as we move into the
                                  two week sailing trip on a     last half of the year. Everybody think about joining those
                                  Clipper ship to Tahiti and     that are showing interest in doing a yacht club sponsored
                                  around French Polynesia.       cruise to Tahiti later this fall. I may even go again. That
                                  I visited a yacht club in      is my kind of life down there.
                                  Bora Bora that has our
                                  burgee hanging. You            And remember our day at the race track at Golden Gate
                                  sailors get around.            Fields on November 7th. We can win enough at the races
                                                                 to give us a very lucrative year in 2010 and reduce the
                                  It is good to be here in our   membership dues. But you have to share with the Club
                                  Club so a quick update         your winnings.
                                  on our news. The most
                                  important item to me as        May the fair winds keep coming our way.
                                  we pass the half way point
of our year is that Treasurer, Darryl LaDoux, reports we
are showing a profit through June 2009. That is good
news in these troubled economic times. This comes from
continued support from you, the membership, participat-
ing in the bar and galley, and other events that the Club
sponsors. Just keep it up. We also continue to bring in
new members so make them feel welcome.

We are now into our fourth Jr. Sailing program of the
season and we are meeting our projections of attendance.
This year will set some new records. It is great fun to
come down and watch the kids racing as part of their
graduation ceremony every other Thursday evening. The
next one will be on August 13th.

You have noticed by now that the new bistro tables, bar
stools, and chairs have appeared in the bar thanks to your
many donations. This new addition gives the old Club a
first class look. This has taken place thanks to J Rigler’s
efforts to raise the funds. J is now working on getting
some nice teak chairs and tables to create a defined
smoking area along the side deck area. We want to give
our smokers a comfortable place to enjoy their vices and
not be yelled at by the rest of us.

Jerry Tarpin, our Admiral of the Fleet, has managed to                    Shirley Bates showing off her OOD drink and whistle
keep what he spends on Port considerably below the
expenses that were budgeted to date. Pat him on the back
and buy him a drink the next time you see him. Or just           Photo Credits: Gary Ferber, Patrick Hind-Smith, Carol Martin,
kiss him.                                                        Jeff Polick and J. Rigler
                2.                                                                       SQUEEGEE WEEGEE GAZETTE

                                                     SYc cALeNdAr

                                                       August 2009
       S               M                   T                  W                  TH                   F                   S

2. Brunch       3.                  4.                 5.                 6. Non-Member       7. Ships Store     8. Old Timers
   10am-3pm                                                                  Event: Rotary       6pm-7:30pm         Dinner 6-8pm
                                                                             12:15pm             Jazz & Blues
                                                                             BBQ 6-9pm           6:30-8pm

9. Brunch       10.                 11. SYC Sunset     12. Non-Member     13. Non-Member      14. Ships Store    15.
   10am-3pm                             Series #2          Event: Lions       Event: Rotary       6pm-7:30pm
                                                           Club Dinner        12:15pm             Jazz & Blues
                                                           6-9pm              BBQ 6-9pm           6:30-8pm

16. Brunch      17. SYC Event:    18. SYC Board        19.                20. Non-Member      21. Ships Store    22. Invader
    10am-3pm        GG Tall Ships     Meeting                                 Event: Rotary       6pm-7:30pm         Filmmakers
                    Board Meeting     6-9pm                                   12:15pm             Jazz & Blues       Bay Cruise
                    6-9pm                                                     BBQ 6-9pm           6:30-8pm

23. Brunch      24.                 25. SYC Sunset     26. Non-Member     27. Non-Member      28. Ships Store    29. Cruise to
    10am-3pm                            Series #3          Event: Lions       Event: Rotary       6pm-7:30pm         Petaluma
                                                           Club Dinner        12:15pm             Jazz & Blues
                                                           6-9pm              BBQ 6-9pm           6:30-8pm

30. Brunch      31.

                                                     September 2009
       S              M                    T                  W                  TH                   F                   S
                                    1.                  2.                3. Non-Member        4. Ships Store     5. Cruise HMB
                                                                             Event: Rotary        6pm-7:30pm         Old Timers
                                                                             12:15pm                                 Dinner 6-8pm
                                                                             BBQ 6-9pm

