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      Let’s Talk About It!

      November 21, 2007
      0745hrs - 1230hrs
      Winnipeg Convention Centre
      Winnipeg, Manitoba

      The 2007 Provincial Patient Safety Conference theme is Communication and Patient Safety.
      Attend and hear from local, national and international experts on leading edge examples of
      the importance of communicating effectively with patients, families and colleagues in the
      health care field. Learn techniques for front line staff, managers and boards.

2007 Provincial Patient Safety Conference
2007            Patient Safety Conference                                                           Let’s Talk About It!
                                                                                                   Let’s Talk About It!
                                                                    performance and patient safety. He wrote the screenplay for
   0745 – 0755      Opening Remarks                                 Caesar in Bed 12, ErroMed’s first DVD on communication
                                                                    and patient safety, and wrote/directed Bertha’s Fall,
   0800 – 0900      Plenary, Keynote                                ErroMed’s newest production.
                    Dr. Stavros Prineas
                    Talking Safe - Communicating with
                    Patients, Communicating with Each Other
                                                                    Breakout Sessions
   0900 – 0915      Questions
                                                                    Dr. Mark Fleming
   0915 – 0925      Minister of Health                              TOPIC 1: Experience with Teams and Communication
                                                                    with St. Boniface Surgical Teams
   0925 – 0945      Break
                                                                    Mark Fleming is an applied psychologist with over twelve
   0945 – 1030      Breakout Sessions                               years experience working with public and private sector
                                                                    organizations in the UK and Canada including Air
   1. Experience with Teams and Communication with St.              Canada Jazz, Capital District Health Authority (Halifax),
      Boniface Surgical Teams                                       IWK, Petro-Canada and Saskatoon Health Region. He is
   2. The Inherent Benefits of Disclosure                           director of the CN Centre for Occupational Health and
   3. Exploring the Links between Cultural Safety and               Safetyz, which is a centre of research excellence at Saint
      Patient Safety                                                Mary’s University. Mark’s recent and on-going work
                                                                    includes developing a safety culture audit using object
   1045 – 1130      Breakout Sessions (repeat)                      indictor rather than perceptual surveys and designing and
                                                                    implementing leadership training for a Canadian public
   1130 – 1145       Break                                          sector organization to promote a positive health culture.

   1145 – 1215      Leading Us to Excellence Award                  Mr. John Lewis
                    presentation                                    TOPIC 2: The Inherent Benefits of Disclosure

   1215 – 1230       Closing                                        John Lewis is a registered nurse and avowed patient safety
                                                                    advocate since the death of his eleven year old daughter
                                                                    Claire Elisabeth, who died as a result of egregious systemic
                                                                    and human errors committed during her post-operative
                                                                    recovery. He is co-author of the book published by ECW
                                                                    press, Toronto Ontario, entitled “Beware the Grieving
   Keynote:                                                         Warrior”, a detailed account of how both systems and the
                                                                    health care professionals working within these systems
                                                                    failed not only his daughter Claire, but his family as well.
   Dr. Stavros Prineas                                              He is a fierce advocate for disclosure of adverse events,
   TOPIC: Talking Safe - Communicating with Patients,               not only at the corporate level but also at the personal
   Communicating with Each Other                                    level of accountability and responsibility of health care
                                                                    professionals. He has just completed work with the
   Stavros Prineas trained in Australia and the UK and is a         Ontario Ministry of Health as a member of the Patient
   practising anaesthetist/intensivist in Bathurst Base Hospital,   Safety Task Force and was recently appointed to the Legal
   west of Sydney, Australia. He has a keen interest in the         & Regulatory Affairs Committee with the Canadian Patient
   psychology of human performance as it relates to patient         Safety Institute. He also works as a patient advocate in the
   safety, and is passionate about cross-pollinating his daily      very hospital where his daughter died.
   practice with ideas from other fields of human endeavour such
   as aviation, mathematics, Lego, and the performing arts.         continued on page 3...

