Estimate for Interior Furnishig by fjzhangweiqun


            15, ASHOK MARG, LUCKNOW

  Interior furnishing/ renovation
 work for proposed branch office
          at Bareilly, U.P.

      Tender Issue Period – April 22 to May 6 , 2008
       Tender submission – May 8 , 2008 upto 3 P.M.

Issued to --

Issuing authority : General Manager, Premises Deptt.
Contact No. : 0522-2288264, 2288210

        (only for selected contractors as advised/listed with SIDBI)
                                                       Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                                for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.

                      TENDER DOCUMENT (Part-I )
                        (To be submitted in envelope no. I)
                             NOTICE INVITING TENDER
                       Interior furnishing/ renovation works

1. SIDBI wishes to invite tenders for interior furnishing/renovation works for its
proposed branch office at Gupta Complex (Ground Floor), 146, Civil Lines, Circuit
House Chauraha, Bareilly. Tenders are hereby invited from reputed contractors in two
bid system on behalf of SIDBI.

2. The entire works is to be completed in total period of 21 days.

3. The tender documents can be obtained from SIDBI office .
4. Each tender set comprises of the following :

                    a) Notice Inviting Tender ,Terms and conditions etc. - (Part-I)
                    b) Price Bid (BoQ) -(Part-II)

Tender document will be available from 22.04.2008 to 06.05.2008 during   working
hours at office of General Manager (Premises), SIDBI, 15, Ashok Marg, Lucknow –
226 001.

5. The Tenderers are further advised to submit the unconditional tenders.
Conditional tenders are liable for rejection.

6. The duly filled and sealed tender document including complete set of supporting
documents shall be submitted to:

The General Manager
Administration and Premises Deptt.,
15, Ashok Marg,
 Lucknow 226 001

on or before the last date of submission 08.05.2008 before 15.00 hrs. Part I of the
tender document will be opened on the same day at 15.30 hrs. (or any other day
convenient to SIDBI which will be conveyed beforehand). Part –II (Price Bid) will also
be opened on the same day if there is no condition stipulated in Part I. Interested
contractors may remain present for opening of tender.

7. Tenderers are advised to pay Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of Rs.5,000/-
(Rupees Five Thousand Only) by Crossed Demand Draft drawn in favour of SIDBI

                                                                 Signature of Contractor
                                                      Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                               for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.

from a nationalised/scheduled bank payable at Lucknow along with the tender.
Cheques in lieu of DD will not be accepted. EMD will not bear any interest.

EMD will be forfeited in the event of any erosion, refusal or delay on the part of
successful tenderer to sign and execute the contract on acceptance of his tender.
EMDs of unsuccessful tenderers will be refunded within 45 days from the date of
opening Price bid. EMD of the successful tenderer will be adjusted against Initial
Security Deposit, if the tenderer requests to do so.

8. The offers submitted shall be valid for a period of 120 days from last date of
submission of tender.

9. The tenders shall be submitted in two separate envelopes each sealed and clearly
identified as to envelope no. and contents as indicated below. These two envelopes
shall be contained and sealed in a large envelope. This envelope shall be submitted
as per instructions with the name of work, i.e., Interior furnishing / Renovation work
for SIDBI’s branch office at Bareilly superscribed on the envelopes and addressed
to :

The General Manager,
Administration and Premises Deptt.,
15, Ashok Marg,
Lucknow – 226 001

10. Full name and postal address of tenderer shall be written on the bottom left hand
corner of the envelope.

11. The tender submitted shall contain details/documents as listed below. Tenders
without accompanying all details/documents listed below will be rejected.

A.   Envelope No.1
         1. Demand draft for Earnest Money deposit (EMD) of Rs.5,000/- . All the
             listed drawings issued along with tender duly signed by the tenderer.
             Other submittals etc.
         2. Part I of tender duly signed as a token of acceptance.

B.    Envelope No.2

                    a) Complete set of tender document Part-II (i.e., Price Bid) duly
                       filled & signed by the tenderer.

                                                                Signature of Contractor
                                                        Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                                 for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.

12. Acceptance of tender will rest with SIDBI who reserves right to accept or reject
any or all tenders, in part or full, without assigning any reason thereof. Any tender
which does not fulfil any of the prescribed conditions would be liable to be rejected.

