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					         Alkali Lake
  (Esketemc First Nation)

      Residential School
       May 18-24, 1997

The Alkali Residential School
 Inquiry will investigate the
 Esketemc Residential School
 experience that will assist to
 form the basis of healing of
 historical abuses in preparation
 for healthy families and
 community for self-government.

       Guiding Principles
Alkali Lake’s recognition
  of the failure of the
  criminal justice
  system to fully
  address the BC
  Residential School
Healing of the Esketemc
  Nation requires that
  we fully understand
  the history of the
                            Alkali children being loaded into
  Residential School and    a cattle truck to go to
  its impact on our         Residential
  people.                   School.

Guided by Esketemc Traditions & Values
   We value our basic human rights
   as fundamental to our well
   We value social justice for the
   Esketemc people and equal
   opportunities in life.
   We honor our traditional values
   of respect, honesty, kindness and
   We value our Elders, youth,
   children and future generations.

Esketemc Traditions & Values
 We honor our brothers and
 sisters that have lost their lives
 as a result of Residential Schools.
 We value accountability and
 responsibility by the appropriate
 government and church
 organizations for Residential
 School abuses suffered by the
 Esketemc people.

Esketemc Traditions & Values
 We value our Aboriginal rights,
 including the inherent right of
 We value partnerships and

     Community Inquiry Objectives
1.   To document and validate our
     Esketemc Residential School
2.   To determine the impact of
     Residential Schools on our Esketemc
     people, our families and community.
3.   To allow for any Residential School
     experience to be dealt with in the
     appropriate criminal or civil process.

Community Inquiry Objectives
4.   To allow public disclosure of
     successful criminal prosecutions to
     date involving Esketemc people.
5.   To determine the appropriate mental
     health needs of the Esketemc people
     with regards to Residential Schools.
6.   To officially document records,
     research and any other information t
     acknowledge Esketemc history with
     the Residential School experience.

Community Inquiry Objectives
7.   To allow the impact of
     Residential Schools on every
     child, youth, adult and elder to be
     entered as evidence to
     acknowledge the
     intergenerational trauma of
     residential school to be known;
8.   To allow the full truth of the
     Esketemc Residential School
     experience to be made public;

        Community Inquiry
      To prepare the Esketemc
      Nation for settlement of the
      treaty process and self-

         Inquiry Process
A panel of 3 Commissioners will take evidence at
  the Alkali RS Public Inquiry.

Commissioners were BC Judge Cunliffe Barnett,
  First Nations Lawyer Ed John & Elder & PHD
  Psychologist Joe Coutoure.

Lawyers from the Mount Cashel Orphanage of
  Williams, Roebathan, McKay and Marshall from
  Newfoundland led evidence.

With the exception of travel expenses, all services
 related to the Inquiry by all involved were done
 on a voluntary basis.

 Sweatlodge Ceremony @ Inquiry
Prayers for:
  Success of the Inquiry;
  For strength of individuals that will testify;
  For all community members who did not survive
  because of the RS experience;
  For honesty required to tell the truth about
  Residential Schools;
  For the Great Spirit to take care of our families
  and loved ones that we leave behind as we
  complete the Inquiry;
  For a safe trip for everyone travelling into the

Sweatlodge Ceremony @ Inquiry
 For guidance and strength to proceed with this
 For the government and church representatives
 to be accountable and responsible for the abuses
 suffered by our people in RS;
 For the victims that are still out there suffering in
 silence that they may have the courage and
 strength to begin their healing process;
 For our leaders that they will continue to address
 the Residential School issue and seek justice for
 our people;

Ceremonies for Strength
         Pipe Ceremony – Prayer for strength and guidance
               Eagle Feather – Swearing In Ceremony
    Yuippi Ceremony
    acknowledge our
                                               Drum Songs at
      experience &
                                             Appropriate Times
    move forward as a

            Tobacco ties
           and Flags for
                                       Sacred Fire to let go
                              of our experiences and release anger
        and prayers for the
                                        and to re-energize
             ones that
         died and healing.

Documentation of Proceedings
 Professionally recorded all
 Video taped all proceedings;
 Translate proceedings in the
 Shuswap language for Elders to
 understand and comprehend;
 Allow access for media to educate
 the public and understand our
 Residential School experience.

 Community Resources
                   Radio Council
           Artists                            School
         Drummers                              Staff

      Therapists             Alkali

         Store                                  A/D
         Cafe                                 Counselor

             Health                        Family
              Staff                       Support
                       Treaty    Child
                        Staff   Support

     Evidence Entered
Residential School Research (CTC)
Alkali Videos
CBC-Violation of Trust
CBC-Circle of Healing
Beyond the Shadows Book
Four Worlds RS Video
RS Criminal Trials – Sentencing –
Healing Circles
RS Survivor Story through Art
RS Photograph display

     Evidence Entered
Slide presentations
Roman Catholic IRS in British Columbia
Student enrollment lists at Residential
Government Policy and legislation on RS
Inquiries held of suspicious deaths while
our children were at RS
Abuse that happened in isolation at
infirmaries, hospitals
Family genograms for intergenerational

        Invited Participants &
     Cariboo MLA David        Sisters of the Child
     Zirnhelt                 Jesus
     Cariboo MP Reform        Provincial RS Working
     Party Phillip Mayfield   Committee
     Provincial Leader of     First Nations Summit
     the Opposition Gordon    Task Force
     Campell                  First Nations Summit
     Archbishop Adam          Co-
     Exner                    Shuswap Nation Tribal
     Bishop Sabatini –        Council
     Kamloops Diocese         Cariboo Tribal Council

Inquiry Witness Process
A.    Historical
B.    Representative Victims
C.    Impact of Residential Schools
D.    Official Response
      Federal Government of Canada – Prime
      Minister of Canada
      Provincial Government – Premier Glen
      Roman Catholic Church – Oblates of Mary

     Media & Publicity
CBC & CTV covered the entire Inquiry
Community validation as well as putting
our Residential School experience on the
public record was important.
Newspapers covered the event
Government and Church representatives
were afforded equal opportunity to media

Intergenerational Trauma
Elders attended Residential School
Treatment and provided direction for
community healing.
Protocols for the Intervention of
Historical Abuse & Violence Within
the Esketemc First Nation
Protocol for Complaints Against

Community Intervention
Protocol for Fish & Wildlife Offences
Within Esketemc First Nation
Spousal Assault Protocol
Community Constable
Community Policing