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                                           Beach Weddings - Beautiful & Cost Effective!
                                                           By Cheryl Cox

   Imagine... a Million Dollar View for a just a few hundred bucks!

The great thing about beach theme weddings is that they can fit into any budget; and, for next to
nothing, you have a million dollar view! Choosing the best location for your wedding is very important
and when selecting a beach wedding site, you will want to consider whether or not you actually want to
be on the sand or would prefer to be on a grassy knoll with that "million dollar view" in front of you.

While there are a various things to consider when thinking about a beach wedding, some of which I've
listed below, there is no doubt that a ceremony on, or overlooking, the beach is as romantic as you can
get - especially if you love the beauty and power the ocean gives. There are numerous picturesque
beaches from the coastline of California to the shores of New Jersey, and let us not forget Hawaii or
the Caribbean as options. Depending on your home town, you would want to way whether you want
something close by or one that you would consider the perfect destination location for you and your
guests. Whichever it is (not counting the cost to get there, if need be), beach ceremonies are very

The location is virtually free with a few cities charging a very minimal permit fee. And if you want, you
can stop spending money right there... walk down to the sandy aisle with a fabulous bouquet of flowers
you created from your own garden, and of course your fiancee, stand in front of an officiant, and Voila!
-- you are wed in a majestic setting for hardly anything, and you can spend all your saved dollars on a
beautiful honeymoon or towards the down payment of your first home!

You can of course spend a bit more by renting chairs (which if you plan on more than a handful of
guests is probably a good idea), maybe you want an arch, some flowers, some flower petals strewn on
a runner, and as is the case with anything, you can continue to think of things to add that will increase
the amount a bit. But all in all, a ceremony on or overlooking a beach doesn't even begin to cost what
you might think when you consider the beautiful memories and photographs that you will have from
such a magnificent setting.

And this can be a do-it-yourself experience, or for not much extra you can employ the help of a service
that has everything you need from chairs to arches to PA systems, podiums and CD players, and the
best part about using a service is that they take care of everything! You do not need to think about a

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

thing, set-up a thing, dismantle a thing, or worry about any of the other little details. These services are
easy to find, just Google Beach Weddings and put the name of the city you would like to be in after
that, or if you don't know which beach you want, just type in Beach Weddings and there will be many
options for you to look through to start getting some great ideas.

The bottom line here is that Beach Ceremonies do not hurt the "bottom line" and definitely can help
you keep some of your wedding dollars in tact for other parts of your wedding event or just to be able
to keep it - period!

Cheryl Cox knows weddings! She is a partner in a wedding venue, wedding catering business, and
beach wedding service & boutique, as well as the owner of Your Wedding Dollars, an internet
magazine dedicated to helping couples with their wedding planning budget. Check out more sound
advice at
Your Wedding Dollars
and Monterey Beach Weddings

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         Beach Weddings In St. Tropez – Celebrate Your Special Day In The Sun And Waves
                                                         By Rumble Romagnoli

Weddings are one of the most special celebrations in life. The couple has to plan and prepare much in
occasions like this because they may only come once in a lifetime. Today, most couples celebrate their
weddings on the beach. Apart from its being non-traditional, beach weddings are more romantic and
special for the couple.

Planning Your Beach Wedding

 It is no surprise that more and more couples prefer beach weddings. A wedding on the beach is
perhaps more memorable if held in places like Saint Tropez. The beautiful scenery would not only
amuse your guests but would complement your wedding as well. Before deciding on a beach wedding
reception at Saint Tropez, you have to plan on it carefully first. Here is a useful guide in your plans of a
beach wedding reception at the magnificent town.

*The Paperwork

 There are several documents that have to be filed before the wedding day. You have to prepare these
papers at the place where you are going to be wed. Since you are planning on a beach wedding at St.
Tropez, you have to prepare your visas and some important documents needed to make the wedding

*Medical Consult

Some people do not go well with the warm weather. So if you are planning to tie the knot at St.
Tropez, you have to make sure that you're in a healthy condition.

*The Budget

 A proper budget plan has to be made before planning on a beach wedding. You need to know how
much you can afford to spend including the plane tickets, the wedding itself, and the reception

 You must consider paying for boat fees or airplane tickets when planning on a beach wedding. You
have to count the number of guests and estimate how much you should prepare for each of them. You
can get great discounts if you book hotel rooms and tickets at an earlier time. Be sure to contact a
good travel agent before making your wedding plans.

Why Go For A Beach Wedding Reception?

 There are several reasons why many couples prefer beach weddings over the traditional type. Let us
review some of the best qualities of a wedding on the beach:

*The Scenery

One of the best beach wedding places is in Saint Tropez. The endless blue sky and the waves in the

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

ocean are your primary witnesses during that special day. Beach weddings do not need extra special
decorations like traditional weddings do. The environment of the beach itself is enough to provide you
a beautiful place for your wedding day.

*The Abundant Choices of Resorts

 Wedding on the St Tropez beach offers an abundant choice of resorts. Since there are plenty of
options to choose around, the couple would not have a hard time looking for the perfect beach wedding
reception area.

*Less Costly

 If a proper budget is followed, a beach wedding reception would turn out to be more cost effective than
a traditional wedding reception. Because the view itself is spectacular, you no longer need to decorate
the place all over.

*Great Attire

 Beach weddings allow you to combine the modern with the conventional. You can wear a semi-formal
dress to a casual garb. And despite the kind of outfit you prefer, a religious and very traditional
ceremony can still be enjoyed.

 Weddings on the beach definitely outdo traditional weddings by miles. It is something that the couple
and guests would surely never forget. From the dress to the scenery, a beach wedding is something
unique yet fabulous. Beach Weddings St Tropez: Come and have your beach wedding on the beach in St Tropez.

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