Minutes of the Meeting of the Village Facilities Committee_ Mon 8 by accinent


									        Minutes of the Meeting of the Village Facilities Committee, Mon 27 Jul 2009,
        Rear Meeting Room, Community Centre, Brampton at 7.30pm

Present:    J Childs, Chairman, S Jordan, Mrs B Leighton, K Mackenzie, Mrs L Ruston, Mrs M Wigley,
            J Innes-Clarke, Clerk.

1           Apologies.
            NM, SM, JR.

2           Declarations of Interest

3           To Approve the minutes of the meeting held 8 Jun 09
                       st    nd
Proposal:   Approve - 1 KM, 2 LR.                                                                              Carried

4           Matters Arising from those Minutes
4.1         7.1 – MC; fire alarm and emergency lighting maintenance have been completed.

5           Cost Centre Income and Expenditure to 30 Jun 09
5.1         CC: Maintenance and Contingency spending is nil.
5.2         MC: Equipment maintenance is largely; annual maintenance to fire equipment and
            upgrade to CCTV system, the latter is £500.
5.3         PF: Maintenance; reinstate goal mouth, grounds work adjacent Memorial Walk, some
            cricket square work and reinstatement work to senior football pitch, the later is £2.77k.
5.4         PF: NNDR rates – transitional relief has ceased (did not know when budget was set).
5.5         Insurance is annual – all paid bar tractor insurance, the latter being non-specific.

6           CCTV
6.1         Have upgraded to hard drive continuous recording – split screen 3 x cameras at once.
6.2         Invitation to meet with HDC re: improved way of monitoring overnight.
6.3         Recent recordings:
                  Fri 3 Jul – drinking, broken glass, Sk8 Pk and PF – dark no conclusive evidence.
                  Fri 17 Jul – excellent images in daylight accessing roof using recycling bottle bin –
                     rainy evening even umbrellas on roof – use of alcohol – broken spikes – crime
                     raised – PCSO called around 10pm took 22 names – may write to parents.
                  Sat 18 Jul – drinking broken glass PF and Sk8 Pk – dark no conclusive evidence.
6.4         Encourage all to keep reporting/calling in – police want to know to see if pattern develops.
6.5         Police request some more close up camera positions.                                                JIC, PSK
6.6         Seek advice from HDC re; data protection and showing images with faces faded out.                  JIC

7           Memorial Centre
7.1         Redecoration by community services – painstakingly slow for one reason and another.
7.2         Flier ad for facilities – with JC.                                                                 JC
7.3         Holiday Club, extremely well organised but noisy!
7.4         Pictures can now go into Community Room, as walls are complete.                                    JC
7.5         Photos of Church’s holiday club to be forwarded from the club organiser.

8           Community Centre
8.1         Business case for relocating; JC has established it has a value of 1 x building plot, £125-
8.2         Solicitor has only advised what we already know. Suggest we go direct to CCC solicitors to
            ask where we stand should we decide to sell.                                                       JC
8.3         Approach to Camstead; their response, email of 22 Jun; re-submitting new plans. JC has
            spoken with their designer, who is raising with his director, the possibility of availability of
            Community Centre site and incorporating the site into a new design for their revised
            development proposals.
8.4         Seek informal architect opinion on MC build – waiting an inspection appointment.                   JC
8.5         JC; costs for damp work and revamp kitchen/washing area: £5.5k agreed last PC with
            conditions. Confirm conditions to JC.                                                              JIC

