Imagine theres no Heaven Its easy if you try No Hell below us by fdjerue7eeu


									The monthly
bulletin of the
Homes Association

Vol. 40 No. 3       P.O. Box 11, Station “A”, Etobicoke, ON M9C 4V2   March 2003

                      Imagine there’s no Heaven
                          It’s easy if you try
                           No Hell below us
                          Above us only sky
                        Imagine all the people
                           Living for today
                     Imagine there’s no countries
                          It isn’t hard to do
                       Nothing to kill or die for
                         And no religion too
                        Imagine all the people
                         Living life in peace

                     You may say I’m a dreamer
                       But I’m not the only one
                    I hope someday you’ll join us
                    And the world will be as one
                        Imagine no possessions
                          I wonder if you can
                    No need for greed and hunger
                         A brotherhood of man
                         Imagine all the people
                         Sharing all the world

                     You may say I’m a dreamer
                       But I’m not the only one
                    I hope someday you’ll join us
                    And the world will live as one

                                                  Having a fraud alert published, means any      ments will be higher than they have ever
President’s Update                                                                               been. Competition for spaces will be fierce
                                                  company that checks your credit knows
                     Greetings !                  your information was stolen and they have      and the cost of tuition will continue to out-
                     It seems there is never a    to contact you by phone to authorize new       pace inflation.
                     day where we do not hear     credit. By the time Joe was advised to do      This year only, in recognition of the extra-
                     of some fraud, which has     this, almost two weeks after the theft, all    ordinary number of graduating students,
                     been committed on an         the damage was done.                           the Markland Homes Association has bud-
                     innocent victim some-        There are records of all the credit checks     geted for an additional scholarship. We
                     where. Indeed, it is a big   initiated by the thief’s purchases, none of    will be awarding $1,000 scholarships to
                     underground business. I      which were known by Joe before placing         three graduating high school students
                     thought I would share a      the alert. After that, no additional damage    from the Markland community who:
                     few tips, which I have       was done as the thieves were stopped in        a) demonstrate outstanding and consis-
gathered from both colleagues and clients         their tracks.                                  tent outreach to their community; and,
alike.                                            The numbers are:                               b) have been accepted for entrance to,
The next time you order cheques, have             Equifax: 1-800-525-6285                        and enrolled in, an accredited Canadian
only your initials (instead of first names)       Experian (formerly TRW): 1-888-397-3742        University or Community College in the
and last name put on them. If someone                                                            coming year.
                                                  Trans Union: 1-800-680-7289
takes your cheque book, they will not                                                            Expressions of interest are to be sub-
know if you sign your cheques with just           Pass this information along. It could really
                                                                                                 mitted to the Blinder of the Markland
your initials or your first name, but your        help someone you care about.
                                                                                                 Wood Award Committee by the May
bank will know how you sign your                                                                 31st, 2003. At that time, the Applicant
cheques! Where possible, put your work            Patrick J. Clifford                            should provide to the Award Committee:
phone number on your cheques, instead             President, Markland Homes Association          a) An essay, written by the student (up to
of your home phone number. If you have a
                                                                                                 two typed pages), describing his or her
P.O. Box, use that instead of your home           2002-2003 Board of Directors                   community leadership involvement. The
address. If you do not have a P.O. Box,
                                                                                                 essay should include: insight into personal
again where possible, use your work
                                                  EXECUTIVE                                      motivation to undertake the activity; what
                                                  PRESIDENT: Patrick Clifford,                   has been accomplished; what meaningful
Never have your Social Insurance number                                                          contribution has been made to the com-
                                                  8 The Green Pines 621-7695
printed on your cheques. You can manual-                                                         munity, and what she or he has learned
ly write it on if it is necessary, but if it is   VICE-PRESIDENT: Tom Napier,
                                                                                                 from the experience.
printed on your cheques, ANYONE can               1 Markland Dr. 622-9630
                                                                                                 b) Two letters of support or confirmation
get it.                                           SECRETARY: Don Matheson,
                                                                                                 from the community group(s), or individu-
Place the contents of your wallet on a            30 Markwood Cr. 621-4291
                                                                                                 als, who have been the focus of the stu-
photocopy machine. Do both sides of               TREASURER: Gerard Betsch,                      dent’s involvement.
each license, credit card, etc. You will          14 Winsdale Road 620-4896
                                                                                                 By July 31st, 2003 the student must
know what you had in your wallet and all          DIRECTORS                                      provide a copy of the student’s letter of
of the account numbers and phone num-             Stephen Blimkie,                               acceptance and enrolment in an
bers to call and cancel. Keep the photo-          197 Markland Drive 695-7734                    accredited Canadian University or
copy in a safe place.
