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Nukewatch Staffer _ Volunteer Get Prison _ Fine for Anti-Torture


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									                              A publication of the Progressive Foundation — Spring 2006

    News & Information on Nuclear Weapons, Power, Waste & Nonviolent Resistance

   Nukewatch Staffer & Volunteer Get
  Prison & Fine for Anti-Torture Action
                                          Early in February, the week     “disappeared” prisoners;
                                          after a military jury in        and carried out the massacre
                                          Colorado decided not to jail    of 900 civilians at El Mozote
                                          a U.S. Army interrogator        in El Salvador.
                                          who had been found guilty            In the 1990s, nine of the
                                          of negligent homicide in the    SOA’s training manuals ⎯
                                          death of an Iraqi prisoner,*    which included barbaric and
                                          a U.S. Magistrate in Colum-     illegal interrogation methods
                                          bus, Georgia sentenced          ⎯ were unearthed by
                                          dozens of human rights          activists with “SOA Watch.”
                                          activists to prison, includ-    The manuals proved the
                                          ing Nukewatch staffer John      school was teaching torture.
                                          LaForge and volunteer Jane           According to investi-
                                          Hosking. (See: Acting           gations begun after the April
                                          Against Torture, p.2)           2004 disclosure of the Abu
                                               Jane and John were         Ghraib prison scandal in Iraq,
                 Photo by John LaForge    sentenced by Magistrate         these same torture tech-                        Photo by Jeff Peterson
Jane Hosking, Anathoth Community Mallon Faircloth to the                  niques “migrated” to military
                                                                                                          Sentenced to 6 months, Nukewatch
Farm member and Nukewatch volun- maximum penalty of 6                     prisons in Afghanistan,
                                                                                                          staffer John LaForge is awaiting as-
teer, has been sentenced to 6 months months and were both                 Guantánamo Bay, Iraq and as
                                                                                                          signment to a federal prison for his
in federal prison for taking a stand ordered to pay a $1000 fine.         many as 20 secret prisons
                                                                                                          trespass against torture at SOA.
against U.S. torture.                          They were among a          around the world run by the
                                          group of 37 human rights        CIA.
activists who were convicted of trespassing at Fort Benning, home to           Sentences for Jane and John will likely begin April 11, 2006. As
the U.S. Army’s notorious School of the Americas (SOA), recently          we go to press their designation was pending. Your gift to Nukewatch
renamed the “Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation.”      will help support Jane and John.
Critics have dubbed WHISC the “School of Assassins.”
      The 37 defendants, ranging in age from 19 to 81, were charged
after peacefully entering the Army base Nov. 20 during a protest that           *Abusive G.I.’s Not Pursued, Survey Finds
involved a record 19,000 people from around the world. Federal trespass
                                                                           “BAGHDAD, Iraq, Feb. 22 (AP) ⎯ The longest sentence for any
is a petty misdemeanor with a maximum penalty of 6 months in prison.       member of the American military linked to a torture-related death of a
Five others were also sentenced to the max. (See: Prison Sentences,        detainee in Iraq or Afghanistan has been five months, a human rights
p.2)                                                                       group reported Wednesday.
      The U.S. Army-run SOA trains soldiers and police forces from              “In only 12 of 34 cases has anyone been punished for the con-
Latin America. Graduates of the SOA have gone on to commit the             firmed or suspected killings, said the group Human Rights First, which
Western hemisphere’s worst human rights atrocities of the last 50          is based in New York and Washington. ...
years. As Naomi Klein reported in The Nation, SOA graduates:                    “The interrogator, Chief Warrant Officer Lewis E. Welshofer, Jr.,
assassinated Archbishop Oscar Romero of San Salvador; killed six           originally charged with murder [of Iraqi General Abed Hamed Mowhoush
Jesuit Priests, their housekeeper and her daughter in El Salvador;         in 2003], was convicted of negligent homicide in a military trial last
undertook the organized theft of babies from Argentina’s                   month and was reprimanded, without jail time. ...”

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