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Present: Cllr D Stretton (Chairman)
Cllrs M Betts, C Innes, S Malcolm, G Rothschild, K McCarmick (left 10.30), R
County Cllr S Hohler (arrived 8pm, left at 8.25)
 Ms H Munro (Clerk)
 Mr S Betts (left at 8pm)

1.i)ii)iii)iv)v) Planning ApplicationsTM/07/01124/FL Variation of condition 2 of
planning permission TM/93/00722/FL (Use of Land as residential caravan
site) to allow additional mobile home and tourer caravan at Orchard Place,
Teston RoadIt was reported that several residents had contacted a member of
the Council to object to the application. Callers had been advised to either
write in to TMBC with their objections or speak to Matthew Balfour
directly.The Planning Sub-Committee agreed to send the following response
to TMBC:-As the property lies within the Metropolitan Green Belt and is
outside the village confines, and no special circumstances were submitted, we
can see no justification for increasing the number of residential units. Action:
ClerkTM/04/3135 – Amended layout of gas utilisation compound under
planning permission TM/02/3536 (part retrospective application) at White
Ladies Gas Control Compound, Teston RoadCllrs Stretton and Innes agreed
to finalise the response to KCC.Action: Cllrs Stretton / InnesTM/07/01141/RD
– Details of material being Aldbury multi stock brick, Redland Cambrian slate
tiles and brick tinting treatment submitted pursuant to condition 2 of planning
permission TM/05/01867/FL: Demolition and reconstruction of outbuildings
and garage to form additional accommodation and double garage at Longwall
House, Seven Mile Lane, Borough GreenThe Committee agreed it had no
objections to this application.Action: ClerkTM/07/00879/LB Listed Building
application: erection of a single storey timber framed orangery replacing
existing conservatory at Comp Farm, Comp LaneThe Planning Sub-
Committee agreed to send the following response to TMBC:-Our comments
are the same as those made for application TM/07/00878/FL submitted
recently. Action: ClerkTM/07/00960/FL – Ground floor extensions and
provision of new roof to bungalow incorporating rooms within the new roof
space and erection of double garage and front boundary wall at The
Bungalow, Teston RoadThe Planning Sub-Committee agreed to send the
following response to TMBC:-Offham Parish Council considered the above
mentioned application at its Meeting on the 17th April 2007. Bearing in mind
that TMBC have confirmed that whilst this application is the same design as
that of the previously refused scheme (TM/06/03588/FL) the applicant now
has the benefit of a planning permission granted on appeal for a taller and
larger property – TM/06/01664/FL therefore we feel that in these
circumstances that we have little option but to support the application. Whilst
none of our objections have changed since dealing with the previous scheme
we do feel that this application is aesthetically a significant improvement on
that granted on appeal and therefore it is better to accept the lesser of the two
evils.We do however believe it is pertinent to point out that that in the
Inspector‟s decision notice he seemed to draw his conclusions upon the basis
of permitted development at two adjoining properties – Oakdene and
Pinewood. Perhaps a different conclusion would have been reached if
permission had not been granted for these two properties in the first place
which seems to have opened the floodgates for totally unsympathetic and out
of scale extensions with a resultant desecration of the local street scene
which whilst the Inspector might feel is “unexceptional” was a distinctive part
of the character of Offham, not so much for architectural quality but for
spacing, massing and relationship of one property to another. Let us only
hope that we do not become yet another village totally destroyed by infilling
and intensification of building form that sadly can be found all too readily in
many surrounding villages.Cc Matthew Balfour, Ann Kemp and Mark Worrall
2. Apologies recorded and declarations of interest madeApologies were
received from Borough Cllr Balfour and Kemp.
3. Minutes of 6 March 2007 to be approved and signed§ Page 4, item 7 –
„Pearce‟ deleted, replaced with „Pierce‟ § Page 4, item 8 – „spoke‟ deleted,
replaced with „spoken‟The minutes of the meeting held on 6 March were then
approved and signed.
4. Reports from the County Councillors County Cllr Hohler confirmed that she
hoped to be at the forthcoming APM. Cllr Rothschild reported that he needed
a further £5,000 to complete Phase II of the playground project. Cllr Hohler
confirmed that OPC should send in their request to Loic Flory of KCC so she
could discuss it with him. Concern was expressed over parking arrangements
on A20 for Boot Fairs. Cllr Hohler agreed to talk to TMBC and the police to
see if there was anything that could be done.Cllr Hohler agreed to talk to
Borough Cllr Balfour about lobbying to put up mobile speed camera signs on
the Mereworth Lawn stretch of Seven Mile Lane.Cllr Stretton was glad to see
progress on the rationalisation of speed limits, notably on Kings Hill but
wondered when this would happen elsewhere locally. Cllr Hohler advised
OPC to invite Terry Drury to attend a meeting to discuss the problems. The
use of satellite navigation systems using Quite Lanes around the Village was
discussed. The Clerk was asked to write to AA and RAC to remove
Fatherwell Lane, Comp Lane, Aldon Lane and Church Road from their
databases as these were small, narrow roads unsuited to large amounts of
traffic.Action: Clerk
5. Action Points
i)ii)iii)iv)v)vi)vii)viii)ix)x) Teston Road Car ParkReplacement of rotted low
wooden fence - the Clerk reported that she had been unable to speak to
TMBC to get an update due to staff absence. She would continue to chase
for an update.Action: ClerkMarchant Garden Services had completed the
work to the car park in Teston Road. A local resident was watering the turf.
The Clerk was asked to ascertain the remaining funds available to replace
one of the perimeter fences with a hedge. Action: ClerkThe Clerk was asked
to report a light in the car park (just in front of and to the right of the tree) that
