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                                              Ice Palace FSC
                                                      September 2009

         Upcoming Events           Welcome to the Ice Palace FSC 2009-10 Skating School. We look forward to
     • Tue Sept 1                  providing our dedicated athletes with another year of high quality programs.
       09-10 Skating School begins We wish all our skaters the best of luck and a successful skating season!

     • Sept 1 - Oct 2                 Newsletters are posted on our website and bulletin board
       Callingwood Arena closed;      each month, so please check regularly for information and updates.
       See website and Newsletter
       for location changes           W elcom e Back Barbeque
                                      Friday, September 25 - 5:30-8:00pm @ Kinsmen Arena
     • Thur Sept 3                    **All skaters and family members welcome!! Sign up on bulletin board by September 19
       KMN ice revised to 3:00-5:45

     • Thur Sept 17
       KMN ice ends at 5:30pm

     • Sept 17-20
       Autumn Skate
                                      Callingwood Arena Closure
                                      Callingwood Arena is closed for maintenance until October 2nd. Please note
       Ottawa, ON
                                      the following schedule revisions (also posted on website).
     • Sat Sept 19                    Tue Sept 1     CLW Dance ice moved to Grand Trunk Arena
       KMN ice cancelled              Wed Sept 2     CLW ice moved to KMN – Freeskate ice ends at 6:00; Dance ice ends at 4:45
                                      Thur Sept 3    KMN Dance ice revised to 3:00-5:45pm
     • Fri Sept 25                    Fri Sept 4     CLW ice moved to KMN – No skating for Juniors; Dance ice revised to 3:15-4:45
       Welcome Barbeque – KMN         Tue Sept 8     CLW Dance ice moved to Coronation Arena
                                      Wed Sept 9     CLW ice moved to KMN
     • Oct 2-4                        Fri Sept 11    CLW ice moved to KMN
       Royal Glenora Competition      Tue Sept 15    CLW Dance ice moved to Coronation Arena
                                      Wed Sept 16    CLW ice moved to KMN – Freeskate ice ends at 6:00pm
     • Oct 9-11                       Thur Sept 17   KMN Dance ice ends at 5:30pm
       Sask Skate & Sask Open         Fri Sept 18    CLW ice moved to KMN – No Artistic Dev; Int/Sr Freeskate revised to 4:30-5:45
       Saskatoon, SK                  Sat Sept 19    KMN Dance ice cancelled
                                      Tue Sept 22    CLW Dance ice moved to Coronation Arena
                                      Wed Sept 23    CLW ice moved to KMN
                                      Fri Sept 25    CLW ice moved to KMN
     Upcoming Bingos                  Tue Sept 29    CLW Dance ice moved to Coronation Arena
                                      Wed Sept 30    CLW ice moved to KMN
     •   Sep 12 (Ice Palace)          Fri Oct 2      CLW ice moved to KMN
     •   Sep 17 (AB Foundation)
     •   Oct 12 (AB Foundation)
     •   Oct 13 (Ice Palace)
     •   Nov 12 (AB Foundation)       The Ice Palace FSC has reserved a block of hotel rooms for Sectionals at the
     •   Nov 14 (Ice Palace)
                                      Four Points By Sheraton Hotel & Suites Calgary West. In order to secure one
     •   Dec 4 (AB Foundation)
     •   Dec 14 (Ice Palace)          of these rooms, please contact the hotel at (403) 288-4441 by October 1st.
                                      Quote confirmation #664474585 or #844474592 and give your credit card
                                      information and arrival/departure dates.
     Visit the website for a
     complete list of events                                                             
     for 2009-2010
Ice Palace Figure Skating Club                                                               .
                                               BC Summer Skate Competition
                                               Brianna Antypowich Junior Short          14                             Novice Free Flt 2
                                                                  Junior Free           23
Wild Rose Competition                          Kevin Carreon      Juvenile              2
                                          nd                                              st
Kevin Carreon       Juvenile Men       2       Ceduna Magee       Pre-Novice Short 3    1
                                         th                                               st
Nicole Chan         Pre-Juvenile 2     5                          Pre-Novice Free 1     1
                                         st                                               th
