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Heyl's Half Acre          Keystone poll bodes ill for GOP
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    Hot Seate             By David M. Brown and Brad Bumsted                                                   Full Keystone P
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                          Wednesday, November 1, 2006                                                          Click here for th
                                                                                                               results of the Oc
                          Democrat Bob Casey has opened up a 15-point lead over Republican U.S.                Pittsburgh Tribu
    Pittsburgh Slots      Sen. Rick Santorum -- more than double the lead the challenger held in               WTAE-Channel
    Cold Cases            September -- according to a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review/WTAE-TV                        Poll in Adobe Ac
    Capitol Cash Grab     Keystone poll released today.                                                        format.

 All Special Reports                                                                                           The poll of 626
                          Casey leads Santorum 53 percent to 38 percent, with 9 percent undecided,
                                                                                                               voters in Pennsy
                          according to the telephone poll of 626 registered voters conducted over five         conducted Oct.
 All Multimedia           days ending Sunday. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.9              the Center for O
                          percentage points.                                                                   Research at Fra
 NEWS                                                                                                          Marshall Colleg
  Home page               A Keystone poll conducted in late September showed Casey, the state                  Lancaster. The
                          treasurer from Scranton, with a 7-point lead over Santorum, of Penn Hills,           error was 3.9 pe
  City & Region                                                                                                points.
                          the third-ranking Republican in the Senate.
  Fayette                                                                                                         Key results
                          "(Santorum) is falling further behind as voters seem to be rejecting his shift
  Education               in course toward focus almost exclusively on the war on terror," said                   Casey opens
  State                   Keystone Poll director G. Terry Madonna, a political science professor at               U.S. Senate r
  Lottery                 Franklin & Marshall College, Lancaster County.                                          Iraqi war majo
  Nation                                                                                                          Rendell widen
  Top News
                                                                                     "It's a campaign
                                                                                     theme that's not          Get Acrobat Read
  You're the Editor                                                                  working well,"
  Politics                                                                           Madonna said.             Politics
  Iraq                                                                               Casey's lead,                Bush touts big
  Bird Flu                                                                           combined with                Dems assail G
  Trib p.m.                                                                          Democratic Gov.
                                                                                                                  Eastern state
                                                                                     Ed Rendell's 25-
  North Suburbs                                                                                                   election key
                                                                                     point advantage
  East Suburbs                                                                       over Republican              Future rests o
  South/West                                                                         challenger Lynn              incumbents' o
Suburbs                                                                           Swann, could            Republicans
Health News                                                                       portend disaster for
Politics / Election                                                               Republicans on
                                                                                                             Analysis: GO
News                                                                              Tuesday, when
                                                                                  voters head to the         motivate base
Road Work
                                                                                  polls. Rendell, of         Coal exec tar
Police & Courts                                                                   Philadelphia, leads        Democrats
Middle East                                                                       Swann, the former
Reports                                                                                                      Tough tasks a
                                                                                  Steelers star from
Photo Galleries                                                                   Sewickley Heights,         it keeps powe

Most Read                                                                         by 58 percent to 33        Evangelical-G
Articles                                                                          percent, the poll          weakens
All Stories                                                                       shows.                     GOP focuses
SPORTS                                                                                                       ahead of elec
                                                                             Political analysts
BUSINESS                                                                     are pondering
                                                                             whether the                  Democrats
OPINION &                                                                    margins favoring
COMMENTARY            Rendell and Casey will benefit fellow Democrats in congressional and                   Democratic p
LIVING                legislative races.                                                                     brewing in Oh