shines into driver‟s eyes and to request whether or not it was possible to add
some sort of deflectorAction: Clerk Highways – the Clerk reported that KCC
had suspended the spreadsheet system for April but this would be reinstated
in May. The Clerk was asked to report the following items to KCC Highways
§ Large pothole next to drain opposite Robinswood, Teston RoadAction:
ClerkCllr Innes confirmed that Hansons were happy to supply granite blocks
for the Green. Seven Mile Lane – see item 4Work to the Pound – Cllr Innes
presented the new quotes for the repointing work. Cllrs McCarmick and
Marchant agree to view the work of each contractor and make a decision as
to whom to award the work to. Action: Cllr InnesBlaise Farm Quarry – the
Clerk reported that there was still no news on a date for the Quarry Liaison
meeting. Jim Wooldridge of KCC had agreed to chase this up. Cllr Innes
reported that she had spoke to Bob Smith of Hanson. Three residents were
concerned about cracks appearing in their properties. Gallaghers‟ have
agreed to monitor Junipers Cottage. Projector – the Clerk confirmed that the
projector had been purchased as agreed. Cricket Club lease – Cllr Innes
reported that she had spoken to Mark Stoodley of the Cricket Club. They had
agreed an amendment to the wording relating to the OPC‟s access rights
relating to the Machinery Park. The Clerk reported that the Cricket Club had
sent in a request to add a secure tractor store on the machinery park. Cllr
Innes agreed to contact TMBC planning to ascertain whether planning
permission was required. The Clerk was asked to write to the Cricket Club
explaining that we needed more information on the size and type of structure
however, subject to resident consultations and confirmation as to whether
planning permission was required or not, we had no objections to the principle
of a tractor store. . It was suggested that there would be no point in pursing
completion of the amendment to the lease regarding the location of the
Machinery Park if there are going to need to be further amendments if the
tractor store is going to go aheadAction: Cllr Innes / ClerkWellingtonia Tree –
Cllr Marchant reported on his tree review with Mrs Liz Guthrie of TMBC. It
was confirmed that the Wellingtonia was safe. It would appear that the tree‟s
roots have caused the damage to the tarmac on the drive of 1 Swan
Cottages. Cllr Marchant agreed to patch the damaged area with tarmac. Mrs
Guthrie had suggested the careful removal of the ivy. Cllr Marchant reported
that some trees in the playing field were diseased and should be removed. A
full report would be submitted shortly. Action: Cllr MarchantLegal advice on
access and maintenance issues of Parish Council – nothing to report.Grant
Environmental – Cllr Innes confirmed that orders had been placed for the
notice boards and bench as agreed. It was agreed that residents would be
consulted about the location of street furniture.
6. Reports from other meetingsLandfill Liaison Meeting - the Clerk agreed to
distribute the minutes to the Councillors electronically. Cllr Stretton expressed
his concern over the drop in compliance levels and problems with the
boreholes. The next Liaison Meeting was on 13 June at 4pm at Whiteladies.
Concern was expressed that the future OPC must ensure the unsightly black
tubes visible form Comp Lane must be covered up.Action: Clerk
7. ElectionAll details were received by the Clerk. The flier would be
distributed by 27th April.
8.i)ii) GrantsPlaygroundA total of £27,000 of the £32,000 required for phase 2
of the youth leisure facilities in Teston Recreation field has now been raised.
The remaining funding is being sought from the Awards for All scheme and
from sources at the KCC. However, in order not to delay the start of work, it
has been suggested to WREN that they release their contribution of £20,000
to add to that of £2,000 from the Offham Parish Council. This would provide
all the funding needed for the stand-alone component of the project -
comprising the youth shelter, adventure and fitness trail, basketball arena,
picnic tables and benches and improved access gates to the recreation area.
This matter is currently under negotiation. The remaining funding still to be
raised is for the oval perimeter trackEnvironmentalPicnic Table – Quotes were
circulated. Heavy duty, treated Pine tables cost between £130-£250 and teak
tables cost £500 approximately. It was felt that the table should be sited near
the tennis courts. It was agreed that a round picnic table was preferred and
Cllr Innes should chose the table. Action: Cllr InnesLectern – this would need
to be able to include an A1 sized document. Fingerpost sign – an additional
quote from Harry Stebbing for £1,250 was circulated. It was agreed that the
sign should be painted white. Cllr Innes agreed to get an updated quote from
Alpha signs and find out which hardwood they use. If it is oak or an equally
hard wood then it was decided to use Alpha signs. Action: Cllr InnesIt was
reported that the marker post in Pepingstraw Close was very shaky. The
Clerk was to contact TMBC and ask what their specification for fingerposts
were.Action: Clerk
9. Annual Parish MeetingThe elements of the presentation were discussed
and agreed. Mr Betts agreed to liaise with Mr Pierce to finalise the
presentation.The following items would be discussed after the refreshment
break:· The Green, including complaints, asking if we should invest in quality,
and what were appropriate uses, including horse riding across the
Green.· Election – encourage people to vote.· Open questionsCllr Stretton
confirmed that he would purchase 12 bottles each of red and white wine. The
Clerk was asked to hire the glasses from Sainsburys.Action: Cllr Stretton /
10.i) Financial MattersCheques to be signed:- The Chairman and Cllr Malcolm
signed the following cheques:-
· 680 Helen Munro Expenses £537.04
· 681 Inland Revenue PAYE & NIC £18.98
· 682 TMBC Photocopying £8.89
· 683 Greenthumb Lawn Treatment £225.00
· 684 Viking Stationery/Computer supplies £181.44
· 685 Village Hall Mgmt Committee Hire of Village Hall £60.00
· 686 Marchant Garden Services The Green/Cosgrave Field/ Car Park
· 687 KAPC Subscription £268.49