13. Tenders received late on account of any reason whatsoever or by courier / post will
not be entertained.

14. All the rates quoted in the tender should be inclusive of all materials
including wastage, freight, all types of taxes including works contract tax,
duties, octroi, service tax, royalties, erection, construction, testing of
materials/samples brought on site for approval, tools, tackles, plant and
equipments, supervision, overheads and profits, statutory charges, costs for
licenses and any other expenditure etc. and shall remain firm till completion of
work. Escalation in price will not be payable for whatsoever reasons.


                                                                  Signature of Contractor
                                                       Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                                for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.

                         APPENDIX TO FORM OF TENDER

          Item                           Description
Contract Value             Total value of the Tender as
                           accepted by the Employer and
                           indicated in acceptance letter.
Date of Commencement       3 (Three) days from the date of
                           issue of acceptance letter
Time of Completion         21 days from the date of
Liquidated Damages for Rs.1000/- per day subject to 10% of
Delay                      contract value. However, SIDBI
                           reserves the right to terminate the
                           contract in case of unnecessary
Defects Liability Period   365 Days from the date of
                           Completion as certified by the SIDBI.
Earnest Money Deposit      Rs.5,000/- by Demand Draft
Initial Security Deposit   2% of accepted contract value,
                           rounded of to next 100 rupees by
                           D.D. EMD can be adjusted as ISD.
Payment of Interim Bills   Value of bill should be min. Rs.1.00
Payment of Final Bill      Within 30 working days from the
                           date of certification of bill by SIDBI .
Retention Money/Security 10% from each bill. Total RMD shall
Deposit from Interim Bills be 10% of contract value inclusive of
Release of RMD/Security After completion of defects liability
Deposit                    period and issue of no dues
                           certificate      (final        completion

                                                                 Signature of Contractor
                                                     Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                              for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.

                               LETTER OF OFFER


The General Manager,
Administration and Premises Deptt.,
15, Ashok Marg,

Dear Sir,

Sub: Interior Furnishing /Renovation works for SIDBI’s branch office at Gupta
Complex (Ground Floor), 146, Civil Lines, Circuit House Chauraha, Bareilly (UP)

With reference to your tender for captioned work and having examined the site,
contract documents, drawing, specifications and schedule of quantities prepared by
you, I/we hereby offer to execute the subject work, which I/we have quoted on Item
rate basis. Further, I/we herewith deposit Rs.5,000/- as Earnest Money Deposit as
per the Terms of Contract and our offer. In the event of this tender being accepted,
I/we agree to complete the works within the said period as per tender conditions and
specifications. As required by you, I/we are returning herewith the tender documents
duly signed by us at each page in token of our acceptance of the provisions in the
documents. Should this tender be accepted, I/We hereby agree to abide by and fulfill
the terms and provisions of the said conditions of contract annexed hereto and the
rates as quoted in the schedules.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Seal :

Address :

                                                               Signature of Contractor
                                                        Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                                 for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.

                              TERMS & CONDITIONS

1.      Sealed tenders shall be addressed to the General Manager (Admin and
Premises) Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI), Lucknow, super
scribed as “Interior Furnishing/ Renovation works for branch office premises, Bareilly,
on or before last date indicated.
2.       Tenders (Part I & II) shall be opened at 15.30 hrs on the same day at the
office of GM (Admin & Premises), SIDBI, Lucknow by the officer designated for the
purpose in the presence of tenderers or their representatives should they choose to
be present. They may note the grand total amount of the tenders opened but will not
be eligible to know any other details whatsoever.
3.        Tenders shall remain open to acceptance by the Bank for a period of 120 days
from the date of opening the tender which period may be extended by mutual
agreement and the tenderer shall not cancel or withdraw the tender during this
4.      Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) reserves to itself the right
to accept or reject any or all the tenders either in whole or in part without assigning
any reasons for doing so.
5.      Intending contractor shall pay Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) of prescribed
amount by a demand/bank draft/pay order on a scheduled bank, drawn in favour of
“Small Industries Development Bank of India”, payable at Lucknow.
6.      A tender, which is not accompanied by EMD as specified, will not be
considered. The EMD will be refunded to the unsuccessful tenderer without any
7.      Time shall be considered as the essence of the contract and the successful
tenderer shall carry out the entire job within a period specified. In case the contractor
fails to complete the entire work within the time stipulated for reasons attributed to the
contractor, liquidated damages at rate of Rs.1000/- per day subject to 10% of
contract value. However, SIDBI reserves the right to terminate the contract in case of
unnecessary delay
8.      The tenderer should note that unless otherwise stated the tender is strictly on
item rate basis. The quantities in the Schedule of quantities approximately indicate
the total extent of work but may vary and even may be omitted thus altering the
aggregate value of the contract. No claim for any compensation shall be entertained
in this regard.
9.      The tenderer must obtain for himself on his own responsibility and at his own
expense all the information which may be necessary for the purpose of tendering and
for entering into a contract and must inspect the site of the work and acquaint himself
with all matter pertaining thereto.
10. The rates quoted in the tender shall be inclusive of cost and conveyance of all
materials, labours and hire charges of all machinery, with all lead and lift, loading,
unloading, labour, all incidental charges, profits etc., complete. All the rates quoted in
the tender should be inclusive of all materials including wastage, freight, all types of
taxes including works contract tax, duties, octroi, service tax and any other charges,

