WINBee Thinclient Solution for SAP implementation In a Corporate by mtj17449


    Thinclient Solution for SAP implementation
                  In a Corporate.

Company Over View:

The Client is on of the largest confectionary manufacturers in India. They are also
makers of many dairy products such as Cheese, Butter, Ghee, Dairy and flavored
milk products.

The Client has over 4000 employees placed at their plants across the country. The
annual turn over crosses Rs. 2000 Crores. They also exports 78% of their products
to more than 75 countries.

The Manufacturing plants of the company are located in the 4 Major metro cities
Kolkatta, Mumbai, New Delhi and Chennai.

The Requirement:

The client is of rapidly growing in nature company who sought an information
system that could support its software applications and provide centralized
management and maintenance, as well as being cost effective to implement.

The initial decision to deploy Server based computing technology was based on
ease-of-use and ease-of roll out. Using the total cost of ownership (TCO) model,
the company found that implementing a terminal server based system was a much
less expensive option than opting for high speed Desktops, Especially when the
company has a large Percentage of users who don’ require vast amount of
Computing power.

The company referred to the research provided by Industry analysts and finally
they decided to approach HCL for implementing Citrix Metaframe and Thinclient
based solution.

The Challenges:

   ? Linking all the Factories and Marketing facilities present all over the

   ? Co-ordination has to be provided among the different departments.

      ?   Sales & Marketing
      ?   Purchase
      ?   MIS (Manufacturing Information System)
      ?   R&D

   ? Data from different departments has to be entered to Central Database
     server for final analysis of statistical data using dedicated software.

   ? Production Control applications, Applications related to Marketing & Sales
     has to be run on line with the Central Database server. (DATACENTER)

The Considerations:

   ? The Clients 80% of the total users are using the Terminal Server-based

   ? Among the users of the Terminal Server based system 25% will be of
     typical users, while remaining 75% of the users will be power users.

   ? As the shift method of work is in place the total load to the server is
     considered to be uniform. So the server has to configure enough to provide
     reliable connections round the clock.

   ? Further more, some power users will have their own set of Peripherals to
     access. (printers, Weighing machines etc.)

   ? Restricted access has to be provided for users who use only specific

   ? Centralized Administration Management has to be provided for Published

The Solution Offered:

   ? Citrix Metaframe was suggested to Suit their requirements and configured
     to run on Windows 2000 Server Platform in all the server Farms in the four
     Cities and Each server Farm was suggested to have three servers each.

   ? As three quarters of the users of the connections are by the users, a Dual
     processor Server with required amount of Memory was recommended with
     required data storage Methods.

   ? Based on the uniform nature of their server load, a Server Farm was created
     with three servers with one activated as Master browser.

   ? The Client COM port mapping was done in such a way that users can
     access the weighing machine Data as input for their dedicated software.

Sample Connectivity Diagram:

                 Central Data Base Server.   CITRIX Servers

            WAN Connectivity          WAN Connectivity WAN Connectivity

                         WINBee Thinclients at Branch offices

The Applications deployed and running are:

   1. SAP

   2. Office 97, Office 2000

   3. Internet Explorer

   4. Oracle

   5. MS outlook Express

   6. Out Look Express

   7. Yahoo Messenger

   8. MSN Messenger

   9. Much other Utility software as per the user’ requirement allowed by


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