6. Brunch       7. Melges 32s       8. Melges 32s      9.                 10. Non-Member      11. Ships Store    12.
   10am-3pm        Race and            Race & Awards                          Event: Rotary       6pm-7:30pm
   Melges 32s      Dinner              SYC Sunset                             12:15pm
   Race                                Series #4                              BBQ 6-9pm

13. Brunch      14. PICYA           15. SYC Board      16. Non-Member     17. Non-Member      18. Ships Store    19. Cruise to
    10am-3pm        Dinner              Meeting            Event: Lions       Event: Rotary       6pm-7:30pm         Encinal
                    5-10pm              6-9pm              Club Dinner        12:15pm                                galley closed
                                                           6-9pm              BBQ 6-9pm                              bar open 5-10

20. Brunch      21. Football        22. SYC Sunset     23.                24. Non-Member      25. Ships Store     26. Private
    10am-3pm        5:30-9:30pm         Series #5                             Event: Rotary       6pm-7:30pm          Party-
                    GG Tall Ships                                             12:15pm                                 galley closed
                    Board Meeting                                             BBQ 6-9pm                               bar open

27. Brunch      28. SYC Cruise     29.                 30. Non-Member
    10am-3pm        to Tahiti                              Event: Lions
                    09/28-10/05                            Club Dinner
                    Register here!                         6-9pm
                    MNF 5:30-9:30
July 2009                                                       3.

Letter From YoUr edItor
Patrick Hind-Smith

                                So many things going on
                                the past month with
                                equally as many to look
                                forward to.

                                The new furniture in the
                                bar area is amazing and
                                combined with the new
                                view, it puts a whole new
                                perspective on everything.
                                So many people to thank
                                and appreciate for their
                                perseverance. My hats off
to Connolly and Rigler, and all those who have given their

The Junior Sail training headed up by Dan Leininger is
having a banner year and the program has great vitality as
well as a good foundation to build for the future. I do love
the sentiments of Sydney Gradeff as she sums up ‘the best
day of my life.” I particularly enjoy the best days of mine
as they occur and love it when others around me are
having one of theirs.

As I expected, a fine time was had by all during our annual
cruise up to Benicia YC. Headed up by Cruise Captain
Greg Fuller, we had a blast both on and off the water. The
cruising was superb, the docktails exemplary and the warm
welcome given by the host club was amazing and some-
thing that we should shoot for. Not sure if officers whites
will ever make it or even a Rod Stewart or Keith Richard-
look alike for commodore but it is all so refreshing to visit
another club and share in the camaraderie. Stay tuned for
more Cruise info coming. There is hardly a better place in
the world to enjoy it all than our deck during the summer
months, so be sure to take advantage of it.

Lots to look forward to during August and September.
Friday night Jazz at the Park, racing, cruising and burgers
on the deck. Make sure that you take the time to soak it in.
It will be one of the best days of your summer, if not your

                 4.                                                   SQUEEGEE WEEGEE GAZETTE

                                                        4tH oF JULY

                 Caroline Leibert tailgating

                                                                        Baba has pinwheels

Sail Training Director Dan Leininger preparing for the Parade         Boat Ladies in the Sedan
July 2009                                                                                                    5.

