Queen Alexandra Elementary – Centre Stage by csgirla


									                                        CENTRE STAGE

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                                                                              POINT OF VIEW:
                                                                    Our communities, our cultures,
                                                                                      our families

Education Library bibliography
 PZ 4.9 B2526 St 1994        Saturday at The New You
                             Shauna, a young African American girl, loves helping Momma with the customers at
                             her beauty salon.
 PZ 4.9 C3782 On 2002        On the town: a community adventure
                             Charlie and his mother walk around the neighbourhood doing errands so that Charlie
                             can write in his notebook about the people and places that make up his community.
 PZ 4.9 C6597 Ev 2003        Everything is different at Nonna's house
                             A young boy describes the differences between his home in the city and life on his
                             grandparents’ farm and learns that no matter where he is their love for him is always
                             the same.
 PZ 4.9 C7422 Fn 2001        A fine, fine school
                             When a principal loves his school so much that he wants the children to attend
                             classes every day of the year, it’s up to his students to show him free time is a good
                             thing, too.
 PZ 4.9 C89 Cn 2002          Country kid, city kid
                             Although Ben lives on a farm in the country and Jody lives in an apartment in the
                             city, when they meet at camp they find they have a lot in common.
 PZ 4.9 D4339 Lb 1994        The library dragon
                             Miss Lotta Scales is a dragon who believes her job is to protect the school’s library
                             books from the children, but when she finally realizes that books are meant to be
                             read, the dragon turns into Miss Lotty, librarian and storyteller.
 PZ 4.9 D492 Bs 1993         Bus riders
                             When their regular bus driver gets sick, Warren, Louise, and the other bus riders
                             must endure a string of substitute drivers.
 PZ 4.9 D49458 Pl 2003       Policeman Lou and Policewoman Sue
                             Two police officers have a quiet day keeping the streets of their town safe by
                             rescuing a lost dog, writing tickets, and helping people to cross the street, but when
                             a theft occurs, they jump into action.
 PZ 4.9 D572 Gr 2000         Grandpa’s corner store
                             Grandfather’s corner grocery business is threatened by a new supermarket, but his
                             granddaughter, Lucy, organizes the neighbours to convince him to stay.
 PZ 4.9 D572 Sp 2002         Spaghetti Park
                        Angelo and his grandfather help rejuvenate a local park.
PZ 4.9 D677 Ct 2003     City chicken
                        Egged on by the cat next door, a chicken from the city visits the country to see what
                        she’s been missing, and finds that it’s not “all it’s cracked up to be.”
PZ 4.9 F574394 Th       This is me and where I am
2004                    A young narrator describes his place on Earth, beginning with the globe, and then
                        zooming in on his country, his city, his neighbourhood, and eventually the blanket on
                        his bed, and then back again.
PZ 4.9 L54318 Bg 2002   Big Jimmy’s Kum Kau Chinese take-out
                        The sights, sounds, and smells of a busy Chinese take-out restaurant are seen
                        through the eyes of the owner’s young son.
PZ 4.9 R946 Mr 1989     Mr. Griggs’ work
                        Mr. Griggs so loves his work at the post office that he thinks of it all the time and
                        everything reminds him of it.
PZ 4.9 S525 Rn 2000     The rain came down
                        Throughout town there is chaos during an unexpected downpour.
PZ 4.9 S39 Ps 2005      The postman’s dog
                        When Charlie’s new dog Lucy doesn’t like postal carriers, Charlie tricks Lucy into
                        thinking that he’s just an ordinary guy by performing everyday tasks like gardening
                        and laundry—and she excitedly hops in his basket for a ride to deliver the mail.
PZ 4.9 S5459 Ms 1995    Mister got to go: the cat that wouldn’t leave
                        A cat that is allowed to shelter only until the rain stops eventually becomes both a
                        fixture and a valuable employee at the Sylvia Hotel.
PZ 4.9 T2193 Dt 2004    Detective LaRue: letters from the investigation
                        While on vacation, Mrs. La Rue receives letters from her dog Ike who has been
                        falsely accused of harming the neighbour’s cats and is trying to clear his name.
PZ 4.9 W5876Gs 1992     Go ask Giorgio!
                        Giorgio takes on so many jobs that he can no longer enjoy them.
PZ 7 F624 Sd 1997       Seedfolks
                        One by one, a number of people of varying ages and backgrounds transform a trash-
                        filled inner-city lot into a productive and beautiful garden, and in doing so, the
                        gardeners are themselves transformed.

