Imaginary Civilization

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                             Imaginary Civilization                                           c

Use this planning sheet to decide on the characteristics of an
imaginary civilization. Each team member should select one of the
seven elements and prepare a description and illustration to
include on a team poster about the civilization. Characteristics
regarding the natural environment and the time period selected
must be realistic.

 Name of Civilization:

 Describe the location and natural environment of this              Identify the time period
 civilization.                                                      of this civilization.

                               Elements of this Civilization
 Food and Shelter:

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                           Imaginary Civilization                                 c

Work and Trade:

Art and Architecture (includes crafts, clothing, decorative arts):

Social Organization (family, community roles, leadership, governance):

Technology (tools, science):

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                           Imaginary Civilization                        c

Communication (language, literature, stories):

Beliefs and Values (religion, customs, practices, education):

Other Important Details:

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