VIce commodore rePort
J. Rigler

                                The new Bar Furniture has      June 26th, for dinner and a few cocktails and then raced
                                arrived and has received       back to Vallejo with us on Saturday. VYC skipper Todd
                                very favorable reviews,        Mehserle on the 82 foot Maxi Sorcery (owned by John
                                much to the relief of many     Walker) said that SYC “more than exceeded their expecta-
                                of us. We have placed          tions - great food, great people, great time”. VYC member
                                temporary gold labels until    Gordon Smith (who is also a Life Member of SYC) is
                                all the sponsors have had      excited about next year’s Rear Commodore’s Race and
                                a chance to sign off on the    would like to have their club sponsor a Perpertual Trophy
                                spelling before we engrave     for the Spinnaker Class and SYC sponsor a Perpetual Tro-
                                the brass plaques. A special   phy for Non-Spinnaker with the winner keeping the trophy
                                thanks to Bill Wamsley-        at their club for the year. The gauntlet has been thrown.
                                I will miss Wams’s phone
                                calls from various bars and    Check out the August issue of Sail Magazine. SYC member
clubs around the Bay Area the last two years describing        John Dahle has Blue Pearl all decked out with spinnaker
what great barstools each place had or how we could use        flying and the crew looking good. All that was missing,
their tables in our bar. With Wams in one ear and Ted          John, was your SYC burgee on that pretty Hunter 41. Next
Harris (furniture guru from Tiburon) in the other, I believe   time you’re in the club, Skipper, be sure to pick up a new
we have really improved the look and feel of the club.         burgee on me. Congratulations - I’m sure you’ll find some
Hope you all agree. We would appreciate your comments,         wall space for that magazine cover.
both pro and con, in email form to:
vicecommodore@sausalitoyachtclub.org.                          The new window seems to get many members thinking
                                                               creatively and peacefully. “Alcohol makes one kinder,
Next up is Phase Three, improving the deck furniture.          wiser and more creative” - Gerry Olson waxed on at the
There are a few samples of Teak Furniture (barstools and       bar. Even old Texas boy himself, Tom McEvoy, tried to
tables) that we have placed on the deck behind the Ships       keep Paoly from getting too intense discussing Big Ten
Store. The idea is to have that area available for smokers     football with some Iowa guy with a very gentle “No
and anyone who wants to enjoy the sun and great view           tusselling at the bar, gents”. Can’t quite put a finger on it,
from that angle. We also envision these teak pieces at all     but there is a different feel these days at the club . . .
corners of the deck so, depending on which way the wind
is blowing, our smokers can comfortably enjoy a smoke
downwind of our diners. It’s good to have options. . . We
will be seeking sponsors for this Phase as before.

The Rear Commodore’s Race to the Vallejo Yacht Club
was a great time. As usual, Staff Commodore George
Adams and his son and grandson won the Spinnaker
Division again this year for the second time in a row.
These guys are tough to beat and are a real solid team
- must be in the DNA. The Non-Spinnaker Division was
won by Rod Decker on Roeboat -- he was quite pleased
with himself. I think he may have had an inside take on the
race since he was also Cruise-Out Director and was very
helpful with the stand-in Race Committee in calculating
the results.

The Vallejo Yacht Club gang are a great bunch of charac-                  If we leave the plastic on, they will last longer
ters. Several of them sailed down to SYC on Friday night,
                  6.                                                                 SQUEEGEE WEEGEE GAZETTE

And speaking of gents, smooth talking Bill McDevitt             put on a great event. Staff Commodore John Williams
graced us with a visit the other night for a “see through”      took the prize for the best vessel to view the fireworks - a
with no vermouth (“that’s what those bums on Skid               floating porch with railings and tiki torches powered by an
Row drink, son”). Needless to say he was surrounded by          outboard and about 20 characters - that Aussie knows how
beautiful female members of the club wanting a kiss and         to play the game. G’donya Mate, Bloody Drongro.
a conversation - it was difficult just to find enough room
to shake his hand. Always great to see him and watch the        Got an earful from Ron Anderson the other day about the
maestro in action. He’s got a short walk home to the best       fact that the club was not represented in the Lipton Cup
pad in town.                                                    this year. Next year will be different - Anderson has prom-
                                                                ised to pull our gang together and see what kind of damage
Ron Anderson was the first skipper in the Spinnaker             can be done. We’ll be geared up and ready to go. Let us
Division back to the bar in the second Twin Island Race         know if you’re interested. . .
on Streaker (look closely at the logo) - he prides himself
on getting drinks to his crew before any other boat gets to     Many thanks to Barbara Ross-Conroy for all the Babalues
the dock. He even managed not to spill the tray of drinks       she creates for the various Club events - those wonderful
this time. Norio Sugano on Seeker was not far behind on         pins she makes out of what only Conroy himself knows for
that pretty Tatoosh 51. In the Non- Spin Division, Shirley      sure. She did give me the secret spelling - Baba and glue
Bates’s Inshalah corrected out over Roeboat much to the         makes “Babalues”. I’m sure many of you have quite a col-
frustration of Decker who always has interesting com-           lection of those critters from the last twenty years. Loved
ments about the tuna fleet and their ratings. Shirley has a     the green olive on a tooth pick for the new Bar Furniture.
new silver British Bobby whistle to replace the antique         And a Happy Birthday to Baba & John and Susie Dupuis.
brass one she lost a few moons ago -- I’m sure Decker
appreciates the new sound.                                      The Great Zarwell was just made an official BIMBO -
                                                                that’s the Brotherhood of International Markset Boat
Speaking of tuna, Lloyd Watson was back from La Paz and         Operators - another notch in his PFD for our local
his wrestling match with a prize tuna - cost him a double       National Race Officer. Now if he would just get those
hernia and a nice stitch job but he looks slim and trim at 84   marks in the water a few minutes before the start of the
and in good fighting condition. As he said, the tuna tried to   race without a postponement, Anderson will be a much
kill him but he ended up eating well after the ER visit.        happier camper, if that’s possible.

