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Accessing the Clackamas ESD web site


									Accessing the Clackamas ESD web site

This URL will take you to the Clackamas ESD web site. Click on the Administrative Claiming link on the
left side of the page. That will take you to the MESD MAC web site. From there you can login to the
survey as described below.

Accessing the Multnomah ESD web site
This URL will take you directly to the MESD MAC web site.

To Login to Survey:
1. Go to the Login Survey Column and click on your district.
2. Type in your first name and last name in each box. Use the name that you see on your paycheck.
3. Click on the drop down area by the district box and highlight your district.
4. Press the Take Survey button.
5. Your name, position, location, and district should be displayed to verify you are the correct person
   taking the survey. If the information is correct, click on the Take Survey button, otherwise click on
   the That’s Not Me button.
6. You are now logged into the survey.

To Start the Survey:
Simply select the time you began your paid work day from the list of times on the right. The earliest
start time allowed is 7:00 AM and the latest end time is 8:00 PM. Then select the appropriate category
from the list on the left.

If the category you selected is one of the claimable (positive) codes, a box will popup with the possible
activities you could have done for that time period. Click on the category that best matches what you
did for that time period. The box will close and save the activity you selected.

The time will automatically advance to the next 15-minute increment allowing you to simply click
through your day. The list of times will change to indicate those times you have filled out, that follows
along with the form at the bottom.

If you feel more comfortable using the form itself, feel free to do so. The activities to the right of the
form are for the claimable (positive) codes, you cannot save the survey when a positive code is
selected and an activity for that code isn’t chosen.

When you select a category, all of the selected times will be set to that category and the time will
advance to the next unused category.

When you are finished, simply click on the “Save Survey” button and you’re done.

To Correct a Mistake or Review your Survey Selections:
If you make a mistake and you want to go back, or you want to review and complete the survey that
you’ve saved, click on “Retrieve Previous Answers.” This will bring up your previous answers so you
may review or complete and save your survey. This feature is active only during the 5 business days
the survey is open. When finished always click “Save Survey” to ensure that your current survey
answers are saved.
On-Line Tutorial is Available When Taking the Survey
There is an on-line tutorial for each category. Simply click on the hyperlink category title (i.e. Code A.
School Related/Educational Activities) and the full description of that category, along with several
examples, will pop up.

Selecting Multiple Times at Once
To make it easier to enter long periods of the same category –
   1. Select a range of times from the list by clicking a start time, hold the Shift key down and click an
       end time.
   2. You may also hold the Ctrl Key (for Windows users) or Command Key (for Apple users) down
       and click on several time increments at once (they don’t have to be in order).
   3. Then when you select a category, all the selected times will be set to that category and the time
       will advance to the next unset category.

Timeline to Complete the Survey
It is always to your benefit to submit the survey as soon after the survey date as possible. You will
always be more accurate recalling the day’s activities on that day or soon after. You do have 5
business days to enter your survey results, after that the survey will be disabled.

Be Aware – If you have chosen claimable (positive) activities and you did not select an activity for that
time period, your survey will not save until you have corrected that error. You will notice next to the
times at the top, if the activity for a claimable code is not chosen a “-“ will appear instead of the “*”
symbol. This means you need to select the activity that you did for that block of time.

You Must be Trained
The survey will not allow you to log on if your training isn’t current. You must have a face to face
training every 12 months. If you receive a message that you are not trained, please contact your
District Representative.

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