                                                  Richard Boehnke, 67 Markland Dr.               Community College.
One such person, whom we will refer to            621-5089                                       For further information, please call one of
as “Joe”, had his wallet stolen recently.
                                                  Brian Brennand, 2 Markland Dr.                 the directors on the Board of your
Within a week, the thief ordered an expen-
                                                  622-8011                                       Markland Homes Association.
sive monthly cell phone package, applied
for a VISA credit card, had a credit line         Bev Evans, 8 Winsdale Rd.                      All completed submissions should be
approved to buy a Gateway computer,               621-2153                                       forwarded to:
received a PIN number to change informa-          Graham Maguire, 2 Broadfield Dr.               The Markland Homes Association,
tion on line, and more.                           620-4398                                       PO Box 11, Station “A”
In case this happens to you or someone            Diane Mcleod, 15 Aymarn Crt. 622-2183          Etobicoke, Ontario
you know, here is some critical information       Associate Directors                            Attn: The Blinder for the Award Committee
to limit the damage. We have been told            Helen Boehnke, Bo Lawrentiw, Ian Sillars,
we should cancel our credit cards immedi-         Irene Sillars and Patti Thorne,
ately. However the key is having the toll                                                        Saying Goodbye
free numbers and your card numbers                                                               Dear Our Valued Customers:
handy, so you know whom to call. Keep             Airport Noise Complaints:                      We hope you all understand why we did
these where you can find them easily. File        (416) 247-7682                                 not say goodbye. Tears were easy to flow
a report immediately in the jurisdiction                                                         with the thought of saying goodbye to
where it was stolen, as this proves to            The 2003 Markland Homes                        each of you because it was extremely dif-
credit providers that you were diligent and                                                      ficult to leave. It was such an emotional
is a first step toward an investigation (if
                                                  Association Scholarship                        stage in our lives. Since some of you were
there ever is one).                               Awards                                         not only our customers, you were our
But, here is what perhaps is most impor-          In 2003 two graduating classes of stu-         friends.
tant: Call the three national credit reporting    dents, also referred to as the “double         We want to thank you for supporting us for
organizations immediately to place a fraud        cohort”, will graduate from each high          22 years of business. We will always carry
alert on your name and Social Insurance           school in Ontario. This unprecedented tide     those memories in our heart.
number. Joe was advised by a bank that            of students will be applying for limited
                                                                                                 Thank you so so much,
called to tell him an application for credit      placements in Colleges and Universities
                                                  across Canada. The entrance require-           Manuel Pelayo
was made over the internet in his name.
                                                                                                 Raquel Pelayo

From Tom’s Desk                                  Hon Allen Rock, MP Etobicoke Centre –               daughters and grandparents.
                                                 Tel: 416-231 2301, Email:                           And we meet and stand at the hub of our
February 2003 seemed to fly by this year.                                   city. We are different in so many ways, but
It has also been one of the coldest months       Street Lighting - 416-395-4448                      all united by one desire, the desire to help
I can remember. However, the end of                                                                  save the lives of countless Iraqis in the
                                                 Roads & Sidewalks - 416-394-8615
March brings the spring season, warmer                                                               coming war. People just like us.
weather and more people walking, running         Traffic - 416-394-8453
                                                 Emergency Medical Services -                        Is this just a dream? You tell me.
and playing. Soon the streets, schools and
parks will have people involved in the           416-392-9833                                        Many years ago, I read a short story by
many events that make Markland Wood a            Police - 416-808-2200                               Ray Bradbury, “A Sound of Thunder”. I
wonderful place to live.                                                                             wanted to reread it, but couldn’t find it at
                                                 911 – For Real Emergencies!
