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					                      CE-Secure Vault Edition Pro
           Data Encryption Software
                               AES 256-Bit Protection

     • Encrypt Vaults up to 2 terabytes
     • Create as many encrypted Vaults as your available space allows
     • Create encrypted Vaults on Mapped Network Storage
    • Supports Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and Server 2000/2003
    • Automatic Lock Options
   • Archive encrypted Vaults to CD/DVD
  • Archive encrypted Vauls to email
 • Easy to install and use
• Free reader version available for world wide access
                    DATA Encryption

CE-Secure Vault Edition Pro
CE-Secure is an easy to use data encryption                   Vaults can be
program that offers the maximum protec-                       created on your
tion provided by 256 bit AES encryption                       system hard
algorithms. With CE-Secure you can create                     drives,external
                                                              hard drives and
encrypted zones in the unused protion of
                                                              flash memory
your data storage devices. These encrypted
                                                              disks. You can
zones can then be used to securely store                      even copy en-
your sensitive or private documents, pho-                     crypted Vaults to
tos, music or videos. In CE-Secure each                       CD or DVD nedia
of these encrypted zones is referred to as                    for archiving –
a Vault and as with a true physical Vault,                    and it’s still encrypted! As an added advantage, small
you need the keys or combination to open                      encrypted Vaults can be attached to email and se-
the Vault and gain access to the contents.                    curely sent to others.
Each Vault can be as large as 2 terabytes.
CE-Secure allows you to create as many                        When your data resides within the encrypted Vault,
                                                              it is safe from prying eyes. With support for strong
encrypted Vaults as your space allows.
                                                              pass phrases of up to 64 characters, CE-Secure offers
                                                              the opportunity to insure that critical data cannot
                                                              be accessed by unauthorized individuals while still
                                                              offering maximum ease of use to the Vaults’ rightful
                                                              owner. When the proper pass phrase is given to the
      CE-Secure Vault Edition Pro                             program, the encrypted Vault is opened and data
                                                              within the Vault is completely available to the user,
              Encryption Algorithm Scheme       AES 256 Bit
                                                              appearing as a regular drive letter within My Com-
                                                              puter or Windows Explorer. Best yet, a free reader
                        Maximum Vault Size         2TB
                                                              only version of CE-Secure is available that gives you
                                                              access to your encrypted data from anywhere in the
           Supports Windows Vista/XP/2000          Yes
        Supports Windows Server 2000/2003          Yes

           Create as many Vaults as you wish       Yes

              Vault creation on System drive       Yes

            Vault creation on External device      Yes

   Vault creation on a Mapped Network drive        Yes

                  Open a Vault as Read Only        Yes

                       Attach Vaults to email      Yes

              Free CE-Secure Reader support        Yes

   Archive CE-Secure Vaults to Optical Media       Yes