                                                                  Signature of Contractor
                                                       Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                                for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.

duty or other levied by Central Government or State Government or any other local
authorities. The rates shall be firm and shall not be subject to exchange variation,
labour conditions, fluctuations in railways freight or any conditions whatsoever. The
rates shall also include transportation charges , if any. Work may have to be done
during night hours also without extra charges.
11. The contractor shall make on his own necessary arrangements for water and
electricity required for proper completion of the works. However, if power is available
in the Premises, contractor can use the same and pay the bill for electricity consumed
for his work.
12. The contractor shall carry out & complete the work in every respect in
accordance with this contract and with the direction of and to the satisfaction of Bank.
13. The contractor shall provide everything necessary for the proper execution of
the works according to the true intent and meaning of the drawing, specification and
schedule of quantities taken together whether the same may or may not be
particularly shown or described therein, provided that the same can be inferred there
from and if the Contractor finds any discrepancy in the drawings or between the
drawings, specifications and schedule or quantities be shall immediately refer the
same in writing to the Bank, and the decision of the Bank shall be final and binding.
14. The contractor shall provide and maintain all measuring instruments, including
steel tape, at all times for properly carrying out the work and for the use of the Bank’s
representative, including skill attendants as required.
15. All material and workmanship shall be of the respective kinds specified in the
Schedule of quantities and or specifications and in accordance with the instructions of
the Bank. All materials shall conform with the relevant IS codes, best of quality. The
contractor shall upon the request of the Bank furnish to them all invoices, accounts,
receipts and other documents to prove that the materials comply therewith.
16. The contractor shall at his expenses, set out the works accurately in
accordance with the plans and to the complete satisfaction of the Bank. The shall be
solely responsible for the true and perfect setting out of the works and for the
correctness of the position, levels, dimensions and alignment of all parts thereof. If at
any time any error shall appear during the progress or on completion of any part of
the work, the contractor shall at his cost rectify such error if called upon, to the
satisfaction of the Bank.
17.     Immediately on receipt of intimation from the Bank of acceptance of the
tender, the successful tenderer shall execute the work within the time specified and
the written acceptance of SIDBI of a tender will constitute binding contract between
SIDBI, and the firm so tendering.
18. Defect Liability Period         Any defect or fault which may appear during 12
months from the date of completion of work/or supply and installation in full as
specified under the contract, arising in the opinion of the Bank from materials or
workmanship not in accordance with the contract, shall upon the directions in the
Bank and within such reasonable time as shall be specified therein, be amended and
made good by the contractor, at his own cost and in case of default the Bank may
employ or pay other person to amend and make good such defect/ fault and
damages, loss and expenses consequent thereupon or incidental thereto shall be
made good and borne by the contractor and such damages, loss and expenses shall

                                                                 Signature of Contractor
                                                         Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                                  for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.