                                                                                                     the library at short notice. A quick comput-
It came to the attention of the Markland         Toronto Department Web Site:                        er “Google search” and I found the whole
Homes Association that Toronto has allo-                  story, which I was able to print and read
cated money and has plans to install a
                                                                                                     that night.
parking lot in the Millwood Park. The size       Letter from the Editor
and time of the installation are not yet                                                             I was always fascinated by the premise of
                                                 I offer no apologies for giving John                the story, which involves time travel and
finalized. The size of the parking lot, from
                                                 Lennon’s lyrics for the peace anthem                the possible consequences of it (a com-
the initial plan drawing, is approximately
                                                 “Imagine” exposure on this newsletter’s             mon theme). The central characters in the
80m x 25m (263ft x 82ft), which is almost
                                                 front cover. Read the words and then lis-           story run a business offering the ultimate
as long as a soccer field and approximate-
                                                 ten to the music as you read. The beauty            hunting experience; the opportunity to go
ly half the width. It is to be located along
                                                 of the message becomes more evident as              back in time, millions of years, to bag a
Silverthorne Bush, with the entrance
                                                 the music plays.                                    dinosaur, a Tyrannosaurus Rex. As they
across from Burnt Log. This is really the
only free space in the park that does not        I have been editing this newsletter for sev-        step into the time machine, the good guy
include a sports venue. I am against the         eral years now and have come to realize             has just been elected President and all will
installation of this parking lot for this rea-   that another month has quickly dissolved            be fine in the world. The hunters under-
son and a few others. However, you               before my very eyes. This month, howev-             stand that changing past events may alter
should take a look for yourself and deter-       er, is different, in that, by the time you read     the future, and so there are strict guide-
mine whether you are in favour of this           the next issue, a war may have exploded             lines to the hunt. From previous trips the
parking lot. Contact us or place your con-       in a far away country, and thousands of             leaders know that a particular T. rex will
cerns into the MHA box at the drug store.        innocent people in Iraq will no longer be           die of natural causes, felled by a prehis-
                                                 sharing the life we so treasure and love.           toric tree, and they plan to have the cus-
There was a recent meeting regarding the
                                                 These are people just like us, young and            tomer kill it just before this occurs. Of
pathway from Stoneglen to Silverthorn
                                                 old, men and women, mothers, fathers,               course, things go terribly wrong. The
Collegiate Institute. I don’t want to put
                                                 sons, daughters and grandparents. When I            dinosaur is killed, but, during a moment of
blame on Silverthorn C.I. and the students
                                                 first started to write this article, I was burst-   panic, the customer strays from the electri-
exclusively, but one of the major issues
                                                 ing with anger and frustration at those             cally suspended path and, later, on the
was vandalism of property along
                                                 responsible for the “situation” the world           way home, he realizes he’s trodden on a
Stoneglen and other Markland Wood
                                                 finds itself in. But what can one say that          butterfly. As they leave the machine and
streets near the pathway. We don’t gener-
                                                 hasn’t already been said so many times              reenter their world, it’s evident that
ally know who performs these acts of van-
                                                 before. It just becomes so many words               changes have indeed occurred. The lan-
dalism, but they must be stopped. Please,
                                                 piled higher on the mound of empty                  guage on the business sign is slightly dif-
if you see any acts of vandalism by any
                                                 rhetoric.                                           ferent and, surprise, surprise, the bad guy
person within Markland Wood, call the
                                                 It seems that the only thing that will stop         has won the election. Life is forever
Police and the number listed below. The
                                                 this war is the voice of the people. I was          altered and not for the better.
best way to prevent and/or stop these acts
is to contact the Police immediately upon        so moved by the sight of the millions who           How is it that such a small difference has
witnessing the act. Most of the time, a          came out to protest in the various capitals         managed to alter the future? Could our
patrol car can be sent out quickly, if the act   of the world. I believe there were only             own future, hinge on such an apparently
is in progress. If we can prevent one of         80,000 in Toronto. Not a large number. I            trivial alteration?
