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									                                                                                            Richard Grant


                                                                                Mobile: +44 (0) 7802 987 147
                                                                                Phone: +44 (0) 1628 781 935


Gregarious, diplomatic and tactful, like to get things done. Experienced in the roles of Creative lead, Account handler and
Project manager.

Highly creative with primary training and grounding in Electrical engineering. Followed by Multi-Discipline Conceptual Design
Ba. Hons. 3 years full-time at Brunel University. Ceramic Industry sponsored post-grad in rapid-prototyping technology and 3D
computer modelling, incorporating product marketing and business development.

Lifelong Carpenter/maker with knowledge of textiles, mould materials and set/interior design. Skilled in art-working & paint
effects. Long-standing interest in music and audio technology; specialist in acoustics. Proficient in Sound Forge software.
Professional experience with most materials and processes.

Able to create traditional conceptual work to originate and develop ideas and designs. Experienced Problem solver and Blue-
sky thinker. Strong on Photoshop and Fireworks. Highly creative in most disciplines; with a sound and pragmatic approach to
briefs and conceptual development.

Extensive client facing and management experience including sales development and pitching. Experienced in web
technologies, Internet business use and marketing.

Projects and Freelance to present:

        “Tim Burton/Alice In Wonderland” Disney Europe/533 Agency.
             o Logistics director for Global Territory Viral marketing Live action Set install.
             o Ensure smooth running of entire show.
             o Design, logistics, technical and H+S input.
             o Liaise with all crew, teams and Disney Territory staff.

        “Paul OGrady Show” Channel 4.
            o “Man From UNCLE” Specialist props design and build. Fast turn around and high reliability “Comedy Gold”.

        “AGOG Creative Effects” – Oxford. Bulgarian based film: Director- Peter Weir.
            o UK based Effects Coordinator; Prepped and specced Three Juggernaut specialist equipment loads.
            o Developed Effects test elements and sourced/commissioned specialist items
            o Paid and haggled for supplied equipment. Company Cheque book Signtory.

        “Sarner” Design Director project role. Theme Park, Dark ride/walk and concept design.
             o Senior member of design and spec team working across all disciplines
             o Involved, people flow, H+S, Lighting, display, architecture and Art Direction.
             o Client facing, pitch and project document creation. Written and Graphic.

        “Genie in Da House” – Nickelodeon. Twickenham Studio. Special Props.
            o 1/12 scale Dolls house to match opening sequence, Interior detailing to match live action shots.

        “Imaginarium of Dr.Parnassus” – Terry GilliamFeature film. Main unit Bray Studio.
                            th     th
             o Complex 1/6 & 1/12 scale model development and build. Mould, sculpt, model and set work.

        “Agog Special FX/Red Bee Media” TV license advert models and development.
            o Model development for Computer component City scape. Lead modeller.

        “David   Harber Sundials Ltd”. Project Lead, Site Manager and Design consult.
            o     Project managed final stage of £400k Workshop/office site ensuring move deadline met.
            o     Led team of 6/8 in Construction, responsible for H+S, Q.S. and major structural problem solving.
            o     Interior design consult. Main Site Carpenter and point of contact for all trades.

        “O2 - Hothouse FX”. O2 Wireless festival ’07 backstage Product launch.
             o Lead standby for set at Wireless Festival London ’07.
             o Led 3-man/Lorry team taking set on 5-week UK tour of O2 sites for product launch. Fast install & Strike.
             o Sculpt, structure and art working for bespoke Tree set.
             o AV element construct and design.

        “The Film Place” TFP – 180 seat Digital Cinema Consult. BCA. Buckingham, UK.
        o    Project managed incorporation of new Digital Surround Audio system and 4m wide electric screen into
             existing 180-seat auditorium. Designed Auditorium acoustic treatment.
        o    Created visual identity (2D), marketing strategy, and technical specification for Charity funded project.
        o    Installed and set up Audio-visual systems with low frequency re-enforcement.

   MK College, Bletchley - Tutor: Interior Design Foundation degree, 3D Design & Professional design practice.
       o Tutored ages 16-55 in Professional presentation, Artwork, Hand rendering, Digital Photography and
       o Instilled knowledge of broad subject range including safety in design, people flow and interior environment.
       o Ensured students thought why they were doing what they were doing and how to do it. Psychology of design.

