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Were proud of our name


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									the ZLC Financial

  LOOK                                    A newsletter for clients and friends                                 fall 2005

  ZLC Financial Group carries on the tradition
  Our firm’s history reflects our aspirations for the future

  ZLC Financial Group got its start       The firm moved to Park Place at
  way back in 1945, when Harold           Burrard and Dunsmuir in 1985,
  (Hal) Zlotnik returned from             where you can still find us today.
  England after serving as a              We opened our employer-
                                          sponsored benefits and pension
  navigator on Lancaster heavy
                                          plans division in the same year.
  bombers with the RAF  .                 From a single consultant the
                                                                                                       Our company founder
                                          division has grown to three benefit
  After coming home, Hal landed a job                                                             Hal Zlotnik, now and then.
                                          consultants, and four client service
  with the Great West Life Company        reps helping over 250 corporate        investments at institutional prices
  providing life insurance and other      clients with more than 15,000          to high-net-worth individuals,
  financial products to his clients.       employees.                             business owners and foundations.
                                                                                 Since its inception, this division has
  Of course, the financial services        In 1988, Mark Zlotnik, another         been one of the fastest growing
  business was a lot different back       of Hal’s sons, joined the team,        areas of our business.
  then. When Hal started, individual      providing technical assistance to
  agents worked for one insurance         the other associates and clients.      Structured Settlements is an
  company, and were required to sell                                             area that we have been involved in
  only that company’s products.           We kept on growing from there.         since the early 1980s. Under the
                                          Today, our associates include five      leadership and expertise of Garry
  In 1979, Hal was one of the first        Chartered Accountants, one lawyer,     Zlotnik and Pip Steele, ZLC
  agents in the country to break from     three Elder Planning Consultants,      Structured Settlements has become
  this business model. He decided         ten Certified Financial Planners, and   the provincial leader in its field.
  clients would be better served by       eight Chartered Life Underwriters.
  an independent approach, so he          Mark also leads a technical support    Our business has changed
  did what business leaders do best –     group of three that provides           dramatically over the years. And
  he started his own firm.                 planning and product support to        we expect the changes to continue.
                                          our associates and their clients.      We’re proud of our name and our
  In 1981, Hal’s son Garry joined the                                            heritage and will continue our
  group, and was accompanied by           Over the last 20 years, financial       philosophy and tradition of giving
  Peter Lamb in 1982. From the start,     planning and investment services       our clients the very best service and
  their goal was to build strong client   has been a growing part of             financial advice. Every member of
  relationships, and earn client          our business. To that end, we          our team is dedicated to this goal,
  confidence through the delivery of       founded ZLC Private Investment         and is proud to be a part of a firm
  high-quality service, coupled with      Management Ltd. in 2000. This          with such a rich history.
  truly independent financial advice.      division provides high-quality
                                                                                                  (continued on page 2)

 We’re proud of our name...
                                                                          ...and of our heritage.
Giving back                              Carrying on the tradition
                                         Continued from page 1

                                         After more than twenty-four years,       • ZLC Structured Settlements –
                                         we’ve decided to change our                providing individually-designed
                                         company name to a new one that             lifelong tax-free settlement
                                         better reflects our growing business        solutions, to meet the present and
                                         and the services we offer. Effective       future needs of accident victims.
                                         Sept. 1, 2005, Zlotnik, Lamb &
                                         Company is now ZLC Financial             One thing that hasn’t changed, is
                                         Group, with four divisions:              our focus on clients. Nobody said it
The Zlotnik, Lamb & Company                                                       better than our founder, Hal Zlotnik,
Foundation raised $40,000 from           • ZLC Insurance & Retirement             over 20 years ago:
their annual charity golf                  Solutions – providing tailored
tournament for the Foundation’s            estate, insurance, investment, and        “We are good communicators;
two charities - Juvenile Diabetes          retirement planning solutions for         that’s our strength. We listen to our
                                           individuals and business owners.          clients, their plans and financial
Research Foundation (JDRF) and
                                                                                     concerns, and their dreams. By
the BC Sports Hall of Fame and                                                       asking the questions to help them
                                         • ZLC Private Investment
Museum. Above, tournament                  Management – offering a selection         define their needs, we help our
co-chairs Mark Zlotnik and Ross            of top performing investments             clients discover the solutions to
Gibson present a $25,000 cheque            for high-net-worth individuals,           manage their finances today, and
to Hayley Frishling, Youth                 business owners and foundations.          in the future.”
Ambassador for JDRF.
                                         • ZLC Employee Benefits – assisting       We look forward to working with you!
                                           in the custom design and manage-
                                                                                  By Garry Zlotnik,President, and
                                           ment of employer-sponsored
                                                                                  Mark Zlotnik, Chief Operating Officer,
                                           benefit and savings plans, including
                                           cost containment strategies            ZLC Financial Group
                                           for employee benefit plans.