E 78 C52 2000           Claire and her grandfather = Claire et son grand-père.
                        A young girl relies on her grandfather to tell her about the many contributions and
                        inventions by Aboriginal people.
E 78 N77 L48 2001       Frog girl
                        This Northwest Coast legend recounts a dangerous adventure of a girl who must
                        rescue captive frogs to save her village from a volcano.
E 78 N77 M493 2005      Totem tales: legends from the rainforest
                        A collection of Indian legends behind many of nature’s wonders.
E 99 H2 L48 1995        Storm boy
                        Storm Boy’s adventure in the strange undersea world of the Killer Whale people
                        captures the narrative flavour of Northwest Coast myths.
E 99 S72 C37 1998       I am Sto:lo!: Katherine explores her heritage
                        In response to a school assignment, Katherine learns from her Elders the importance
                        of her people’s history.
FC 3825.1 L54 A3 1991   West coast Chinese boy
                        Sing Lim’s memories of his childhood in the 1920s when he lived with his parents,
                        brothers, and sister in an apartment, of his neighbours the music makers in the
                        apartment below, the shopkeepers and the herbalist , and of his experiences at
                        Chinese festivals, grand funerals, ritual ceremonies, and secret tong societies.
PZ 4.9 B135 Nn 2002     Nana’s cold days
                        Ken and Rama’s African grandmother needs three blue sheets, three red blankets
                        and three pink comforters to try to stay warm.
PZ 4.9 B266 Jn 2000    Jason’s new dugout canoe
                       When Jason’s canoe is washed away in a big storm, he learns how to make a
                       traditional canoe.
PZ 4.9 B266 Js 1989    Jason and the sea otter
                       While fishing and exploring from his canoe, Jason encounters sea otters
PZ 4.9.B689 Sn 2002    The song within my heart
                       A First Nations boy prepares for his first pow-wow with his Nokum’s (grandmother)
PZ 4.9 C3938 Lt 2004   Little Pria's big Canadian adventure
                       A magical adventure begins when newly arrived Pria asks a strange wooden goose
                       at the airport gift shop to help her find out what Canadians are like.
PZ 4.9 D359 Hw 1989    How pizza came to our town
                       When Mrs. Pelligrina arrives from Italy to visit the mother of May’s best friends, the
                       girls are caught up in a mystery.
PZ 4.9 D674 Eb 2002    Everybody brings noodles
                       The block party was Carrie’s idea, but when it arrives she can only think about two
                       things: the talent show and the delicious noodle dishes from many countries that her
                       neighbours are bringing.
PZ 4.9 D674 EV 1991    Everybody cooks rice
                       A child is sent to find a younger brother at dinnertime and is introduced to a variety of
                       cultures through encountering the many different ways rice is prepared at the
                       different households visited.
PZ 4.9 F5743 Nt 2001   No two snowflakes
                       A Canadian student writes to a pen pal in Ghana about snow.
PZ 4.9 H2583 Cr 2002   Courage to fly
                       Although Meg finds her new Canadian city home very different from her Caribbean
                       one, she makes friends after saving an injured bird.
PZ 4.9 H5379 Dr 2002   Dragonfly kites
                       Although Joe and Cody live in the far north, they find that the surrounding wildlife
                       make wonderful friends.
PZ4.9.H5379 Fx 2003    Fox on the ice
                       Joe, Cody, their mama and papa, and their little dog, Ootsie, are spending the day
                       fishing when the sled dogs spy a fox and give chase giving Mama and Joe wild ride.
PZ 4.9 K655 Hr 1996    Hooray, a piñata!
                       After she chooses a cute dog piñata for her birthday party, Clara pretends it is her
                       pet and therefore doesn’t want it to get broken.
PZ 4.9 L797 My 1993    My Kokum called today
                       When her Kokum (grandmother) calls to invite her for a visit, a young First Nations
                       girl living in the city knows she can expect a special experience when she and her
                       mother travel to the reserve.
PZ 4.9 M2844 My 2002   My Chinatown: one year in poems
                       Kam Mak shares a year of growing up in this small city within a city.
PZ 4.9 O486 Yt 2006    Yetsa’s sweater
                       On a fresh spring day, young Yetsa, her mother and her grandmother clean, wash
                       and dry the fleece for making Cowichan sweaters, laughter and hard work connect
                       the three generations.
PZ 4.9 S146 Fr 2005    First salmon
                       During the ceremony of First Salmon, an event celebrated by the Northwest Pacific
                       tribes to honour and welcome back the salmon each year, Charlie remembers his
                       beloved uncle and starts the process of accepting his death.
PZ 4.9 T339 Ch 2001    The Chinese violin
                       Lin Lin and her father immigrated to Canada from China, bringing with them one of
                       their most treasured possessions.
PZ 4.9 T374 Ng 2002    The night walker
                       After collecting treasures for his pouch, a boy walking alone at night imagines that a
                       spirit known as the Night Walker is after him.
PZ4.9 U2717 Sk 2003    Suki’s kimono
                       Suki’s kimono holds special memories of her obachan’s summer visit so she insists
                       on wearing it to the first day of school.
PZ 4.9 W126 Fr 1999    Firedancers
                       Centuries blend into one special moment when a young girl is taken by her
                       grandmother to dance on Smooth Rock Island.
PZ 4.9 W126 Sk 2000    SkySisters
                       As two young Ojiway sisters set off across the frozen north country, they experience
                       the wonder of wildlife and the Northern Lights.
PZ 4.9 W384 Sm 1978    A salmon for Simon
/1986 / 1990           Simon, a boy living on the West coast, catches a salmon, but then decides to return
                       it to the ocean.
PZ 4.9 W842 Th 2000    This next New Year
                       A family prepares to celebrate the Lunar New Year and looks forward to the good
                       luck they hope it will bring.
PZ7 M2268 My 1987      My best friend, Duc Tran : meeting a Vietnamese-American family
                       An American boy’s friendship with a Vietnamese American boy and his family
                       introduces him to the holidays, customs, foods, and family events of their culture.
PZ 7 W349 Ch 1984      Chin Chiang and the dragon’s dance
                       Chin Chiang has long dreamed of dancing the dragon’s dance, but when the first day
                       of the Year of the Dragon arrives and he is to dance with his grandfather, he is sure
                       he will shame his family and bring bad luck to everyone.

