Accessing Commonwealth Bank Accounts by hcj


									Accessing bank accounts and measures to assist with financial
hardship - a guide for people affected by the Victorian bushfires

1.         Accessing accounts and replacement cards
If your ATM, credit card or debit card has been lost or destroyed in the bushfires, you need to contact
your bank as soon as possible. The bank will cancel your lost or destroyed cards and issue you with new

          You should take identification documents with you to the bank, however you will still be able
           to access your accounts without identification.

          If you do not have any identification, the bank will ask you a number of security questions to
           confirm your identity. It may be helpful to take a completed copy of the attached statement to
           the bank to help speed up the process of accessing your accounts.

          If you are not currently staying at your usual residence, you will need to advise your bank
           where they should send the replacement card or arrange to pick it up from a local branch.

          Some banks have special arrangements in place for people affected by the bushfires where
           they will waive bank fees for services such as over the counter cash withdrawals. We
           recommend you talk to you bank about this issue.

To arrange replacement cards and for other enquiries about accessing your account, contact your bank's
telephone enquiry line or visit a local branch:

          ANZ - 13 13 14                                            National Australia Bank - 136 622

          Bendigo Bank - 1300 366 666                               St George - 1800 804 728

          Commonwealth Bank - 13 2221                               Westpac Bank - 132 032

2.         Financial hardship as a result of the bushfires
If you are experiencing financial hardship or think you might have difficulty meeting your monthly loan
or credit card commitments as a result of the Victorian bushfires, most banks have set up special
arrangements to assist people which may include:

                     additional loans or changes to repayment arrangements;

                     loan restructuring without incurring the usual bank fees;

                     reviewing credit card instalments and emergency credit limit increases;

                     fast-tracking of insurance claims; and

                     waiving branch service fees and penalty interest fees.

You should contact your bank to discuss what options might be available to you. The banks encourage
customers to discuss financial difficulties with them as early as possible so that they can help you find a
suitable option. The solutions offered to you will differ depending on your circumstances and will be
assessed on a case by case basis.

3.         Other legal assistance
If you have any issues in obtaining assistance from your bank, or if you have any other legal issues, call
the Bushfire Legal Helpline on 1800 113 432.


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