Congrats to Carol Martin and Dan Leininger with such a          What a great sendoff for BTU Bob Winskill the other
successful Sail Training program. The kids and the parents      evening at the club. He will be tremendously missed - one
are very happy and the seminars are full. They even won         of the most interesting characters at a club full of ‘em. We
First Place in the Fourth of July parade, with a little help    will be honoring Bob with a plaque at that two top table
from the Magruders and Michael Campbell’s 1978 El               in the bar by the post where he always ate lunch or brunch
Camino Geronimo - he bought it brand new. They are even         along with a Bloody Mary and a crossword puzzle. We
planning on organizing a High School team. These guys           hope Gody will carry on his membership and spend more
are on fire.                                                    time with us at the club when ready.

The Fourth of July was a huge success at the club - hey,        Can’t wait for Commodore Oz to return from Tahiti and
you could even watch the fireworks while sitting at the bar     see the bar. It should put a big smile on his face, if the
this year. The gang plank and the dock were also perfect        locals haven’t already.
places to view the action. Merv Regan and his group really      J
July 2009                                                                                                             7.

 Bob Winskill at his favorite table with his Bloody Mary & crossword                        Marilyn and Jim looking for typos

                                           Wonder Boy, Cela, James, John, Marv and Patti at Jazz Nite
                   8.                                                               SQUEEGEE WEEGEE GAZETTE

Are YoU eNtertAINed, Yet?
Merv Regan
                               New Group:                       tentative entertainment Schedule:
                               Young People
                                                                9/14           Monday Night Football begins, 6-9:30PM
                                 We have our seniors group                     1st Game: Buffalo & New England,
                                 and thought we should have     10/4           Oktoberfest Party
                                 a younger group, too. Mark     10/8-10/11     Fleet Week: Thursday – Sunday, events to
                                 Rushford has agreed to be                     be determined
                                 the chair and is looking       10/11          Sunday, Italian Heritage Day (Italian food,
                                 for a co-chair. The group                     wines and music), 3:00PM – 6:00PM
                                 will meet as the seniors do,   11/7           Saturday, SYC Golden Gate Fields Day-
                                 monthly for either dinner,                    at-the-Races, Noon – 6:00PM
                                 hors d’oeuvres or stories                     Make your reservations, we will charter a
                                 with perhaps music.                           bus fro the club. GGF shuttle will pick up
The requirements are you must be 45 or younger (we may                         cruisers from the Berkeley Marina
change the age limits) consume a beverage or two and            11/10          Tuesday, Marine’s BD Party
want to have fun. What the group develops from there is         11/11          Veterans Day
up to you. Preferably it’s legal. Contact Mark: 332-0900,                      Include All Services especially invite
mrushford@fhallen.com                                                          veterans of Afghanistan & Iraq
                                                                11/14          Saturday, Commodore’s Crustacean
Jazz ‘n Blues table                                                            Dinner, 6:00PM – 8:00PM
                                                                11/28          Saturday, Christmas Decorating Party,
Reserve the table for 6, with wine and hors d’oeuvres                          1:00PM – 3:00PM
available:                                                      12//3 or 12/10 Thursday, Santa’s Arrival in Sausalito on
                                                                               ferry. 6:00P -8:00PM
7/31    Jessica Johnson Band                                    12/12          Saturday, SLBP &F 6:00PM
8/7     Big Cat Tolefree                                        12/13          Sunday, SYC Children’s Christmas Party,
8/28    Eugene Huggins                                                         9AM – Noon
                                                                12/13          Sunday, SLBP&F Awards Ceremony,
Just $100, charge it to your account.                                          1:00PM – 3:00PM

