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									           10 Secrets to Successful Speed Cleaning

                        Speed Cleaning Secret #1
                        Speed is indeed the secret

Dear friend,

I never really thought I was the type of person to give advice on cleaning –
let alone speed cleaning. But then I thought about it. Who better to tell you
how to get a house clean fast – and be done with it – than someone who
absolutely hates cleaning? And that, my friend, is exactly who should be
coaching you.

Get „er done! And then you have time to spend on much more satisfying

Speed cleaning though just doesn‟t mean racing through your house like a
mad person trying to manage the unmanageable (Ah! You‟ve figured that
out already, have you?)

The key to speed cleaning is organization. And when I say organization I
mean it in two senses. First, you need to know exactly what needs tackled
in each room. And you need to have all of your tools at your fingertips as
you travel from room to room.

Now, you can handle that, can‟t you? I was sure of it. So you have a little
bit of homework to do between now and our next meeting through this

Decide what exactly needs done – if you house is anything like mine used to
look like you‟ll say everything. Make certain aspects of your first speed
cleaning tips a priority. If you need to bust some of the clutter lying around
before you can breeze through your house cleaning, consider that first.

Perhaps you need to spend time concentrating on the floors . . . or the
furniture . . . or even a certain room . . . like the kitchen.

Think about this. As I reveal certain secrets, your job is to adapt my
suggestions to your specific cleaning needs. In the meantime, survey your
house and note your most critical areas. I‟ll help to prepare you to tackle
If you‟re serious about cleaning your house in record time, visit:

                  Speed Cleaning Secret #2
         What do you wear to a speed-cleaning party?

What is someone threw a speed-cleaning party and nobody came? And if
you are invited to a speed-cleaning party, exactly what do you wear?

I‟ll give you one hint: no heels, no sequins.

Now that we‟ve got that settled, let‟s delve a little deeper. I‟ve discovered
that when I clean I need to wear comfy clothes. And I‟m talking comfy to
the point of sloppiness. It used to embarrass me (not to mention my spouse
and children!) but then I realized that it was a very smart move.

If I even wore an old pair of jeans, I know myself well enough to realize I‟d
start complaining about how tight they were. I would stop in mid-speed
cleaning and just give up. And that got me absolutely nowhere.

So even before I start, I make sure I‟m in jogging pants – oh, yeah! Nice
and loose to provide me with a full range of motions – and an old oversized
tee-shirt. I don‟t wear long sleeves – because I would become obsessed
with pushing them up above my elbows.

I realize your house may be a little . . . well, untidy at the moment. But if
you can find an old outfit like this . . . it‟s the perfect speed-cleaning outfit.

In the next email, we‟ll discuss organizing yourself so as you hustle through
your home, you have all the tools you need – right by your side!

If until then you need to check out some of the most important speed-
cleaning tips, visit: {www.speedcleaningcopy.com}.

                  Speed Cleaning Secret #3
          How do you organize your tools of the trade?

Great! I see you‟re dressed for our speed-cleaning session, large, even an
oversized tee-shirt, and comfy jogging pants. But now we have a serious
problem; I can see it now.
Your hands are filled with all sorts of cleaners, dusters, mops and pails. To
what purpose? Oh, a special cleaner for the bathroom, along with a special
brush. Certain “tools” for the kitchen . . . and then there are those special
needs for the living room . . .

Stop right there! If you‟re going to survive this Olympic speed-cleaning
event – and actually put any speed in the cleaning – you need to divest
yourself of some of well, the more bulky items. And this is especially true if you
find yourself with duplicate “weapons of mass destruction of dirt.”

And you need to carry them in a much more efficient way – in a way that allows
you to carry the most cleaning bang for your buck so to speak.

It‟s long been a debate among speed cleaning experts: what do you carry your
tools in.

Experts come down distinctly in two camps. The first are those experts who favor
an apron. These individuals feel that there‟s no need to actually carry any thing in
your hands. As long as you‟re going into a room, carry it on your person. These
experts favor an apron with pockets large enough to carry spray bottles and deep
enough to stuff various dusters and cloths into.