Jocelyn Chui        Preliminary 1      1       Natasha Osmond     Junior Short          6
                                          th                                                 th
Lhynette Dela Pena Juvenile 2         11                          Junior Free           11
                                         th                                               th
Brianna Deschenes Juvenile 2           4       Anna Podilsky      Novice Short 1        4
                                         th                                               th
Kendra Digness      Pre-Juvenile 1     5                          Novice Free 1         8
                                         th                                               st
Victor Do           Pre-Novice Men     5       Natasha Purich     Novice Short 1        1
                                         nd                                               nd
Erika Estrada       Sr Bronze          2                          Novice Free 2         2
                                         rd                                                  th
Haley Gibbs         Pre-Preliminary 3 3        Sofiya Timoshchenko Pre-Novice Short 1   16            “It’s not a successful
                                         th                                                  th
Julia Horeczky      Preliminary 5      8                          Pre-Novice Free 3     20
Rita Horeczky       Preliminary 2      3
                                               Casey Wong         Pre-Novice Short      5
                                                                                          th          climb unless you enjoy
                                         rd                                               th
Kara Janke          Novice             3                          Pre-Novice Free       8             the journey.”
                                         th                                                  th
Jenna Kormos        Preliminary 1      4       Danielle Wong      Pre-Novice Short 2    10               - Dan Benson
                                         th                                                  th
Shaelyn Kormos      Jr Bronze 2        4                          Pre-Novice Free 1     18
Alyssa Lambooy      Juvenile 1         6
Nathan Luong        Preliminary Men    2
                                         nd    Tests Passed
Ashley Maetche      Preliminary 4      5       Kevin Carreon       Blues, Killian
Ceduna Magee        Pre-Novice 1       2       Brianna Deschenes Tango, American
Michaela Milne      Juvenile FD        3       Kim Krachy          Westminster,
& Randy Mendita                                                    Silver Samba, Argentine
Christopher Mostert Pre-Novice Men     1       Ceduna Magee        Viennese, Argentine
Meaghan O'Mara      Preliminary 2      1       Rosemary Mendita Rocker Foxtrot
Natasha Osmond      Junior             1       Christopher Mostert Silver Samba
Ciana Parks         Preliminary 5      5       Kaetlyn Osmond      Starlight, Blues
Christina Penkov    Pre-Novice CD      2       Natasha Osmond      Viennese, Silver Samba
& Christopher Mostert Pre-Novice FD    2       Christina Penkov    Starlight, Quickstep
Anna Podilsky       Novice             7       Anna Podilsky       Westminster, Quickstep
Natasha Purich      Novice             1       Natasha Purich      Jr Silver Skills
Jessica Redmond     Jr Bronze 2        2       Jessie Smyth        Argentine
Lauren Sabo         Pre-Novice 3       6       Tara Sorge          Gold Skills
Tressa Sabo         Pre-Juvenile 1     8       Sofiya Timoshchenko Rocker Foxtrot
Emma Smolski        Preliminary 5      4       Kellsey Truscott    Westminster, Argentine,
Sofiya Timoshchenko Pre-Novice 2      14                           Silver Samba
Cole Vandervelden Novice Men           1       Alexie Wong         Westminster, Quickstep
Casey Wong          Pre-Novice Men     7       Casey Wong          Tango
Daneille Wong       Pre-Novice 2       5       Danielle Wong       Tango

Guidelines & Policies
Please read Skate Canada’s “Parent Code of Conduct” and the Ice Palace FSC
“Guidelines” posted on our website. In particular, please note the following:
 In order for skaters to reach their full potential, skaters are expected to attend
   all on-ice and off-ice sessions each day they skate; must receive coach’s
   permission for missed session.
 Skaters are expected to be on time for all sessions and train throughout the
   entire session. Parents should not talk to the skaters on the ice.
 Payment for coaching is due within 7 days of billing date. A minimum of 24
   hours notice must be given if missing a lesson (to avoid cancellation fee).
 Please note that all ice cancellations will be subject to a cancellation penalty of
   one month’s ice fees.


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