   “ARGOS Catalogue” Sets & Models, Complete Marketing, Milton Keynes.
       o Numerous art worked sets incl. Varnished Oak, Old Brick, concrete and columns.
       o Interior furniture Set flats with visual prop elements for Spring 2006 catalogue.
       o LEVI’s Deutch campaign, massive “fight Club” style derelict set for High-Res. Digital photography.
       o Lightweight props and large beam elements. Special paintwork FX.
       o Fast and lightweight lift able set elements incl. Conservatory, beams, radiators.

   “Pendennis Castle” D.D.A.Touch model. English Heritage/Paragon Models, York. Visitor feature.
       o Largest D.D.A Touch model to date: 2m X 1m X 0.3m. Accurate sculpt using O.Survey data and photo refs.
           Giving Earth rampart, Historical Fortification and Visitor orientation for new visitor centre Falmouth.
       o Fibreglass mould and toughened positive made, incorporation of fibre-optics, D.D.A Touch model
           requirements and low/zero maintenance.
       o Buildings scratch built, silicone moulded and cast in toughened resin for ease of replacement/alteration in
           future. Full texture/colour work.

   Recording Studio. Private Client. UK
       o Design and project manage 7m X 3m (21m²) thermally and acoustically insulated, double-glazed recording
           studio. 12 days from poured base to internal fittings.
       o Ring main and security wiring, insulated floating floor. Lightened inclined roof structure for slate roof and high
           security locks. Wavy edge shiplap board construction on triangulated timber frame. Rot proofed/P.U bonded.

   Pro-Tek. Architectural models. Shepperton Studios. UK
        o Extensive Architectural model making, C.N.C component model construction and scratch model work.
        o Block, eye-line, prototype and visualisation models. Construction and colour finishing.

   “S.L Belle” Thames, Maidenhead. Teak boat restoration.
        o Structural, hull and interior fitting on beautiful antique Teak steamer.
        o Traditional Teak work, re-wiring, special interior/exterior scratch built elements.

   “Project Cobra” pilot for Mike Trim.
        o Carpenter for pilot shoot. Tunnel and road elements for main vehicle final action sequence.

   “Alien V. Predator”, Prague (BMI Film Award). Main Model unit.
         o Developed breakaway 1/6 scale Whaling station models, allowing for collapse and rapid re-assembly.
         o Extensive scale snow dressing including major pyramid model and numerous sets/models.
         o Worked across all disciplines and departments.

   “5 Children and It!” Shepperton Studios (BAFTA).
        o Main model unit: Old country House hero model.

   “Abbey of the Dunes”, Koksjide. Project undertaken for, York.
       o 1:100 model from 11 Century oil painting reference, large visitor model for visitor centre.
       o Model project manager, lead modeller. A large and complex model delivered on time.

   InvisibleAV, UK. Interior design, bespoke cabinetry.
         o Structural/concept design for audio/visual scenarios. Interior design concepts, 2D composite mock-ups and
         o Proposals, quotes and manufacturing commissioning, complete turnkey design and build service.

       o “King Midas uncovered”. Set, props and artwork for documentary.
       o “Tutankhamen’s murder”. Silicon paste/Fibre-glass production mould. From one off forensically accurate

   REKWEAR.COM, London.
       o Character performer for interactive installation, Kentish Town Festival.
       o Featuring Artists Jay Alvarez and Tanya Mediccio. Covered in local and UK press.

   RDF MEDIA / Channel 4, Maidenhead.
       o Carpenter and maker for Channel 4 "House to Home" programmes. Ad-lib/scripted presenter interaction.
       o Featured Oliver Heath and Sarah Beeny (Property Ladder).
   “Band of Brothers”, Bray Studio. (Working for Mattes+Miniatures).
       o Special Effect models, sculpts and mould work for “Band of Brothers” (Spielberg-Hanks production).
       o Lead model maker “Heinz” ice station model/Advert.
       o Lead model maker for “Plots with a view” motion control shoot.
       o Lead model maker for “Atlantis” documentary and motion control / blue screen shoot.
       o Model Work for “Bottom” feature film.

       o Organic product concept models/Blue-foam.
       o Engineering test rigs for function/mechanics testing.
       o Full weighted rig. Centre of gravity/stability test rig. Bespoke “sticky” Lead weights for balance testing.
       o Product launched internationally.

