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					                                                                             Restaurant Menu.
                                    Soups.                                                                         Chicken Dishes.
Chicken & Sweetcorn Soup.                                                              £4.50    Chicken with Lemon or Orange.                                £8.50
Crabmeat & Sweetcorn Soup.                                                             £4.50    Chicken in Plum Sauce.                                       £8.50
Cantonese Hot & Sour Soup.                                                             £4.50    Crispy Chicken in Piquant Sauce.                             £8.50
Chicken & Mushroom Soup.                                                               £4.50    Chicken Peking.                                              £8.50
Wan Tun Soup. (clear)                                                                  £4.50    Chicken Kung Po.                                             £8.50
                               Appetisers.                                                      Chicken in Black Bean Sauce.                                 £8.50

Special Platter. Duck Spring Rolls, Honey Ribs, Seaweed, Prawn Toast & Chicken Skewers £11.00   Spicy Szechwan Chicken.                                      £8.50

Mixed Platter. Crispy Wan Tun, Prawn Toast, Spring Rolls, Samosa, Seaweed & BBQ Ribs   £11.00   Chicken & Mushroom. (with bamboo shoots & water chestnuts)   £8.50

Seaweed. (with dried ground fish)                                                      £4.50    Chicken with Ginger & Spring Onion.                          £8.50

Spring Rolls.                                                                          £4.90    Chicken in Cantonese Sauce.                                  £8.50

Duck Spring Rolls.                                                                     £5.90    Chicken with Bean Sprouts.                                   £8.50

Large Vegetable Spring Roll.                                                           £4.50    Chicken with Chilli Salt & Garlic.                           £8.50

BBQ Spare Ribs.                                                                        £6.90    Chicken with Cashew Nuts.                                    £8.50

Salt & Pepper Spare Ribs.                                                              £6.90    Chicken Satay.                                               £8.50

Honey Roasted Spare Ribs                                                               £6.90    Chicken Chop Suey.                                           £8.50

Salt & Pepper Chicken Wings.                                                           £6.00    Chicken with Mangetout & Garlic.                             £8.50

Chicken Skewers. (with Satay Sauce)                                                    £5.90    Chicken Curry.                                               £8.50

Prawn Cocktail.                                                                        £5.50    Chicken Foo Yung.                                            £8.50

Deep Fried King Prawns.                                                                £6.90    Chicken in Numtung Sauce.                                    £8.50

Prawn Crackers.                                                                        £2.90    Sweet & Sour Chicken.                                        £8.50

Chilli Crackers.                                                                       £2.90                          Beef Dishes.
Prawn Toast.                                                                           £2.90    Crispy Shredded Beef in Piquant Sauce.                       £9.00
Samosa.                                                                                £4.90    Beef Cantonese.                                              £9.00
Garlic Mushrooms.                                                                      £4.90    Beef with Ginger & Spring Onion.                             £9.00
Aromatic Duck. (with pancakes, cucumber & leeks)
                                                                                                Beef in Black Bean Sauce.                                    £9.00
Quarter.                                                                               £11.00
                                                                                                Beef Kung Po.                                                £9.00
Half.                                                                                  £19.00
                                                                                                Beef & Mushroom. (with bamboo shoots & water chestnuts)      £9.00
Aromatic Lamb. (with pancakes, cucumber & leeks)                                       £9.50
                                                                                                Beef with Black Pepper.                                      £9.00
Extra Pancakes.                                                                        £1.50
                                                                                                Beef with Fresh Tomato.                                      £9.00
                    Char Sui Pork Dishes.
                                                                                                Beef Satay.                                                  £9.00
Char Sui Pork &Mushroom. (with bamboo shoots & water chestnuts)                        £9.00
                                                                                                Beef with Oyster Sauce.                                      £9.00
Char Sui Pork with Ginger & Spring Onion.                                              £9.00
                                                                                                Crispy Beef in BBQ Sauce.                                    £9.00
Char Sui Pork Curry.                                                                   £9.00
                                                                                                Beef Chop Suey.                                              £9.00
Char Sui Pork in Cantonese Sauce.                                                      £9.00
                                                                                                Beef with Broccoli & Garlic.                                 £9.00
Char Sui Pork Kung Po.                                                                 £9.00
Char Sui Pork in Black Bean Sauce.                                                     £9.00    Beef Curry.                                                  £9.00