PZ 4.9 C6687 IG 1993   I got a family
                       In rhyming verses, a young girl describes how her family makes her feel loved.
PZ 4.9 D6948 Lv 2001   Love is a family
                       Family fun night at school helps Lily see there are all types of families.
PZ 4.9 F427 Bl 2004    Billy Tibbles moves out!
                       When his little brother Eric moves into his room, Billy Tibbles the cat and his family
                       learn some of the good and bad things about sharing.
PZ 4.9 H857 FM 1992    Families are funny
                       Families often do odd and irritating things, but a little boy discovers they’re there if
                       you need them.
PZ 4.9 M222925 Ev      Everybody makes mistakes
2005                   Although he reminds his mother that everybody makes mistakes, and provides a lot
                       of examples, young Jack is still in hot water for making three big mistakes while
                       playing with his younger sister on their uncle’s wedding day.
PZ 4.9 O357 Wh 2003    Where is Little Reynard?
                       When Little Reynard, the only orange kitten in his litter, meets some foxes, he feels
                       more at home with them than with his own family.
PZ 4.9 P1697 Ms 2004   Moosekitos: a moose family reunion
                       Moose’s family reunion didn’t turn out quite the way he planned.
PZ 4.9 P219 AN 1988    Amelia Bedelia's family album
                       Amelia Bedelia entertains Mr. and Mrs. Rogers by showing them her family album
                       and describing what her relatives do.
PZ 4.9 P2248 Em 2002   Emily’s eighteen aunts
                       When Emily advertises for an aunt, she must come to terms with what to do about
                       eighteen eccentric aunts.
PZ 4.9 S551 Al 2003    All families are special
                       Students in Mrs. Mack’s class describe their families--big or small, living together or
                       apart, with two moms or none--and learn why every family is special and important.
PZ 4.9 W556 Sq 2005    Squashed in the middle
                       When Daisy, a middle child, is invited to spend the night at her friend’s house, her
                       family finally pays attention to her.

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