   MUSIC ON-LINE, Manchester. Creative lead, full time position-1 year.

        o    Art Direction, quality control and Project management; including collation of assets/media, commissioning
             work from free-lancers and phone/face to face client meetings. Current accounts include Sony Music,
             Outcaste Records, and React Records.
        o    Developed on-line marketing strategy for new and established artists, graphic and concept design for
             corporate and on-line image. Projects designed to maximize user interaction and response to on-line
             presence. Ensuring email databases were used and collated effectively.
        o    Maximize cross marketing potential, plan mail outs to current mail-list members to encourage new
             artist/product discovery and increase web site/feature traffic and interaction.
        o    Conceptual, strategy development and retail sales of bespoke database driven “community tools”, allowing
             client to set-up and manage their sites interactivity.

       o Statues, Stage props and performance set pieces for “ITALIAN SEASON 2000”.
       o Gold leaf, large Classical style sculpt, glass fibre work.

       o Various projects, including a model of “Hadrian’s Wall Fort”, construction and detailing.
       o Covent Garden development proposal.
       o Photo shoot props/models for “JMC” launch.

       o Part time tutor. BA Hon’s. Interiors TV set design.

   FARMER STUDIOS, Leicester.
       o Animatronic Octopus, pattern origination, sculpt and fibreglass / silicon construction. Steel skeleton
          assembly and fitting.

       o Large furniture props for “OLIVER! The Musical”.

   PEUGEOT DESIGN AWARDS 1999, OXO Tower, London.
       o Short-listed for Ceramic product section. Ceramic speakers.

   COSGROVE HALL FILMS Ltd, Manchester.
       o Animated feature props and model construction and finishing. Projects include: “Rotten Ralph”, “Noddy”
         and “Lavender Castle”.

   H.G.A. / COASTAL ACOUSTICS, Pinewood Studios.
        o Product research, manufacturing and assembly management for “Boxer” studio reference active monitor
             speaker systems.

   ATOM, Ascot.
       o Product prototype construction.

       o CCD Camera based smoke view prototype production. Manufacturing and product design consultancy
           services. (Specialist equipment suppliers to the Fire service, Police forces and Government Agencies.)

       o Assistance in set design and construction to students on graduation film “Peaches” (Winner
          Creative review Animation Award)

   B+W LOUDSPEAKERS, Steyning.
       o Development work on state-of-the-art studio reference speakers. Developing new materials for reference
          speaker enclosures.
Freelance starts 1996.

Sep’ 1996
 Dec’ 1996

       HOTHOUSE DESIGN CENTRE. Longton, Stoke - on - Trent.
        Rapid prototyping and Industrial design (ceramics). Industry sponsored post-graduate course.

              o   Working closely with BLUE ROOM (Worthing) and WEDGWOOD (Burslem) developing future concepts.
              o   Arranged and completed collaborative project utilizing Blue room’s technology and Wedgwood’s facilities.
              o   Involved discussions with Blue room speakers relating to purchase of my product design for their portfolio.
                  Contractual difficulties prevented deal completion.
              o   Intensive professional tuition in advanced rapid prototype soft / hardware.
              o   Silicone Graphics “Desk Artes” 3D modelling software.
              o   Power Macs ”Photoshop 6”, “illustrator 3.5” and “Quark Xpress”.

1993 / 1996

       BRUNEL UNIVERSITY. Uxbridge, High Wycombe.
        Dissertation: “Proportion and scale in Architecture”.

              o   Development of conceptual design process, on going.
              o   Graphic and personal presentation skills, including marker rendering and audio / visual.
              o   Business, marketing and promotional skills.


1991 / 1993

       BURNHAM GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Burnham, Buckinghamshire.
           o A Level Technology and Geography

1990 / 1991

            o Full time paid apprenticeship with FORD IVECO.
            o Machining, fabrication, electronic board and engineering theory.

1985 / 1990
        DESBOROUGH SCHOOL. Maidenhead.
            o Eight G.C.S.E. passes. A - C attained.

Freelance to present as above:

       SGT Garage Ltd, Taplow.
           o Part time high performance car delivery driver.

1992 / 1996
        MAIDENHEAD STEAM AND NAVIGATION, Taplow (3 years, during University Summer breaks).
            o Crew man and staff supervisor aboard 30 ton converted steamer.
            o Operating corporate events and private charter between Windsor and Henley.
            o Responsible for safety of all on board, money and stock.

1990 / 1991
        FORD IVECO, Langley.
            o Employed on a full time Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship.

                       A full portfolio, covering most disciplines and materials is available to view.
                              Specific hard copy/emailed examples can be sent upon request.

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