Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering Final Year by eoo75803


									                              Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering Final Year Projects (2010)
                                                 Associate Professor Xun Xu
                            (Room 1.1002, email:

1. Development of a 3D Rapid Engraving System
The objective of this project is to advance the existing engraving system further to make it more robust and
capable. Patterns to be engraved are signatures, logos or pictures from the user. The “substrate” is a 3D model
from a CAD system. Rapid engraving is done on a 4-axis CNC milling machine. The software system is written
in Linux. A focus is on advanced tool-path generation and optimal cutter selection.
Required knowledge: computer programming, image processing, computer numerical control,
machining, optimisation, computer graphic.

2. Universal Data Pipeline for Manufacturing Systems
The project looks into an intelligent solution of remote monitoring and real-time tracking of facilities
in a manufacturing system. The key to the project is the latest technology associated with an open
standard developed at the University of California, Berkley called MTConnect (,
which aims to provide an open communication standard for interconnectability that mirrors the success
occurring in the information technology world. That is, allowing devices, equipment, and systems to
output data in an understandable format that can be read by any other device using the same standard
format to read the data. This project is based on the work carried out in 2009. Some of the key tasks
include, (a) replacement of sensors currently used (e.g. the encoders for position signals); (b)
expansion of the data set monitored on the current milling machine; (c) consolidation of the current
data acquisition system with EMC2 controller software (meaning operation on one computer); and (d)
expansion of manufacturing system being monitored.
Required knowledge: computer programming, sensor technology, XML, computer numerical control, machining, monitoring.

3. Improving New Zealand Road-marking Capability
This is an industry-led project. The industry is Coastline Markers Ltd. ‐ one of the largest road
marking and safety product application companies in New Zealand. The aim of the project is to
develop a ramble-strip laying mechanism that is attached to the Hofmannroad‐marking machine in
order to achieve a paint strip distributing speed of 10-12km/h. The maximum operation speed of the
current machine is 1.5-1.8km/h. This means that if the target speed of 10-12 km/h is achieved, the
efficiency will increase by 6-7 folders, resulting in savings of multi-million dollars. This target speed
will lead the world in road-marking business.
There are two aspects of the project: (i) (re-)design, prototype, fabricate, control and test the laying
mechanism; and (ii) model and analyze the material flow inside the mechanism (CFD and other technologies will be used).
Therefore, this is a design, analysis, manufacturing and testing project.

4. Off-Line Programming of a Kuka Robot - taken

5. Integration of Pro/E with an Emco CNC Mill and Lathe - taken

6. 3D Scanning, Digitisation and Model Reconstruction
This project builds upon the previous EPICS project which focused on the 3D digitization of Maori and Pacific Islands heritage
artefacts held at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. Since the arrival of our latest 3D scanner, MVT CLS60, there is a need to
develop a streamlined and effective procedure for digitising and post-processing the scanned data. Post-processing will be done
using Rapidform XOS2 software. The student will need to carry out scanning and remodelling tasks for a number of sample
artefacts to demonstrate the developed procedure. Presentation of the 3D data may also be explored, e.g. using X3D and/or Flux
Studio and Flux Player software. The project suits both Mechatronics and Mechanical students.

•    Any other projects in the areas of CAD/CAPP/CAM/CNC
If you are interested in any one of these projects, or have a project of your own in the field of CAD/CAPP/CAM/CNC, please contact me at
Remember it is never too early to confirm your Final Year Project!

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