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                                         Beautiful Beach Weddings
                                               By Alexine Laurel

  One of the most desired locations for a wedding is on the beach. It’s beautiful and the sound of the
ocean creates a romantic setting for the exchange of vows. Then in the evening you get to enjoy a
beautiful sunset. Natural beauty will awe your guests and allow you to save on the decorations. No
need to go overboard, the scenery says it all!

This beautiful beach setting comes at a pretty high price. Due to the pristine location you will most
likely have to go with a resort or established function business on the beach. These places are typically
all inclusive and do not allow you to supply your own food, decorations or music.

While cost may not be an issue to you this is hard for most of us with a budget. On the other hand
when you have a bottomless pocketbook the all inclusive is great. Not only does it save you the trouble
of coordinating all the wedding necessities, but they clean up your mess!

Another plus of doing a resort style beach wedding is the accommodations. When you book the
wedding most places give you a reduced price on a large number of rooms and allow you to hold them
in advance. This allows the wedding party and guests to relax and make a vacation out of the stay if
they are not from the area.

Now for those of us on a budget that love the water and beaches have other options. If you know
people that live in towns or cities with beaches that you would consider, ask them if there are any town
buildings you can rent out. In most places there are nice buildings near or around the water to rent for
townies. Then your friend or relative could rent the venue for you.

In some towns or cities there are beaches that you can use with permission from the town clerk or city
clerk. All you need to do is find the town hall or city building and ask for permission to use the beach for
your wedding. They typically want an exact time and date so that they don’t allow someone to use it
the same day and time as you. This allows for a more intimate setting.

Most cities and towns are not bothered by this as long as you don’t set up chairs or leave trash on the
beach. With mutual respect between the public and the city there are many beautiful beaches to have
your wedding ceremony on.

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Now when it comes to the reception, this is when it gets tricky with a small budget. Some lakes and
ocean beaches have parks with picnic tables and shelters you can reserve. This is a great way to save
money on a venue if you want to remain on the water for the reception. Otherwise you could do the
ceremony on the beach and drive to another location for the reception.

Both resort and public beach weddings are beautiful and romantic due to the back drop. If you can
afford the all inclusive “great” but if you can’t do not be discouraged and try to find a nice public beach.
No matter what happens, don not worry about everyone else. Just remember that they are coming to
see the union between you and your fiancé not for an extravagant show.

Alexine Laurel provides wedding planning tips and practical wedding advice to make your big day extra
special. Visit for more wedding day articles.

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         Beach Weddings In St. Tropez – Celebrate Your Special Day In The Sun And Waves
                                                       By Rumble Romagnoli

Weddings are one of the most special celebrations in life. The couple has to plan and prepare much in
occasions like this because they may only come once in a lifetime. Today, most couples celebrate their
weddings on the beach. Apart from its being non-traditional, beach weddings are more romantic and
special for the couple.

Planning Your Beach Wedding

 It is no surprise that more and more couples prefer beach weddings. A wedding on the beach is
perhaps more memorable if held in places like Saint Tropez. The beautiful scenery would not only
amuse your guests but would complement your wedding as well. Before deciding on a beach wedding
reception at Saint Tropez, you have to plan on it carefully first. Here is a useful guide in your plans of a
beach wedding reception at the magnificent town.

*The Paperwork

 There are several documents that have to be filed before the wedding day. You have to prepare these
papers at the place where you are going to be wed. Since you are planning on a beach wedding at St.
Tropez, you have to prepare your visas and some important documents needed to make the wedding

*Medical Consult

Some people do not go well with the warm weather. So if you are planning to tie the knot at St.
Tropez, you have to make sure that you're in a healthy condition.

*The Budget

 A proper budget plan has to be made before planning on a beach wedding. You need to know how
much you can afford to spend including the plane tickets, the wedding itself, and the reception

 You must consider paying for boat fees or airplane tickets when planning on a beach wedding. You
have to count the number of guests and estimate how much you should prepare for each of them. You
can get great discounts if you book hotel rooms and tickets at an earlier time. Be sure to contact a
good travel agent before making your wedding plans.

Why Go For A Beach Wedding Reception?

 There are several reasons why many couples prefer beach weddings over the traditional type. Let us
review some of the best qualities of a wedding on the beach:

*The Scenery

One of the best beach wedding places is in Saint Tropez. The endless blue sky and the waves in the

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ocean are your primary witnesses during that special day. Beach weddings do not need extra special
decorations like traditional weddings do. The environment of the beach itself is enough to provide you
a beautiful place for your wedding day.

*The Abundant Choices of Resorts

 Wedding on the St Tropez beach offers an abundant choice of resorts. Since there are plenty of
options to choose around, the couple would not have a hard time looking for the perfect beach wedding
reception area.

*Less Costly

 If a proper budget is followed, a beach wedding reception would turn out to be more cost effective than
a traditional wedding reception. Because the view itself is spectacular, you no longer need to decorate
the place all over.

*Great Attire

 Beach weddings allow you to combine the modern with the conventional. You can wear a semi-formal
dress to a casual garb. And despite the kind of outfit you prefer, a religious and very traditional
ceremony can still be enjoyed.

 Weddings on the beach definitely outdo traditional weddings by miles. It is something that the couple
and guests would surely never forget. From the dress to the scenery, a beach wedding is something
unique yet fabulous. Beach Weddings St Tropez: Come and have your beach wedding on the beach in St Tropez.

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