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The Cosmic Organism Theory of Physics: changeable universes and physical laws


In the cosmic organism theory of physics, the universes and the physical laws are changeable, and they are the variable expressions of the cosmic code, as the biological organs of an organism are the variable expressions of the genetic code. The cosmic organism of physics is the theory of everything to explain fully cosmology, dark energy, dark matter, baryonic matter, quantum mechanics, elementary particles, force fields, galaxy formation, and unusual extreme forces. The cosmic organism theory is divided into five parts: the cosmic code, cosmology, the periodic table of elementary particles, the galaxy formation, and the extreme force field. The cosmic code consists of the space structure and the object structure. The space structure includes attachment space (1) and detachment space (0). Relating to rest mass, attachment space attaches to object permanently with zero speed or reversibly at the speed of light. Relating to kinetic energy, detachment space irreversibly detaches from the object at the speed of light. The combination of attachment space and detachment space brings about three different space structures: miscible space, binary lattice space, and binary partition space for special relativity, quantum mechanics, and the extreme force fields, respectively. The object structure consists of 11D membrane, 10D string, variable D particle, and empty object. The transformation among the objects involves the dimensional oscillation for the oscillation between high dimensional space-time with high vacuum energy and low dimensional space-time with low vacuum energy. Our observable universe with 4D space-time has zero vacuum energy.

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