WHAT IS A BUILDING PERMIT?                           WHY DO I NEED A BUILDING PERMIT?                            Completed TARION form
                                                                                                                 Ministry of Labour approval
A building permit is the expressed permission of     A building permit is a means to regulate                    Ministry of Agriculture and Food approval
a municipality to start construction of a building   developments in the community to meet health,               Ministry of Environment and Energy approval
project in compliance with the building code and     fire, structural and general safety standards to            Ministry of Natural Resources approval
act.                                                 protect individuals and the community as a whole.
                                                     It is illegal to start work without a permit. Anyone    HOW IS THE COST OF A BUILDING
WHAT CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS                           who starts work without a building permit is in         PERMIT DETERMINED?
NEED BUILDING PERMITS?                               contravention of municipal by-law and the Ontario
                                                     Building Code Act and is therefore, subject to          Building permit fees are based on the cost of
Building permits are typically required for the      financial and legal consequences.                       proposed work including the cost of professional
following:                                                                                                   and related services. Building permit fees are
                                                                                                             payable upon receipt of the building permit.
    new buildings over 10 square metres (107
    sq. ft.)                                         WHAT DOCUMENTS AND INFORMATION                          Other fees such as entrance permit fees,
    additions                                        SHOULD I SUBMIT?                                        development charges, water & sewer levies,
    renovations                                                                                              reinspection fees, etc. (if applicable) are also
    demolitions                                      You must submit the following documents to              payable upon receipt of a building permit.
    prefabricated structures                         receive a permit:
    mobile homes and park model trailers                                                                     WHAT ARE MY RESPONSIBILITIES
    plumbing systems                                     Application for a Permit to Construct or            DURING CONSTRUCTION?
    HVAC systems (heating, ventilation air               Demolish
    conditioning)                                        2 sets of building plans (including floor plans &   During construction, the applicant must:
    structures designated under Section 2.1.2. of        cross sections)
    the Building Code                                    2 site plans (showing location of proposed and          post permit card in a conspicuous place
    • communication towers                               existing structures; dimensions between                 keep copy of approved plans on site
    • pedestrian bridges                                 structures and property lines must be noted;            request inspections 48 hours in advance of
    • retaining walls                                    scale drawings are required for some projects;          each stage of construction as outlined in the
    • solar collectors over 5 sq. metres                 service lines may also be required)                     inspection agreement
    • signs                                              Stamped engineered drawings if applicable               notify inspector of any proposed changes to
    • exterior storage tanks                                                                                     plan before changes are implemented
    miscellaneous residential (fireplaces, hot       All applicable law must be met before submitting
                                                     permit which may include but is not limited to the      OTHER SERVICES MAY INCLUDE BUT
    tubs, pools including inflatable pools,
                                                     following:                                              ARE NOT LIMITED TO:
    decks, carports, etc.)
    temporary buildings (incl. tents over 30
                                                         Simcoe County District Health Unit approval
    square metres)                                                                                               hydro service
                                                         Entrance approval (Township, M.T.O., or
                                                                                                                 telephone service
                                                         County)                                                 gas service
NOTE: Regardless of the need to obtain a
                                                         Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority
building permit, remember you still must                                                                         cable/satelite television
                                                         approval                                                insurance
comply with zoning requirements.
                                                         Developer’s engineer’s approval (lot grading &
(eg. 106 ft2 shed would still need to meet the                                                                   sewers (apply to Elmvale residents only)
                                                         perhaps home design)
minimum setback requirement - Check with
                                                         Township engineer’s approval

Bell Canada                                     Nottawasaga Valley Conservation                       BUILDING PERMITS
1-866-310-BELL                                  Authorities
                                                8195 8th Line
County of Simcoe Roads Department               Angus, Ontario L0M 1B0                                - THE HOW AND WHY -
Simcoe County Administration Centre             (705) 424-1479
1110 Highway 26,
Midhurst, Ontario LOL 1XO                       Rogers Cable
(705) 726-9300                                  1 Sperling Drive
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Electrical Safety Authority                     1-888-764-3771
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Locates 1-800-461-4444 (Press 3)                (877) 721-7520

Hydro One                                       TARION Warranty Corporation
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                                                Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 7V1
Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs   (905) 836-5700
(877) 424-1300
ag.info@omafra.gov.on.ca                               Township of Springwater
                                                              1110 Hwy #26
Ministry of Environment & Energy
54 Cedar Pointe Drive
                                                       Midhurst, Ontario L0L 1X0                     Township of Springwater
Barrie, Ontario L4N 5R7                         Department                 Extension
(705) 739-6441                                  Administration             2015                     Building Services Department
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Ministry of Natural Resources                   Fire & Emergency Services 2016
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                                                Treasury                   2018                       Midhurst, Ontario L0L 1X0
                                                Well Records
Ministry of Transportation                      (888) 396-9355                                          Phone:(705) 728-4784
Owen Sound Office                               http://www.ene.gov.on.ca/envision/water/wells.htm
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