be recoverable from him by the Bank, or may be deducted by the Bank upon the
Bank’s certificate in writing from any moneys due or that may become due to the
contractor. The contractor shall remain liable under the provision of this clause not
withstanding the signing by Bank or any certificate or passing of any accounts.
19. Each page of the tender documents is required to be signed by the person/
persons submitting the tender in token of his/their having accounted himself/
themselves with the special conditions, specifications, schedule of quantities, etc., as
laid down. Any tender with any of such documents not so signed is liable for rejection.
The tender submitted on behalf of a firm shall be signed by all the partners of the firm
or by a partner who has the necessary authority of behalf of the firm to enter into the
proposed contract otherwise the tender may be rejected by the SIDBI(employer).
20. The tender form must be filled in English and all entries must be made by hand
and written in ink. Rates shall necessarily be quoted both in figures and words in the
columns specified. The contractor must also fill in all “Rate only” columns, if indicated.
21. All erasures and alterations made while filling the tender must be attested by
initial of the tenderer. Overwriting of the figures is not permitted, failure to comply with
any of these condition will render the tender void. No advice of any change or
condition after the opening of the tender will be entertained.
22. The Contractor shall arrange to prepare mock-up of all respective items if
required by the Bank and shall submit the sample of materials to be used in the job
work/ furniture for approval of the Employer. If any materials are supplied by the
Employer, same shall be used only in his work. The Contractor shall give personnel
supervision during execution till expiry of defect liability period. The contractor shall
ensured that the work carried out is neat and clean and overall quality and finish shall
be constant. The vertical lines shall be in plumb and horizontal lines in perfect levels.
23. Time shall be considered as essence of the contract. The Bank reserves the
right to terminate the contract if the contractor fails to execute the job within the
specified period.
24. In the case of successful tender, the tenderer shall deposit security deposit
(SD) of prescribed amount, for due fulfillment of the contract, within three days from
the date of work order/ Letter of Intent (LOI). No interest shall be paid on the said
25. An amount of 10% of each bill will be deducted and retained as security deposit
subject to a maximum of 10% contract value inclusive of ISD for due fulfillment of the
contract. No interest shall be payable on the security deposit. The total security
deposit shall be released after successful completion of the defects liability period.
26. The value of interim bills, if any, shall not be less than 1.0 lakh.
27. Contractors final bill will be settled after completion of all the work based on the
actual quantities of work satisfactorily completed as certified by the Bank.
28. All payments shall be subject to deduction of IT & WCT as per rules.
29. All the damages to the walls, floors etc. or the works of any other agency during
the execution of the work, shall be repaired and modified by the contractor at his own
30. In all matter of dispute arising on the work, the Bank’s decision shall taken as
final and will be binding on the contractor.

                                                                   Signature of Contractor
                                                        Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                                 for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.

 31. No extra work shall be executed by the contractor without written permission of
 the employer (Bank). For execution of any extra item ,contractor shall submit rate
 analysis with necessary documents/quotation/bills etc. The rate for extra item shall be
 derived based on the standard rate analysis for material and labour plus applicable
 taxes as per CPWD. A sum of about 15% shall be paid towards contractor’s profit
 and overheads for extra items. In case of similar item available in tender, the rate for
 deviated/extra item shall be worked out therefrom.
 32. Insurance Clause
The contractor shall be responsible for all injury to persons, animals or things, and for
all structural damage to property which may arise from the operation or neglect of
himself or of any nominated sub-contractor’s employees, whether such injury or
damage arise from carelessness, accident or any other cause whatever in any way
connected with the carrying out of the contract. This clause shall be held to include,
inter-alia, any damages to buildings, whether immediately adjacent or otherwise, and
any damage to roads, streets, footpaths, bridges or ways as well as all damage
caused to the buildings and works forming the subject of this contract, by frost or other
inclemency of weather. The Contractor shall indemnify the employer and hold him
harmless in respect of all and any expenses arising from any such injury or damage to
persons or property as aforesaid and also in respect of any claim made in respect of
injury or damaged under any Acts of Government or otherwise and also in respect of
any Award of compensation or damages consequent upon such claims.

The Contractor shall reinstate all damages of every sort mentioned in this clause, so
as to deliver up the whole of the contract works complete and perfect in every respect
and so as to make good or otherwise satisfy all claims for damage to the property or
third                                                                          parties.

The employer shall be at liberty and is hereby empowered to deduct the amount of
any damage compensation, costs, charges and expenses arising or occurring from or
in respect of any such claims or damage from any or all sums due to or to become
due to the Contractor.

33.       LABOUR LAWS

The Contractor shall observe and strictly adhere to all prevailing labour laws inclusive
of Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) act of 1970 (late revision) and other
safety regulations.

34.       SAFETY CODE
The contractor shall follow all required safety norms for execution of work and he shall
only responsible for the same.

                                                                  Signature of Contractor
                                                Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                         for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.

       I / We hereby declare that I / We have read and understood the above
instructions and the same will remain binding upon me / us , in case the work is
entrusted to me / us.

                                                   Signature of the Contractor

Place :

Date :

                                                          Signature of Contractor
                                                                   Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                                            for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.

