Best of the Men™s Diamond Rings for the Man of Your Life

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                             Best of the Men’s Diamond Rings for the Man of Your Life
                                                          By AbdulQuddoos

   So the man you’ve been dreaming of all these years and courted for sometime is finally entering
your life. You are going to live the rest of your lives together. Isn’t that occasion enough to gift him
something wonderful, something that is unique like your relationship? It could be a diamond ring in

 In fact, men’s diamond rings are available in several precious metals or in a combination of metals and
diamonds. Men’s diamond rings also come in combination with other precious stones as well.
However, those men’s diamond rings which are made in platinum or white gold are regarded as
contemporary and they could be the best choice for the most important event of your life.

 Still better, men’s diamond rings are available in trendy designs with single or multiple diamonds and
available in many varieties including the 1 carat diamond rings, or the eternity diamond rings or the
pear diamond rings whose shape is loved by many men.

 While those diamond rings that symbolize eternal beauty and sparkle are regarded as eternity
diamond rings, they can be just the unique rings and complement your unique event. These eternity
diamond rings indeed are considered as the best wedding rings as these are the symbols of eternal
love that the duo will share for the rest of their lives. Eternity diamond rings can be made of single
diamond or multiple diamonds again. Again, there are two types of eternity diamond rings and they are
full eternity rings and half eternity rings. Full eternity rings have stones set around the shank and half
eternity rings have stones set partially around the shank.

 Of late most of the eternity diamond rings are coming as multi-stranded or plaited with other designs
and themes. Most women are embracing the half eternity rings, as these are comfortable to wear while
being less expensive. Eternity diamond rings are suitable for working women.

 Pear diamond rings are a mixture of round brilliant and marquise cut diamonds. The shape of a pear
diamond is round at one end and pointed at the other end just like a pear. Pear diamond rings are also
known as teardrop diamond rings, because of their similarity in shape to that of a teardrop. Pear
diamond rings elongate the fingers of the wearer and make the fingers look long. So it can be best bet
for people who have short and stubby fingers. Pear diamonds need a peculiar type of setting with a
prong to protect the point of the diamond.

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 Diamond rings are the favorite ornaments with both men and women. Choosing quality diamond rings
is important and the quality diamond rings are identified in terms of cut of the diamond and the metal
used to make the ring. Metals used to created diamond rings are silver, platinum, gold or white gold.
The beauty of the diamond depends on its clarity, color and cut. Most men love to have expensive
quality diamond rings for engagement or a wedding that symbolizes eternity of love. High quality
diamond rings made of white gold or platinum are a recent trend.

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                             Why Men’s Fashion is Increasing Sales of Men’s Rings
                                                        By Melanie Stone

These days, men have started wearing fashionable rings on their fingers. In the constantly changing
world of fashion, men’s jewelry has taken centre stage. These rings are mostly the stylish and classiest
diamond rings. Some rings are also designed with sparkling coloured stones.

 Men’s diamond rings have proved that diamond rings are no longer meant only for women. Men’s
rings have gained much popularity in recent years, as more and more men have been totally
modernised. Earlier, men used to wear a ring on some very special occasions such as to celebrate
their own marriage. But now with the advent of men’s designer diamond rings, almost every man has
leaned towards them.

 Retail jewelers are even asking their ring designers to design classic and trendy rings especially for
men, as never before. Generally, men’s diamond rings are larger in size than women’s rings and can
be easily differentiated. Even the traditional wedding rings meant for men have been replaced by
designer diamond rings.

 For some men, the diamond ring on their hand may be the only piece of jewelry they wear. Therefore,
it needs to be something that is very special, meant for explaining his personality and character to the
whole world. Normally, men’s rings are composed of several tiny stones set in a single ring, unlike
women’s rings that are composed of a single large sized stone. It is a common perception that men are
fond of small sized diamonds.

 Most women are fond of wearing diamond rings for the sake of showing off. This is not the case with
men. For them, the material and the setting of the ring on their finger is of prime significance. Women’s
rings are, most of the time, only about diamonds. However, men’s rings are about the diamonds - as
well as the ring itself. Sometimes, men are comfortable with rings made up of platinum, titanium, silver
and other such metals studded with diamonds or other stones. They want highly fashionable rings, but
are not very choosy.

 Taking a glance at historical times, there were many noblemen, monarchs and wealthy people who
were fond of wearing jewelry. But as time passed by, the choices of men changed significantly and he
started believing in a plain and simple life. Now, time has changed again and men are desirous of
exhibiting their personality and identity to the whole world. Today’s man has understood that the
fashion world has become genderless, and he has to keep himself ahead of the times. Today’s man is
much more sophisticated, cosmopolitan, and well groomed. He has understood that he can have a
unique piece of jewelry of his own choice.

 Men's jewelry is no longer restricted to the wearing bracelets or cufflinks only. Now they also love to
wear designer-made and fashionable diamond rings. Fashionable rings for men signify their class and
style, many world leaders and CEOs of business empires now wear diamond rings as an everyday
accessory as well as their flamboyance. The modern man is really incomplete without a ring.

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words like beauty, wealth and power.

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