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									CAMS Officials Licences
All people acting in an official capacity in Classic Adelaide must be registered Officials with the
Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS).

Many of our Officials are currently registered with CAMS and have the appropriate licence for the tasks
they will undertake with Classic Adelaide. However, a significant number of our Officials have either
allowed their CAMS licence to lapse or, in a few cases, have never held a CAMS Officials licence.

Generally, the appropriate licence for an official in Classic Adelaide is a “V” category; however certain
specialist roles (Medical, Scrutineering, Communications, Timing etc) require a different category. If
you are unsure of the licence category you require, contact the Christine Potts Officials Coordinator on
8212 2800.

In order to bring everybody under the CAMS Officiating Program, the following procedures apply.

No previous CAMS Licence and no Officiating experience
Obtain the Official’s Trainee Licence application from your CAMS office or via their website at Complete the details and retain the form for sign off of your duties during
Classic Adelaide. You can also obtain sign off at other events you may officiate at prior to Classic

Lapsed and/or incorrect Licence category/grade.
Those Officials whose licence has merely lapsed but was otherwise the correct category and level, the
completed Officials’ Licence Application form must be returned to the CAM’s Office for processing.
Please ensure you provide details of your recent Officiating experience in the area provided on the

Regardless of your circumstances, the appropriate Application form (whether renewal or new) is
required. Both Classic Adelaide and CAMS are committed to working together to provide the effortless
and timely issuance of the appropriate licences to Classic Adelaide officials. Please assist us by
ensuring that your Application form is completed fully.

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