Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church by fdjerue7eeu


									Prayer Requests: Please remember to pass on your prayer requests       Holy Resurrection
to Connie Bachiu by phoning 384-8774. This week, please
remember the following people in your prayers:                         Orthodox Church
                                                                       2202 Lorne Avenue Saskatoon, Sask.
Yvonne            Fr. Orest           Joni and Dave                    PHONE: 665-3155
Eritrea & family  Deacon Willy        Eritrea & family                 www.hrochurch.org
Ricardo & Lil     Carl                Verna
Earle L.          John                Andrea
Lori & Jeremy     Mary                Margaret              Ilaria     I am the Resurrection and the Life.
Sharon & Earl     Judy                Jean                  Justin     Whoever believes in me shall not die, but
Joe & Helen       Susan               Bernie                Carl
Orthodox Mission Parish of Immokalee, Florida                          shall have life everlasting. ~ John 11:25

                                                                       Sunday November 20, 2005
Parking ~~ The Parish Council asks that each Sunday, parking           Forfeast of Entry of the Mother of God into the Temple
    space be left open from in the front of the church doors to the    Venerable Gregory Decapolites St. Proclus Archbishop of
    corner of Lorne Avenue and Hilliard Street. This will enable the   Constantinople
    elderly and infirm, those using the wheelchair bus, to stop at
    the sidewalk in front of the church doors, rather than in the
    middle of the street. Thank you for your consideration.
Upcoming Events:

1.       Brass Polish Fellowship and movie night. Saturday November
26th starting at 2:30pm and ending at 5:00pm with Pizza Supper --        Events in the New Year:
this is supplied. Bring any refreshments that you would like. Vespers
at 6:00pm and movie night is after Vespers, please bring your           YYOUTH
snacks for this event. Pink Panther is the theme but one can               MARK YOUR CALENDARS :   February 10th – 13th Youth
bring other family type comedy videos.                                     Retreat at Camp Kadesh on Christopher Lake, Sask.
        See Subdeacon Jim for details                                      The speaker will be Fr. Lawrence Farley of St.
                                                                           Herman of Alaska parish in Langley, B.C.
2.    YOUTH Organizational Meeting – Sunday November 27th at 7
                                                                         St. Vladimir Saskatoon Institute: plans are being made to hold the
p.m. in the church basement to be followed by bowling [at a
                                                                         Institute during the first part of Great Lent.
location to be announced].

Remember : ~ Vespers each Saturday at 6 p.m.

                                                                                        Please Sign Up for the Beater Bar Club
                                                                                to help keep our building clean in the coming months.
    Do you need to get rid of empty bottles or cans?
                                                                                   Thank you to those who have already signed up.
               You can bring them to church.
 The money from the recycled bottles and cans will go toward
   helping Gabe Friesen, Nathan Herrem, Andrew and Tony
    Machnee travel to Mexico to volunteer at St. Innocent
                  Orphanage early in 2006.
                      Thanks a bunch.

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