these criminal acts, or better yet, catch        wasn’t among these people and feel                  Well, back to the near past and a let’s
someone in the act, then it may send a           ashamed because I should have been                  compose a different story. The central
clear message that Markland Wood resi-           there.                                              character of this story, a lady in Florida
dents are to be taken seriously. You can         Now, close your eyes and picture this sce-          responsible for redesigning the election
also contact Crime Stoppers at 416-222-          nario: a church bell rings in the distance          ballots, which would result in the embar-
TIPS (8477) to remain anonymous.                 and a person walks out of their front door,         rassing chaos in the last US elections. Is
                                                 soon to be followed by others, meeting on           this a chad I see before me. In a different
                                                 the roads throughout Markland Wood, all             past, this woman is gainfully employed
                                                 walking along the many roads leading to             elsewhere. Who knows what difference in
Tom Napier VP-MHA
                                                 the centre of Toronto, and as they pass             the past produced a difference in her
One Markland Drive
                                                 through the various communities, the                future, but let’s assume it was subtle. At
                                                 church bells in those communities also              sometime in her life, maybe in her child-
                                                 ring out, bringing still more people from           hood, someone was distracted by the
Important Contact Information:                   their houses, businesses and places of              beauty of a passing butterfly. The result is
Councillor Doug Holyday, Ward 2 – Tel:           worship. Slowly the trickle increases as            a cascade of interconnecting events.
416-392-4002, Email: councillor_holy-            they pick up more and more people. There            Perhaps a chance meeting; a missed                           are no placards, no political posturing, no         opportunity: another job: a different elec-
Hon. Chris Stockwell, MPP Etobicoke              songs and no speeches. Just a quiet pro-            tion system: a different outcome, and a
Centre – Tel: 416-695-1220, Email:               cession of humans, young and old, men               change in all our futures. To me, this                  and women, mothers, fathers, sons,                  demonstrates how small acts, or the lack


of action can have huge consequences for         they are not exactly attractive, and there is    Church News
us all. Now, if a reasonable number of           a temptation to toss them out. Don’t do it!
democratically minded people had turned          They will return and reward your loyalty         – the displays about their favourite animal
up to vote in the last US election, the con-     with a repeat showing, as this one now is        were amazing!
sequences of this type of mistake would          for us. It really is a tiny miracle to see a     Thanks to several teachers at Millwood,
have been diminished.                            brilliant green bud pushing itself up out of     the Silver Birch Club has started up for the
It was estimated by an independent group,        a mass of dry, shriveled brown leaves.           Grade 5 students. In this club, once a
the Committee for the Study of the               Again, with just a little water to encourage     week, one comes and reads fiction or non-
American Electorate, that, in the last mid-      it, it has produced two large flower spikes,     fiction books during the lunch hour. It’s a
term elections in the US, 39% of voting-         each of which should produce four large          fun way to spend time and expand your
aged citizens turned out to vote. In these       flowers. I forget what colour it was, so         mind!
elections Americans voted for Members of         there’s something else to look forward to.
                                                                                                  Everyone is looking forward to spring
Congress and State and local officials.          What’s remarkable about these flowers is
                                                                                                  break, March 10 –14. Remember to keep
During this vote they elected a Governor         that they’re actually native to Central and
                                                                                                  an eye out for children out and about in
in 36 of 50 states; all 435 members of the       South America.
                                                                                                  the neighbourhood. Hopefully, spring will
House of Representatives; and 34 of 100          After care: Treat these babies right and         be out and about, too!
members of the Senate. Two years later,          they’ll reward you year after year. Like so      Larissa Bayrachny
in 2000, 51% of the vote turned out to give      many things involving plants, don’t get too
us today’s President. Ah, the glories of         complicated. When the flowers are fin-
Democracy!                                       ished cut the stems to the base. By this         Silverthorn Collegiate Institute
PS: I have not bothered to check this story      time, the leaves should be done. Leave           In February, the Student Activity Council
for accuracy, but considering the lies we        the bulb on the windowsill. Don’t overeater      organized a fun matchmaking event.
are constantly told, I don’t see why you         and fertilize occasionally with a dilute solu-   Every student in the school filled out a
shouldn’t just take my word for it!              tion of any water-soluble product. Later in      questionnaire on their personal prefer-
                                                 the year the leaves will start to look sad.      ences, and then the Matchmaker compa-
Once again, the views expressed by this
                                                 Stop watering and the bulb will start to go      ny tallied the results. For only a dollar, stu-
Editor should in no way be assumed to
                                                 into dormancy. Put it in the basement and        dents could buy their results and find out
also be those of others in the Markland
                                                 forget about it. Sooner of later you’ll see      who their true love and best friends should
Homes Association.