                                “What happened
                                                                                 to my clone fund?”
 After much political wrangling (and    To get around these limits, mutual        business with that explains this
 a fair bit of drama!) the federal      fund companies created “clone             procedure in detail. You may also
 budget was finally passed this          funds.” These funds used derivatives      receive a statement of your new
 summer, bringing an official end to     to mirror the performance of an           portfolio holdings, which will
 the foreign-property rule (FPR) for    underlying “foreign” fund without         reflect the closure of clone funds.
 registered retirement savings plans.   running afoul of the foreign content
                                        limit. Now that the FPR is gone, fund     If you have any questions about
 When the FPR was first applied back     companies have been closing down          the change, or if you’d like to
 in 1971, investors were prohibited     clone funds, and rolling the assets       review your investment needs,
 from holding more than 10% of          into the fund the clone had tracked.      don’t hesitate to give your ZLC
 their portfolios in designated                                                   Advisor a call.
 “foreign” investments. That limit      If you haven’t already, you should be
 gradually increased through the        receiving a notice from the various
 years until reaching 30% in 2001.      mutual fund companies you do
Five years of solid performance
ZLC Private Investment Management Inc. and the Vertex Funds
By Carrie Lyle, BComm, MBA, CMA, Vice-President, Portfolio Manager

For those readers unfamiliar                     Today, Vertex One manages over
with ZLC Private Investment                      $560 million in client assets – strong
Management, we represent the                     evidence of the success of the
portfolio management business                    company’s unique approach.
of ZLC Financial Group, in
                                                 The Vertex Fund was launched in
affiliation with Vancouver-based                  February of 1998 (Fig. 1), with an
investment manager, Vertex One                   aim to achieve annual absolute returns
Asset Management.                                of 8% to 12%. The fund belongs to
                                                 the “alternative strategy” category, and   ensuring the managers are motivated
We create customized wealth                      focuses on event-driven strategies.        to perform. In addition, performance-
management solutions for                         Unlike similar funds, the Vertex Fund      based fees ensure managers share in
individuals, trusts and corporations             does not use futures contracts and         the profits when they make money,
with portfolios ranging from                     employs minimal leverage. The fund         but not rewarded if they lose money.
$100,000 to over $10-million.                    boasts an impressive track record,
                                                 with an average annualized return          Portfolios consisting of an equal
In this article, I’d like to provide some        of over 25%. It is an appropriate          allocation of both Vertex funds have
background on our lead investment                selection for diversified portfolios,       never lost capital in the history of the
manager, Vertex One. Their two                   and for those investors with longer        firm. While past performance is no
funds, the Vertex Fund and the Vertex            investment horizons.                       guarantee of future results, both
Balanced Fund, remain our most                                                              Vertex funds have been top-rated in
popular offerings and form the                   The Vertex Balanced Fund was               their categories since inception, and
foundation of the ZLC Product                    launched in April of 1998 (Fig. 2),        continue to provide exceptional
Portfolio. Our ZLC Product Portfolio             with a focus on preserving capital.        returns.
has grown to include our relationship            Investments include domestic
with both Bancorp Financial Services             equities, foreign equities, bonds and
(mortgage investments) and Brandes               special situations. Equity holdings           Fig. 2: Vertex Balanced Fund
Investment Partners (international               are concentrated in 15 to 20 core             Value Added Monthly Index (growth of $1,000)
and global equity).                              positions. On the fixed income side,           Performance 1998 - 2005
                                                 the fund holds government bonds
Vertex One was established in 1997               and, if risk/return tradeoffs are          $2.5k
                                                                                                          Vertex Balanced Fund
and started with $30-million in assets           attractive, corporate bonds,               $2.0k         Balanced Fund Index
and a simple strategy: find the most              debentures, preferred shares and                         S&P/TSX

