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									                                  The Corporation of the
                                   TOWN OF MILTON

Report to:      Chair & Members of the Community Services Standing Committee
From:           Jennifer Reynolds, Director, Community Services
Date:           November 10, 2008
Report No.      COMS-052-08

Subject:        Quarterly Report – 3rd Quarter 2008

RECOMMENDATION:           THAT the report contained in Schedule A attached to
                          COMS-052-08 be received for information.



This activity report is an information update to members of Council and reflects activities
and initiatives undertaken by the Community Services Department during the third
quarter of 2008. This report covers the period of July to the end of September.
Schedule A provides highlights of the department’s activities related to the approved
2008 budget and Destiny Milton 2 goals and objectives.

Relationship to the Strategic Plan

• A safe, liveable and healthy community
• A responsible, cost effective and accountable local government
• Well managed growth, well planned spaces
• Promoting and facilitating active and healthy lifestyles and life long learning
• Demonstrating leadership on matters that affect Milton
• Facilitating the safe movement of people and enhanced travel to, from, and within the
• Encourage cost effective and timely municipal / community infrastructure and
               The Corporation of the
               TOWN OF MILTON
                                                                 CS Report No.COMS-052-08
                                                                                Page No. 2

Financial Impact

There is not financial impact associated with this report.

Respectfully submitted,

Jennifer Reynolds
Director, Community Services

If you have any questions on the content of this report: Joy Anderson, Senior Manager,
Recreation Services, 905-878-7252 ext.2529

Attachments:     Schedule A – Quarterly Activity Report (July – end of September)

CAO Approval: _________________________
                                 COMS-052-08 Schedule A—Quarterly Activity Report

                 Community Services Quarterly Report
                        Third Quarter, 2008
“Working in partnership with others, the Community Services Department will ensure that a wide range of safe and
accessible programs and services are available which enhance the quality of life of our diverse community, our
environment and our economy.”
The work of the department is focused on activities that support the corporate Destiny Milton 2 goals of:
         Responsible, cost effective and accountable local government Well managed growth, well planned spaces
         A safe, livable and healthy community A thriving natural environment  A diverse and sustainable economy

             Responsible, cost-effective and accountable local government
                   Demonstrating leadership on matters that affect Milton

Facility and Park Improvements                                         − Memorial Arena: Existing counters in Lions
                                                                         Club Hall were replaced with accessible height
Upgrades were completed in our facilities to support                     counters.
maintenance requirements, enhance safety and
improve functionality:                                                 − Sports Centre: Accessible parking spaces
                                                                         were improved by eliminating the original curbs
• Accessibility upgrades were completed at Town                          and replacing with at-grade curb allowing
  facilities as follows:                                                 greater accessibility and improved safety for
     − Leisure Centre: New devices installed included                    guests in wheelchairs.
       automatic door openers/closers, emergency pull             • At the Sports Centre, exterior concrete walkways
       devices in washroom cubicles, strobes (flashing              were leveled and new drainage added to reduce
       alarm lights) and an emergency call system.                  water pooling and freezing during the winter.

                         A safe, livable and healthy community
          Promoting and facilitating active and healthy lifestyles and lifelong learning

   Registered Recreation Programs
   Registration Day Statistics
    1,995 registrations were completed on August 22,                              Aquatics registered
    the first day of registration for fall and winter
    programs. This represented an increase of 13%                                program participants
    over the same day last year.                                                    (Third Quarter)
    56% of the registrations were completed through
    e-services (Internet and automated telephone
    registration).                                                       1500

   Increases in Program Registrations
   Significant increases in                                               500
   registrations were observed
   for these aquatic programs:                                               0
     Parent & Tot and                                                                  2007                2008
     Preschool Swimmer
     Levels A through D (25%)
     Swimmer Levels 1
     through 6 (39%)

                                               Community Services Quarterly Report 3rd quarter 2008
                                                                     Page 1
                             A safe, livable and healthy community
              Promoting and facilitating active and healthy lifestyles and lifelong learning

