Foundations of Strategic Marketing Management by zfp11378




   •   Foundations of Strategic Marketing Management
   •   Appendix: A Sample Marketing Plan

CHAPTER 2: Financial Aspects of Marketing Management

CHAPTER 3: Marketing Decision Making And Case Analysis

CHAPTER 4: Opportunity Analysis, Market Segmentation and Market Targeting
   •   Toucon Collections, Inc. - Roger A. Kerin and Robert A. Peterson
   •   Zenith Pet Foods - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Shoes for Moos, Inc. - Kenneth G. Hardy and Herb MacKenzie
   •   Jones·Blair Company - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Duncan Industries: Opportunities in the European Union - Gordon H. G. McDougall
   •   Frito-Lay® Dips - Roger A. Kerin and Jeanne Bertels
   •   South Delaware Coors, Inc. - James E. Nelson and Eric J. Karson

CHAPTER 5: Product and Service Strategy And Brand Management
   •   Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc.: Squirt® Brand - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Zoëcon Corporation: Insect Growth Regulators - Roger A. Kerin and Larry Smith
   •   Skin-Tique Corporation - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Peace Memorial Hospital: Downtown Health Clinic - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Procter & Gamble, Inc.: Scope - Gordon H. G. McDougall and Franklin
   •   Qingdao Haier Ltd.: Considering the Maytag Acquisition - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Frito Lay Company: Cracker Jack - Roger A. Kerin

CHAPTER 6: Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy and Management
   •   Crestfield Furniture Industries, Inc. (A) - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Crestfield Furniture Industries, Inc. (B) - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Cadbury Beverages, Inc.: CRUSH® Brand - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Amber Inn & Suites, Inc. - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Drypers Corporation: National Television Advertising Campaign - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Craft Marine Corporation - Roger A. Kerin and Robert A. Peterson
   •   Godiva Europe - Jean-Jacques Lambin

CHAPTER 7: Marketing Channel Strategy And Management
   •   Hawaiian Punch - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Glofish - William H. Cunningham and John Silby Butler
   •   Swisher Mower and Machine Company: Evaluating a Private Brand Distribution
       Opportunity - Roger A. Kerin and Wayne Swisher
   •   Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Peak Garage Door, Inc. - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Merton Industries: The Wholesale Distribution Decision - Roger A. Kerin

CHAPTER 8: Pricing Strategy and Management
   •   EMI Group, PLC: CD Pricing in the Recorded Music Industry - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Southwest Airlines - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Superior Supermarkets: Everyday Low Pricing - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Burroughs Wellcome Company: Retrovir - Roger A. Kerin and Angela Bullard
   •   Virgin Mobile USA: Pricing for the Very First Time - Gail McGovern
   •   Augustine Medical, Inc.: The Bair Hugger® Patient Warming System - Roger A.
       Kerin, Michael Gilbertson, And William Rudelius

CHAPTER 9: Marketing Strategy Reformulation: The Control Process
   • - Robert A. Peterson
   •   Pharmacia & Upjohn Inc.: Rogaine Hair Regrowth Treatment - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Marshant Museum of Art & History - Roger A. Kerin
   •   Circle K Corporation - Roger A. Kerin

CHAPTER 10: Comprehensive Marketing Programs
   •   Dexit —A Marketing Opportunity - Sohail Lalani and Robin Richie
   •   Kingsford Charcoal - Das Narayandas and Alison Berkley Wagonfeld
   •   Frito-Lay, Inc.: SunChips™ Multigrain Snacks - Roger A. Kerin and Kenneth R.
   •   Keurig At Home: Managing a New Product Launch - Eric T. Anderson
   •   A.1. Steak Sauce: Lawry’s Defense - Timothy Calkins
   •   CIMA Mountaineering, Inc. - Lawrence M. Lamont
   •   Graneer Systems, Inc.: India Market Entry - James E. Nelson
APPENDIX: Preparing a Written Case Analysis
   •   Republic National Bank of Dallas:
   •   NOW Accounts
   •   Student Analysis: Republic National
   •   Bank of Dallas: NOW Accounts

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