Char Sui Pork with Honey.                                                              £9.00    Beef Foo Yung.                                               £9.00

Dry Char Sui Pork Satay.                                                               £9.00    Beef in Numtung Sauce.                                       £9.00

Char Sui Pork Foo Yung.                                                                £9.00    Spicy Szechwan Beef.                                         £9.00

Sweet & Sour Pork.                                                                     £9.00    Sweet & Sour Beef.                                           £9.00
                                                   Restaurant Menu.
          Noodle & Vermicelli Dishes.                                                Aromatic Lamb Dishes.
Singapore Fried Rice.                                      £9.00      Aromatic Lamb in Black Bean Sauce.                        £9.00
Singapore Noodles.                                         £9.50      Aromatic Lamb with Ginger & Spring Onion.                 £9.00
Singapore Vermicelli.                                      £9.50      Aromatic Lamb Kung Po.                                    £9.00
Singapore Ho Fun.                                          £9.50      Spicy Szechwan Aromatic Lamb.                             £9.00
King Prawn Fried Rice.                                     £10.50     Aromatic Lamb Curry.                                      £9.00
King Prawn Chow Mein.                                      £10.50     Aromatic Lamb in Numtung Sauce.                           £9.00
King Prawn Ho Fun.                                         £10.50
Char Sui Pork Fried Rice.                                  £9.00
                                                                                  Special (Mixed Meats) Dishes.
Fu Jian Fried Rice.                                        £9.00
                                                                      Special Mixed Meat Dishes, cooked to order in any
Char Sui Pork Chow Mein.                                   £9.50
                                                                      Style and in any sauce.                                   £10.00
Char Sui Pork Ho Fun. (dry)                                £9.50
Chicken Fried Rice.                                        £8.50
Chicken Chow Mein.                                         £9.50                           Side Dishes.
Chicken Ho Fun. (dry or in sauce)                          £9.50      Fried Fragrant Rice.                                      £2.50
Beef Fried Rice.                                           £9.00      Boiled Fragrant Rice.                                     £2.50
Beef Chow Mein.                                            £9.50      Chips.                                                    £2.00
Beef Ho Fun. (dry or in sauce)                             £9.50      Onion Rings.                                              £3.00
Roast Duck Chow Mein.                                      £10.00     Mixed Vegetables or Bean Sprouts.                         £4.50
Roast Duck Ho Fun. (dry)                                   £10.00     Chilli Vegetables.                                        £4.50
Sea Food Chow Mein.                                        £14.00     Chilli Bean Sprouts.                                      £4.50
Sea Food Ho Fun. (dry or in sauce)                         £14.00     Mushrooms with Chilli Salt & Garlic.                      £4.90
                    Duck Dishes.                                      Noodles with Bean Sprouts or Vermicelli.                  £3.50
Roast Duck with Ginger & Spring Onion.                     £10.00     Chilli Noodles or Vermicelli.                             £3.50
Roast Duck with Plum Sauce.                                £10.00     Deep Fried Mushrooms or in Batter.                        £3.50
Roast Duck with Lemon or Orange.                           £10.00     Sweet & Sour Sauce.                                       £2.00
Roast Duck in Black Bean Sauce.                            £10.00     Curry Sauce.                                              £2.00
Roast Duck with Bean Sprouts.                              £10.00     BBQ Sauce.                                                £2.00
Roast Duck in Oyster Sauce.                                £10.00     Gravy.                                                    £2.00
Roast Duck Curry.                                          £10.00     Crispy Noodles.                                           £3.50
Roast Duck in Numtung Sauce.                               £10.00     Mushroom Fried Rice.                                      £5.90
Please Note:-                                                                        Seasonal Chinese Vegetables.
                    Cantonese cuisine is very extensive, whilst        Pac Choi, Choi Sum, Gai Lan or Garlic Chives when available,
we have tried to be as comprehensive as possible with the                           cooked with any meats or seafood.
menu, if there is anything you would particularly like, and it is                               Please ask!

