Celebrate an occasion with the Sydney Harbour Bridge by lindash


Celebrate an occasion with the Sydney Harbour Bridge

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										   25	July	2007	                                           www.instantdownunder.com	                                 Edition	Number	255/256

    New and exciting happenings
         on the Gold Coast                                                                                       TOURISM EXPORT AWARDS

        Another low-cost carrier favours the         extravaganza yet runs in Jupiters Theatre
    Gold Coast, Zingara the Gypsy Queen hits         until March 2008.                                   Brochure of the Year Awards
    the stage and Sea World Resort revamps.          New-look Sea World Resort
    VeryGC!                                                                                                      2007/2008
                                                        Warner Village Theme Parks’ flagship
    Tiger flying to Gold Coast                       hotel – Sea World Resort – is about to unveil
        Tiger Airways will begin services to Gold    its A$2.5million-plus room refurbishment                    Final Entry Date is
    Coast Airport from 23 November 2007.             and lobby renovation. The resort’s 405-
                                                     room makeover is due for completion in
                                                                                                                  31st August 2007
    Gold Coast Airport chief operating officer,
    Paul Donovan, said the announcement by           August, with new colour schemes, soft
    Australia’s newest low-cost domestic carrier     furnishings, décor and modern slim-line                           Including:
    “reinforces the ever-increasing appeal of        LCD television screens. The hotel rooms
    the Gold Coast in the marketplace”. The          will feature captivating photography of the
    airport’s runway extension and imminent          theme park’s various marine animals.                   International Brochure
    terminal expansion had contributed to
    Tiger’s decision, he added.
                                                                                                              of the Year Awards
    Seductive Gypsy Queen                                                                                         2007/2008
        Conrad Jupiters has launched its 17th                                                               (see Entry Form on Front Page)
    stage show spectacular, Zingara. The
    beautiful gypsy queen transports audiences
    through her crystal ball to a place filled                                                                             and
                                                     A refurbished Superior Room at Sea World Resort.
    with magic and excitement – the bohemian
    Europe of old, filled with music, dance,         CONTACT:     Ms Fiona Heron
    illusion, acrobatics and death-defying stunts.
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    Conrad Jupiters’ most spectacular stage show     EMAIL:       fionah@gctourism.com                   Brochure of the Year Awards
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      Celebrate an occasion with the Sydney Harbour Bridge
                                                        There is no better way for your clients         American Chopper, Chris Isaak, Jono
                                                     to celebrate their special occasion this           Coleman and Gary Barlow (Take That).
                                                     year than to climb to the peak of the                 Climbers can now choose between two
                                                     world-famous Sydney Harbour Bridge                 31/2 hour guided experiences - The Bridge
                                                     during its 75th Anniversary year.                  Climb, the ultimate adventure of Sydney,
                                                        BridgeClimb Sydney is celebrating               or The Discovery Climb, the ultimate
                                                     the 75 year old icon throughout 2007 by            adventure of the Bridge!
                                                     giving all Climbers a commemorative 75th              Both Climbs are available at dawn,
                                                     Anniversary certificate and climb ticket.          during the day, twilight or at night.
                                                        The Bridge has already played host to           CONTACT:   Nick Pape or Lisa Miles
          Michael Weatherly (NCIS) enjoying          many international celebrities enjoying the        COMPANY:   BridgeClimb
                                                                                                        FAX:       +61 2 9240 1196
                  The Bridge Climb.                  celebrations this year including the Red Hot       EMAIL:     inbound@bridgeclimb.com
                                                     Chili Peppers, Michael Weatherly (NCIS),           WEBSITE:   www.bridgeclimb.com

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