OBITUARIES                                                                                                   Democrats ta
                      "It's clearly not a positive sign for Republicans in real competitive races
                                                                                                             over Iraq stra
TODAY IN              lower on the ticket to have their headliners trailing this late in the campaign,
                      but it's not necessarily a death knell," said Christopher Borick, political            Black lawmak
                      science professor at Muhlenberg College in Allentown. "Pennsylvanians                  leadership po
CENSUS                have a clear record of splitting tickets."                                             Dean defends
ABOUT US                                                                                                     attacks Bush
Help Desk             Votes for Casey or Rendell won't automatically translate into votes for other
                                                                                                             Minimum wag
                      Democrats if a Republican candidate is perceived as having done a good
Contact Us                                                                                                   Democrats' p
                      job, said Al Neri, editor of The Insider, a statewide political newsletter.
Frank L. Craig,
                      "It's a very informed electorate," he said.                                              Read All Po
Robert Fryer,
Managing Editor
Joe Chudicek,         Santorum trails Casey in nearly all regions, including by 3 points in Central       Top Stories
Multimedia Editor     Pennsylvania, where Republicans traditionally enjoy their strongest support.
CUSTOMIZED            Santorum leads only in Northwestern Pennsylvania, 50-41 percent, the poll
RSS NEWS              shows. Casey leads by 27 points in Allegheny County and 16 points in the
FEEDS                                                                                                        Election Spec
                      southwest, where U.S. Rep. Melissa Hart, R-Bradford Woods, is seeking to
What is RSS?          beat back a strong challenge from Democrat Jason Altmire in the 4th                    Bush touts big
Staff Blogs           Congressional District.                                                                Dems assail G
Newspapers in                                                                                                Eastern state
Education             Casey also leads by 33 points in Philadelphia and 27 points in the Philly              election key
AP Podcasts           suburbs, where three Republican Congressmen are fighting for their                     Future rests o
                      political survival.
                                                                                                             incumbents' o
                                                                                                             Voters may u
                      Santorum, who is seeking a third term, has been hurt by his close ties to the
                      Bush White House, analysts say. The president's approval ratings have                  Gingrich follow
                      dropped to an all-time low in Pennsylvania. Only 32 percent hold a                     Analysis: Elec
                      favorable opinion of Bush, and only 31 percent say he is doing an excellent            bring Bush wo
                      or good job.
                                                                                                             Bush wraps u
                                                                                                             Dems assail G
                      Poll participant Charles K. Hillman, 68, of Monongahela, Washington
                      County, said he will vote for Casey because he doesn't like the direction the          Lieberman sa
                      country is going under Republican control. Hillman is upset that American              be debt to GO
                      soldiers are dying in Iraq in what seems to be "a civil war."                          Parties spend
                                                                                                             target races
                      "I do not trust Santorum, and I don't like Bush at all," he said. "I'm voting for      N.H. makes G
                      a change."
Walter J. Nichols, 42, of Commodore, Indiana County, said he will vote for          some automa
Santorum because he is consistent in his views. Nichols likes Santorum's
                                                                                    More voting e
opposition to gun control and abortion.
                                                                                    scrutiny poss

"Santorum has a platform he sticks with. He believes in what he says, and                 Read A
he stands for something," Nichols said. "Bob Casey seems to be the typical
politician. Whatever you want to hear, he's going to say."                       News

Santorum spokeswoman Virginia Davis dismissed the poll's significance.              Election Spec
                                                                                    Famous wars
"No matter how you shake it, there's a range of numbers" in various polls,          stuck in the m
she said.
                                                                                    Heavy floodin
                                                                                    Washington k
At least 55 polls have been conducted since January, all of them showing
Casey with a lead of at least 5 points and as high as 23 points, according to       Fire hits Orlan                                                              Gatorland
Davis, however, said Santorum will rely on superior Republican get-out-the-
vote efforts.                                                                    Sports

"The investment we've made in our grassroots doesn't have a return until            Seahawks sa
election day," Davis said.
                                                                                    times, win 16-
                                                                                    Nelson makes
Casey spokesman Larry Smar said the latest Keystone poll reflects that
"Santorum's often desperate attacks are backfiring, and people clearly want         return to Dalla
a change."                                                                          Rangers nam
                                                                                    A's coach ma
"They see Bob Casey talking about issues that concern them," such as                Steelers drop
health care and jobs, Smar said.
                                                                                    loss to Denve
                                                                                    Steelers fumb
One in three of those polled who indicated they will vote for Casey said their
primary motivation was to oust Santorum. Another third said the war in Iraq         chances of re
is the most important issue in determining their Senate vote. Twelve percent
identified the war against terrorism as the most important issue.                          Read A
Rendell spokesman Dan Fee said the numbers are consistent with other
recent independent polls. The lead won't change the governor's strategy,            Raiders' Bray
Fee said.
                                                                                    for kneeing
                                                                                    Seahawks sa
"We are going to get out as many of our voters (to the polls) as we can," he
said.                                                                               times, win 16-
                                                                                    Foot sidelines
Swann spokesman Leonardo Alcivar disputed the poll's results.                       Bowler Straha
                                                                                    Cole gets 5-y
"It's simply not a 25-point race," he said. "If it were, Rendell wouldn't           from Eagles
continue to pour millions of dollars into negative ads."                            Neck puts Fa
                                                                                    out for season
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                                                                                    Steelers fumb
                                                                                    chances of re

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   Bush touts big
   Dems assail G
   Eastern state
   election key
   Future rests o
   incumbents' o
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