OUTDOOR FURNITURE The garden fur by fjzhangweiqun



The garden furniture and around the pool are important because they offer comfort and at the same
time they contribute to adorn the exterior space. They achieve practical functions and they are utilized
to rest, to have dinner and to entertain. The sculptures, fromf the classics to the modern add character
and beauty to any exterior environment. The flowerpots, the containers and the vessels are ideal
elements to give color and green to the surfaces of pavement of around the pool or of a garage.
Besides, they serve to cut the horizontal monotony of the landscape of the pool and for place smaller
plants at the level of the view. The amplitude of possibilities to combine plants in a creative way and
dynamics is enormous and in the case of annual plants, you can experience each year with different
combinations of plants and colors. The flowerpots and the high stonecutters besides serving of lodging
for the plants, provide an opportunity to stand out the architectural elements of the property, the
garden and the pool.

The outdoor fabrics and furniture used require a special resistance and tolerance to the fluctuating
climatic conditions. Whether that is picking a chair, a bench, a lounge chair or a platform for the back
patio, it is desired to purchase materials that resist the biting of weather and time upon being exposed
to different climatic conditions.

Style and elegance must distinguish the products of the garden and outdoor furniture, giving emphasis
on the beauty of their forms, the color of the material used and a high resistance to the outside. They
must give to the garden an environment of class.

There are many designs from where to choose. One of them is the contemporary one, meaning it
emphasizes natural straight lines thus offering the exterior a special flavor. The practicality of the
furniture together with the use of the lightning products makes this design a versatile one.

Some of the material used to build outdoor furniture are Teca Wood, aluminum, metal, fiber and wood,
among others. Of the ones listed above , teca wood is by excellence the favorite of all due to its natural
properties that confer a revulsion to insects and are very resistant to the decay. Usually, the makers of
this teca furniture use metalwork that blends in with the wood and of course does not rust.

On the contrary when a furniture-maker of outside furniture utilizes any another wood, called exotic, is
trying to appeal to a segment of market of a more economic client, for which the metalwork used is
made out of iron, that although enjoys certain resistance a clear difference of quality exists. The most
appreciated teka woods by its properties stems from Indonesia, South of Vietnam and Burma.

In most cases when teak furniture is used there is no need to apply any maintenance product to it,
therefore its esthetic aspect is appreciated in its state aged abroad, taking a color gray silver that
characterizes i

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