The York City Ice Arena

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					The York City Ice Arena
Located in Memorial Park
941 Vander Avenue
York, PA 17403
Fax: 717-854-2109

The York City Ice Arena is South Central PA’s Premier Ice Sports Facility. This truly spectacular
facility offers high quality ice-skating programs as well as non-skating recreation and
entertainment events.

Both rinks feature 85' x 200' NHL regulation ice surfaces. Each rink has seating for 300
spectators plus 5 Locker Rooms and 1 Referee Room to accommodate skating participants. Wide
public areas inside each rink allow for comfortable spectator movement or vendor placement.
One surface is without ice for a portion of the summer. The surface without ice has been used in
the past for off-ice training, lacrosse and in-line skating. The length of time that the ice is down
will vary depending on the need for ice time each summer.

The Front Lobby is a large area offering many opportunities for registration or vendor tables and
a warm area for spectators between events. The lobby holds the Snack Bar and Seating Area,
Full-Service Hockey Pro-Shop, Ticketing and Skate Room Area, access to the Second Floor and a
hallway that connects both Rinks and the lobby. The Party Room Area on the first floor can be
divided into 3 smaller rooms or used as one large room.

The Zamboni Room is a large maintenance room with an overhead garage door to the outside
rear parking area, allowing vehicles and large equipment to be brought into the facility for
events. Garage door access is then available from the Zamboni Room into Rink 1 and Rink 2.

New visitors to the rink are often surprised to learn that there is a Second Floor, which holds the
following: Bob Hoffman Foundation Weight Room, a large Community Room, Meeting Room and
the USA Hockey Coaching Resource Center. Events held at the Arena may have access to the
Weight Room for event participants. The Community Room, with windows overlooking both
rinks, is utilized for a variety of purposes and is rented for private parties.

Event planners will benefit from a variety of options that the facility provides. With large
amounts of space and the capacity to hold thousands of people, the ice arena is ideal for
tournaments, competitions and other events of any size. The Ice Arena welcomes and strives to
accommodate any ice-sports or non-skating event.

Two Ice Surfaces: The Following Applies to Each Surface Unless Noted:
Rink 1 and Rink 2
•   85’ X 200’ NHL Regulation Size- 17,000 Square Feet
•   Ice Surface Plus Surrounding Area is 225’ x 125’- 28,125 Square Feet
•   Spectator Seating for 500
•   Garage Door Access
•   5 Locker Rooms and 1 Referee Room Adjacent to Each Surface
One Ice Surface is Available Without Ice Each Summer, the Length of Time is typically 3 weeks
but may vary each year

Lobby- Cross-Shaped
•  Horizontal Area- 169’ x 27’- 4563 Square Feet
•  Vertical Area- 71’ x 30’- 2130 Square Feet
•  Snack Bar and Seating Area
•   Game Room- pinball, video games, air-hockey, bubble hockey
•   Edge Performance Pro-Shop
•   Hallway for Access Between Rink 1 and Rink 2
•   Rink Tables and Chairs May Be Available for Events
•   Skate Rental Available

Party Room Area
•    46½’ x 16’
•    744 square feet
•    Direct Access to Party Room Area from Lobby and Rink 1; Includes 12 Tables and 45 Chairs
(3) Individual Rooms: Party Room Area Has Dividers and Can be Sectioned Off Into 1 Room, 2 Rooms or 3
•    Each Individual Room: 15’x 16’ Rooms
•    248 square feet

Zamboni Room
•  10’ x 9’ and 11’ x 30 ½’
•  90 square feet and 335 square feet
•  Access to Back of Both Rinks and the Second Floor Community Room
•  Access to Rear Parking Lot with Garage Door Opening to Rear Parking Lot
•  Garage door access available from the Zamboni Room into Both Rinks
•  Allows for vehicles and large equipment to be brought into the facility for events.

Snack Bar
•  Large Variety of Food and Beverage Options
•  Seating Area in Heated Lobby

Community Room
   Windows Overlooking Both Rinks
   60’ x 100’
   Carpeted Area with Bathrooms
   The Number of Guests the room can hold for a specific event varies depending on set-up
   45 tables and 280 chairs available
   8 Round Tables
   Sound System available
   Event Liquor License
   Snack Bar Area
   Platform Riser “Stage”

Bob Hoffman Foundation Gym
•  29½’ x 61’
•  1799.5 square feet
•  Weight Training Equipment and Exercise Bikes
•  Events held at the Arena may have access to the Weight Room for Event participants.

•   26’ x 16’ Meeting Room
•   416 square feet
•   White Board for Teaching and Instruction

USA Hockey Resource Center
•  9’ x 16’ 9”
•  153 square feet
•  Overlooks Rink 2
•  Available for use by any Atlantic District Coach
•  A Full Library of Educational Videos and DVD’s that can be signed out and viewed in the Resource
Board Room: 17 ½’ x 14 ½’
•  254 square feet
•  Overlooks Rink 1

Second Floor Storage Room: 30’ x 14’
•  420 square feet

•  Public Skating
•  Learn to Skate Program
•  Learn to Play Hockey
•  Birthday Parties
•  Group Programs and Fundraising Opportunities
•  Scout Programs
•  Open Hockey and Stick & Puck
•  Open Freestyle Sessions
•  Ol’ Timers Hockey- Over 30
•  Hockey Clinics for All Ages and Levels of Ability
•  Bud Light Adult Hockey League
•  York Ice Hockey Club- In-House and Travel Teams- Ages 3-17
•  White Rose Figure Skating Club
•  CPIHL- Junior High and High School Games and Practices
•  Annual Hockey Tournaments
•  Annual White Rose Figure Skating Invitational
•  Coach Cleveland’s Summer Pro-Am Hockey
•  Special Olympics
•  YCRC Cash Bingo
•  Rink-run Events and Live Band Shows
•  Community Room Private Rental for receptions, parties, concerts.

Many Other Recreation Activities Are Available in the Area:
•  Batting Cages
•  Sand Volleyball
•  Softball Fields
•  Mini-Golf Course
•  Rock Climbing Wall in the Spring and Summer
•  Roll R Way Family Skating Center

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