                                                         Sizzling Dishes.
              Dishes denoted in this colour are available as sizzling dishes, please add 50p to the price.
Normally Cantonese cuisine is very mild, and contains little if any chilli in its preparation, however, during the natural evolution of
 the culinary arts, other styles of cooking have been adapted to suit current tastes. For instance, the “Numtung” dishes have been
derived from Malaysian Cuisine and hence contain a lot of chilli. To help in your choice of dish we have denoted the chilli content
                as follows :-

      Some chilli content, very mild.                  Moderate chilli content.                       High chilli content, very hot.
                                           Restaurant Menu.
                                         Vegetarian Dishes.

                     Soups.                                         Mushroom Dishes.
Cream of Sweetcorn Soup.                       £4.50     Mushrooms with Ginger & Spring Onion.            £8.00
Vegetarian Hot & Sour Soup.                    £4.50     Mushroom Kung Po.                                £8.00
Clear Vegetable Soup.                          £4.50     Mushroom Foo Yung.                               £8.00
Clear Mushroom Soup.                           £4.50     Mushrooms in BBQ Sauce.                          £8.00

                 Appetisers.                                    Mixed Vegetable Dishes.
Vegetarian Spring Rolls.                       £4.50                                                      £8.00
                                                         Mixed Vegetables in Black Bean Sauce.
Mushrooms with Orange or Lemon.                £4.90
                                                         Satay Mixed Vegetables.                          £8.00
Seaweed. (with or without dried fish)          £4.50
                                                         Sweet & Sour Mixed Vegetables.                   £8.00
Garlic Mushrooms.                              £4.90
                                                         Curried Mixed Vegetables.                        £8.00
Bean Sprouts with Pancakes & BBQ               £7.50
                                                         Cantonese Mixed Vegetables.                      £8.00

              Broccoli Dishes.                                          Tofu Dishes.
Broccoli Kung Po.                              £8.00     Tofu in Oyster Sauce.                            £8.00

Broccoli with Ginger & Spring Onion.           £8.00     Tofu Szechwan Style.                             £8.00

Broccoli with Garlic.                          £8.00     Tofu in Kung Po Sauce.                           £8.00
                                                         Tofu with Ginger & Spring Onion.                 £8.00
                                                         Tofu Numtung.                                    £8.00
  Noodle, Vermicelli & Rice Dishes.
                                                         Tofu with Cashew Nuts.                           £8.00
Vegetarian Singapore Noodles.                  £8.50
                                                         Tofu with Chilli Salt & Garlic.                  £8.00
Vegetarian Singapore Vermicelli.               £8.50
                                                         Tofu with Mangetout.                             £8.00
Vegetarian Singapore Fried Rice.               £8.00
                                                         Tofu Chop Suey.                                  £8.00
Vegetarian Chow Mein.                          £8.50     Tofu with Bean Sprouts.                          £8.00
Vegetarian Ho Fun. (dry or in sauce)           £8.50     Tofu in BBQ Sauce.                               £8.00
Vegetarian Rice.                               £8.00     Tofu with Chinese Vegetables                     £8.00

                                                Please Note.
    Cantonese Cuisine is very “flexible”, and whilst we have endeavoured to provide a comprehensive
    menu, if you have any specific requests or ideas for more dishes, please let us know and we will do
                                      our best to accommodate you.