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Case study - Beyond best practice


Case study - Beyond best practice

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									     Case study - Beyond best practice
     compliant at first inspection. Once the Audit and Inspection
     Program was in place, this number was reduced to 8% in the last
     quarter of 008 compared with 40% in the first quarter - which
     nursery Traders, Capalaba
     demonstrates the importance of the Audit and Inspection
     Nursery Traders find business expansion doesn’t have to
     mean sacrificing a commitment to water efficiency.
     *****NEW PAGE*****
     A wholesale nursery market established over 5 years ago,
     Nursery Traders is part of outcomes
     3.4. Retrofit water savingan industry of traditionally high
     water users. As recently as 1999, usage was 55ML/a.
     Pull quote: “Retrofitting saves businesses money for a small
     “In a business sense our use wasn’t sustainable,” said
     Tim Bunker, Managing Director of Nursery Traders. “The
     Businesses that have participated in efficiency while still are
     challenge was to improve our water the Retrofit Program
                                     expanding ML/day (see
                                     saving 14.3the business.”Table 
                                     page 17) for a small investment.
           Water use has
                                     Nursery Tradersbusinesses not yet
                                     The number of have more
                                     compliant to the challenge,
                                     than risen shows the potential
           decreased by              reducing their potable water by
                                     for further savings to be made

            95%.                     this category, .6ML/a while
                                     use by 95% to and the value of
                                     regulatory their business by
                                     expanding follow-up.
                                     40% since 000.
                                     During 008, all sectors saved
                                     “We now go through
                                     water with the exception of the
     considerable periods of not using any potableexperienced
     Large Manufacturing/Industrial sector, which water at all,”
     said Tim. “We’ve made a below), attributable to increased
     11% growth (see Figure significant financial investment,
     but the payback has been unbelievable.” and Public sectors
     economic activity. The Industrial, Irrigation
     all achieved a level of saving in excess of 30%.
     The key to their success was establishing the entire site as      Managing Director Tim Bunker inspects a
     a ‘catchment area’, through sloping concrete surfaces and         stormwater filtration pit
     extensive guttering, with a water storage capacity of over
     70ML through above and below ground tanks.                        “Not only do we capture all rainfall that falls on the site,
                                                                       we capture and reuse all our irrigation runoff water after
                                                                       processing through our onsite treatment plant.”

                                                                       This approach is complemented by a suite of efficiency
                                                                       measures including use of efficient irrigation nozzles,
                                                                       optimal timing of watering, grouping plants with similar
                                                                       watering requirements, WATER IMAGE TO BE
                                                                   INSERT BUSINESS RELATEDuse of capillary matting and plant
                                                                       stands to
                                                                   CONFIRMED reduce spillage and evaporation, and daily
                                                                       reading of usage meters to identify any potential leaks.

                                                                        According to Tim, Nursery Traders are committed to
                                                                        continuous improvement and are not finished yet.
                                                                        “We’re always trying to do it better. All our systems have
                                                                        been built with an inherent flexibility so we can adapt
                                                                        depending on our requirements and the conditions, such
                                                                        as rainfall.”

                                                                        “We’re currently looking into developing an unused onsite
                                                                        salty PAGE*****
                                                                   *****NEWbore – this could potentially eradicate our potable
                                                                        water use completely.”
                                                                   3.1.4. Active Playing Surface Guidelines
                                                                        The water future of Nursery Traders looks bright.
                                                                   Pull quote: “APS Guidelines ensure efficient water use for safe
     Concrete surfaces act as a catchment area                     playing surfaces.”


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