High Performance 100_ Acrylic Solid Hide Stain

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					                                                 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS DATA SHEET

                                      High Performance 100% Acrylic Solid Hide Stain

Product Description
    High Performance 100% Acrylic Solid Hide Stain is Cloverdale Paint's highest quality exterior acrylic stain
    backed by a 15-year limited warranty. Formulated with the latest acrylic technology, additional volume solids
    and mold & mildew additives make this an ideal choice for vertical wood siding, wood composites, shingles,
    trim and fascia. This product also features superior hiding and adhesion properties. Approved by the Master
    Painter's Institute under category #16.

Intended Uses
    An ideal choice for vertical wood or fiber-cement siding, wood composites, shingles, trim and fascia. Not
    recommended for use on decks.

Product Data
    Color:                                                  Drying Time: (@20oC 50% Relative Humidity)
      White, and Custom Colors
                                                                Tack Free:          45 minutes
    Finish:                                                     Re-Coat:            6 Hours
      Low Sheen
    Bases:                                                    Water
     White 72303, Deep 72301,            Clear
     72304                                                  Flash Point (Tag Closed Cup):
    Vehicle Type:
      Acrylic                                               Viscosity:
                                                              76 - 80 KU
    Solids by Volume:
     37%                                                    V.O.C. (Before Thinning):
                                                              95 g/L or 0.79 lbs/gal
    Solids by Weight:

    Recommended Film Thickness                              Theoretical Coverage (Per Coat):
    (Per Coat):                                               300 - 400 ft2/gal (7.4 - 8.8 m2/L)
      Wet: 4.1 - 5.4 mils (103 - 129 microns)
      Dry: 1.5 - 2.0 mils (38 - 68 microns)

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Surface Preparation
    Exterior Wood surfaces must be clean, dry and free of contaminants which may interfere with coating
    adhesion. Existing coatings must be de-glossed by sanding and must be soundly adhering prior to
    repainting. Pressure treated decks must be allowed to “season” for 28 days prior to painting. A stain-blocking
    primer must be used when lighter colored stains are applied to woods prone to extractive bleeding. Mill glaze
    should be removed from dimension lumber decks by sanding or chemical removers. Contact your local
    Cloverdale Paint store or Dealer for a copy of the 15 Year Limited Warranty. If mildew is present, surface
    should be washed with a chlorine bleach solution (20% bleach, 1% liquid detergent in water) see "Special

Recommended Primer
    Drywall                - N/A                                    Method             - Apply by brush (preferred) roller or
                                                                                      airless spray
    Wood                   - Self-Priming. Use a 15130      Thinning                   - Not normally required
                          Exterior Alkyd or 05130 Acrylic
                          Primer on pressure treated, cedar
                          or redwood
    Masonry                - Self-Priming                           Cleanup            - Water

    Steel                  - N/A

For detailed information please refer to MSDS
Check for recent amendments to this data sheet at
Safety Precautions

    Keep from freezing. USE WITH ADEQUATE VENTILATION. Close container after EACH use. Keep out of
    reach of children. Do not take internally.

    First Aid
    In case of eye contact, flush immediately with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Wash contaminated
    skin with soap and water. If ingested, call physician or the Poison Control Centre immediately.

Warranty Disclaimer
    Cloverdale Paint manufactures quality products. In the event that this product is defective or in any way unsuitable for the
    application for which it is sold, Cloverdale Paint Inc. will replace the product free of charge. The warranty provided by this
    data sheet is the only warranty or guarantee of quality made in respect of this product by Cloverdale Paint Inc. By
    purchasing this product the customer accepts this warranty in lieu of all others, and waives all claims to any other remedy
    arising from any warranty or guarantee of quality, whether such warranty or guarantee of quality was made expressly to
    the customer or implied by any applicable law.

Special Note
    This product contains a sufficient level of an Environment Canada approved mildewcide to prevent mould, mildew and
    algae from growing on the surface of the coating. As mildew growth is, to a large degree dependent on a surface
    preparation and local conditions, Cloverdale Paint cannot guarantee that mildew will not grow through or on any
    contaminants which may have deposited on the surface of the coating.

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