Holiday Fakes by fdjerue7eeu


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 Information Center
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                                  POISON NOTES
   Volume 52    Issue 3                                         Dec 2009

                             Holiday Fakes
                                 Don’t Be a Victim!

     Why Can’t Kids Be                     I just turned around for
       Heroes Too?                         a minute…

“Mommy, Mommy, Emma’s brushing
her teeth with the”H” cream! ...Daddy
forgot to put away the Preparation H
before he went to work.

 “Grandma, Grandma, Brandon’s
eating all the candies from your
handbag!” …Grandma did not bring
any candy with her.

“Mommy, Mommy, Katy’s drinking the
apple juice from that bottle under the
sink!” …Mommy never puts apple juice
under the kitchen sink.

“Daddy, Daddy, Mikey picked up the
dog’s candy and ate it!”...The dog spat
out his medicine.

“Mommy, Mommy, Amanda sprayed
her hair with your hairspray and now
she’s got green hair!”…Amanda found
the spray paint Uncle George used to
paint the old wagon. Mommy put it
away under the bathroom sink.
     …But seriously folks,                                       Just When You Thought
  these scenarios can easily
escalate into serious problems!
Yes, children can be heroes too!
They can be taught to alert us to
unusual behavior in other children.                               Your Family Was Safe…
Accidental ingestion of household
products such as cleaners, solvents,
cosmetics, and medicines continue to                                       Uh
be common problems our local                                               Ohhh!
residents face daily as demonstrated by
the statistical data at the Long Island
Regional Poison and Drug Information

Children are cleverer than we may
realize. They observe every move we
make and store it in their little brains to
surprise us at the most unexpected
moment with their rendition of our
performance. “That’s so cute! Where                                                    Uh
did she learn that from?” Instinctively,                                               Ohhh!
we know that the medicine bottle we left
loosely capped may be a serious
accident waiting to happen, but we
don’t always act according to our gut
instincts to correct the situation
immediately. Please request a magnet
with the 1-800-222-1222 national
number for Poison Control. You will get
free instant consultation by a Poison

              CALL US                    YOU can be…                    Happy Holidays!
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