ii) Outturn statement – Cllr Stretton signed the Outturn Statement.
11. Correspondence Received
· It was reported that Mr Friend had complained about grass clippings being
dumped over his garden from the Playing Fields.
· Audit Commission – Annual Audit. OPC have been selected to be part of
the intermediate audit. Cllr Stretton agreed to ask Ian Butler if he would be
willing to perform the internal audit.Action: Cllr Stretton
· Allianz Cornhill – Renewal Invitation – Premium quoted of £938.95 –
increase of 3% - the premium was agreed.
· TMBC – Local Play strategy – questionnaire to complete by 1 May enabling
TMBC to access its allocation of £223,000 from the Big Lottery Fund‟s
Children‟s Play Initiative.
· Kent Parish Council Website Agreement Renewal – signed by Cllr Stretton.
· Parish Partnership Panel – request for items for the agenda required no
later than 20 April.
· TMBC – Joint Homelessness Strategy; Developing Effective Homelessness
Services Towards 2010 – consultation document for comment by 30 April.
· Fieldwork Newsletter March 2007.
· LCR Journal – March 2007.
 Partial Review of the South East Plan – revised apportionment of primary
land – won aggregates.
· KCC – installation of restricted byway signposts.
· TMBC – Crime & Disorder partnership newsletter.
· KAPC – newsletter March 2007.
· Local Crime: Community Sentence Steering Group – request to present a
talk on crime and the sentences offenders receive
· Here and Now – April/May 2007
· TMBC – Performance & Finance Booklet 2006/08
· NatWest – introduction of Business Relationship Manager – Jemma
· Explore Kent – guide to walking, riding and cycling in Kent
· Oast to Coast – Spring 2007
· Parish Partnership Panel – minutes from 8 March 2007

12. Other BusinessThe actual meeting dates for April had been amended and
agreed as follows:Planning – 3rd April, PC – 17th April.
13. Agenda items for the next meetingSpeedwatchAnnual Parish Council
Meeting - Internal electionsDebrief after APM

The Meeting concluded at 11.05 pm

Date of next meeting:
Tuesday 8 May 7.30pm Parish Council
Tuesday 22 May 7.30pm Planning Sub-Committee
Helen Munro
18 April 2007

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