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We know that planning a party, whether it’s for your closest friends or business associates can be stressful. To
help you with your BIG NIGHT IN, we have come up with a few suggestions to help you prepare a party your
guests will find fun and exciting. As you can see from the ideas we have come up with, the possibilities are
endless, so have some fun, relax and everything will be great.

Bon Appetit and thank you!

1. A Lulu of a Luau
       Hawaiian fun at its best, colourful and musical! How a about a pig roast?
           • Whole Roasted Pig
           • Topical Fruit Platters
           • Edible Orchid Punch and Cakes

2. Fiesta Fun
        A little bit of Mexico, Margaritas, piñatas and more! Mexico never tasted so good!
             • Ceviché
             • Chicken Molé
             • Antijito Minitos

3. Rock Around the Clock 50’s night
       A bit of some old time rock and roll, leather jackets, Bryll creme and of course the music.
           • Classic Spiked Punch
           • Home Cooked Pot Roast
           • Classic Side Dishes and Trimmings

4. Mardi Gras Masquerade
       Costumes, Masks, and Cajun cooking make for a real Cajun affair!
           • Jambalaya
           • Hushpuppies
           • Blackened Catfish

5. Casino
       There will be black ties and evening gowns, cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, black jack and roulette
          • Select Assorted Canapés
          • International Cheese Platters
          • Caviar and Champagne
6. Texas Hold ‘Em Saloon Night
       Cowboys and Cowgirls gather at the saloon for some
       Bar-B-Que and the latest rage in card games.
          • Grilled Rib Steaks
          • Grilled Chicken
          • Home Fries

7. Country And Western BBQ
       Yeeha, grab some vittles and some moonshine cuz it’s an old fashioned country and western BBQ and
       Barn dance.
           • Pork Back Ribs
           • Buffalo Burgers
           • Smokies

8. Abba Dabba Doo 70’s and 80’s Night
       Dust off the platform shoes and crack open the hairspray, it’s time for a Retro Party. The music and the
       “look” of the 70’s and 80’s are back.
           • Spray Cheese on Crackers
           • Stuffed Chicken
           • Beef Bourguignonne
           • Shepherd’s Pie

9. Peace and Love 60’s
       Flower power is back with daisies, bell bottoms, and the love of the 60’s.
          • Pot Luck Style

10. Back to School Sock Hop
       Bring your poodle skirt and penny loafers to this memorable dance revival.
           • Spiked Punch
           • Home Style Pork Roast
           • Potatoes Dauphinois

11. Under the Big Top Circus Night
       Clowns and cotton candy, this is an event for the whole family.
           • Hot Dogs
           • Hamburgers
           • Cotton Candy

12. April Showers Bring May Flowers
        A spring time gardening event, bring your bulbs to trade and enjoy an afternoon tea.
            • English Scones
            • Finger Sandwiches
            • Petit Fours

13. Garden Adventures
       An afternoon gardening event, trade clippings, cuttings and seeds and enjoy an afternoon tea!
          • Chilled Salmon with Hollandaise
          • Spring Greens
          • Toasted Bread Points
14. Mondo Italiano
      Pizza, pasta and Pavarotti, enjoy a gourmet evening of Italian cuisine and culture.
          • Cannelloni
          • Pasta Puttanesca
          • Tiramisu

15. “Shall we Dance”
       Enjoy a romantic evening for couples, who would like to enjoy some fine food, good company and a
       waltz or two.
            • Stuffed Sole
            • Filet Mignon
            • Atlantic Salmon

16. Tango in Paris
       Vive la France! Extravagant French cuisine accompanied with the traditional sounds of 19th century
           • Pate Fois Gras
           • Vichyssoise
           • Select Canapés

17. The Orient Express
       Enjoy a medley of culinary culture from Europe to the Orient.
           • Petit Fours
           • Stuffed Grape Leaves
           • Peking Duck

18. Bravo for Brunch
       Brunch is back, host an early day meal to remember for years to come!
           • Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict
           • Spinach Tart
           • Chilled Poached Salmon

19. Mimosas and More!
       Mojitos, Mimosas, and Harvey Wallbangers are gone but not forgotten. Host an evening of classic
       cocktails and beverages.
          • Select Canapés
          • Fresh Fruit Platters
          • International Cheeses

20. OOOOH Chocolate
      OOOH Chocolate, everything chocolate!
        • Tuxedo Mousse
        • Death By Chocolate
        • Chocolate Fondue

21. You oughtta be in pictures!
       Come as your favourite movie star.
          • Select Canapés
          • Beef Wellington
          • Baked Alaska
22. “Survivor” Party
       Eat the most outrageous things and see who can last the longest!
           • Unusual International Foods e.g. Whole Squid
           • Local Delicacies e.g. Lamb Kidney Pie
           • Import Specials e.g. Chocolate Covered Ants

23. I see in your future.......
        Host a party with psychics, tarot cards, and crystal balls costume and humor party.
            • Gypsy Stew
            • Caravan Corn and Potatoes
            • Pavlova

24. New York, New York
      Come as your favourite crooner - lip sync party!
          • Select Canapés
          • Steve Martini Bar
          • New York Bagels

25. Pity and Pamper PMS Party
        Enjoy some real pampering, afternoon home spa, chocolate and cocktails.
           • Chocolate Tasting Bar
           • Cocktail Bar
           • Select Canapés and Hors D’ouevres

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