                                                 those welcoming green buds and we’re off         be! The event was very popular.
                                                 again! Isn’t Nature wonderful!                   For Valentine’s Day, students could send
Down to Earth
                                                                                                  their friends a beautiful rose and card for
                                                 School News                                      only $2.00. Prefects delivered well over a
Well, despite the cold, we all know in our
                                                                                                  hundred roses, making it another success-
heart of hearts that Spring will indeed
spring and we will soon leave this               Millwood Junior School                           ful student-run activity.
…weather behind us! Is it just me, or has        February has continued to be cold outside,       There were two entries from Silverthorn in
it been especially cold this winter? The         but inside Millwood everyone has been            the Kiwanis Music Festival, and both per-
wonders of Nature have a way of showing          warmed by the special ways the students          formed very well. All the hard effort of the
themselves even inside a winter-clad             have expressed their appreciation for the        musicians and music teachers paid off,
house. We received an Amaryllis bulb as a        teachers at our school. Classroom doors          with the concert band placing 3rd in the
Christmas present and after “unboxing “ it,      are adorned with hearts and notes from           competition, earning an impressive score
we placed in on the front windowsill and         each individual student, expressing why          of 88%.
left it to do its thing. The trick with these    their teacher is the best! Each class also       SCI was proud to participate in the annual
bulbs is to pot them up so that one third or     prepared a gift for their teacher. The           Sears Drama Festival. Thirty-three high
more of the bulb remains above the sur-          teachers and staff were treated to break-        schools across the GTA submitted perfor-
face of the soil. Just a touch of water is       fast and lunch in the staff lunchroom by         mances for this competition. Our talented
needed. Too much water is an invitation          the parents of Millwood. Valentine’s Day         performers spent hours every day
for the leaves to take off at the expense of     turned out to be very special for everyone!      rehearsing for the big event, and the
the flowers; and forget the fertilizer. They     For several weeks now the children have          results were incredible. SCI put on two
don’t need that at this time, since all the      been participating in gymnastics classes in      plays, “Crawling Arnold” and “Off Crooked
energy they need for this year’s perfor-         the gym. Everyone is very excited about          Screwed,” the latter entirely composed,
mance is already stored in the bulb.             using all the neat equipment – imagine           produced, and directed by Silverthorn stu-
Hopefully, the swollen bud will soon show        being told to climb like a monkey!               dents. The plays were performed on
itself and then you can increase the water       Last month, the Grade 4 and 5 classes            Valentine’s Day and were met with rave
a little. Our bulb eventually produced a         made a trip to Queen’s Park, as part of          reviews.
stunning display of four huge pink blooms        their Social Studies unit. It was a very edu-    The Senior Girls’ Volleyball team finished
that lasted for several weeks. I usually cut     cational experience. The students had the        their regular season undefeated with a 5 –
the stalk off and a second blooming some-        opportunity to debate, in the “House of          0 record. They won their quarterfinal game
times follows. However, with this one, I         Commons”, whether high school students           against Kipling and then lost a close game
decided to let the blooms go to seed and         should be allowed recess during their            to Martingrove in the semi-finals. This
I’m going to try to produce my own new           school day. The pros and cons turned out         meant a 3rd place finish in their division.
plants. It’ll be 4-5 years before I see any      to be very interesting. Sorry, teenagers,        Our Senior Boys’ Basketball team trav-
blooms. Will I have the patience to stick        “no recess” won by a slim margin – the           elled to Nova Scotia to participate in the
with it? Well, as this bulb was in full bloom,   students felt that high schoolers need to        prestigious Coal Bowl tournament. The
I discovered another Amaryllis that had          spend all their time studying.                   boys played exceptionally well and placed
bloomed last spring and which, after allow-      After much research, the Grade 2 classes         3rd. All the players had a memorable
ing the leaves to die back, I had placed on      presented their animal research projects in      time, and the team received several hon-
a shelf in the deeper recesses of the            the gym, one afternoon, for all the parents      ours.