Invader Film maker Bay cruise

Jim Gabbert is hosting a Bay Cruise 8/22 as a fundraiser
for the 1st Annual Sausalito Film Festival. The festival will
take place at Cavallo Point on August 21 – 23. The theme
is the Art of Rebellion. info@saualitofilmfestival.com,
415-887-9506 www.sausalitofilmfestival.com.

                                                                             Marijke and Steve on the Dance Dock
July 2009                                                                                              9.

memBerSHIP rePort
John Lerner
I would like to introduce you to a number of new              . rae Gue lives in San Anselmo and was a WAVE in WWII.
members to our Club. Please take the time to make them
feel welcome and get to know them.                            Marty Griffin lives in Tiburon and owns 36 Islander
                                                              named “Windcatcher”. Enjoys racing and cruising.
ross Blanchard Jr., his wife Amy and their two young          Professionally is an Accountant.
children Sarah (3) and miles (1). Ross is a VP of Busi-
ness Development for Gracenote. The Blanchards live in        Kathy Simmons lives in Novato and is CEO of Netshare.
San Anselmo and have a strong family connection with
the SYC through his father Ross Blanchard Sr.                 Frederik Norgaard, wife marcie and one year old cole
                                                              live in Sausalito and own Liberty, a 66 ft Lafitte. Frederik
Jon Lam and partner Gregory martin. Jon lives in              is a Contractor.
Sausalito and owns State Farm Insurance Agency in
Sausalito.. Jon has lived in Sausalito for 20 yrs and comes   William Aubrey and his wife Jonea along with their two
to SYC by way of the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce.           children Kyle (13) and caroline (10). Belongs to
                                                              Classic Yacht Assoc. and the Antique & Classic Boat
m.J. roney lives in Mill Valley and is associated with        Society. Both children have participated in Junior sail-
Frank Howard Allen Real Estate. M.J. is thinking about        ing program. Two boat owner 17ft Chris Craft and 40 ft.
buying a boat and hopes club members can give her some        Double Cabin named Trophe. Life time sailing on both
helpful guidance. She already is an active club volunteer.    coasts. They reside in San Anselmo.

russel croce lives in Sausalito and is owner of Quest         regan Fulton md and Alison Niederer along with their
Logistics Inc., in San Francisco. Russel has extensive bay    1yr old daughter Juliana live in Sausalito. They enjoy day
sailing experience and hopes to add to his sailing experi-    sailing and Regan also belongs to Z-Team Cycling. They
ence with the Club.                                           want Juliana to learn to sail.

michael moncayo and his wife Karen live in San                There you have it! Lots of newness to report, as well as
Anselmo. Mike is a contractor and has owned and crewed        some future sailors in terms of their offspring.
on many boats including a C & C 40. Mike and Karen are
currently in the market for a Santana 22.

John Nichols and his partner Lynn Spiller live in
Sausalito. John is the Controller of Water Components.
John has had significant boating and cruising experience
and holds a 100 ton operating licence.

Stephen and margie cohen live in Berkeley and he is in
the commercial real estate investment business. They have
owned and lived on power boats and looking forward to
meeting Club members.

david Grega lives in Sausalito and is associated with
Decker Bullock Sotheby’s Real Estate. David is a
transplant from the Great Lakes and hopes to gain more
sailing experience through the Club.

                                                                                    New Members Dock
                   10.                                                   SQUEEGEE WEEGEE GAZETTE

Port cAPtAIN’S rePort
Jerry Tarpin
We held our first ever US Sailing certified small power
boat handling and safety class. Ray Treppa, a US Sailing
instructor conducted the class over the weekend of July
11/12. We had twelve in the class, 6 of which were from Jr.
Sailing, 3 from race, with Mike Magruder, Jeffery Kroeber
and I rounding out the class.

