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									Instructions: Based upon your initial hire into our surgery center, we wish to ask you to grade yourself on your clinical

ability as well as your proficiency at providing certain treatments, procedures, and assessments as part of your licensure

as well as your job desciption within the scope of your license.

                                          PACU SKILLS CHECKLIST

Name __________________________________________________________ Date _____________________

          1=Never Performed 2=Limited Experience 3=Comfortable Performing 4=Proficient

 POST OP CARE OF PATIENTS WITH 1 2 3 4                         POST OP CARE OF PATIENTS WITH               1 2 3 4
CABG                                                         Biliary Atresia
Aneurysm with graft replacement                              Hernia Repair
Cardiac Transplantation                                      Pyloric Stenosis
Cardiac Valve Replacement (MVR, AVR)                         Pyloroplasty
Chest Tubes                                                  Vagotomy
Embolectomy/Thrombectomy                                     Whipple
Endarterectomy                                               Hemorrhoidectomy
Laryngectomy                                                 AV Fistulas, Shunts & Dialysis Catheters
Open Heart Procedures                                        Cystectomy
Penetrating/Open Chest Trauma                                Ileal Conduit
Peripheral Vascular Bypasses                                 Nephrectomy
Pneumonectomy/Lobectomy                                      Prostatectomy
Post Op Myocardial Infarction                                Renal Transplant
Radical Neck Resection                                       TURP/TURBP
Stent Placements                                             Ureteral Stent Insertion
Thorocotomy                                                  Amputations
Tracheostomy                                                 Open Reduction/Internal Fixation
Vena Cava Filter                                             Total Joint Replacements/Arthroplasty
Craniotomy                                                   Adenotonsillectomy (T&A)
  a. Epidural                                                Adrenalectomy
  b. Subdural                                                Cleft Lip/Palate Repair
Aneurysm Clipping                                            Facial Fractures
Burr Holes                                                   Sinus Surgery
Evacuation of Hematoma                                       Thyroidectomy
Intracranial Tumor Excision                                  Transphenoidal Hypophysectomy
Laminectomy                                                  Dilation & Curettage (D&C)
Spinal Fusions                                               Hysterectomy
Spinal Tumor Excision                                        Lumpectomy
Subarachnoid Screw/Bolt                                      Mastectomy
Ventricular Peritoneal Shunt                                 Oophorectomy
Ventriculostomy                                              Orchiectomy
Neuromuscular Disease                                        Salpingectomy
Abdominal Trauma                                             TAH-BSO
Appendectomy                                                 Cataract Extraction
Cholecystectomy                                              Cochlear Implant
Colon Resection                                              Keratoplasty (Corneal Transplant)
Colostomy/Ileostomy                                          Laser Eye Surgery
Esophagectomy                                                Myringotomy
Exploratory Laparotomy                                       Orbital Fracture
Gastrectomy                                                  Orbital Implant
Gastric Stapling                                             Scleral Bucking (for Retinal Detachment)
Hepatic Resection                                            Dacryocystectomy

                                                         1 of 3
Name _______________________________________

 POST OF CARE OF PATIENTS WITH 1 2 3 4                       PROCEDURES/SKILLS              1 2 3 4
Gun Shot/Stab Wound-Abdomen                        Interpretation of Arrhythmias
Gun Shot/Stab Wound-Chest                          Performing 12 lead EKGs
Gun Shot/Stab Wound-Head                           Hemodynamic Monitoring
Plastic Surgery                                      a. Arterial Line
Skin Flaps                                           b. PA Catheter/Swan Ganz Catheter
Skin Grafts                                          c. CVP Line
Wound Debridement                                  Interpretation of Lab Values
Anaphylaxis                                          a. ABGs
Latex Allergies                                      b. CBC
  MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION                          c. Blood Chemistry
Pain Management                                      d. Electrolytes
  a. Fentanyl                                      Assessment/Management Fluid Balance
  b. Demerol                                       Management Electrolyte Disturbances
  c. Dilaudid                                      Cardiac Arrest/CPR
  d. Morphine                                      Cardioversion
Sedatives                                          Defibrillation
  a. Ativan                                        External/Temporary Pacing
  b. Valium                                        Airway Management
  c. Versed                                          a. Head Position
H2 Receptor Antagonists                              b. Oral/NT Airway
  a. Zantac                                          d. Laryngeal Mask Airway (LMA)
  b. Pepcid                                          e. Endotracheal Tube
  c. Carafate                                        f. Tracheostomy
Antiemetics                                        Oxygen Therapy
  a. Droperidol                                      a. Nasal Cannula
  b. Phenergan                                       b. Face Mask
  c. Zofran                                          c. Non-Rebreather Mask
Anticonvulsants (Dilantin, Phenobarbital)            d. Ambu Bag
Inotropes/Vasoactive Drips                           e. Trach Collar
Ca Channel Blockers (Cardizem)                     CO2 Monitoring
Nitroglycerine                                     Intubation - assist with
Nipride                                            Extubation - assist with
Amiodarone                                         Mechanical Ventilation
Lidocaine                                          Obtaining ABG's
Procainamide (Pro
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