basement and, as one does, completely            to come and view. Their hard work paid off       Heather Foulkes
forgotten it! When these bulbs go dormant,

CALLING ALL ALUMNI!!!                           The Church of Christ the King                 first Tuesday of the month, at 7:30 p.m. at
                                                475 Rathburn Road, Etobicoke                  the Kingsway Lambton United Church, 85
  Remember those old, great groups,             Just West of the 427                          The Kingsway. Call Maureen, 622-5671,
  whose hits we keep playing over and           416-621-3630                                  for more information.
  over in our heads?                            March 7: The World Day of Prayer              RUMMAGE SALE at Bloordale United
  Beatles, Beach Boys, Rolling Stones,          Bishop Ann Tottenham will be in atten-        Church
  Doors, Van Morrison, Jan & Dean,              dance
  Elvis & many more!!!!                                                                       4258 Bloor St. West. Etobicoke, Ontario,
                                                Event time is 1:00 p.m.                       M9C 1Z7 416-621-1710
  Here’s a Golden opportunity to get            March 15: Burlington Welsh Male               Saturday, April 5th
  together with your fellow alumni, to          Chorus
  enjoy a great meal, to listen and dance                                                     9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
                                                ONE NIGHT ONLY at 7:30 p.m.                   Much help will be needed to make the
  to the great artists of our day and to
                                                Tickets are $12.00 per person                 Rummage Sale a success. Please be sav-
  share some of the many memories we
  all had as part of S.C.I.                     Seating is limited                            ing good used clothing and accessories
  The best part of all this is that we’ll all   March 30: St.Phillips Lutheran Church         (shoes, purses, jewellery, belts, ties, etc.) -
  be helping our high school, which pro-        Bell Choir                                    glassware, china, lamps, pictures, small
  vided for all of us the foundation to         At the 10:30 a.m. service                     furniture, collectibles for Granny’s Attic -
  move on to higher learning and ulti-          MEN are ALWAYS WELCOME                        sports equipment, small appliances, books
  mately the success we all enjoy today.        PLEASE PLAN TO ATTEND                         and white elephants. Items can be brought
  We’re holding an Alumni “Swing Into           Also CHECK US OUT ON OUR WEB SITE             to the gym stage on March 30th or left in
  Spring” Dinner / Dance at the beauti-    the lower hallway on April 3rd and 4th.
  ful Markland Wood Country Club in sup-                                                      Donations of bake goods, candy, pre-
  port of S.C.I.                                People and Places                             serves and jams for the always-successful
  Get your gang together and reserve                                                          Bake Shoppe are also needed.
                                                Etobicoke Senior Games
  your table today !!!                                                                        Volunteers are required for the following
  Date:       Friday, April 25th, 2003          Thirty-five senior athletes from Etobicoke
                                                attended Winterfest (Ontario Senior Winter
  Time:       7:00 p.m.                         Games) in London, Ontario in February,        Thursday, April 3rd - 9:00 p.m. to 10:30
  Tickets: $100.00 Per Person                   dressed in their spiffy new scarves, toques   p.m. Set up tables and move boxes
  Charitable receipt will be issued.            and vests. The volleyball team looked         Friday, April 4th - A few hours to set up
  Proceeds: Silverthorn Collegiate Alumni       especially fine in their new uniforms, and    and price articles.
  Foundation                                    acquitted themselves very well at the         Saturday, April 5th - To sell and clean up.
  To Book: Call Pat Farrell                     games.                                        Please indicate your availability on the
              @ 416-626-6693                    Competing against 670 athletes from all       sign-up sheet in the lower hallway.
  Let’s get together for a great time with      over Ontario, the Etobicoke entrants came
  old friends for a great cause …               away with four medals - two gold and one          Partners in Parenting
  OUR SCHOOL !!!                                bronze for alpine skiing and a silver medal             Presents
                                                for the curling team.
