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									                               A Special Collection of Hand

                             Room Dividers and
                                 Wall Art

 Providing the
Value & Beauty
 We All Desire!

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                       These unique pieces of Asian art will enhance any interior home or
                       office space with intricate designs and amazing artwork.         We
                       carry several designs of Wall Art each with its own unique
                       attributes. The Room Dividers are stunning pieces of art that offer
                       a beautiful way to section off any household. Each piece is hand
                       crafted by Thai artists to ensure that no piece in this collection is
                       alike.     Sabai Garden & Home’s Wall Art and Room Divider
                       collection shines a new light on home decoration by providing you
                       with original works of hand crafted carvings that can display in
                       your home today!
                        Sabai Garden & Home’s Wall Art Collection also includes to styles
                        of Buddha faces.    Both are made out of pure teak food, and
                        each has differing color patterns included in the portrait. One
                        Buddha face is completely golden in color while our other
                        Buddha has beautiful toned gold hair which emphasizes the rich
                        color of teak.

The Room Dividers consist of six detailed columns each with an
intricate floral design.       It is most impressively displayed when
accompanied with a teak furniture collection. No matter the need
this beautiful furnishing is a must for any home.

                                      Whether you prefer these items in
                                      your kitchen, bedroom, or living
                                      room, Teak Wall Art is a great way
                                      to decorate your home.         Our
                                      decorative wood Wall Art is
                                      available in many different shapes,
                                      sizes, and designs. We carry three
                                      styles of hand carved floral
                                      patterns. Each three dimensional
                                      piece vividly demonstrates the
                                      amazing artwork our artists have
                                      been able to create.
        Buddha Gold
        Face               12 x18        20 x 30     24 x 36     32 x 48    59 x 79
        Buddha Gold
        Hair               12 x18        20 x 30     24 x 36     32 x 48    59 x 79

        Wall Art           24 x 24       40 x 40     60 x 60
                          40.8 x 72     54.4 x 72    68 x 72    81.6 x 72   13.6” W
                            For 3         For 4       For 5       For 6       Per
        Divider           Sections      Sections     Sections   Sections    Section

         * Measurements in Inches

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