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					University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine UGME
Conscientious Objection Policy & Form
The Faculty of Medicine recognizes that for reasons of commonly-held ethical and religious
beliefs, some students may wish not to involve themselves with certain medical procedures
or services. Out of respect for such beliefs, the Faculty of Medicine will respect
conscientious objection by students if all of the following criteria are met:

   1. A conscientious objection does not relieve a medical student from a duty to meet the
      current standard of timely and acceptable medical care, to engage in full and
      nonselective disclosure for Informed Consent, to inform patients of their conditions,
      prognoses, and risks of receiving care services for their illness, condition, or health-
      related request.

   2. Patients cannot be abandoned. Any student who wishes to excuse him or herself
      must find another student to provide service to patients.

   3. A medical student cannot object to provide a service if the patient's condition, in the
      judgment of an attending physician, requires immediate action and that student’s
      assistance is required to provide that service. This is particularly important if the
      patient’s life is in jeopardy.

   4. A medical student may not be allowed to object to medical service during a public
      health emergency.

   5. A medical student shall not object to participate in the care of a specified
      classification or group of people, or on the basis of particular diseases or states of
      health or illness.

   6. A medical student shall not object to provide or participate in a health care service if
      this objection amounts to discrimination in contravention of the University of
      Manitoba Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy, the Manitoba Human
      Rights Code, the Code of Conduct of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of
      Manitoba, and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

   7. A conscientious objection must not be so broad as to limit a student’s general
      medical education. If a conscientious objection constrains a student’s ability to
      provide the current standard of medical care, the Faculty of Medicine may require
      that student to withdraw from medical school.

   8. An objection to participate in any service or delivery of care does not exempt the
      student from the responsibility to learn about its indications, contraindications,
      benefits and risks. A student will not be exempted to demonstrate this knowledge
      on any examination.

   9. All curricular or clinical time missed through an excused exemption must be made up

   10. When a conscientious objection might compromise completion of the curriculum, this
       matter will be discussed by the appropriate evaluation committees, and if necessary,
       by the Committee on Academic Standing and the Faculty Executive Council.
       Students can represent themselves at these meetings in accordance with Faculty of
       Medicine policies.

   11. If, in the course of a conscientious objection, a student engages in behaviour which
       the Faculty of Medicine considers unacceptable for a physician, the Faculty may
       require that student to withdraw from medical school on the basis of improper
Procedure to Seek a Conscientious Objection:

Conscientious objections must be submitted to the Associate Dean for UGME on a
Conscientious Objection Request and Declaration form as far in advance of the contested
service as possible. On this form, the student must explain the nature and rationale for
their conscientious objection. Acceptable rationales must reflect religious or ethical views
commonly known to the general community. A student seeking a conscientious objection
must explain how they intend to meet the current standards of medical care for patients,
including full disclosure and discussion of all treatment options. Students will be required to
discuss their request with the Associate Dean for UGME or Student Affairs who will confer
and come to a decision.

So long as the criteria in this policy are met, the Associate Dean for UGME or Student Affairs
will sign the Conscientious Objection Declaration and the Faculty of Medicine will honour a
student’s conscientious objection during Undergraduate Medical Education.
Once the conscientious objection has been signed by the Associate Dean, one copy will go
into the student’s file and another copy will be given to the student to discuss with
appropriate clinical supervisors.

As necessary, the Faculty of Medicine will provide reasonable clinical or educational
accommodation to support the student’s medical studies in light of a conscientious
      Conscientious Objection Request and Declaration

Student: ________________________Class of: _______ Block/ Rotation: _________

Activity/Service Objected:         ______________________________________________

Date of Activity/Service:                 ________________________________________________

Student’s Declaration of Objection:

In assertion and practice of this Conscientious Objection:
    • I will meet the current standard of medical care, including full and nonselective informed consent
       and referral.
    • I will not abandon any patient, especially in a life threatening situation.
    • I will not refuse to assist during a public health emergency.
    • I will not discriminate against any selected group(s) of people/patients.
    • I will not contravene any code that governs my behavior as a medical student.
    • I remain responsible for cognitive knowledge about the indications, contraindications, benefits and
       risks of the activity/service to which I object.
    • Any curricular time missed due to this objection will be otherwise made up.

       Signature:                                                     Date:

Associate Dean’s Remarks (UGME or Student Affairs):

This Conscientious Objection meets all policy criteria                          YES            NO

THIS CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTION IS TO BE HONOURED                                  YES            NO


Associate Dean’s Signature:                                                  Date:

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