                                                To kick off the Etobicoke 2003 Summer              Siblings Without Rivalry
Church News                                                                                     Dealing with Siblings in Conflict
                                                Games, Opening Ceremonies will be held
Bloordale United Church                         on Wednesday, April 9 at 12:00 noon, at            • Reduce fighting, yelling,
                                                Legion 101, Brown's Line & Lakeshore                       competition
4258 Bloor St. West. Etobicoke, Ontario,
                                                Blvd. The fun afternoon, with hot and cold         • Encourage good feelings
M9C 1Z7 416-621-1710
                                                buffet, cash bar and entertainment by the               between siblings
Sunday, March 9: Theme:                         very talented Ed Smith, is limited to the
“Know Who You Are”                                                                               • Create a win/win atmosphere
                                                first three hundred tickets. Tickets can be
Sunday, March 16: Theme                         purchased at Fairfield, Thistletown, Horner                  6 weeks
“What’s In A Name?”                             Avenue and New Toronto Senior Centres             Mondays 7:15 p.m. – 9:30p.m.
                                                and West Acres Recreation Centre at a             March 31st to May 12th, 2003
Sunday, March 23: Theme:
                                                nominal cost of $5.00, subsidized by a                (no class April 21st)
“Its For Your Own Good”
Sunday, March 30: Theme:                        Trillium Grant.                                       Course Facilitators
“”Fear God In Awe”                              If you would like more information on the        Barbara McDonald & Karen
STONE SOUP SUNDAY                               Etobicoke Senior Games and how you                         Ashforth
                                                can compete for fun and companionship,           Host: Mabelsfables Bookstore
Saturday April 5: RUMMAGE SALE - 9:30
                                                contact Linda Christensen at                  2939 Bloor Street West, three blocks
a.m.- 12:30 p.m.
                                                416-394-8684                                    east of Royal York Road on the
10:30 a.m.
                                                Parent and Tot Coffee Time                                south side.
                                                On alternate Tuesday mornings at          
St. James United Church                         Bloordale United Church. Rm 13. Coffee is
400 Burnhamthorpe Road, Etobicoke               provided, but bring a snack for your little           Registration Limited
(Just west of 427 on the south side of          one. Make a friend, bring a friend, be a              Phone: 416 695-2889
Burnhamthorpe Road.)                            friend.                                         Email:
Phone 416-622-4113                              For more information, call Sylvia at          38-51 Broadfield Dr., Etobicoke, Ont.,
                                                626-2424.                                                   M9C 5P2
Celebration Service 9:00 a.m.                                                                 Course Fee: Single $100/Couples $150
(includes Sunday School)                        The Etobicoke Newcomers Club
                                                for Women                                     Text Extra: Siblings Without Rivalry
Traditional Service 10:30 a.m.
(includes Sunday School, baby sitting)          Are you new to the area? Interested in                 by Faber & Mazlish
Fellowship with tea or coffee after service     meeting other newcomers? Join us every          (Available first night of course)


CAT ADOPTATHON                                                                                3. Preheat oven to 450F. Place salmon
                                                MARKLANDER STAFF                                 on baking sheet and bake 20 minutes.
Bake Sale/Raffles/Pet items for Sale
                                                           President:                            Remove from oven, open foil and
March 29th, 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
                                                          Patrick Clifford                       apply remaining marinade, place fish
Pet Valu, 925 Rathburn Rd.E, at Rathburn
                                                            Editor:                              back in oven and bake an additional 5
and Tomken,
                                                        Graham Maguire                           minutes or until fish flakes when
905-896-0238                                                                                     touched with a fork.
All money raised will be donated to Action                                                    4. Remove salmon from foil, leaving
Volunteers for Animals (a cat                             Advertising:                           behind the skin and place on plate to
charity for over 30 yrs)                                 Brian Brennand                          serve.