Promotion of Special Needs Programs                                    Fee Assistance
A direct mailing to promote special needs programs and                 Fee assistance allowed more individuals and families to
new special needs skate times was sent to previous                     participate in community recreation activities.
program registrants as well as community
organizations. As a result, the department attracted                                                                 Participants
sufficient registrations to offer the Swim ‘N Gym                      Source                         Applications    Impacted
Program and to fill all I-CAN (Integrated Camps for                    Halton Support Services             2              1
Assisted Needs) spots for PA Days for the remainder of                 Summer camp
the 2008-09 school year.
                                                                       Jumpstart (Canadian Tire)           3              3
Waitlists for Recreation Programs                                      Equestrian, hockey, skating
Not all registrations could be accommodated this                       Region of Halton                   29             45
quarter, resulting in the following waitlists:                         Swimming, Dash Sports,
                                                                       Kindergym, Swim passes,
                  Customers on                                         Summer Camp, Photography,
                     Waitlists                                         Cartooning, Jumpin’ Jack
Program           2007      2008   2008 Resolution                     Splash, Yoga
Summer            37        19     New camp location added at          Town of Milton                     10             13
Camps                              Bruce Trail Public School           Swimming, Dash Sports,
                                   accommodated 213                    Yoga, Fitness, Summer Camp
                                   registrants this summer.
Aquatic           68       72      Staff continue to monitor           Community Services Guide
Programs                           waitlists and adjust programs         Over 26,000 copies of the Fall & Winter Community
                                   to accommodate the majority           Services Guide were distributed in August.
                                   of registrations, subject to pool     Advertising in the guide surpassed the goal for the
                                   space and availability of             year, representing a 19% increase over budget.
                                   qualified staff. Fewer private/
                                   semi-private classes were
                                   offered to accommodate              Web Statistics
                                   participants at larger classes.     Residents continued to utilize the Town website to
I-CAN             N/A      4       To be considered in future          access recreation information:
(Integrated                        program planning.
Camps for                                                                                                 Page          File
Assisted                                                                                                 Visitors    Downloads
Needs)                                                                    Main recreation page           10,948         N/A
Drop-in Recreation Programs                                               Fitness schedule                 635          714
  For the first time, public skating was offered on                       Skating schedule                 788          950
  weekdays during the summer; customers were
  pleased with the additional program offering.                           Swimming schedule               6,221        4,328
  Recreational swimming at Rotary
                                                                          Community events calendar       3,988         N/A
  Park Outdoor Pool increased by 5%.

Recreation Centre Passes/
Leisure Centre:
Passes (30-day, 90-day and annual)
peaked at 472 active pass holders

Seniors’ Activity Centre:
Memberships peaked at 755 active

                                                    Community Services Quarterly Report 3rd quarter 2008
                                                                          Page 2
                       A safe, livable and healthy community
        Promoting and facilitating active and healthy lifestyles and lifelong learning

Advertising and Sponsorship                                       Seniors’ Activity Centre:
Advertisers and sponsors provided their support to                • Cinderella Musical Theatre, hosted by
programs, events and initiatives for the enjoyment                  M & J Music Studios in August
of the community:                                                 • Milton Muslim Association Ramadan in
Summer Camp Sponsors (12): CIBC, Gordon                           Arena Special Events:
Food Services, Johnson Controls, Karmax Heavy                     • Men’s Ball Hockey Provincial
Stamping, KML Food & Confectionery Ltd.,                            Championships at John Tonelli Sports
M. Durante Enterprises, Manheim Toronto,                            Centre
Meehan's Industrial, Roxul Inc., Sobeys, The Bank                 • Hockey Canada hosted a Sledge Hockey
of Nova Scotia, and TransPro Freight Systems.                       Camp at the Sports Centre.