efficient risk/return trade-off by                convertibles.                              $1.5k
combining traditional fixed-income                                                           $1.0k
and equity investments with                      The Vertex funds have a number of
alternative investment strategies.               features that distinguish them from        $0.5k
                                                 their peers. Unlike many other
  Fig. 1: Vertex Fund                            alternative strategy funds, the Vertex         1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

  Value Added Monthly Index (growth of $1,000)
                                                 Fund is multi-strategy, and is not
  Performance 1998 - 2005                        restricted to one method of making
                                                 money. The Vertex Balanced Fund,           If you would like to learn more about
$6k                                              with its concentrated portfolio, avoids    the Vertex Funds, please contact me
            Vertex Fund
                                                 the over-diversification typical of         directly at (604) 685-1096 or
$5k         Hennessee Opportunistic Index
            S&P 500 Index                        most balanced funds. Its use of            clyle@zlc.net. Given the strong
$4k                                              options further sets it apart from         relationship between ZLC and Vertex
$3k                                              more traditional balanced funds.           One, we offer clients institutional
$2k                                                                                         pricing and preferred access to the
                                                 The firm’s fee structure is another         fund managers. We look forward to
$1k                                              point of distinction. Vertex managers      hearing from you!
                                                 invest the vast majority of their
  1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005        personal wealth in their two funds,
 Individual Pension Plans
 The ultimate retirement savings plan

  Harold Zlotnik      Peter G. Lamb           Garry Zlotnik       Martin Zlotnik     Mark A. Zlotnik      P.M. (Pip) Steele   Robert E. Olson
        CLU              BA, CLU, TEP            BComm, CA,         BComm, LLB          CA, CLU, TEP                  ,
                                                                                                            BComm, CFP CLU,         BA
                                               CFP CLU, CH.F.C                                                  CH.F.C.

H.G. (Howie) Young    Amin E. Jamal          John V.R. Wark        Ross Gibson       Ken McNaughton       Lynne Rae Zlotnik   Lynn Newscome
       CFP             A.C.I.I., CLU, TEP                 ,
                                            BComm, CA, CFP CLU,        Dipl.T            ,
                                                                                      CFP CLU, CH.F.C.,          BEd.
                                                  CH.F.C                                  CSA, RHU

                                                                                      Business owners, professionals and
                                                                                      executives can enjoy significantly higher
                                                                                      tax deductible contributions than with a
                                                                                      simple RRSP.
 W.A. (Bill) Finlay   Bruce K. Berger       Michael A. Healey      Carrie Lyle
       BA, CA              BA, CFP                BA, CFP         BComm, MBA, CMA          Pay less tax today and enjoy higher
                                                                                      retirement income in the future.
                                                                                      To find out more about how this
                                                                                      sophisticated tax strategy can help you and
                                                                                      your clients, call us at 604.688.7208 and
                                                                                      speak to your advisor.
  Heidi U. Pullem      Matthew W.P.          Aeronn Zlotnik       Kurt Cassidy
        ,               Anthony                     BA                  BA
                           BA, CFP

                                            (Formerly Zlotnik, Lamb & Company)

                                            ZLC INSURANCE & RETIREMENT SOLUTIONS • ZLC PRIVATE IINVESTMENT
                                            MANAGEMENT • ZLC EMPLOYEE BENEFITS • ZLC STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS

                          Vancouver         1200 Park Place, 666 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC V6C 2X8
                                            T: 604.688.7208 F: 604.688.7268 Toll Free Line 1-800-663-1499

                              Victoria      3711 Grange Road, Victoria, BC V8Z 4S9 T: 250.727.3445 F: 250.479.9716

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