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ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION PROGRAM                                                     Date: ___________________

School: ____________________________________________             Contact: _______________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone: ____________________ Fax: ____________________ Email: _________________________

Thank you for your interest in the NBMCA Environmental Education program. The NBMCA Naturalist will be in
contact with you shortly to discuss your programming needs and to schedule a program date. If you already
have a preferred date, please indicate below. Note that this form does not constitute a booking – all
arrangements must be confirmed with the NBMCA Naturalist and a Booking Contract must be signed.

Date of visit: __________________ Alternate Date(s): ________________ Number of students: ______

Arrival Time: ______________ Departure Time: ______________               Onsite at NBMCA            Outreach

Outreach Address: ______________________________________ Distance: City limits 40 km 80 km+

Please note any additional information or questions: _______________________________________


Wildlife Programs                     Aquatic Programs                       Orienteering
  Endangered Species                      Stream Study                          Basic Orienteering
  Survival Game                           Pond Study                            Fur Traders Game
  Beetlemania                             Wetland Wallows
  Animals preparing for winter            S.P.L.A.S.H.
                                                                                Cemetery study
  Animal Tracks
                                      Earth Science
  Bats                                                                       Wonders of Winter
                                          Soils in the Environment
                                                                                Winter Survival
  Christmas is for the birds
                                      Plants & Trees                            Inuit & Co-op Games
                                          Edible & Medical Plants               Snow Profiles
                                          Focus on Forest
  Black Bears
                                          Spring Wonders
  Night Hunter
                                                                             Please note that additional/ custom
                                          Blowin’ in the Wind
  Beaver Study                                                               programs are available upon
                                          Forest Ecology                     request. Thank you!

   15 Janey Avenue   North Bay, Ontario   P1C 1N1    P: (705) 474-5420   F: (705) 474-9793