Canada Day Sponsors:                                              Fields & Diamonds
  Teen Zone (3): Galaxy Cinema Milton,                            Tournaments:
  Mattamy Homes, and Prosperity ONE.                              • Lions Wish Slo-Pitch (Lions Sports, Bronte
  Shuttle Bus (1): Mattamy Homes                                    Meadows and Drumquin Parks)
                                                                  • Gordon Food Services (Lions Sports Park)
Fire Safety Mascot Sponsors (7): Active
Transport Inc., Cooper Construction Ltd.,                         Season End Events:
International Landscaping Inc., Roxul Inc., Snug                    Five Milton leagues held their season-end
as a bug, Wal-Mart, and Milton Fall Fair                            baseball and slo-pitch events during
Committee.                                                          September.
                                                                  Summer Camps:
Pet Oxygen Kits Sponsors (7):Hawkins Animal                       • Royal City Soccer Club Camp at Lions
Hospital, Robinson Pet Hospital, Dr. Emmanuel                       Sports Park
Aziz, Dr. Stephen Ball, Dr. Sandi Rosely,                         • Soccer Development Model Camp at Beaty
International Fence, and Dr. Ross Dawson.                           Neighbourhood Park and Percy Merry
New Rink Board Advertisers (7): Hillside Dental,                  • Whyknot Soccer Camp at Lions Sports
Haber and Associates, Planet Kids, Beauty Supply                    Park
Outlet, Pizza Depot, CHCH, and First Choice
Haircutters.                                              Last Minute Book ‘N Save Facility Rental
New Ice Logo Advertiser: Cogeco                           The community booked 2,392 hours of half-priced
                                                          community rental space at the “last minute” (within 48
Facility Rentals                                          hours of use).
   The department’s customer service team
                                                                                              Third Quarter
   worked with 1,208 rental customers (including
                                                            Last Minute Booking Hours         2007    2008
   community organizations, private groups,
   municipal and regional staff, and individuals).          Community Meeting Rooms            109     194
   Staff booked 21,530 hours of space at our                Leisure Centre - Gym, Studio       40      55
   facilities, an increase of 1,372 hours over the          Rinks - Ice                        98      134
   same period last year.                                   Rinks – Floor                       1       1
   The increase in field use was anticipated due            Total                             2,255   2,392
   to the addition of two fields at Coates and
   Clarke Neighbourhood Parks and an extension
   of one hour of operating hours on those fields.
   Arena floor use decreased due to less minor
   lacrosse activity.
   In addition to regularly programmed activities,
   community centres were utilized for special
   events and tournaments, including:

                                          Community Services Quarterly Report 3rd quarter 2008
                                                                Page 3
                         A safe, livable and healthy community
          Promoting and facilitating active and healthy lifestyles and lifelong learning

                                                                      Third Quarter Facility Rentals
                                                                     2007                            2008
                                                              Rental             Hours        Rental      Hours
              Type of Facility                              Customers            Utilized   Customers     Utilized
              Community Halls/Meeting Rooms                    357                4,868        377         4,796
              Gyms/Studios                                     99                 3,189        114         3,448
              Pools                                             55                1,896         61         1,992
              Rinks (Ice)                                      224                1,302        249         1,576
              Rinks (Floor)                                     15                 201          12          114
              Diamonds                                         196                4,190        196         4,239
              Fields                                           190                4,164        178         5,057
              Courts                                            32                 348          21          308
              Total                                           1,168              20,158       1,208       21,530

                                                                  Third Quarter Halls Discount Project
                                                                      2007                           2008
                                                              Rental          Hours           Rental         Hours
              Type of Facility                              Customers        Booked         Customers       Booked
              Nassagaweya Hall                                  23                158           27           233
              An additional 75 hours were booked over the same period in 2007.