                                  PRICE BID-(Part-II)
                        (To be submitted in envelope no. 2)
    Quotation for Interior Furnishing/Renovation work of new office premises
                         for SIDBI Branch Office at Bareilly

Item   Description                                                Unit        Estimate d   Rate       Amount
No.                                                                           Qty          (Rs)       (Rs)
A      Civil Work/ Interior Work
1      Entrance partition with Door                               Sq.ft           100
       Providing, making and erecting in position fully
       Glazed Partition of 12 mm thick clear glass with
       necessary powder coated Aluminium sections for
       support/frame as like neighbouring IDBI bank along
       with provision of full height double leaf door of 1.2 M
       width with heavy duty floor spring of ISI approved
       make, locks, Decorative bended “C” shape Stainless
       Steel handles, door stopper/holder, etc. complete as
       Measurement shall be only upto false ceiling
       level.Work shall be carried out as per instructions of
2      Glazed Door for cabin-                                     Sq.ft           22
       Providing, making and erecting in position fully
       Glazed door shutter, CP teak wood member for shutter
       frame of 100 mm x 50 mm for top, sides and 150 mm x
       50 mm bottom rail with the glass fixed to be of 6 mm
       thick glass and with necessary Tick Wood bidding,
       moulding and heavy duty Brass pivots, locks,
       Decorative bended “C” shape SS handles, door
       stopper/holder, floor spring of ISI approved make etc.
       complete as directed.
       All exposed wooden surfaces to be finished with 3
       coats of melamine polish. All as per instructions of
3       Cabin Partition
       Full height partition (partly glazed)                         sq.ft.       200
       Providing and fixing partition frame work rigidly fixed
       to floor and slab having width of 61x 38.10 mm. &
       1.10mm thick@0.569 kg/m tubular aluminium
       sections, approved aluminium brackets/cleats, anti
       corrosive sheets metal screw etc. all complete as per
       specification & drawings (Vertical sections at max.
       600mm centers and at door jambs and horizontal
       section to be at floor level and 2 levels in between and
       at false ceiling level i.e., minimum total 5 nos.) and
       vertical members should be fixed to slab. work will be
       measured upto false ceiling level only.

                                                                               Signature of Contractor
                                                                    Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                                             for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.

Item   Description                                                 Unit      Estimate d   Rate         Amount
No.                                                                          Qty          (Rs)         (Rs)
       Also with P/F 8mm. Thick MDF of approved quality &
       make for partitions on both side etc. As per drawing.
       Including cost of making opening for switches, AC
       facias including grill. The rates quoted shall include
       providing openings for wiring and necessary IS
       specified screws adhesive etc all as per drawing &
       instruction of owner.
       Also P/F both side 1.00mm thick LAMINATE of
       approved quality, make & colour in specified pattern
       including surface preparation, pasting of laminate with
       approved adhesive & finishing it evenly to make a flat
       surface without bubble etc. Complete as per drawing.
       The cost of openings for switches, AC facia, wooden
       beading, moulding skirting should be included in the
       item having 3 coats of melamine polish for all exposed
       wooden surface. All as per instruction of owner. Partly
       glazed partitions glass (6mm th.) to be fixed above 3
       feet height as approved by the Bank. work will be
       measured upto false ceiling level only.

4      False Ceiling                                               sqft          650
       Providing and finishing false ceiling of 12.5 mm thk.
       Gyp. board fixed by using 25 mm long dry wall server
       and to the underside suspended GI channels grid
       compromising of suitable size as per site condition.
       Grid is suspended by GI soffet cleat (37 x 27 x 1.6
       mm) (using metal expansion fasteners of 12.5 mm dia,
       35 mm deep, 6 mm dia, & connecting clips and other
       accessories to comply with 1S - 2095-1982 and as per
       manufactures' Gypsum India specification.
       All joints shall be finished with joint paper and tape by
       using jointing compound of India Gypboard Ltd and
       applying over it 3 layers of the filler compound to
       provide a smooth surface. The base shall include
       making cuts for the tube lights, spot lights, grills of
       specified sizes etc. for which no extra shall be paid.
       Area of cutouts will be deducted as per IS-1200. Only
       plan area shall be considered for payment. All curved
       surfaces, recesses, waffles and corbellings shall be part
       of the flat area measurements, without any extra for the
       same. Also providing and applying 2 or more coats of
       plastic emulsion paint of approved make (Asian/
       Berger) and making necessary trap doors with
       Teakwood frame and marine ply doors complete.
       Rate shall also include the peripheral plywood
       boxing/rough wood framing wherever required
5      Painting                                                    Sqft       Quote
       Providing and applying 2 or more coats of plastic                     rate only
       emulsion paint of approved make (Asian/ Berger) on
       walls. The surface shall be thoroughly cleaned and
       prepared by raking old paints (existing) by sand
       papering and applying in putty to achieve smooth and
       truly levelled surface. Required number of coats and

                                                                              Signature of Contractor
                                                                     Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                                              for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.