Then there are those individuals who favor a divided tote all devise. This plastic
tote is divided into various compartments. Each cleaning bottle, duster and cloth
would have its own space in this tote. You may even want to carry two of these.
In this way, you don‟t have to interrupt your cleaning route.

But, I claim that there‟s a third option . . . and in fact it‟s my favorite. I believe it‟s
better than the apron and even better than the tote all.

Want to know what it is? Go to {www.speedcleaningcopy.com} to discover my
personal favorite method of carrying the tools of your trade.

                      Speed Cleaning Secret #4
                   The Green Side of Speed Cleaning

Yes, what would a course on speed cleaning be if I neglected one of the
hints that is probably high on your list of questions? How can you clean and
not pump more toxins into your home in the process?

Have you ever used some of those spot carpet cleaners? Sure, they may
take the stain out of your carpet, but they replace it with a horrendous odor.
If you use some of these cleaners during the summer when you have your
windows open, you may not notice this smell. But if you‟re forced to use
this spot cleaner in the winter when your windows are shut tight, you‟ll
definitely notice it.

But the carpet cleaner isn‟t the only toxic cleaner you bring into your home.
That spotless home you‟re yearning for may be causing your family untold,
small symptoms of distress. Symptoms you may not even associate with
the cleaners you‟re using.

But, you ask, what are my alternatives? Why don‟t you just make your own
cleaners? Using very few ingredients, you can create great cleaners that
work wonders on just about any surface of your home.

Actually, it‟s a no brainer. You reduce the number of cleaners you really
need – and you reduce the toxicity as well. And the icing on the cake?
They‟re so very easy to create.

Let me share just one of these with you quickly now. Here‟s a quick cleaner
that‟s sure to help to deodorize your home without using artificial sprays.

                       Peppermint Deodorizing Mist

1 8 oz fine-mist spray bottle.
8 oz white distilled vinegar
20-30 drops peppermint essential oil

Combine the two ingredients in the spray mist bottle. (If you‟re having
trouble finding a bottle that mists finely, visit your local beauty-supply

How to use this incredible spray:

Spray an area. Leave the room. (So far this sounds heavenly!) Be careful
not to place your face into the mist to sniff the spray.

The odor will be gone within minutes. Then you can wipe the counter
surfaces down. It seems to work especially well on onion, cabbage and
garlic odors.

Want more “green” home remedies? Go to {www.speedcleaningcopy.com}
where you‟ll find a few more of these incredibly powerful – and unbelievably
green – cleaners.
                    Speed Cleaning Secret #5
               One of the Speed Bumps: the Kitchen

Ouch. What was that? A speed bump? Yes. It‟s called a speed bump on
the super highway of cleaning. As you zoom and vroom around your rooms,
you‟ll discover that some rooms are natural speed bumps – especially if it‟s
been a while since you‟ve spent any time cleaning!

The kitchen is one of the biggest. Well, just look at it. Between the stove
and the refrigerator and the floors and the sink with all those dishes . . . well
do I really need to continue?

So today, we‟re going to give you a small hint on reducing the “bump” in the
room and increasing the “speed” portion. This secret deals with the
refrigerator and those dreaded left overs.

If your house is anything like mine, the refrigerator merely stores leftovers
you feel guilty about throwing out right away. You store last night‟s meal in
the fridge until it becomes last week‟s meal. Then you wait another month
until it gets good and green with mold.

Now, you have a dilemma. How do you get the food out of it cozy container
with choking on the smell or vomiting at the mere sight of it?

If the choice is slowing you down too much – or you just can‟t identify what
it is that you‟ve kept in the specific container – toss the entire thing – yes,
food and container too!

Then, in the future, you‟re going to “invest” in those marvelous plastic
containers that are billed as disposable. These wonderful marvels had to
have been invented by a person who uses his refrigerator as a way station of
left overs like I do.