Municipal Outdoor Sign                                                Milton Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council (MMYAC)
Upon completion of the Derry Road                                     Input and suggestions for improvements were provided
upgrades, staff were able to                                          to the Coordinator, Transit on the current transit
complete the work associated with                                     system. Teen Zone was operated at the Canada Day
the outdoor electronic sign at the               1:24 pm 22oC
                                                                      festivities, offering air bounce activities, two rock
Sports Centre. The sign is now                                        climbing walls and games along with Guitar Hero and
available for community bookings                                      Dance Revolution.
with first priority being given to
activities taking place at the facility.                              Milton Seniors’ Activity Centre Advisory Board
                                                                      The board awarded a $500 scholarship to Dana
Town Advisory Committees                                              Cherniatenski, a student from Milton District High
Volunteers continued active                                           School.
participation on various advisory
committees, contributing to the health                                Transit Advisory Committee
and well being of the community:                                      Goals and objectives of the transit study were
                                                                      discussed with the project consultant and feedback
                                                                      was provided on the transit system. The committee
Community Services Advisory Committee (CSAC)                          discussed a joint procurement initiative for the
Members of Council were invited to join CSAC at their                 purchase of 12 metre buses, new shelter and bus pad
September meeting to discuss the Milton Community                     installations and the strategy for advertising on the
Fund program as staff plan for changes to the 2009                    buses.

Milton Accessibility Advisory Committee (MAAC)
Ten site plans were reviewed for accessibility. Support
was recommended for close captioning of all Council
meetings in a staff report to Council in September.

                                                  Community Services Quarterly Report 3rd quarter 2008
                                                                        Page 4
                        A safe, livable and healthy community
         Promoting and facilitating active and healthy lifestyles and lifelong learning

 Provincial and Community Committees                          guidelines for the Provincial Community Use of
 Town staff are active on committees that contribute to       Schools funding, providing access to school facilities.
 the health and well being of the community:
                                                              Milton Community Fund
 Regional Accessibility Staff Committee                       There were 30 proposals submitted for the September
 A draft Accessible Customer Service Policy was               29 fund deadline, which included five new applicants
 developed for comment by municipalities and an               and two individual applications. Application requests
 Accessible Advisory Committee Chairperson’s                  totaled more than $600,000.
 networking group was established.
                                                              Events and Promotions
 Provincial Accessibility Advisory Committee                  Residents, visitors and employees at local businesses
 The AMCTO Accessibility Toolbox website was                  took part in a variety of community happenings this
 revamped and the committee participated in the               quarter.
 Provincial Compliance Readiness Survey to determine            Canada Day celebrations took place on July 1 at the
 municipalities’ readiness to comply with the Accessible        Milton Fairgrounds. In addition to financial support
 Customer Service Regulation.                                   from the municipality, Town staff supported the
 Halton Region Safety Council                                   Milton Canada Day Committee with site set-up,
                                                                staffing for Kidz Zone, support on the day of the
  A new website was launched:
                                                                event and the Milton Mayor’s Youth Advisory
                                                                Committee support for Teen Zone.
                                                                Leash Free Milton held their first activity at the
 Ministry of Education — Community Use of                       Leash Free Park in September with support from
 Schools Working Group                                          Town staff.
 Recommendations will be made regarding program

                        Well managed growth, well planned spaces
           Facilitating the safe movement of people and goods, and enhanced travel
                                to, from and within the community

Milton Transit                                               Parks and Trails
Transit ridership for 2008 decreased by 31% compared         Parks and Open Space staff were involved in many
to 2007 levels. This decrease was mainly attributed to       reviews, approvals and variances this quarter:
the termination of the Fare-free Transit Program. In
addition, there were reduced numbers of buses on the            Draft plan approvals                          2
road due to mechanical problems in the fleet.
                                                                Draft plans under review                      7
Railway Pedestrian Bridge Open House                            Subdivision registrations                     4
Twenty individuals attended a second community open
house on August 12 to review and comment on two                 Subdivisions under review                     6
concepts (overpass and underpass) for a proposed                Site plan applications reviewed               14
pedestrian railway crossing. An investigation of the soil
and water table will determine the feasibility of the           Site alteration plans                         2
underpass. A third open house is scheduled for the fall.
                                                                Severances                                    6
Town Hall                                                       Minor variances                               21
Construction continued                                          Sign by-law variances                         2
with north and south                                            Zoning amendments                             3
vestibule framing in the
lobby, installation of the                                      Cash-in-lieu of parkland (Building permits)   19
cooling tower and
electrical fixtures, and
work on the structural
glass supports, interior
drywall and stone masonry.
                                             Community Services Quarterly Report 3rd quarter 2008
                                                                   Page 5

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