This class is normally held over three days, but Ray agreed
to do it in two as all students had prior boating experience.
In addition to the club’s four boats, we borrowed boats
from the Hirschfelds and Tim Prouty.

All the participants agreed that this class was very useful
and informative. Our Jr. Sailing instructors learned the
US Sailing recommended way of towing small sail boats
which differed from the system they had been using. They           Jr. Sailing Instructors on Awards Day
have now changed to the US Sailing recommended system.

While some such as Mike, I or Jeffery who already have
these skills, we still found it a help to go through this train-
ing with an instructor like Ray.

As I am thinking of making this certification a minimum
requirement to drive club boats, and therefore, I am plan-
ning another class for the end of August. In the future I feel
we will have to keep the class size smaller (6 to 8 max 10
if they all have some boat experience). If the students are
new to boating then we would need the full three days for
this class.

The cost should run between $250 and $400 depending on
class size and length. The club should only pay for em-
ployees, members of club committees. I expect to charge
for this class if you do not fit into the above.

  Two Directory changes:

  Elaine Kolowich, Office Manager, 415-332-7400 x117
  Dan Leininger, Sailing Director, 415-332-7400 x114

                                                                            Olivia DiChiara
July 2009                                                                                  11.

Jeff Polick
The July Cruise was to Benicia on July 11th. 10 boats and
26 people attended. San Pablo Bay was kind to the
cruisers this year in both directions. Friday arrivals were
High Energy, Amble, Nepenthe, Big Easy, & Magnificat.
Marsh on Amble did not get there as fast as they wanted to
but somehow managed to share the dock, power and view.
Joining on Saturday were Strider, Big Bird, Steel Away,
Montecristo, & Margaux.

This was the first time in years that Tom and Donna
brought Montecristo out of moth balls and “Got on the
Water Crusin”. Also of note, this was the FIRST cruise for
our very own Patrick Hind Smith and Sharon (Where have
you guys been?) Tuti, the bird was lonely and Lynn-Neil-
Norris-Ransick were land cruisers but had the most fun.          Marsh side kicks-Ginny and Lee

The early arrival gang dined at Captain Blythers Friday
and most could not remember much on Saturday. I guess
we had a wonderful dinner. What was that game that we
played again, Maria? Had a great time!

Cruise captain Greg Fuller and First Mate Irene did their
usual excellent job on preparations for the group. The docks
were there, the dinner was there, everything was paid for
and Greg got to drink from the ladle with the Benicia YC
Port Captain Mark and their Rod Stewart look alike
Commodore in a special toast before dinner. We dined on
Steak, Salmon, and one Chicken – Who had that chicken
anyway? The docktails party on B Dock got us going and
was the start to the evening we all needed. Benicia YC
really rolled out the red carpet for the SYC Cruise gang             Nepenthe and Big Easy
this year.

Port Captain Mark greeted us all on the docks, decked out
in his “Dress Whites” (including shoes), with gift bags in
hand, and promises of “first drink on me” at dinner. He
kept that promise and our cruisers were so surprised they
couldn’t believe it as they had a drink on BYC. A great
dinner was capped by a double rainbow in the Eastern Sky
as we all gasped, “Rain over there in July,” OMG.

By the time you read this there is still time to go to
Petaluma August 29 and Half Moon Bay Labor Day Week-
end. Let’s GO Cruisin! Check the web for the remainder
of the 2009 event schedule.
                                                               Docktail Party at Benicia Yacht Club
                   12.                                                                  SQUEEGEE WEEGEE GAZETTE

                    INVAder PArtY !!!
                 August 22nd Boarding at 2pm                       melges 32 North American championships at SYc!
   In honor of the Jack London classic tale, “The Sea Wolf”,
                                                                   Big news here is that Sausalito Yacht Club will host a
           a mid afternoon sun-drenched drift around
Raccoon Straits and Angel Island on the renowned Intrepid Yacht.   world class event in September, the Melges 32 North
                   The cruise will end at 5pm.                     Americans. The regatta will take place Sept 6, 7 and 8
     Intriguing film conversations, exotic creations from the      and will involve crews from the US , Canada and Mexico.
Chefs at SUSHI rAN Restaurant and intoxicating libations from      These are extremely fast one design boats with crews of 8
          our sponsors will be on deck for this amazing
            Sausalito Film Festival Signature Event.               which can reach speeds of up to 18 knots!