When you store all your left overs in these relatively inexpensive containers,
you have no guilt about tossing the food – container and all. Of course, I
could tell you that you need to clean your refrigerator out weekly. And in
the ideal world, I‟m suggesting that. But until you work your way up to that
lofty goal – buy disposable containers.

Want to learn more secrets about those speed bumps along the
superhighway of cleaning? Visit {www.speedcleaningcopy.com}.
                    Speed Cleaning Secret #6
             One of the Speed Bumps: the Bathroom

Maybe you can give me the answer to this Zen riddle: How can a room that
is meant to get us smelling so clean smell so awful itself?

I‟m talking about the bathroom, of course! Mine had always seemed to have
this perpetual, lingering odor about it. It‟s almost as if it lurked in the
background, just waiting for me to walk in – and then Bam! It hit me right
where it hurt – in the olfactory glands!

The bathroom is another speed bump along that giant super highway of
cleaning. And it‟s the one we‟re going to tackle together today.

Even more than the smell, the bathroom has several other obstacles in
cleaning that can slow you down. Like the toilet. The bathtub ring. Even
the floor in some instances.

Today though we‟re going to concentrate on the toilet. Nobody wants to
clean the toilet. Hopefully, this dreaded chore will be just a little less
dreaded when you use this wonderful “green” homemade remedy for a dirty,
stinky toilet.

Here‟s my homemade “recipe” for a toilet bowl cleaner that requires a
minimal amount of sticking your arm down the toilet and maximizes the “let
it sit and soak” theory of cleaning.

And the best part if, that it disinfects while it cleans and deodorizes.

If you‟re in need of a serious cleaning, use this on those splotchy glass
shower doors, and you‟ll leave with a streak-free clean

The Toilet Bowl Cleaner

1 cup white distilled vinegar
5 drops tea tree oil

To deodorize your toilet bowls, pour ½ to one cup of this vinegar mixture in
your bowl. Allow it to sit for several hours before flushing. You‟ll be amazed
at how it lightens the smell.
With this sweet smelling mixture, you‟re less likely to come to a complete
stop in your cleaning when you hit this speed bump.

The next secret I reveal deals with cleaning your furniture! If, in the
meantime, you want to learn more about my very special brand of speed
cleaning, visit: {www.speedcleaningcopy.com}.

                    Speed Cleaning Secret #7
            One of the Speed Bumps: Wood Furniture

Stop! What do you think you‟re doing?

Don‟t waste good speed cleaning time polishing that furniture! If it‟s new
furniture, it already has a protective finish to it. There‟s no need to do much
more than dust it.

And if it‟s a teak finish, well, oil it down for now and let that oil sit for several
hours (preferably overnight!)

And there you have it in a nutshell, another speed bump crushed in your
race to clean your house – efficiently. I feel, though, as if I have to give you
one more viable tip – and when it comes to furniture there‟s a lot of
misinformation floating around. So I‟ll let you in on a secret that neither the
manufacturers of the furniture will tell you nor will those who make furniture
polish really want you to know.

You can make your own “green” furniture cleaners. It costs a fraction of
what it would if you bought a commercial one and it‟s much better not only
for the environment, but for your own health as well. And, by the way, your
furniture will simply love it too.

At the website {www.speedcleaningcopy.com} there are several from which
to choose, this is one of my favorites. It‟s also one that‟s recommended for
teak furniture. And if you own any teak you know how careful you have to
be with that finish.

Use either of the following two and you can‟t go wrong:

¼ teaspoon light olive oil
¼ cup white vinegar

¼ cup walnut oil
4 drops lemon extract

Once you use these “recipes” I‟m betting you‟ll never buy commercial
furniture polish and oil again.

If you want to learn more about speed cleaning, visit:

In our next secret, I‟ll reveal the secret to getting your windows sparkling
clean (and if you think you already know this one, you just may be in for a
real surprise!).

                 Speed Cleaning Secret #8
      I Can See Clearly Now: Speed Cleaning Windows

Wait! Don‟t click that delete button yet! I can read your mind. You‟re
thinking that you already know the secret to sparkling clean windows. Your
grandmother taught you.

