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    Cruises have traditionally been the preserve of the wealthy and the elderly. It is a perception that the industry,
    which has seen exponential growth in the last decade, is trying to move away from. Anybody can enjoy cruises
                                              the way he or she desires.
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                                            Can You Handle A Cruise Ship Wedding?
                                                               By Chonticha Marijne

   It would be any girl's dream to have a cruise ship wedding on what will surely be the most romantic
day of her life. As a groom, you could make it possible for her and sweep her off her feet by making her
wedding day a dream come true.

With some advance notice, you could have your wedding on board a cruise ship and have all the
arrangements taken care of for you. The captain of the ship usually performs the ceremony as he/she
also has the legal authority to do so. Should you, however, wish to bring your own priest or rabbi, then
that can be arranged as well. Most cruises have their own rabbi or priest on board for prayers and to
conduct Sunday mass.

You can choose to have your own private reception, be it large or small. There are banquet halls, party
lounges and suites in the ship where you can host your special event. For those who would like to have
their wedding party in the open environment, that too can be arranged. The open deck of a cruise ship
can offer wonderful views.

It's not only romantic to get married on a cruise ship, but did you know that it has other advantages
too? You can actually save some money as there are special discount cruise packages available for
newlyweds and honeymooners.

Free champagne, flowers in the cabin, upgrading your cabin to a suite for free, and chocolates are
examples of the special treatment that you get with your cruise ship wedding and they can make your
special day all the more wonderful. You may even get to dine with the captain, if you so wish. You are
sure to be pampered immensely, making your wedding special like no other.

To avoid any kind of hassle later, you should go over the little details of your wedding with the cruise
line before you embark on the cruise. If there is a special brand of champagne or a certain wine you
prefer, then inform them in advance, so that they can make sure it is on board.

It's also recommended that you book an appointment at the beauty salon for your bride before or as
soon as you arrive on board, to avoid the disappointment if the salon is fully booked later.

Even your wedding cake, flowers and special wedding dinner all should be taken care of before you

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board the cruise. Although there are several shops onboard, you may not necessarily find everything
that you need, so come prepared!

The good thing about a cruise ship wedding is that it comes in a package and is therefore cost
effective. And don't forget the romance! You and your bride can even come back next year to celebrate
your anniversary and relive the experience again.

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               Take A Cruise: Have Your Dream Wedding On Board A Luxury Cruise Liner
                                                         By Kirsten Hawkins

 Weddings can be both the most exciting and stressful times of a person's life. Sure it is certainly fun to
design wedding invitations, plan your reception and pick colors for your ceremony and bridesmaid's
dresses. On the flip side, the woes of budgeting for a wedding, hiring a minister, hiring a caterer, and
securing entertainment can be just as stressful as the fun parts can be enjoyable. For those who are
trying to produce a wedding, a wedding reception, and a honeymoon on a limited budget, there may be
one option that you have not yet explored. Getting married on board a cruise ship is a classy yet
relatively inexpensive option for your wedding. Most cruise lines carry their very own wedding planner
who can put together an entire wedding, minister (or the cruise ship version of one) reception, catering,
and all. Wedding planners, even for small weddings, can cost upwards of a few thousand dollars but
you can secure a low cost, thoughtful and memorable wedding on board a luxury cruise liner for less
than a thousand dollars if you are lucky. This is on top of the costs of traveling on the ship for the
duration of the cruise as well. Of course this is not the most extravagant wedding, and obviously you
get what you pay for so the more money you put into your luxury cruise liner wedding, the fancier it will
turn out to be. Realistically, you would not expect all 50 to 100 of your wedding guests to shell out
thousands of dollars just to sail around the world with you and your loved one to celebrate your
wedding with you, and of course the cruise lines do not expect that either. Many lines will allow your
guests to come on board for your wedding and reception for a couple of hours. The liner company may
choose for themselves or give you the option of having your wedding on a docked ship and never have
the cruise liner leave the area, or to sail around the port for the duration of the wedding. Most times the
ship will never even leave the port during the wedding, as this can cause problems with marriage
licenses when it comes to what may or may not be United States or international waters. There are
plenty of cruise lines that will give you a quality, fun wedding that will be truly memorable for you and
your loved one. Carnival Cruises, Princess Cruises, and the Disney Cruise line offer fun, romantic
wedding packages at prices that really are hard to beat, especially when compared to the combined
price of a wedding, reception, and honeymoon done the more traditional way. Princess Cruises even
offer wedding packages that pamper the bride and groom prior to the wedding, and add little touches
like stringed instruments, flowers, and candles to create a ceremony that you, your loved one, and your
guests will always look back on fondly.

Kirsten Hawkins is a cruise and travel expert specializing in discount cruises and travel. Visit for more information on how to cruise the world for little or no

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