Sponsored by the Sausalito Yacht Club with a portion of proceeds   Our Club will be the home base for the skippers, crews
           benefitting the Youth Sailing Foundation                and support teams during this time with all boats using our
                                                                   moorings along with their tenders. Be sure to catch the
            Beverages Provided by Blue Angel Vodka,
        Stella Artois and Acqua Panna and San Pellegrino           action both during and after the races and give a warm
                                                                   SYC welcome to our visitors.
                         tickets: $150.00
                                                                   This event will be further enhanced by the fact that later in
        To Purchase Tickets for the Invader Yacht Cruise
                please call 415.332.7400 ext.117                   the week the same boats will move over to St. Francis YC
    A Representative will assist you with your ticket purchase.    for the Rolex Big Boat Series where they will have their
                                                                   own One Design Division.
                  Seating Limited to 50 People

                                                                      HOG A N
                                                                      Ranked Among the Top % of Realtors Worldwide
                                                                      by the President of Coldwell Banker


          Discreet and Highly Effective Real Estate Services
July 2009                                                                                                      13.

                                                                  SYc club Phone Lines and extensions
                                                                            reservations: 332-7400 x115
                                                                 extensions                          Lines
                                                                 Galley and Events, press 1          1 (415) 332-7400 Main
                                                                 Administration, press 2             1 (415) 332-2336 Jr. Sail
                                                                 Club Activities, press 3            1 (415) 332-7420 2nd
                                                                 Operations, press 4                 1 (415) 332-9058 Fax
                                                                 Bar, press 5

                                                                 Bar Hours                           Galley Hours
                                                                 Wednesday.......5 pm to 9 pm

                                                                 Thursday..........5 pm to 10 pm     Cafe Menu.........6 pm - 9 pm

                                                                 Friday.............12 pm to 12 am   Lunch...............12 pm - 3 pm

                                                                                                     Dinner................6 pm - 10 pm

                                                                 Saturday.........12 pm to 11 pm     Lunch...............12 pm - 3 pm

                                                                                                     Dinner................6 pm - 9 pm

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    Milligan explains single screw docking technique to Polick
                 14.                                                    SQUEEGEE WEEGEE GAZETTE

                                                   GeNtLemAN BoB
                                                   Jim Schock

                               eight Bells
                             BoB WINSKILL

room WItH A Good VIeW & SeAt
Phase 3: teak deck Furniture Sponsorship options

Barstools-$250 each                                On July 9, Robert Winskill, longtime Club member, died
Brass plaque with donor’s name                     and will be missed by all who knew him. Bob was a soft-
                                                   spoken gentleman of immense character and charm, whom
Payment options:                                   some knew by his license plate, BTU BOB, but everyone
     * One time payment of $250                    recognized as the occupant of the two top table in the bar
     * Two monthly payments of $130 = $260         where he regularly dined.
     * Five monthly payments of $55 = $275
                                                   Anyone who met Bob immediately recognized he was an
tables-$300 each                                   honest, good-natured, and sincere man of considerable
Brass plaque with donor’s name                     intellect and talent. His columns in the Marinscope news-
                                                   papers reflected his benevolent curiosity and his mea-
Payment options:                                   sured opinions of a world he eyed carefully, wrote about
     * One time payment of $300                    thoughtfully, and enjoyed immensely.
     * Three monthly payments of $105 = $315
     * Five monthly payments of $65 = $325         Bob always seemed to know the latest gossip before any-
                                                   one else, and stood ready to discuss any subject, providing
                                                   insight and humor to the daily travails that others often
                                                   found overwhelming. He once told friends, “I prefer to be
                                                   a patch of calm in the troubled sea of life.”