A little apple cider vinegar – and a newspaper – and just spray and rub. Oh,
but that‟s not quite right! Oh, I know your grandmother meant well. But
the actually rubbing of the windows really isn‟t very good for them.

And where do I get my information. From an authority, of course. In this
case, this advice comes from a professional window washer who makes his
living in New York City. Think about it! There are a lot of windows to be
washed in the city that never sleeps.

So, what do you use then? To get your windows incredibly squeaky clean in
record time, you need just a squirt of mild liquid detergent in a bucket of
water. And you need a squeegee!

That‟s right! Just go ahead and recycle that pile of newspapers you‟ve been
saving – and save that apple cider vinegar for other areas of your home!

According to professional window cleaning Brent Weingart, “all that rubbing
of the windows” that goes along with our traditional cleaning isn‟t good.
“You‟re just moving dirt around from one spot to another.”
But more than that, he explains, you‟re “putting a static charge on the glass,
which attracts even more dust and dirt . . . as soon as you finish, the
window looks dirty again!”

Want to know the exact technique Weingart uses – what he calls the
“backward „s‟”? It‟ll get your windows clean quickly and efficiently. For this,
and a few other tricks of the window cleaning trade, visit

In our next secret, I‟ll clue you in on the secret to keeping up with your

                      Speed Cleaning Secret #9
                       Mastering the Laundry

Laundry! It‟s one of the universal elements of housework we all seem to
avoid like the plague. And with good reason. It just never seems to end. It
seems that no sooner than you put your clothes into the washer than you
have to transfer them to the dryer. Then you have to hurry to get them out
of the dryer (or God forbid they‟ll wrinkle!).

And then once you take them out of the dryer, your family actually expects
to find them in dresser drawers and closets again.

Then there‟s the ultimate insult: ironing the clothes. I always feel betrayed
when I have to iron. You see, I took the phrase “permanent press” literally!
Silly me!

But there are several tricks you can try before you get desperate enough to
reach for that iron and ironing board. If it‟s lightweight clothing or linens
and sheets you‟re ironing, try throwing (or sticking as we say in my house)
in the dryer with a damp towel before you perform the ultimate dreaded task
of ironing! Sometimes this works to take any wrinkles out!

Another way to remove wrinkles from clothes without ironing is to mist them
with some water (not too much!) and hang them in the bathroom. This may
help to work the wrinkles out.

If bad comes to worse, you‟ll have to iron!
In the next – and final secret of speed cleaning – I‟ll talk about one of the
banes of cleaning: the daily mail.

                    Speed Cleaning Secret #10
                  What Do I Do With All This Mail?

Look around your home. If you could reduce one category of item lying
around, what would it be? In my house, it would be the mail. I get very few
letters that are personalized any more. Most of the mail I receive falls into
two categories – junk or bills.

And knowing that actually makes it easier to do something about it. If you
find that your junk mail is taking over your dining room table, and your bills
are getting lost on your living room floor, then I‟ve got a system for you.

You start by retrieving your mail from the box. But as you enter your home,
don‟t put it down on the dining room table without looking at it. Go directly
to the waste basket. Now, sort through everything you know you don‟t want
and will never look at. Toss them in the basket.

Now, take all your bills and place them on your desk – not your dining room
table! Preferably place them in a basket that you‟ll use come next payday to
pay them!

Look at what you have left. You may have a few personal items. But mostly
you have ads that you‟ll eventually look at before you go grocery shopping
the next time or other items of interest. Place these in a separate basket to
be glanced at later.

And if you don‟t get a chance to look at them later, they‟re contained in a
basket so they‟re not cluttering up your house. My junk mail – before I
instituted this practice – would end up under my couch and various other

It‟s been great sharing these 10 secrets to speed cleaning with you. But
they only begin to give you the real feel for a quick and efficient cleaning
method. To learn even more about my speed cleaning secrets, visit
{www.speedcleaningcopy.com}. There you can learn even more about how
to effortlessly and painlessly clean your house in record time.

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