Item   Description                                                Unit        Estimate d   Rate         Amount
No.                                                                           Qty          (Rs)         (Rs)
       type of primer as prescribed by manufacture shall be
       applied before the application of finishing coat as
       recommended by manufactures' specifications
6      Pantry Platform-                                           L.S         1
       Providing & fixing 20mm thick pantry platform with
       prepolished granite Black slab of size of about 3x1.5
       feet of approved shade,colour and texture laid over
       Cadappa stone platform cement mortar 1:4 (1 cement:
       4 coarse sand)/ adhesive with joints treated with white
       cement mixed with matching pigment, epoxy touch up,
       including rubbing, moulding ,curing etc complete at all
       level all complete as shown in drawing. Rate include
       for providing and fixing of one SS (1mm thick) of 16”
       x 12” size (or appropriate ) basin and one longbody CP
       Bibcock and waste pipe/coupling etc. complete

7      Providing ,laying ,testing including necessary             Rft         35
       breaking of wall, flooring ,restoration etc. 15 mm B
       Class GI pipeline with bends ,elbows etc for
       watersupply to the pantry, all inclusive complete

8      Providing ,laying ,testing ,connecting with necessary      Rft         35
       breaking of wall ,flooring ,restoration etc. 50mm PVC
       pipe pipeline with bends,elbows etc, for waste water of
       the pantry, all inclusive complete.

9      Vertical Blinds                                            Sq.ft.      100
       Providing & fixing in position 100mm wide vertical
       blinds with proper mechanism of open & close of
       approved fabric,colour, shade & design of approved
       make complete as per drawing & direction of client

10     Supply and installation of 4mm /6 mm thick aluminum        Sq.ft.      50
       composite panel on the façade of the premises as per
       the existing shade and thickness, etc., including
       supporting frame etc. complete.

11     Non-Reflective Film Over Glass-                            Sq.ft       50
       Providing & fixing non-reflective film over glass
       partition/doors of approved colour, design as per
       manufacture’s specification & as per direction of
       consultants(make Garware or approved equivalent)

       TOTAL (CIVIL & Interior Work)

                                                                               Signature of Contractor
                                                                         Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                                                  for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.


Sl.No   ITEM DESCRIPTION                      Estimated    Unit         Rate(Rs                    Am
                                              Quantity                  )                         ount
        Point wiring in areas with false
        ceiling in PVC Heavy gauge
        electrical conduit partly in walls,
        slabs, beams columns and partly
        suspended above false ceiling
        (The point shall be drawn from
        Distribution Board to light point
        and no extra payment on account
        of circuit sub mains is payable)
        complete with FRLS stranded
        conductor :
        1) Continuous G.I. earth wire of
        specified sizes in secured
        2) Wiring with PVC insulated
        stranded copper wire as current
        carrying conductors of specified
        3) Internal earth conductor using
        single PVC insulated stranded
        copper wire of specified size.
        4) Necessary MS flat 25 x 4 mm
        suspenders for securing conduit
        above false ceiling if any.
1.1     Point wiring all as above for one     6            no
        light point controlled by one
1.2     Point wiring all as above for two     6            no
        light point controlled by one
1.3     Point wiring all as above for 15
        Amp 3 Pin sockets all as per          7            no
        item 1.0 but, with single PVC
        insulated 2.5 sqmm x 2 stranded
        copper wires & necessary
        earthing completed with
        accessories such 15 Amp/ 5
        Amp 3 Pin plug socket and 16
        Amp modular switch ,GI box
        with indicator light and fuse
        (glass bulb type)
2.0     Modular Switch Plates
        Supply, installation, testing and
        commissioning of concealed
        type power plug points complete
        in all respect including wiring
        with 3nos. x 2.5 sq mm copper
        PVC insulated wire in PVC
        conduit as given below

                                                                                   Signature of Contractor
                                                                Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                                         for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.