   Over the last 6 six years Stavros has presented workshops
   on human factors and patient safety across Australia and
   around the world through his company, ErroMed. He
   has worked with governments in Australia and Canada
   to develop state/provincial training programs on human

2007 Provincial Patient Safety Conference                                                                     Let’s Talk About It!
                                                                                         The Provincial Patient Safety
   Mr. Louis Sorin and Aboriginal Health Programs                                        Conference is part of an exciting
   Facilitators, WRHA
   TOPIC 3: Exploring the Links between Cultural Safety and                              week of educational events!
   Patient Safety
                                                                                         Provincial Health Leadership Forum
   Louis Sorin has an extensive background in Aboriginal                                 Preparing for Tomorrow
   Health gained from his many years with Health Canada-                                 Wednesday, November 21 1230 hrs – 1630 hrs and
   First Nations and Inuit Health Branch. As a Aboriginal                                Thursday November 22 0830 hrs – 1630 hrs
   social worker with specialized clinical training, he strongly                         Winnipeg Convention Centre
   values the integration of culturally-centered approaches                              Registration information will be available in late August.
   into the continuum of care for Aboriginal peoples.                                    Contact Strauss at 204.947.9766 or to be
                                                                                         included on the mailing list.
   Louis currently works with Aboriginal Health Programs at
   WRHA as the Regional Aboriginal Patient Advocate. In                                  We grieve, We listen, We learn
   this capacity, he works with clients, families, and facilities                        Public Forum
   to ensure access to appropriate services and to mediate                               Wednesday, November 21 1830 hrs – 2000 hrs
   and resolve care issues. He also dedicates his time to                                Winnipeg Convention Centre
   educating health care staff about health care concerns                                Featuring
   affecting Aboriginal people and to making the health care                             Mr. John Lewis, Hamilton, Ontario
   system more responsive.                                                               Dr. Stavros Prineas, Bathurst, Australia
                                                                                         Dr. Rob Robson, Winnipeg, Manitoba
   Louis is of Cree and French ancestry and values the diversity                         This forum is free to all who wish to attend – no registration required
   and richness of Aboriginal cultures that are viewed as an
                                                                                         Patient Safety Workshops featuring
   asset to the Canadian cultural mosaic.
                                                                                         Dr. Stavros Prineas
                                                                                         Friday, November 23
   LEADING US TO                                                                         Registration is limited
                                                                                         Venue to be announced
   The award will be presented at the Provincial Patient Safety                          Morning Session – directed to
   Conference.                                                                           health care providers
                                                                                         Open Disclosure of Adverse Events
   All employees, physicians and students in Manitoba’s health care                      0800 hrs – 1200 hrs
   system are invited to submit a description of a “good catch” that                     $175 + GST
   resulted in process improvements in patient safety and shared                         This workshop is designed for physicians, nurses and
   learning.                                                                             other health care providers from any practice setting.
                                                                                         Participants will learn about open disclosure, when
   A “good catch” is defined as an event or circumstance which
   has the potential to cause an incident or critical incident but the
                                                                                         disclosure should take place, preparing for open
   incident did not actually occur due to corrective action and/or                       disclosure, and practical steps.
   timely intervention. It provides an opportunity to learn proactively                  Register at
   from the experience. Organizations may also define these as
   near misses or close calls.                                                           Afternoon Session – for students
                                                                                         Teamwork and Patient Safety
   Your submission is required by October 1, 2007, 1600 hrs                              1300 hrs – 1700 hrs
   Submission guidelines and submission information are available                        Registration is complimentary
   at or contact MIPS at 204-927-6477.                                      This workshop is designed for students in the
                                                                                         health professions. Participants will learn about
   Continuing Education Credits
                                                                                         the importance of teamwork in the practice setting,
   The Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association has accredited the program of the
   Provincial Patient Safety Conference for 3.75 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for
                                                                                         barriers to team formation and effectiveness tools.
   pharmacists in Manitoba (MPhA File No. 27135M)                                        Registration will be done through faculty contacts.
                                                                                         Please contact Juliet at 927-6477 for further
   This event is awaiting review and approval of the Maintenance of Certification
   Program of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada and the College       information.
   of Family Physicians of Canada.

2007 Provincial Patient Safety Conference                                                                                                    Let’s Talk About It!
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                Experience with Teams and Communication with St. Boniface Surgical Teams

                The Inherent Benefits of Disclosure

                Exploring the Links between Cultural Safety and Patient Safety

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2007 Provincial Patient Safety Conference                                                                             Let’s Talk About It!