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					                       ABCA CONSERVATION PASS for HUNTING
                                  Proceeds from the Conservation Pass maintain ABCA properties
                                  for everyone to enjoy. For your safety and protection of the
                                  environment, hunting is only permitted on ABCA conservation
                                  lands with a Conservation Pass. Your pass is valid for 12, 24 or 36
                                  months from date of purchase. ATVs are not permitted.

CONSERVATION PASS provides access to ONE specific Tract (see map for properties)
    G Individual pass $25.00                   G Family pass $40.00
         G Hay Swamp Tracts             G Ausable Gorge Tracts
         G Stephen Townships Tracts G Chapman Tract
                      G McGillvray Township Tracts
SUPER PASS provides access to ALL Tracts where hunting is permitted
     G Individual pass $40.00                      G Family pass $55.00

RENEWAL TERM: G 1 year $                               G 2 years $                     G 3 years $

G GROUP HUNTING PASS (Note: one completed application form                          is still required for each
member of your hunting party. Renewal term for one year only. Please provide contact person info:

 Contact Name:                                   Address                                 Day Phone:

                    PASS APPLICATION FORM
 Street Address:
 City:                                                   Prov.                   Postal Code:
 Telephone:               Day :                          Ev e n in g :                 E-m ail:

 Payment                  ‘ Debit ‘ Visa ‘ M C #                                                  Exp.
 Method                   ‘ Cheque (payable to ABCA) ‘ Cash                     Total Amount $

 License Plate #:                                       Type of Pass:
 O.F.A.H.#:                                                                Expiry Date:
         Yo u r C o n s e rv a tio n P a s s is n o t v a lid w ith o u t a n O FAH m e m b e rs h ip O R
         p ro o f o f $2 m illio n p u b lic lia b ility in s u ra n c e to h u n t o n AB C A p ro p e rty .

 For Office Use Only: Pass #:                        Issue date:                      Expiry date:

Visit to download and print this two-page form and the map. Once application and
property waiver are completed, please sign and mail, fax or deliver to ABCA, RR 3, 71108 Morrison
Line, Exeter, ON N0M 1S5. Telephone 519-235-2610; 1-888-286-2610 or Fax: 519-235-1963. Your
pass will be processed once payment is received.
                          Hunting/Trapping on
                  Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority
                             Property Waiver
Thank you for your interest in conservation and purchase of a yearly pass to conservation authority
property. The Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority (ABCA), no longer receives provincial
grants to manage its properties. Your Conservation Pass fee is necessary to generate funds so that
these lands can continue to be made available to the public for specific authorized activities.

The ABCA has authorized hunting as a permitted activity with the purchase of a pass and
proof of $2 million public liability insurance. A map outlines the conservation properties on
which hunting is permitted and those properties on which hunting is not permitted. The
granting of permission for you to hunt on conservation property includes the following conditions.

1.      That you accept all responsibility for your actions on conservation lands.

2.      That you will not hold the Conservation Authority liable in the event of an accident from
        any cause.

3.      That you will comply with all hunting regulations made by the Province of Ontario, or any
        local authority.

4.      That you will not destroy or damage any trees, trails or buildings on the property.

5.      That temporary tree stands are permitted, but these stands shall not be attached to
        trees by any method that penetrates the tree. Stands will be removed that are not in

6.      That by signing a copy of this letter you acknowledge your understanding of the conditions
        and your commitment to follow these conditions.

7.      Member in good standing of O.F.A.H.


Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority               Conservation Pass Holder Signature

ABCA CA Pass #                                        Name (Please Print)

                                                                         R.1.11 - Hunting Pass/Form 400-002
                                       Ausable Bayfield Conservation Authority
                                R. R. #3, 71108 Morrison Line, Exeter, ON N0M 1S5
                               • Tel. 519-235-2610 • 1-888-268-2610 C Fax: 519-235-1963
                                   • e-mail: •

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