Come Join Us & give a homeless cat a                      Distribution:                       Spice-crusted Salmon
wonderful, loving home!!!!!                             Richard Boehnke                       1 lb boneless salmon fillet, at least 1 inch
                                                            621-5089                          thick
The Neilson Park Creative Centre                      Creative & Design:                      1 tbsp liquid honey
56 Neilson Drive, Etobicoke ON M9C 1V7                 Spalding Creative                      1 tbsp Dijon mustard
Information: 622-5294                                 Communications Inc.                     2 tsp each, toasted sesame and cumin
                                                          255-9433                            seeds
Until March 9
In the Main Gallery                                      Printing                             1. Preheat oven to 450F. Cut salmon into
 “The Joy of Falling”                              Stu McNair   621-5272                         2 pieces and place skin-side down on
Allan O’Marra exhibits his paintings in oils                                                     foil-lined baking sheet.
and watercolours, and drawings in                                                             2. In a small bowl, stir honey with Dijon.
graphite and coloured pencil, and              eclectic group of artists, writers and edu-       Spread mixture on each fillet, sprinkle
“Postcards for the Sky”                        cators. Sponsored by Arts Etobicoke.              sesame and cumin seeds evenly on
his tribute to the music of Marjan Mozetich                                                      top of each piece.
                                               Open: Tues-Sat, 10-4 p.m.
In the Hall Gallery                            Tuesday, 7-9 p.m.                              3. Bake in oven 10 minutes or until
Central Etobicoke High School                  Sunday, noon to 4 p.m.                            salmon flakes when touched with a
An exhibition of recent works of their art     Wheelchair accessible. Free admission             fork.
students.                                      and parking.                                   4. Remove salmon from foil leaving
March 11 to 30.                                       behind skin and place on plate to
In the Main Gallery                            Email:                           serve.
“The Etobicoke Art Group Classes
Exhibition”                                                                                         Community Classified
Oils, watercolours and mixed media by the
students of EAG.                                                                              Noon Hour Child Care Needed:
In the Hall Gallery                                                                           Our 5 year old daughter will be attending
“Soul Music”                                                                                  senior kindergarten at Millwood in
An exhibition of fibre arts produced by                                                       September. We need a responsible per-
members of the Etobicoke Handweavers                                                          son to pick
and Spinners Guild                                                                            her up at 11:25 am, when classes end.
April 1 to 17                                                                                 She will only need to be supervised
In the Main Gallery                                                                           for 1 hour, until 12:30 pm, and we will
Colour and Form Society                                                                       provide a lunch/ snack. If there is
A Welcome to New Members                       Rose's Recipes                                 a parent with a child in the same class, or
An exhibition of paintings, prints and         Recently, baked salmon has become an           a local homemaker, nanny etc.
sculptures by the members of the Society.      enjoyable part of our meals. Two ways in       who is interested, please give us a call to
                                               which the salmon can be baked have             discuss. Thanks very much!
In the Hall Gallery                            claimed rave revues from friends and rela-     Amelia and Greg Rohn (416) 626-0562
“Examining an Artwork in Depth”                tives. Salmon is a good source of omega
An exhibition and workshop with art stu-       vitamins, so enjoy at least once a week.
                                                                                              Math Tutor Available
dents conducted by MILKWEED, an
                                               Teriyaki Salmon                                Teaches Grade 9-12 math with Peel
                                               1 lb boneless salmon fillet, at least 1 inch   Board of Education.
Deadline for the April Issue                   thick                                          References available.
 Deadline for the April issue:                 1/3 cup Knorr 30-minute teriyaki marinade      Call 416-234-9557 and ask for Nancy.
 Thursday March 20th.
                                               1. Prepare aluminum foil to hold the fillet,
 Please note: All submissions for the             so it can be closed after adding mari-      Piano Instructor Wanted: for two
 Marklander should be sent to:                                                                school-age kids, preferably in-house or
 Graham Maguire, 2 Broadfield Drive,                                                          within Markland neighbourhood. Please
 620-4398.                                     2. Depending on size, cut salmon into
                                                  servings for two. Place salmon on foil      call 416-621-7289 evenings.
 If "lengthy", it helps if you send it as a
 Wordperfect or Word document to my e-            skin side down, then brush with the
 mail address:              teriyaki marinade until well covered.
 However, short notes dropped in my               Seal foil and allow salmon to marinate
 post-box are fine!                               for 30 minutes in the refrigerator.


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