                                                   He always delivered the line with a twinkle in his eye and
                                                   a chuckle in his voice, adding, “The yacht club shouldn’t
                                                   be a place to bring your troubles.” In his wake, Bob
                                                   Winskill leaves us a boatload of memories, along with the
                                                   lesson that a life well lived is an achievement that contin-
                                                   ues to shine brightly long after casting off from this shore.
July 2009                                                                                              15.

“doc” meBINe oUr SKIPPer
Don Holden
Beth and I met Loran “Doc” Mebine in 2000, not far from        Skipper continued Machree’s legacy of bay racing
Machree, his 42 foot R5 sloop, at the Corinthian Yacht         victories. As an inexperienced racer in 1941, Skipper won
Club in Tiburon. Doc has been sailing Machree three            the Vallejo Race, possibly his most impressive victory,
days a week since he retired from his optometry practice       when he defeated the expert crews of Lady Gay and the
in 1969. A February, 2004, Latitude 38 article entitled        powerful Ace. His family expanded to six children and
“Frequent Fliers” named Doc as one of the most frequent        racing gave way to family cruising and anchoring out
sailors in Northern California. Only recently has he           at Paradise Cove and China Camp. Skipper eventually
tapered off to sailing one day a week. He has captained        decided to convert Machree from a racer into its current
and crewed on sailboats from both Florida and Hawaii to        design as a more spacious cruiser.
San Francisco. Doc is an institution at Corinthian as he
joined the club in 1940, and was selected as Corinthian’s      I once asked Skipper what he considered the most
“Sailor of the Year” in 2004. But then he’s been sailing       important sailing invention. He replied, “No question
in San Francisco Bay since 1937. Doc lives in Alameda,         about it, the invention of Dacron.” He explained how after
and also belongs to its Aeolian Yacht Club. While sailors      sailing, he previously had to take off Machree’s wet cotton
around San Francisco Bay know Loran Mebine as Doc,             sails, lift them into his skiff, and row his crew and sails to
our friendship grew so that his professional title no longer   Corinthian’s dock. During that era, the club’s first sea wall
seemed fitting. We soon found ourselves calling Loran,         wasn’t built, and its boats moored out for the season. Then
Skipper.                                                       he had to carry the sails up to the third level ballroom to
                                                               hang them from the ceiling to dry during the week!
In 1939, Skipper learned that Machree was being
auctioned off in an estate sale. After winning the bidding,    Machree continues to serve as an inspiration that beckons
he said that when he saw Machree with her red leather          our 96 year old Skipper forward. This fascinating sailor
cockpit cushions, white paint, extensive brightwork, and       and his vintage boat exemplify the possibilities for
exceptional racing lines, he couldn’t believe she was now      appreciating life. Next time you’re out in Raccoon Strait
his boat.                                                      and see Skipper sailing Machree, realize that you’re
                                                               privileged to witness a poignant scene from San Francisco
It was a distinct privilege to crew for Skipper regularly      Bay yachting history.
once a week for six years until we purchased Tres Bien.
One day, Skipper explained that Machree was built in 1918
by John Herbert Madden Sr. in his Madden and Lewis
Boatyard at the foot of Sausalito’s Napa Street. Herb Jr.
thought the dominant Ace, built later in 1926, was the only
R-boat built by his father. Herb Jr. was interested to learn
of two others, Machree and Lady Gay.

A June, 2005, Wooden Boat article, generally described
Machree as “a William Gardner-designed R-boat” which
was one of the prized yachts, including the schooners
Martha and Westward, that were built for John R. Hanify,
a San Francisco lumber baron. In 1909, Hanify was
the Commodore of the San Francisco Yacht Club, then
located on Sausalito’s Water Street in the current Horizons
restaurant building. In 1921, Hanify skippered Machree
to its first San Francisco Perpetual Challenge Cup victory
against Frank Stone’s Bob, representing Corinthian.

                                                                                        S/V Machree
          16.                                                  SQUEEGEE WEEGEE GAZETTE

Ron Anderson prefers wine over trophies for 1sts      Chef Leslie serves only WILD and FRESH

         John Williams Floating Porch              Carol and Mike at Sail Training Graduation BBQ

                Bill Beling Sails                          Christine will take your order!

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