2.1   Set of Modular plate type             3     Nos.
      6Ax2Nos. socket outlets with
      16A switch & 6/16A Switch
      socket (switches with indicator)
      for computer power to be
      mounted on partition/wall.
2.2   3 pin socket of 20Amp with plug       3     Nos.
      top & 25A SP MCB with metal
      enclosure         on         wooden
      partitioning/wall/below          on
      independent circuit with 3 core
      4sqmm copper cable from DB
      ioncluding necessary earthing
3.1   Supplying, erecting, testing &
      commissioning of light fixtures
      complete with           duly wired
      including all fixing accessories
      such as suspension rods/
      mounting brackets etc. as
      a)        Installation, testing and
      commissioning of 2 x 36 W
      light fitting with fluorescent
      tubes directly on false ceiling
      including supplying and fixing        10    No.
      of M. S. clamps etc including
      interconnection between light
      points     and      fittings   with
      necessary PVC insulated
      flexible FRLS            copper
      conductor cable          etc as
      required       equivalent       to
      PHILIPS catelogue TB5
      518/236 HPF with mirror
      optic fittings as approved
      b)        Mystic 3 inch white
      reflector 15 W CFL ternado of         8     No.
      Philips .

      c) Providing and fixing modular
      type      switch     plate     ,
      switche,sockets 6/16A      with
      necessary GI box and cover            20    No.
      plate etc. complete and making
      necessary     connection   etc.

                                                                          Signature of Contractor
                                                            Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                                     for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.

4.0   DB’s and Cabling, MCB Dbs
      and MCBs
4.1   Supplying, erecting, testing &    1    Set
      commissioning ,termination etc
      omplete with single earth
      connection TPN MCB DB with
           a) with 63 A Double pole
                MCB as incomer
           b) outgoing 10 A MCB–
                3nos. & 15 A MCB- 3
           Including necessary wiring
           & termination
           (For Lighting/Fan &
           Computer only)
4.2   Supplying, erecting, testing &
      commissioning complete with
      double earth connection TPN
      MCB DB
        a) with 63 A MCB 4 Pole
             incomer                    1    Set .
        b) 20 A MCB- 4 nos.
        Including necessary wiring &
        ( For raw power and
        A/C, computer )

5     Earthing Pit                      1    No.
      Providing earthing as per
      IS/3043 with 600 x 600 x 3 mm
      Cu. Plate with necessary Cu.
      Strip 25 x 3 mm as earth
      conductor upto inspection point
      from earth electrode complete
      with 2” GI pipe inspection
      chamber, chamber frame and
      hinged cover with brass mesh
      necessary charcoal, salt, black
      cotton soil etc. complete
A     Telephone points -
      Supply & Installation of
      telephone socket complete with
      shutter to be mounted on wall /
      Partition as below:

1     RJ 11 single socket               3    No

                                                                      Signature of Contractor
                                                             Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                                      for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.

2     Telephone outlet box of MK          3     No
      make (1 to 3 module size) fixed
      flush in wall for mounting
      telephone socket module plate
      (without module plate).
3     Supply & Installation of            10    Rmt
      telephone wire drawn in under
      floor, trunking/conduits
      including end terminations.
      2pair, 0.5mm

B     LAN cabling
      Supply & installation of LAN
      system including supply
      ,termination of I/O’s Cat 6
      cables complete in all aspect as
      per approval of Client. I/O
      jacks or face plates shall have
      integrated dust free cover.

1     4pair, Cat 6, UTP cable from        15    Rmt
      data socket to jack panel through
      trunking /conduits as required.

2     Cat 6 UTP jack (I/O Port), Tool     3     Nos

3     Face plate, dual                    3     No.
4     Patch cord, cat 6, 7 feet, Jack     3     No.
      panel end

7.0   RACKS           &       LOCAL       1     Set
      ACCESSORIES           (    make
      president,valrack,HCL         or
      Supply & Installation of Closed
      door rack, 6 U, floor mounted
      Horizontal cable Manager, 1U
      (12 Nos.)
      Gang Box for face plate (12


8     Supplying, erecting, testing &      1     No
      commissioning Light duty
      exhaust fan of 225mm, 900 rpm,
      230 V, 50Hz, with company
      made louvers, complete erected
      in position recessed in window/
      brick wall with grouting of nuts,
      bolts as per site requirement.
      (make Crompton,Bajaj,or
      approved equivalent)

                                                                       Signature of Contractor
                                                                 Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                                          for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.

9       Supply,installation, testing        10      Rmt
        ,commissioning 25 sq mm
        copper cable for drawing power
        connection from metre to
        distribution board including
        conduiting, chasing ,misc related
        work etc. complete as directed

                                                 TOTAL ELECTRICAL,LAN WORK

    A Civil & Interior Work                                     Rs.