9           Skate Park
9.1         Movement sensors 1 x damaged. CCTV recording as to how damaged is inconclusive.
            PCSO has discovered this damage was done by accident (hit by football). PCSO is to
            interview culprit to advise that the PC expects any accidental damage to be reported, that
            way PC are not looking for evidence of vandalism.
            Suggest ‘No ball games’ notices in Sk8 Pk.                                                         JC
            Advise Sk8 Pk management committee that 1 x sensor is missing (temporary).                         JIC, SM
        D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c618838d-ed81-4ef8-835b-b56a86dc0fd3.doc                                   1
9.2         Litter is still a problem – regularly cleared by staff.
9.3         Lips formed by tarmac at beginning of ramps are identified as low risk by HDC – they are
            awaiting quote from their contractor to take back tarmac to 1m away, lay new and feather
            into the ramps. There is also a special bond material available that will rectify 1 x ramp that
            has buckled upwards.                                                                               HDC
9.4         Proposal for litter bin/s on ramp barriers is being put forward by Sk8 Pk Management
            Committee, awaiting details.                                                                       SM

10          Play Areas
10.1        Rear of Hansell Road – nothing further from land agents.
10.2        Last resident’s association meeting clashed with PC and so NM unable to attend. Contact
            association direct to see if they would approve a space for a new play area.                       NM
10.3        Pulled out of CCC play finder scheme as too late for detailed application with no site yet
            secured – no further CCC play finder schemes are planned at this present time.
10.4        Laws – injury claim received from ‘no win’ solicitors – 23 yr old slipped on gap in matting.
            Our last RA (done by Wicksteeds) in Jul 2008 stated we should review flooring in 12 to 18
            months. This claim is for Apr 2009. Our grounds staff regularly inspect the site.
10.5        Memorial Play Area – limit equipment in entire play area to under age of 12 years – signs
            are now erected.
10.6        Latest RA from Wicksteeds, Jul 09:
                 Laws; new platform required on multi-play + wet pour surfacing to fill gaps.
                 Memorial;
                    1. swings – bushels worn, suggest scrap
                    2. see-saw – moving parts worn – close to scrapping
                    3. flecto whirl – suggest surfacing not smooth
                    4. pendulum swing – new basket and bushels.
            This is just a verbal report – written report yet to come.

11          Playing Fields
11.1        Cricket Wicket – spring work postponed to end of season except for some moss control,
            which was done. First game; suffered a funny bounce, one player was injured. Staff
            instructed to do more watering and rolling before each game.
11.2        Dog fouling leaflet from HDC – amended leaflet is in BM (with HDC permission).
11.3        Dog fouling; Coronation Way:
Proposal:   Install new litter bin Coronation Way, High Street end – seek HDC for provision initially.         JIC
11.4        Install way marker posts at corners of Memorial Walk and attach Brampton Memorial Walk
            discs and arrows.                                                                                  JIC, JC
11.5        Memorial Garden – lay more hexapath into entrance of garden.                                       JIC, staff
11.6        Memorial Garden – reports of anti-social behaviour being dealt with through the PCSOs.
11.6        Memorial Trees – have received more enquiries to purchase – people are re-directed to
            Garden of Remembrance memorial rose scheme.                                                        BL, LR
11.7        Football Foundation Support Day – feedback from footballers is sought.                             JIC
11.8        3-bar wooden fencing has been installed around grounds equipment.

12          Kicking Wall
12.1        Kicking wall - £500 previously agreed.
            Difficulty in locating appropriate materials in order it is not a noise nuisance.
            American sources still ongoing, sample tabled, 8’ x 24’, comes with spare net $395.                MS
            MS to do one more trawl round UK for resources, but proceed with US resource if
            necessary.                                                                                         MS
12.2        Article re: Warners Park, St Ives, unsuitable wall and bad press – contact St Ives Clerk to
            find out what the issues are.                                                                      JIC
12.3        Hinchingbrooke sixth formers may come up with alternative design ideas, but they are now
            on summer holidays.

13          MUGA and Funding Applications
13.1        JC has discussed with PD - C/F.                                                                    VF
13.2        Make one last drive at the consultation process – C/F.                                             VF

15          Date of Next Meeting:
            Mon 28 Sep

                                                               J Childs, Chairman

        D:\Docstoc\Working\pdf\c618838d-ed81-4ef8-835b-b56a86dc0fd3.doc                                    2

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