    B     Electrical & LAN work etc                             Rs.

          GRAND TOTAL                                           Rs.

                                                                           Signature of Contractor
                                                                     Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                                              for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.


1) All materials to be used should be as per the list given below .
2) Use of equivalent make shall be only with prior approval from clients in writing. It must be at par
with specified list below, in all respect any additional expenditure time due to this will be on contractors
account and no claims shall be entertained.
3) Contractor should make payment to all suppliers / sub- contractor proportionately as per the
payment received from client for the particular item of work otherwise client have full rights to make
payment to the party directly to avoid any payment problem with supplier / sub - contractor.
4) Client reserve the right to select / prefer the material from the approved list.
5) If any material is not mentioned in the list , same shall be of reputed brand as decided by SIDBI.

 Sr.No.     Material                                   Approved make / sub-                    Remarks
                                                       contractor suppliers
 A          Wood
 1          Old Burma Teakwood                         No specific supplier,contractor to      Open market material.
                                                       obtain approval for samples.
 2          CP - Teakwood                              No specific supplier,contractor to      Open market material.
                                                       obtain approval for samples.
 3          Hardwood                                   No specific supplier,contractor to      Open market material.
                                                       obtain approval for samples.
 4          Wood to match the veneers to be used.      Jalaram, Anchor or approved             Open market material.
 B          Plywood
 1          Commercial Ply                             Anchor, Swastik Kitply, Century,
 2          Marine ply (IS:710)                        Anchor 72, Kitply (Kitgold), Century,
                                                       Wester India
 3          Particle Board                             Sonapan, Egger, Anchor, Novatek or
                                                       approved equivalent
 4          Block Board (IS:1659)                      Kitgold board, Anchor, Century or       Marine grade
                                                       approved equivalent
 C          Decorative Veneers /
 1          Veneers                                    Jalaram, Anchor, Western India          Group match and lot to be
 2          Laminate                                   Kitlam, Greenlam, Merino,Formica,
 D          Glass
 1          Glass                                      Asahi, Modiguard, Saint Gobian, Float
                                                       Glass India
 E          Adhesives and Preservatives
 1          Adhesive                                   Fevicol, Vamicol, Kitcol, Araldite, 3
 F          Paints & Polishes
 1          Interiors paint, Acrylic, Luster, Enamel   ICI, Dulux, Nerolac, Asian, Burger,
 2          Exterior paint, Acrylic base               Wethersheild

                                                                                   Signature of Contractor
                                                              Interior furnishing/ renovation work
                                                       for proposed branch office at Bareilly, U.P.

3   Exteriors paint, cement base                 Snow cem, Nitco
4   Melamine                                     MRF, Solvosol, Asian
G   False Ceiling
1   Gypsum                                       Gypsum India or approved equivalent
H   Hardware
1   Screws                                       GKW., Nettlefold and approved
2   Locks for cabinets                           Godrej, Vision, CIEF, Natraj, ACME
3   Floor springs / door closers                 Dorma, Hafle, Everite or approved
                                                 equivalent (ISI Mark)
4   Hinges (Brass / SS finish)                   GRASS, BLUM, Mepla
    For Cabindoors                               Brass oxidized or S.S. With Bush
5   Tower bolts                                  Brass oxidized or S.S.
6   Key holdes, door stopper / holder            Matching with handles
7   Sliding drawer channels                      GRASS, BLUM, Mepla, EBCO
8   Metal slide door channel                     GRASS, BLUM, Mepla, EBCO
I   Soft furnishing
1   Carpet                                       Armstrong, Transasia, Modi, Godrej,
                                                 Shringar Enterprises
2   Vinyl flooring                               Krishna Vinyl, Armstrong
3   Glass film for Tint, safety/ frosting etc.   Garwal or equivalent
4   Venetian, Vertical, Roller                   Viesta, HunterDouglas,Mac, Aerolex
5   Suncontrol film                              Garware or approved equivalent
J   Electrical work
1   Metal clad socket, MCBs, Isolator            MDS/Crompton/ Havells/Seimens
2   PVC copper wire                              RPG/FINOLEX/CCI/Polycab
3   Armoured/ steel breaded cables               RPG/FINOLEX/CCI/Polycab
4   GI conduit                                   BEC/ Vimco
5   Switches & socket                            MDS/MK/ Crabtree/Anchor Roma
6   Tube light & fixture & accessories           Philips/ GE
7   Electronic chokes                            Philips/ Inava/GE


                                                                          Signature of Contractor

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